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You need to be doing something in the stock market right now… This massive move up in the stock market has made me change my tune in a big way. Also coming to the realization of the economic devastation has made me change my tune. I am the least bullish on the stock market right now than I have EVER BEEN. That is saying a lot. The dow jones industrial average is hardly down for the year considering the fact that we are clueless about everything right now. Patience my friends. Patience

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Well guys here today i’m going to share with you the most important thing you can possibly do in the stock market right now in my personal opinion, okay, I want to go into depth about this. I want to explain this in detail. Okay, so I’m break this down fully for you guys.

So hope you really enjoyed today’s video. Okay, now I’m somebody that’s been in the stock market for about 11 or 12 years now I got started in the Great Recession, okay, it’s an interesting time getting the market as a lot of craziness, a lot of volatility, a lot of negative talk, okay.

I’ve been in this game seriously for that many years. And I am not just talking about like, oh, kinda like have a few dollars invested? No, the majority of my wealth for the last 11 or 12 years has been in the stock market, all the way from the time I had $1,000 to my name to the time I was a millionaire.

And I was like a big guy on YouTube and all those sorts of things. Even to this day, the majority of my net worth is invested in the stock market. I know I could be a little weird and I know I’m prepping this video in the bathtub for you. Okay, I’m thinking a bubble bath. While I prep this video.

I’m not writing and recording it. But while I was prepping it, I was taking a bubble bath. I know I’m a little out there. And I realized you know some people love me some people hate me. Okay, some people think I’m the greatest thing ever. Some people think I’m the worst and people love my stock.

Some people hate my stocks. Some people love the channel, some people will come to troll on the channel, it’s it is what it is okay, but at the end of the day, one thing everybody can agree on is I put my money where my mouth is I have always had the majority of my money invest in the stock market and still to this day, okay. And I talk with everybody so it’s not like I just like in my in my own little like bathtub all the time just talking with myself.

I got a ton of members in the private group. I think it’s over 1000 members now we haven’t there. Some are more beginners in the stock market that have only been the market a year to some of these people have been in the market honestly longer than me.

And so I have a lot of brilliant minds that I can always speak to some of these people have sold businesses for millions of dollars have done some amazing things the stock market Heck, we had one guy go from $1.1 million in his account to like 4.6 million in like a three week span he let’s say we got a lot of very intelligent people in there that I’m always chatting with and kind of get, you know, bouncing ideas off of they chat with me, I chat with them.

I’m in a privileged position because of the main YouTube channel 447,000 subscribers my second channel 74,000 subscribers, I got the Instagrams, you know, 52,000 Why haven’t they verified me? So you know, who knows the other account 302,000. So the fact is, I’ve been in this game seriously for quite a while now.

I talk with everybody. I know, everybody I know countless, you know, very good investors. And I know countless very good businessmen out there and women. And I’m always in discussions with these people about what’s going on. And we have some interesting things going on. And I have to kind of change my tune a bit.

Let’s put it that way. Okay. The market today, up another 285 points. And when I say the market, I’m talking about the Dow Jones Industrial Average up another 285 points s&p 500 up about 40 points today up 1.45%. The Nasdaq today was up point seven 7%.

All green again, okay. Nine out of 10 people hate this stock market right now. I’m gonna be completely honest with you. And getting a gauge between you know, the discord chat, that the YouTube comments, you know, messages, maybe on Instagram or emails and things like that just gauging all that nine out of 10 people don’t like what’s going on right now.

They don’t like that the stock market keeps going up and up. There’s very few that are like go go go stock market. I’m just being honest. Okay. The shorts aren’t happy. Obviously, the short sellers are not happy. The put buyers are not happy. They’re not happy right now a lot of people bought very short term puts over the past few weeks.

And I’ve just gotten devastated on those. Unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of people sell naked calls in the market over the past few weeks. Why? Because I like all the markets not going to bounce back anytime soon. And then you got some of the stocks that have bounced back.

50% 80% 100% some of these people that have real written naked calls have gotten torn to shreds, I mean, absolutely devastated. Okay. And then and then you got the majority of folks that follow my channel that have a lot of money on the sideline the lungs with sideline money. And so you have all these individuals in the market, unhappy with essentially what’s happened with the market over the past few weeks.

