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Today we talk about Tesla stock which has had a massive run! Tesla stock price was over $1,900 a share today! This is my full opinion on Tesla stock right now. LMK if you think Tesla stock is in the stocks to buy now category or stocks to watch! I have an important message for Elon Musk at the end also.

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Well hold this saying no flipping my flapjacks jokers. Look at the stock guys. Are you kidding me? Are you? Are you kidding me? Okay? This is unbelievable, almost surreal, how unbelievably strong Tesla stock continues to be okay, in this video here today, I want to break down a lot of stuff okay.

People that love numbers and love working with numbers you’re going to love this video because I’m going to talk to you about some future valuations around the stock future revenues, net incomes, we’re going to talk about all those things. Okay, we’ll go all in depth on that people that are thinking, should we be buying the stock selling the stock?

Should you hold this stock? All those things, I’m going to give you my perspective on that as well. And let me start out by saying this is the most incredible stock I have ever held in my 12 years of being in the stock market.

Okay, I’ve never had a stock that’s up 700 plus percent. Okay. That is incredible. This is my best stock ever. And not just my best stock ever. It’s by far and away my best stock ever. Let me be very clear about this.

I’ve never had a stock anywhere remotely close to us. Okay, I’ve had stocks, you know, I had a lot of stocks that have hit homeruns on been fortunate, you know, 100% Plus, I mean, I hit so many home runs. I don’t know if I’m Babe Ruth, or more like Barry Bonds in my cheating, am I using the roids? What’s going on, but it’s one thing to hit a home run and get a stock that goes up 100% maybe 200%.

It’s a whole other thing to hold a stock that’s up over 700% and you have a quarter of million dollar gain on that stock on only a 34k investment. As you know, this is what the public account. Okay, and let’s keep this in context. Okay.

It was just about two years ago that I was putting out this video tests a stock to $3,000. And oh my goodness, did I get so much hate for that video? I mean, look at the thumbs up two thumbs down ratio. I mean, there was a lot of people that did not like that video.

And that’s back when Tesla was like $200 or so people thought I was crazy. Just like straight up. A lot of people thought I was crazy. Some people thought maybe a new a little something. Okay, but a lot of people thought I was crazy.

And they didn’t like that video, let’s just be very clear. And notice see this stock at 19 $100. It’s like food, things are kind of going the way I thought they would go. But here’s the thing about this, they’re honestly going better than I thought because that price target Okay, that $3,000 that was a 10 year price target.

That was not a two year price target or four year price target. That was my 10 year price target. Okay, and that video was posted September 27 2018. Okay, it’s August 18 2020. Now, okay, that’s today’s date, if you didn’t know, okay, so basically means this videos coming up on almost two years old, which means essentially that $3,000 price target I had that for 2028.

And here we are already at 19 $100 a share literally here today. Okay, so let’s start getting to this, we’re gonna talk in depth about Tesla stock, we’re talking I think the stocks up buy a sell a hold, we’ll talk very in depth about the stock.

So hope you guys enjoy this video. As always, if you don’t mind, smash that thumbs up button that helps out the YouTube channel in a massive, massive way. And I appreciate each and every one of you that always smash the thumbs up for all these videos because it helps out huge okay.

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Okay, definitely apply and check out that down there. Okay, so we’re gonna start out what today’s video is around market capitalization for this company, not around stock price or anything like that.

I want to talk about market cap. So the market capitalization now for Tesla is over $350 billion. We’re talking about this is now one of the biggest market capitalization companies in the world, okay, they still got a long way to get to something like an Amazon or an apple or, you know, Google or some of those companies, obviously Microsoft, right, those are, you know.

Trillion dollar plus market caps, but 350 billion that puts them in one of the biggest companies in the world market cap wise. Okay. And so if I’m thinking about breaking down some numbers for this company.

I got to start there with where current valuation is okay, you know, what I want to look at as a trailing 12 month net income for this company. So this is going to take the last four quarters and tell me what’s in net income for the last four quarters $368 million of net income This company has generated in the past four quarters, okay, that’s very important.

Because now we’re going to figure out what is the current p e for this company, we’re going to go ahead and take that market capitalization of 351 billion divided out by that net income of 368 billion, and we’re going to get a P e ratio of 953.

Okay, so there’s no doubt about it. Just looking at that P e ratio, it’s incredibly high. Okay. No doubt about it like this. This is clearly this stock is pricing things off a long term basis. There’s no way you can justify a 953 p e basis. Upon the short term, it’s pricing in a lot in the future.

