Coach Nimi

Nimi is based in Isreal. Most of his early life was spent being a full-time athlete. He was a national Judo champion and won some international tournaments. After that, he started coaching Judo, had over 150 students, and had around 7 years of coaching experience.

He is also a pilot currently licensed to fly one-engine planes. He has been invested in the market since 2014. He started with passive investing his savings and transitioned to picking stocks after studying the market, how to research stocks, and the ways of Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and later on Jeremy.

Since he started picking his own stocks, he had more than 400% returns on his invested capital. His previous experience helped him a lot by having the right mindset in the market, being patient, not panicking when things are down, and taking advantage of opportunities.

His strategies and strengths are in keeping things simple, identifying amazing companies, buying them cheap, and holding them for the long term.

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