It’s just It is one of the way it is you’ve had a lot of people buying to the fixed figured all the market is going to continue to be volatile. You know, I’ve heard this for weeks now. Oh, there’s going to be unemployment numbers coming out.

Wait to see the GDP number blah, blah, blah, and wait to see the volatility and a lot of people bought in the VIX. Look where the VIX has gone down and down. Okay, then all this craziness with the Roni situation the Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained over 5000 points in less than three weeks, less than three trading weeks.

Literally the Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained over 5000 points. That’s incredible. That absolutely incredible. And keep in mind, we’re in an unprecedented time right now where global economies are shut down. They’re literally shut down. We’re on unprecedented time.

And literally the market just gained over 5000 points in a matter of three weeks. Okay. s&p 500 added what 20% plus since the bottoms in what matter of three weeks. That’s incredible, incredible performance. I mean, I looked at this, I was like, is this serious? This shows you the s&p 500.

The s&p 500, year to date is only down 13.65%. Now, it has come back that strongly that literally, it’s only down 13.65%. And imagine when we went into this year, everybody, almost everybody was planning on 2020 being a record year, a great year for the stock market, a great year for economies, and just a great year All in All right.

And we’ve gotten the exact opposite situation, we have the worst case scenario. And I mean, the worst worst worst case scenario, this is way worse than a normal recession. This makes all those look like a joke. Look at how much money the feds trying to put in the markets to try to keep things stable.

The Federal Reserve the US government and governments around the world, they’re trying to put, you know, every dime, they have to basically backstop things. So businesses can hopefully make it through. And a lot of these businesses, you know, some of them are going to get loans that they don’t have to pay back.

But most of them are issuing debt, most of them are tapping the equity markets, and most of them are us, you know, some of them are even getting you know, bonds from the government things like that, that they will have to pay back at some point in time. Let’s not forget that. Okay. So that is that’s, that’s almost startling to me.

That’s, that’s almost starting from somebody that’s, you know, pretty much you know, some people call me a perma bowl. Okay, I’ll gladly take that name. permobil as a permeable, that is extremely startling to me that the s&p 500 is down only 13.6%. When we went from a best case scenario going into this year to literally the worst case, the worst case scenario has happened.

It’s amazing. Okay, it’s amazing. Look at it, you know, this charts going to show you essentially what we’re trading at p e ratio wise, okay. And if you look at this chart, it looks like, we’re not that high. We’re not that high. You know, we’re around where it’s been the last few years.

The problem with those numbers are trimaran. We’re not hitting those numbers. We’re not hitting anywhere close to those numbers. If you think these corporate earnings are going to be strong in 2020, you’re just you know, living on a different planet, other than maybe Costco, and Kroger and maybe Walmart.

Outside of some very select few companies, which is like maybe 10% of the companies out there, we’ll put up as strong as numbers as people thought or maybe a little bit better numbers, the enter 80 90% of companies are going to report down years, and at least 50% plus of the s&p 500 companies are going to report earnings being just a disaster.

Like not only could they not make profits, but a lot most these companies are going to take massive Goliath losses, like they’ve never taken before. way worse than the Great Recession. Okay, so that number when you look at the P e ratios for the s&p 500, just just I’m being honest, guys just Dream on. There’s no way we’re getting anywhere close to that.

It doesn’t matter if we start bringing things back in May, and things start to ramp and it doesn’t matter. Like there was just there’s no way possible. So that number Dream on the actual p e ratio is sky high right now, you know, I can’t even accurately you know, put a number on it, because we don’t know what’s gonna happen. But I can tell you, it’s the highest it’s been since the Great Recession.

Okay, it’s sky high right now. So that you know, and even 2021. If we want to talk about 2021 no clue, no one can accurately predict even remotely what 2021. ETS will be for any of these companies out there. Any of them not, I can’t predict that.

You can’t predict that Warren Buffett can’t predict that the executives of the companies can’t predict that guys. There’s no clue, because so much varies upon when do we get the economy restarted? And how are we allowed to do that? And how long does it take for unemployment?

And what you know, how much are people going to spend when they actually start spending or people just going to save and stay in their homes right now? Because there’s, they’re, they’re worried about the Roni, maybe some people come out. But those people spend as much maybe they went to that restaurant, they used to spend 100 bucks, maybe only now they spend 50 bucks, maybe instead of going into restaurants twice a week, they go once a month.