Okay, so let’s go to this side, Tesla’s current p, what 950 plus k, most automakers usually trade at Pease in five to 15 range. However, Tesla is not just a pure automaker, okay, their tech company, they could be potentially a ride sharing company over the next few years, as well as an energy company.

So you can’t just group them. And with automakers that trade in a five to 15 range, it just doesn’t make sense. Okay. But in my opinion, Tesla, in the longer term, a P e ratio of around 35 would make sense for this stock longer term. Okay. So somehow, we got to get to a longer term, P e of 35 for the stock price to make sense.

And I think this is really, really important. Okay. So as of right now, once again, I’m work cap position is 350 billion. So what we want to do, if we want to figure out like what type of net income this company needs to get to get this company to 35, pe, we need to just take the mark cap of 350 billion, and we need a 35.

Pe, that would mean $10 billion of net income this company needs to generate in the future per year to make this current valuation like like makes sense in the end, okay, because obviously, a 953 p doesn’t make sense as of right now.

But in the future, if they can do $10 billion of net income, then all of a sudden, we’re at ranges, in my opinion, that start to make sense. So next question we got to figure out is how much revenue? Do we need to have this company have to get $10 billion to that bottom line, $10 billion of net income, how much revenue needs to come in through that door?

Okay, in my opinion, the best case scenario, as far as how much revenue would be needed to basically generate $10 billion in the bottom line is about $100 billion. You know, that’s best best case scenario, if this company had $100 billion, and it’s scaled to that scale, right.

100 billion dollars top line, I think they could produce, you know, roughly $10 billion on the bottom line. But that’s best case scenario, let me be very clear about that. The more modest case is about $150 billion, there’s really no doubt in my mind that if this company was doing $150 billion top line, that they could produce $10 billion on the bottom line, okay?

No, no doubt in my mind at all. As this company scales bigger and bigger, they continue to learn how to make these cars more and more profitable. And as a company just gets more and more scale, you know, more like this company’s going to get to a place where they’re much more profitable company, as all companies do, as they scale bigger and bigger.

And it’s especially important in an industry like Tesla deals with Okay, now as far as next year, the company is expected to $40.8 billion of revenue. I expect this company do you know, kind of worst case scenario 40 billion best case scenario, about $45 billion of revenue next year. Okay, that’s very important.

So my best case scenario, as far as 2023 revenue goes, I think the best case scenario would be $100 billion in revenue. 2023. That’s best case, you know, that that assumes they have a beast year, next year 2021, another beast year in 2022, and then followed up with until Lastly, a beast year, and 2023.

If they do that they can have $100 billion of revenue. In my opinion, the more modest case $400 billion of revenue is 2025. That’s a more modest case, there’s no doubt in my mind that in 2025, this company should be doing at least $100 billion of revenue. Okay.

Now, if we’re talking about $150 billion, but the best case scenario for that would be 2025. Okay, 2025 best case scenario, $150 billion in revenue, kind of the more modest case around $150 billion of revenue would be 2027.

Okay, 2027 the modest case for $150 billion of revenue. So essentially, when you start working out those numbers and you start kind of going through best case scenarios, the more modest case scenarios basically this company as of today.

This is as of today the market cap as of today has praised in three to seven years of growth priced it just no doubt about it when you think about it from perspective. Okay, three years priced in. That’s not that bad.

That seems not that crazy, because this is a major growth stock. This should grow a ton over the next decade yet, you know, year after year, Elan Musk has spoke about, you know, 50% growth rates potentially year after year, we’ll see about that, you know, that that might be you know, very very bullish, but regardless, three years of growth for Tesla.

Didn’t seem that bad. However, if you go to seven years out, oh, you know, that’s not so attractive. If I’m going to stock that it takes them seven years of growing just to equal the current market cap, you know, that’s not that’s not that attractive. Okay.

Then let me spend a moment explaining why you don’t want that much future growth price down. Okay. Let me kind of show you something. little history lesson for folks out there. Okay. Look at this stock here. Okay, this stock in 1999.

This was a stock that was you know, $30 $35 it reached all the way up to almost $40 a share at its peak in 1999. Okay, this stock had a ton of excitement around it. People knew the next decade this company was just gonna crush it just gonna absolutely crush it.

