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A summary of Jeremy's thirteen years of investing experience and a breakdown of what he believes every investor should have a firm understanding of.

We Offer 13 Courses!

Free Course!

This is a free course included with our free Facebook Group!

  • Facebook Group Membership Course

    This links to our free FB group where you will find a ton of hours of content with our coaches and exclusive outlines and handouts to help scale your portfolio.

Other Exclusive Courses

Courses that are restricted to special add-ons.

  • Beginner/Intermediate Coaching Vault

    This is reserved for our Stock Market Accelerator Workshop.

  • Advanced Coaching Vault

    This is reserved for our Stock Market Accelerator Workshop

  • Financial Fortress Mastermind Calls

    In this catalog, exclusively for our private 1on1 coaching clients, we have brought on subject matter experts to discuss their expertise in their field. For example, we brought on a gentleman who is an expert in systems and automation, delegation, and outsourcing. This is an extremely valuable series of videos that helps you save money and save time, which allows you to focus on building a bigger portfolio. Also included are Complete Financial Breakdown videos covering statements like 10K, 10Q, IR reports for companies by Jeremy's hand-picked 7 Figure Coach & Certified CPA!

Included with Private Group Membership!

The below 9 courses are included with your membership access to Jeremy's Private Stock Group community.

  • Private Group Exclusive lessons, Live Stream Recordings, portfolio breakdowns

    Here you will find the most information. Every portfolio Jeremy reviews, every livestream Jeremy does, and ever weekly lesson Jeremy does for the private group can be found here. Feel free to scroll all the way down to 2017 and watch those videos as well, Jeremy has been teaching this material for quite a long time, and there are a ton of videos just for you in the private group.

  • Becoming Master Of The Stock Market

    This vault of videos consist of 35 lessons plus dozens of bonus lessons. Jeremy personally takes you through the mindset of an investor. Being a successful investor has a lot to do with how you manage your emotions, how you think, and how you act. As soon as you join Financial Fortress, this should be the first video series you watch, it’s that important.

  • Core Financial Fortress lessons

    We Gathered all of the videos Jeremy has made exclusively for the private group since 2017. We separated these videos in 2 categories: Mindset & Lessons about the Market. These videos do not fade with time and are crucial to further increase your knowledge of the stock market and your success in it.

  • Stock Market Investing Mastery

    Learn what Jeremy looks for in stocks. Jeremy walks you through step by step what he is really looking for when he is finding his next 10x stock.

  • Invest like a pro in 24 hours or less

    We get it, you are busy. If you want to get straight to the point and want to learn from scratch how to invest like a pro in 24 hours or less, watch this. We cover everything, from mindset, financial statements, Management teams, and more.

  • Millionaire Playbook

    Are you ready to become a millionaire? We believe in you. In preparation for you to hit 7 figures, there are some things Jeremy wants you to know. If you are already a Millionaire, fantastic! Jeremy talks about who you need to hire to make even more money, how to deal with people once you have money, and how to diversify your wealth. This alone could save you a ton of money.

  • Live Private Group Coaching Calls

    Being a member of Financial Fortress has many, many perks. Just for being in the Private group, you will get access to our live coaching calls with Jeremy's hand-picked 7 Figure Coaches. We host these live sessions multiple days throughout the week to join and participate in live, however all sessions are recorded and uploaded here as well!

  • Stock Options Mastery

    All things options are covered in this course! If you are new to the Stock Market, this is not recommended as the first course you watch. We recommend members watch the options course if you know the basics of the stock market already!

  • Real Estate Investing Blueprint w Graham Stephan

    In-depth, never before released Real Estate Investing training with Graham Stephan!

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    We will never rent, sell, or spam your information.