Coach Trevor

Coach Trevor is the manager of the Financial Fortress Coaching Program. Trevor played football and basketball throughout his childhood, and loves being around a great team and helping people reach their goals. He first took interest in the stock market when he first began college. After realizing he was not learning enough about money in school, he began to take his education into his own hands, and learned how to build wealth in the stock market and better manage money himself. 

Coach Trevor has a history of being very driven to accomplish big things outside of investing as well by setting big goals for himself at a young age. While attending Cal State Fullerton University, Coach Trevor enjoyed his job as a waiter at a restaurant and traveled for the company to train other members of the staff and to help set up successful locations. 

Through learning how to manage money correctly early on, Coach Trevor was able to invest the money he was making during school and turn it into multiple 6 figures. He enjoys running marathons, traveling, helping friends with starting their business, and music. 

Trevor put a lot of effort into his music career and founded his band in 2018 where he played numerous shows in southern California, playing with some of the biggest names in the Rock/Metal Genre, and released his second album in 2020. Through investing, Trevor has had the privilege of meeting some of the most successful investors today and is honored to be working with the Financial Fortress team to help promote long-term stock market investing education.

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