They were going to become you know, one of the biggest companies in the world. They’re already doing that market. was the profits, the revenue, everything was gonna continue to climb? You know, it was just a lot of excitement around this particular stock, okay, now 10 years go by 10 years go by, and this stock was down massively from any price it was back in 9910 years.

I mean, imagine you buy the stock when all that excitement is around the stock, everybody’s talking about the future, and so pumped about it right, and you pay $30 $35 $37 $38. And you hold this stock for 10 years, and you’re still down massively on the stock, right?

There’s absolutely no fun. This is why, you know, it’s kind of important not to have too much future growth priced in. Now, meanwhile, this company, they held up their end of the bargain, they grew like a beast, their net income, you know, 9899, their net income was a joke compared to what it was in future years.

And keep in mind, stock price in 99 was looking backwards and net income in 98. Okay, and look at you know, the company had grown massively, just straight a massively net income line, okay. And guess what stock This was? Okay.

This company is actually right around the biggest company in the world here today. Do you know what it is? Microsoft stock, a Microsoft stock, an absolute company that dominate, you know, absolutely dominate a lot of excitement sort of built around this company in the late 90s.

So many people got in this, so many funds got in this. And the company did really well and the stock did nothing. I mean, absolutely nothing for decade actually went down massively for a decade straight.

That’s incredible, right? It took a look at this chart, okay, you really want to have your mind blown, it took 15 years from Microsoft stock to get to break even, okay, you buy the stock at 3035 3738.

Any of those prices, when this was a high flying stock, it took you 15 years to get back to breakeven. That is absolutely incredible. And it is because so much growth had been priced into the stock. So much perfect case scenarios for Microsoft had been priced in, it was incredible.

And so although during that time, everybody got PCs, during that time, Microsoft was always highly relevant for desktops and laptops, and they had a dominant market share around the world. And all the things you could ever want for this company came true, ultimately, 15 years to get back to breakeven. Okay.

And the fact is Microsoft stock priced in too much great news, too much great news in 1999. That’s just facts around the stock price did way too much good news, okay. And that’s why we don’t want you know, too much good news priced in a Tesla stock.

We already have prey scan a lot of great news, we’re looking at three to seven years of growth, just to start to make this current valuation makes sense, right? We don’t want to get so far out there that we end up in a Microsoft situation is not what we want, okay?

We don’t want that that 99 to 2000 times to the stock situation where the stock went nowhere. Or even that to that 99 to 2014 situation where it took you 15 years to break even if you bought the stock anywhere remotely close to its highs, you know, and think about living this, this is Microsoft’s revenue over that time, right?

9899, the revenues for Microsoft Word joke compared to where this company was at in 2009 2010 2008. Okay, their company had grown massively, it had become a way bigger company way more important company in the world.

And yet the stock had done nothing because they had priced in too much. And keep in mind when we’re talking about Tesla stock. This is a stock that has already experienced this once in its life, it’s already experienced being a dead stock.

Okay, let’s look at this chart. This takes you back to September 2013. Okay, this stock was nearly $200 a share. For the next six years, the stock did nothing, okay, you could have picked this stock up in 2019. For less than $200 a share it was for several weeks, in 2019, this stock was less than $200 a share the stock was dead money for five to six years.

So Tesla’s already priced us in and why did that happen? Because way too much positivity and way too much growth. They got priced in with the stock I remember looking at it back in like 2013 and I was like this is this is ridiculous, like this company is is so far priced in for the future that they’ve priced in all the good news that it’s coming for years and years.

And that’s why I didn’t buy the stock back in 2013 2014. Because I just looked at and I’m like this is gonna end up being a dead money stock and it’s sure enough it was it was a dead money stock for literally five or six years.

And meanwhile, what happened to the underlying business model for that company? It exploded. It was amazing. Okay, revenues 12 axed Look at that. They went from $2 billion in 13. Right to $24 billion in 19. And the stock did nothing during that time.

12x in revenues, absolutely incredible. But the problem was all that growth had already been priced in the stock. Unfortunately, there was so much positivity that already came in that stock Oh Though they you know, they scaled Model S and they released Model X.

And they came out with a model three, and they release a model three and even rip them all three. And they came up with so much amazing tech during that time. And they did so many great things. And the stock never moved, it did nothing for all those years simply on the back of the fact that revenues had already been priced in so far into the future.

