Coach Warren

With 13 years of experience as COO of a Real Estate Development & Investment company in Malaysia, Warren led operations from acquiring companies and developed more than 10 projects comprising commercial malls, condos, and factories from scratch. 

He is currently pursuing his passion of being a Full-Time Investor by actively managing a Family Office (portfolio of equities and small business acquisitions) and his personal diverse asset portfolio comprising stakes in private businesses, equities, and properties. 

He also runs an investment community concentrated on equities in Malaysia with coaching programs since 2019. Over the years he has been able to grow his stock portfolio to 7 figures with one of the long-term US accounts having a 604% return since inception. 

His main belief is that to achieve our F* you Money (a.k.a. Retirement Money) we must invest and compound that wealth over the long run. Therefore his simple go-to strategy to creating wealth in the stock market runs on: Earn > Save > Invest > Reinvest > Compound our money over the long term. 

His main focus when it comes to investing: 1) Building solid buy and sell plans before entering a position especially answering the ‘WHY’ on long term growth companies 2) Building solid thesis when it comes to stocks with critical analysis of reward over risk especially on 2 – 10x baggers 3) Building a strong understanding of portfolio management decisions to hedge against associated risks. 

Focuses on his 70/30 rule of long term growth-oriented stocks and short term momentum/thematic stocks 4) Applies experience through his acquisition of private businesses to stocks and his methods of growing wealth with lower capital

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