Coach JH

JH retired in his early forties after a 13+ year career in Manhattan as a Private Real Estate Portfolio Manager where functionally, he was the COO of a very large residential real estate holding company which focused on residential co-ops, condos and buildings.

Since then, he has been actively managing his personal equity portfolio since his retirement in 2017 where he has been able to grow a six figure initial capital investment into a multimillion dollar long term portfolio and additional revolving cash flow portfolios that have generated capital for his retirement. 

This past year, 2020 his long term portfolio achieved a strong YoY return of 398%. Over the past five years he has developed a personal long term investment strategy that focuses on new markets and emerging sectors that are experiencing major disruption now and for the coming decades. 

The areas that he feels are within his circle of competence are: 

1) Critically thinking through and developing a strong company analysis by research and developing a long term bull thesis for 5x, 10x and hopefully 100x companies. 

2) Strong portfolio management and buy/sell management ability. 

3) Strong overall Fiscal Management skills as he has been fortunate in his life which has allowed him to maximize all 3 revenue incomes, earned, passive and portfolio.

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