We don’t know any of this, we have no clue. Absolutely no clue, no conception of what earnings per share will be in 2021. And that’s just facts. Okay, these guys on your screen. They can’t tell us what their earnings per share will be this year. Next year. They have no clue.

If Apple the largest company in the world, the most profitable company in the world, arguably the best executive team or one of the best executive teams of any public company in the world. If these guys can’t tell us what epcs wouldn’t Likely their EP S will be in 2020 or 2021.

To think you know else’s investors have any clue about that? Absolutely not. There’s not a company on the face of the Earth right now that can accurately predict their earnings including Apple, man, if Apple can’t do it, how the heck can we do it? s&p 500.

There’s no one company in the s&p 500 that can accurately predict their earnings or anywhere close to their earnings this year, or next year. That’s just facts, man. No, these companies have no clue. And the smaller the company, the more clueless they are in this whole situation.

They just don’t know what, you know, there’s real stuff going on out there. There’s real stuff that that you know what, let’s say we start back up the economy. And the Roni takes off again, let’s just say hypothetically, that happens. Do we have to go shut down the economy’s again in the fall into winter?

You know, these are these are real, like questions that the companies can’t answer. I can’t answer. The government can’t even answer these questions. And yet the markets down 13% year to date, that’s got to be the biggest joke I’ve ever seen. Okay. Let’s be honest, the stock market mostly I’ve been like I said, I’ve been in this game for a while now.

Well, over a decade, the stock market mostly is a Kardashian show. Okay. We like to, you know, talk about oh, what’s going on? And when I say we, I’m talking about mostly financial news networks, they like to get caught up in whatever the hot thing is, at that time.

How can we scare people today? How can we, you know, get everybody to click on this article, and oh, man, some blah, blah, blah. And it’s just a big Kardashian show. Most of the time. That’s the stock market, mostly. Okay. This is not one of those times.

Okay. This is not one of those times, let me be very clear. What is going on right now. In the underlying economy. This is real. And this is lasting. And this isn’t just like made up stuff. And like, oh, let’s just talk about something today to talk. No, this is real. Okay.

Unemployment rates are skyrocketing right now. And honestly, we don’t know when they’re gonna come down to a more real level. Is unemployment really gonna fall back to four or 3%? next year? Oh, my goodness, guys. I have no clue. I highly, you know, the further we’re going in this thing, I highly doubt it.

I highly doubt that all these companies just gonna hire back all their workforce. Right? I don’t see that. I think that’s really hard to believe that. And the more and more people that are unemployed, guess what the more and more people that don’t have money to spend.

And when there’s less and less people that have money to spend, guess what the situation is company’s earnings probably aren’t going to be nearly as strong until unemployment comes back. Okay. GDP, GDP is the worst it’s ever been in the United States.

As of right now we’ll get to see the numbers over the next quarter to worst ever. How long does it take for us to get to a GDP number somewhat similar to where we were just at in 2019? This is a big question. It could take years, it could literally take years, like like, we just don’t know, I mean, sure GDP, when we do open up the economy again, it will, it will definitely go up a lot because you hate $1 made for businesses better than $0.

I always say that, right. But if a business was making, you know, let’s say you’re you’re the local restaurant, you were making $100,000 of revenue a month before, if all of a sudden you’re making $30,000 or $50,000 a month, you’re in a much different situation.

And likely, you’re not going to need as many workers and those waitresses and those waiters aren’t going to have as many tables right? And you’re not going to need as many chefs in the kitchen, you’re probably going to be able to let go of one of your shift supervisors or managers or something like that.

Right? It all those different factors, guess what ends up happening? More unemployment, right? Okay. Well, we’ll see what happens with that company’s earnings per share, like we talked about, it’s a it’s a disaster zone right now for company earnings per share.

There’s not an executive team on the planet that can forecast their earnings per share for the next year or two, or especially even past that. And so us as investors, we can’t do it either. Honestly, we really can, we can think maybe this company will likely be doing but we don’t really know this is this is the most clueless time we’ve had ever and honestly.

I don’t even think you could you could point to any time period in the past, including the great financial recession, whatever you want to call it, 2007 to 2009, even then, you could more accurately predict where things would be in a year or two. This no clue, no conception, it’s not an investor that knows, you know, what these companies are earning.

