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Today we discuss the notion of waiting to buy stocks until the stock market crashes. I have heard people saying this for years and years so we will discuss why waiting for a stock market crash to happen is a very bad decision.

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I’m just going to wait to buy stocks until the next stock market crash, I don’t want to buy stocks right now they’re too high stocks scare me. If I save all my money and wait till the next stock market crash, invest right at the bottom.

I’m going to make so much money. Oh my goodness, today we get to talk about one of the subjects I’ve been wanting to talk about for such a long time. And it’s this notion of timing the stock market, I’m going to wait until the stock market goes down.

And then I’m going to buy up stocks right here. And I’m gonna make a fortune on stocks. And this is like something that you know, isn’t just on YouTube, it’s just on the internet in general, and people talk about waiting for the next time the stock market crashes to start buying stocks.

I’m waiting till then. And this is one of the worst decisions you can ever possibly make in your entire life. But I can tell you that I can almost guarantee you people that wait for this are never going to be successful investors anyway.

So it’s kind of good that they don’t get involved with the market. Because let’s just think about it from the perspective of if you don’t have the guts to invest in the stock market, when it’s normal times.

You’re not going to have the guts to invest in the stock market when everything’s down and out and the economy is getting worse, right? And then guess what’s probably gonna happen, the stock market’s gonna bounce back a bit.

Okay, so let’s say, you know, the stock market’s going like this, and then it starts tanking, and then the economy starts going south. All right, this investor that they said, Oh, I’m waiting for the stock market crash, and let’s just be honest with ourselves for a minute.

The majority of those people just say crap out of their ass and they don’t mean anything, okay? They’re never gonna buy a stock. Regardless whether the stock markets up a lot down a lot hasn’t done anything.

They’re never gonna buy a stock, okay? But the few people that in their mind, they’re like, Oh, yes, I’m gonna start buying stocks, when stocks are down, okay, guess what’s gonna happen, the stock market’s going to go down.

And then things are the economic news is probably going to still be bad. And the stock market is going to bounce back a bit. And they’re gonna say no, what’s probably gonna go down even more, and guess what’s probably not going to happen.

Things are gonna get even better and even better, okay? Now, this person that says, they’re going to wait, you know, they don’t want to buy in here. They’re waiting for the next time the stock market crashes.

This person, okay, has zero experience investing in the stock market. So they’ve never invested in a stock. They’re like, I don’t want to invest in stocks. The stock market’s at, you know, 24 25,000 on the Dow right now, right.

I don’t want to invest here, because I think it’s going to go down someday, okay. This person has no experience and investor. But magically, they think they’re going to timeout the market, they’re going to timeout the market and be able to get stocks for so cheap, this person with no experience.

That’s like me watching love basketball games, and watching LeBron James and Steph Curry play basketball. And I’m like, all man, I’m watching them every night. I’m like, Oh, I watch these guys. And I know all their moves and whatnot.

And guess what? If I went one on one with LeBron and Steph Curry, I could take them down, man, because I’ve been watching all this. So now I’m magically going to be better. Guess what, no one in the stock market and myself, anybody, any investor out there.

It doesn’t matter how much money they have, how great they’ve been, how much success they’ve had, no one can timeout the stock market perfectly. If it was like that, we’d have trillionaires. Okay, Warren Buffett wouldn’t be worth $80 billion, he’d be worth $85 trillion.

Okay, if people were that good, that’s sophisticated, that they could timeout the market timeout particular stocks timeout the market in general, invest at Lowe’s and just sell it highs and just timeout everything perfectly.

We’d have trillionaires in this world, we don’t have any of those because it’s not realistic. That’s not how money is made. Okay. That’s not how money is made. I wish it was that simple. But it’s not that simple. Okay, so but this person says, Oh.

I don’t have any experience in the stock market, but I’m gonna wait for it to go down. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Next thing up. People always say, this is one of my favorite things to hear. The stock market’s so high.

The stock market is so high right now. I’m like, okay, based upon what, based upon what factual information do you say the stock market is high? Okay. 2017. The Dow was at 14,000. It’s 2018 right now, and the Dow is at 24 25,000.

Okay, you’re gonna tell me in 11 years, that’s good stock market performance and 11 years, we haven’t even got a double. No, that’s horrible case. That is a horrible stock market performance over the past 11 years.

That is absolute garbage. Usually, usually, the stock market should double every seven to eight years. Okay. Historically, if you look at historical data, United States stock market, dow or s&p, whatever you want to look at, generally speaking, it’s going to double every seven to eight years.

We’ve been over 11 years and we haven’t even doubled yet with an unprecedented amount of profitability. And the fact that the United States government has went from being a 35%, owner of US corporations to now the US government decided they wanted to be a 21%.