Okay, that’s not the type of situation we want for Tesla stock at all. No one wants to hold a stock that does nothing for a decade. It’s just it’s not that much fun. I’ll be honest, no one wants to look at that stock year after year after year after year. And it did nothing. Nothing, nothing.

It’s not It’s not the most fun thing in the world. Let me just put it that way. Okay. So with that being said, now that we worked out a lot of numbers around the stock, and we looked at all that, what do I think about the stock right now today at 19 $100? a share?

Do I think the stock is a buy? Do I think the stock was a sell? Do I think the stock is a hole? Okay, let me give you my perspective, in my opinion around this. First thing I want to cover here is it’s just annoying to me what has happened with Tesla stock over the past week or so.

Okay, because basically, this stock was starting to do what I thought was a pretty healthy thing, which was actually you know, kind of just stay around even and even downtrend a bit, I thought that was really healthy for the stock, and it went on an incredible run.

So that was nothing wrong with taking a breather and chilling out for a maybe a month or maybe the rest of this year. That’s fine. I think that would have been really healthy. But the fact is also in the stock splits announced it also trader money comes in the stock left and right. And we have so many folks getting in the stock simply because the stock split and so much speculation.

Short term speculation has gotten in the stocks, literally the day after the stock split was announced, stock starts moving up like crazy again, and it’s done it, you know, almost everyday sense. That to me, as a long term investor in the stock, it’s annoying, okay, it’s annoying, but it’s something you know, you just have to deal with in the stock market.

But this just straight up, it’s annoying to see all that that trader money come in, and just short term speculation, because as a long term investor in this company, I don’t like people playing around in my companies that are long term investments, let’s just put that way. Okay.

So let’s talk about this first one, should you be buying a stock, hey, you better be in the stock for the super long term, if you’re even thinking about buying the stock at 19 $100 a share at a $350 billion market cap with three to seven years of growth priced in this stock, you better be buying this for super long term, you better be in the stock for the next 10 years.

Okay, this is not the type of stock that if you, you know, can get scared easily out of an investment. This is not the stock for you believe me on this, this type of stock, I call it a filing cabinet stock. Okay.

And this is what Tesla stock has always been to me, it’s a filing cabinet stock, but especially at 19 $100 a share at a $350 billion mark cap is the type of stock that if you buy this, you put in the filing cabinet.

You lock that drawer and you try not to look at it for the next 10 years essentially, because the volatility especially if you’re not used to the volatility, it’s going to be it’s going to be extreme in the stock there’s going to be a lot of highs and I can promise you there will be a lot of lows with the stock and there will definitely be periods and future months.

And future years where the stock doesn’t do anything. Okay, so the flat out honest truth is this is a filing cabinet stock if you’re thinking about even if you even considering it, okay, you better just be put in that filing cabinet and forget about it.

Because like I said, this is not the stock for this for it that way. Okay. Think about it this way. This stock could go down 50% and it would still be up huge. I mean absolutely huge from basically where was that in its pre Roni Rona highs.

Think about that for a moment, right? Because look at this stock, you know, pre Roni, Rona highs was 800 $900 a share. And that was a massive move for it to go from $200 to Olson 700 800 900. In a matter of months, that was a massive move and think about this stock could fall 50% and it would still be above those pre rhony highs.

Okay. So if you’re thinking that’s out of the realm, the possibility of this stock could go down 3040 50% you just you’re just not looking at it the right way. Because this is absolutely possible with this stock. Okay.

So, like I said, if you’re thinking about buying the stock, you better be in this for the next 10 years. Because and you better just like put in the filing cabinet. Forget about it, essentially. Okay, let’s talk about selling the stock, should you be selling the stock and 19 $100 a share? Okay, so in my opinion, one side of me says, you know, kind of smart to sell at 1900.

The other part of me says kind of dumb to sell at 1900 I’m really divided on selling I could see why it could be smart from one angle, and I can see why it could be really dumb from another angle. Okay, so the kind of smart thing is, listen, if you like a stock better ROI wise, though, for the next you know, 510 years.

Then it kind of makes sense if you if you don’t have cash around to maybe potentially sell Tesla and move that money in that other stock. Because the flatirons truth I will guarantee anybody watching this video that Tesla will not be the best performing stock in the stock market the next five or 10 years.

A matter of fact, it won’t even be in the top in the top 10 as of recording this video on August 18 2020 I without anybody, any money at Tesla stock will not even be in the top 10 best performing stocks in the stock market over the course the next 10 years.