We can hope though, they’ll be good. And you can put your money in some stocks that you believe in for the next, you know, five, seven years. But you know, for the next year, two years, three years. Gosh, you know, it’s just like, good luck trying to figure out earnings per share. It’s impossible right now.

And then the fourth thing that’s a real thing is global economies. If the states get back up and running over that, let’s say the next year or two and get back to somewhat of a normal economic standpoint, great. But what about global economies?

Most of these companies we invest in most of these companies, the s&p 500 do global business and if they do global business and the global economies the other economies, Europe doesn’t come back that fast. He doesn’t come back that fast. Oh my goodness, like, like, what’s gonna happen with earnings per share?

Once again, we get into that whole situation, right? These are all real massive concerns. This is no Kardashian show, this is no reality show. This is real. This is something we’re gonna have to work through for likely years to come in the future, not months, likely years.

And the s&p 500 is down 13%. That is a joke. Okay, this is the most real situation but far more real than the Great Recession. That’s the last time we actually had something to really, really worry about in the stock market. In my personal opinion, everything else that has happened since the great recession has been a bunch of reality show talk.

That’s what it’s been at the end of the day, this is the first time since the Great Recession, we have something real but this is way more real. This is way more real than the great recession is okay. So earlier, literally just a few weeks ago, I had a model on the channel, it was called take advantage 2020. And that’s when the market was down huge.

We were like down 20k 19k 10k. And I was a little more bullish in stock market was down a lot, you know, especially compared to now. And that was my model, take advantage 2020. But recently, I kind of stopped using that model. And I’m kind of thinking of a different model and the new model. And this is the most important thing you can do in the stock market right now.

Patience, patience. Patience is the most important thing you can practice in the stock market right now. Do not be putting money in companies because you’re desperate to put money in companies not right now. Way too many uncertainties. And I’m talking real uncertainties, not the most of the time, crap, uncertainties I’m talking.

There’s real stuff that’s going to take years to work through. And this is not a time to flood money in the stock market when it’s down only 13% when it was down 30% Plus, it was like Okay, yeah, we could put some money in the market that some of these stocks are attractive valuations.

But now Give me a break. No way. The new motto is patience. Okay, patience is a form of action. So the most important thing you can possibly practice in the stock market right now, keeping some cash around. I know, I know, it can be frustrating.

I know, you know, especially for some of the younger investors, some of the newer investors, you just want to get your money in the market. You’re just like, I gotta get my money in the market, I’m gonna get my money in the market, especially when you see going up and up and up and up and up.

You’re just saying that you’re in that mindset, we’re like, I gotta get in, I got to get it, I got to get in the stocks, I got to get in the stocks. At the end of the day, you got to be keeping cash right now, I’ll be completely honest. It doesn’t mean you can’t own any stocks.

I remember, I still had the majority of my wealth, invest in the stock market. But if you’re not keeping cash around right now, you’re making a big mistake, in my opinion, practice, patience, practice patience right now, unless something is that screaming of a deal.

You can’t jump on it right now. Because we just don’t know, any of these companies earnings per share. We don’t know when unemployment will drop, if it will drop anytime soon. We don’t know when GDP will come back to more normal levels were the more the most clueless we’ve ever been. Let’s just put it that way. We’re the most clueless we’ve ever been, we can hope for things and be optimistic about the long term and things like that.

But the fact is, the stock market doesn’t make sense to only be down 13% flat out flat out it should be down way more than that. And, you know, I’m not going to go on record and say we’re going to have a massive drop in the stock market. But if we had a massive drop in the stock market, it wouldn’t surprise me at all because this is ridiculous.

That’s almost a This is ridiculous. Okay, now what can you do and then practice patience, research stocks, okay, I don’t care if we’re in a bull market, a bear market, a market where you got to be keeping cash, like kind of important right now a market where you know, it’s just like throw money around, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

I don’t care what type of marketing you’re always need to be researching stocks. So make sure you’re doing that. Okay, link down there in the description I got a free resource for you which is called How to outperform the stock market in 2020 It’s a long text document, I basically put together talks about you know, some stocks that are you know, get into positions where they can outperform the market and how you can actually do that it’s completely free.

So check it out in the description if you want if you guys enjoyed today’s video as always, before you leave, please smash that thumbs up button that lets the algorithm know that you know some people enjoyed the video out there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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