The owner of US corporations, which means now the actual stock market, investors can own 79% of a corporation versus before they can own 65% of a corporation. That is a massive change just went through this year. Okay.

That is absolutely massive. It’s hard to even explain what that what that should do for the stock market over time. What that should do for American corporations over time. It’s unreal, guys. It is absolutely unreal.

So this whole notion about oh my gosh, the stock market is so high, based upon what they base upon for P e ratio? No, it’s actually pretty low. If you’re looking at for PE ratios. Okay, the stock market’s actually pretty low on historical standards.

If you’re looking at for P e ratios, which by the way, the the average forward p e ratio is probably a little low compared to where we’ll add what these companies are actually going to report based upon where growth is going right now. Okay.

Something to keep in mind there. So this whole notion about all I’m gonna wait is gonna cost people so much money. Because I’ve been hearing this, I’ve been hearing this in 2010. I heard this in 2011.

I heard this 2012. I heard this 2013. I heard this from people 2014 2015 2016 2017. It’s 2018. I’m still hearing this from people, okay, there’s always a rhyme or reason, that’s really not too much factual information.

Usually what it is, is we’ll just point out whatever the hot thing is, at that particular time out there, they’ll point at that, and they’ll usually like point, the federal debt level or something like that.

And they’ll be like, well, federal debts at this, and Trump just got elected. So our markets are gonna go down. It’s like, Okay, why, like, What are you talking about here? Oh, North Korea did this. So our markets are going to go down. Okay, what are you talking about.

The, you know, so and so bank or credit agency, just downgrade us credit. If I could have $1. For every time there was some type of worry in the market that got short term interest out there on why people thought things could go bad.

If I had $1. For every time, I’d be the richest man in the world, like it is insane, guys, there’s always a rhyme or reason. And then the thing about these reasons is they’re so pathetic, man, if you look at it from a historical standard.

These reasons people have thrown out over the past deck, you know, since I’ve been in the market last decade, they’re pathetic reasons. Okay, we’ve had actual things going on in this country that had been a million times bigger than what is going on.

Do people forget that in World War Two, like, we almost like we’re at a potential situation where we could lose the country, like maybe we’d be taken over by, you know, Nazi Germany, or Japan or something like, like, like, imagine that in the 40s, majan.

Going through that, like you think about the civil rights movement, like you think about some of the stuff that America has been through the Vietnam War and all that, you know, the 911, what happened there, like you think about some of the big stuff.

And you realize all this stuff that has always talked about all this could bring down the market, it’s all such little small time stuff that is like, like, so like pathetic on the scale. But people get wrapped up in it.

And they make these little beliefs in their head on why they shouldn’t invest in, they just kind of get little scared, they get little scared, and they, you know, go into their cocoon, and it makes them feel good to say, oh.

I’ll invest in next time the stock market crashes, like, No, you won’t, you won’t invest the next time the stock market crashes, because you’re not going to probably have any money. First I you know, first off, like, you’re probably not gonna have any money next time in stock market crashes.

Because you missed out on massive opportunity to make gains over years and years and years and years. Like all the rest of us, were okay, you’re over there playing on the sideline, you know, with your, your $1,000.

And you’re counting it each day, and you’re like, Oh, I still got $1,000 in my account, why other people are making hundreds of 1000s of dollars, millions of dollars, 10s of millions of dollars that are going to be really well prepared, and actually have experience in the stock market.

Unlike someone that says, Oh, I’m gonna wait for this. You have no experience, man, you’ve got to get the experience out there to actually be good at something. If you think you’re gonna, you know, be a great stock market investor, you better get some experience, man, like, like.

If you think you’re going to be a great three point shooter, you better get down on the basketball court right now and start shooting shots. I don’t care how many instructional videos you watch on on how to be a great basketball player.

Like until you actually start doing it. You haven’t done anything yet. Okay? So we need to think oh, man, I’m going to magically like start making all this money someday. Well, guess what, you better start getting experience now.

Because that’s not the way the game works. Okay. So I just want to get get rid of this whole notion of waiting to the next time the stock market crashes. Who knows when that’s going to be you might be waiting another year, you might be waiting three years.

You might be waiting five years, you might be waiting 10 years, you might be waiting 20 years, we don’t know. Okay? The fact is, you don’t know we none of us know when the next time some stuffs gonna go down.

But one thing I can guarantee you is people that have actually been investing in the market for a long time, are going to make way more money the next time there’s a recession than the person has been on the sideline the whole time.

And we’re going to have a hell of a lot more money to invest when that time comes. Because we actually have experience in the market. We’ve actually been doing stuff we’ve actually been making money not just sitting On the sidelines, hoping someday the market goes down.

Like I said, most people that do that they just do that to make themselves feel better and night. Because really they’re too scared to invest in anything Anyways, let’s just be completely honest with ourselves. So let’s just keep that in mind guys. Peace.

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