A matter of fact, I’ll go as far as to say they won’t even be in the top 25 of best performing stocks in the stock market percentage gain wise over the next 10 years. However, that doesn’t mean they still can’t be a great stock.

But you might have an extraordinary stock that has a you know, potential 10x 20x 100x or stock prices, just companies that are at much smaller scales and Tesla’s and it’s a lot easier for them to put up some crazy growth numbers for the next decade, then even growth beside Tesla well, and so you know, like I said, if you don’t have any money around.

And you found a stock that you’re you’re super confident, you’re much more confident than Tesla as far as ROI opportunity, then I can understand putting the money there, okay. Also, I cannot understand that somebody wanted to sell the stock, because the fact is three, seven years of growth are already priced in this stock.

So I can understand somebody looking at this and being like, you know, what, I want to take my profits on this. And, and, you know, especially if you’re near retirement age, and this is a situation where you want to put your money in something safer, just an s&p 500, you know, index fund or something like that, I can understand that.

Okay, and I can respect that. Okay. And so that’s a part of me that says, it can kind of make sense, it could be kind of smart. But it could also be kind of dumb. Okay. And here’s why it could be kind of dumb selling Tesla at 19 $100 a share, or any any price for that matter. Okay, what is taxes?

I mean, more than likely, if you bought Tesla anytime recently, in the past year, right? You’re massively on it, which means you got to pay crazy tax, especially if you’ve owned the stock for less than a year, which is probably a lot of you guys watching this video right now, you, you’re probably have held the stock for less than a year.

And if you’ve held this stock for less than a year, you’ve made crazy money on it, and you’re gonna have to pay crazy taxes and you’re going to be taxed at your normal tax rate, you’re not going to get that capital gains advantage of 15%. Okay, and even a 15% or 20%, depending on what bracket You’re in for capital gains, that’s still a lot of money.

I mean, imagine you, you have $100,000 gain on Tesla stock, you’re gonna have to pay 15,000 or $20,000 to the government for their cut of that, you know, that’s not the most fun thing in the world.
Nevermind, let’s say you have $100,000 gain on this stock in you’ve got to pay your normal tax rate, which let’s say your normal tax rate is like, let’s say you’re in like the 28% bracket or something like that, okay, boom, you as soon as you sell that $100,000 game, you better get that $28,000 ready to send to the government.

That’s no fun. Okay. You know, to be honest, that’s no fun to just have to pay all that tax money. And so that’s why, you know, one of the reasons why I could see it kind of being dumb. The other part is, the fact is Tesla’s going to be a growth beast from 2020 to 2030. I mean, I mean, you you know, where this company goes, revenue wise, it’s going to look like this company is such a miniscule company.

Where they’re at today versus where this company is going to be at in 10 years, there’s no doubt in my mind with where the tech set was, where this company is going, how they continue to just push and push in front of everybody else.

As far as everything they’re working on, in my opinion, the if you look at big tech, which big tech is FB, Mr. Softee amazings. on Apple googy. Okay, Google, me, Google, those are the big tex K, no one in that class will touch tests of stock in terms of percentage revenue growth for top line, and percentage growth for bottom line net income.

No one will come even remotely close to the growth rates. Okay, just flat out. And that comes from somebody that holds FBX the FPS, I think, you know, my biggest second biggest positions in my account, right?

And, you know, I’m really, really bullish on the stock, and I could tell you, Tesla’s gonna crush them revenue percentage wise gain over the next 10 years. And bottom line percentage gain is the same thing with all those stocks.

Kay, you know, Tesla will just be untouchable when it comes to those other big tech stocks. And from that perspective, man, it’s really hard to sell the stock and almost seems kind of dumb just sell it you know, this stock when the flat out honest truth is, they’re going to weigh out grow anything else in big tech, and people love holding big tech stocks, right?

People love big tech, and we’re going to have the biggest growth beast of them all kind of entering this realm. Okay, so that’s my opinion around buying and selling stocks. What about holding the stock?

What if you’ve already bought the stock in the past? Whether it be weeks ago, months ago, you know, years ago, whatever. And here it is. 19 $100 Okay, we got a good Okay, we just straight up we got a good, we got the easiest decision in the world, which is basically just to hold this stock, okay.

And it does cross my mind from time to time. And when I see the stock at 19 $100. Today, man, maybe maybe sell some shares, maybe sell some shares, maybe sell half the shares and do something like that. But honestly, it just feels good to just hold this dang stock k because it doesn’t it goes down. We’re still gonna be up huge.

I mean, if you bought the stock 200 300 $400 a share it Who cares if it goes down, we’re still gonna be up massively on this. If it goes down to 15 $100 a share or 12 $100 share or $900 share. Regardless, we’re still it’s all good for us.

We’re still gonna be up massively okay. And if it goes up great, we just get to make more money in that okay. Keep in mind somebody like Ark invest rate, they have praised targets on the stock that are you know, I think quite outrageous, but who knows, maybe they know something.

I don’t maybe maybe you know, they’re smarter than me there’s no telling what will happen with the stock I can tell you Ark invest, they have $7,000 price targets on the stock for the next four or five years. They have I’ve seen $15,000 price targets from Ark invest.

I’ve seen Super Bowl cases that they have $22,000 for Tesla stock in the next four or five years. So you know, I don’t know you know, we’ll see what happens with that but regardless whether the stock goes down or up you know, for us that are holding the stock it’s just it’s a pretty situation we got the easiest job in the world in my opinion.

People that are thinking about buying in I think that’s a really tough decision because the stock has climbed so much in the valuation so big people that are thinking about selling the stock, I think that’s a really tough decision to sell out of Tesla.

That’s tough man and then get ready to pay all those taxes to the government. I think that’s tough. Okay. But for holding dude, we got the easiest job in the world right now in my personal opinion. Okay. Now, I want to end this video with asking Mr. Ilan musk have one favorite please.

Okay. This is a really, really important favorite Mr. Elon Musk. Okay. I asked you this, you know, a few weeks ago, and the stocks continue to climb and I just want to ask you this one big favor again. Mr. Musk raised some money. He said Mr. Musk, okay. Raise five to $10 billion. ASAP.

Okay, please. This is what I beg you to do Elan musk. Okay, raise five to 10 billion right now. Like it’s nothing okay. And it’s funny that I would be begging Ilan musk to raise money for the stock because Elan Musk is usually the king of raising money.

And right now he’s not raising money for the stock and I want him to do it. So bad break down. Okay. It is so easy to raise money for Tesla right now. There’s so much demand for their shares. Okay, we’re talking about a market cap position now over $350 billion. raising money for Tessa would be like, a snap, a snap a snap of fingers right now.

Okay, that’s what could be easy, easy, okay, they could dilute one percent of shareholder value right now and get $3.5 billion, okay, they could dilute 2% shareholder value and get 7 billion, they could dilute 3% of shareholder value and get well over $10 billion.

Which I think they should do a 2% 3% it’s not a big dilution at all two to 3% is nothing, it will allow the company to raise seven to maybe Oh, you know, over $10 billion toward that balance sheet. So the company can expand even faster so Giga factories can happen even faster.

So even more folks can get hired on r&d and just keep pushing the boundaries and keep pushing along with this company’s doing and amazing progress are making and you know, just get ready to just rock and roll over this next decade.

So I’ve man I can’t believe I have to beg you on must to do this. Because he’s you know, he’s usually the guy that raise more money than anybody, but I’m begging Ilan musk to raise money ASAP because of flatirons truth is this crazy demand for Tesla stock right now it’s clear every day that there’s crazy demand for the stock and so raising money.

Let’s put the pedal to the metal 710 heck if they want to do $15 billion of a raise I’m cool with that man. Let’s get ready to rock and roll let’s get more Giga factories built let’s get more cars out on the road this lower prices if we have to lower prices to take market share in the short term as do whatever it takes is get more supercharges.

Just get more service centers as make sure the customer experience is 100% amazing from the customer side let’s do all this test is already doing a good job of this but we can take it up to levels further in this we just got to raise some dang money okay.

Let’s raise you Let’s raise some money that’s all I got to say Mr. Musk. Okay, so anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always, if you don’t mind, smash that thumbs up button. It helps out the YouTube channel in a massive way and appreciate each and every one of you that do that.

And also, if you’re looking to scale your stock market portfolio, check out the first link down there in the description, especially for those of you that have five figures plus in the market are looking to invest five figures plus over the course of the next 12 months.

Go ahead and apply down there and maybe actually be able to get on a phone call with you somebody high up from my team tell you a little bit about a product and service we have in the market they’ll be able to help you out tremendously. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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