Coach Tom

Tom’s strategy for success is based on strong fundamental and financial analysis, building solid non-emotional action plans, and coupling those with a powerful mindset.

Coach JH

JH retired in his early forties after a 13+ year career in Manhattan as a Private Real Estate Portfolio Manager where functionally, he was the COO of a very large residential real estate holding company which focused on residential co-ops, condos and buildings.

Coach Jerry

Jerry has 16 years of experience in the stock market, focusing on long-term, high-conviction, high-growth investing and finding hidden gem companies with asymmetric risk-reward potential.

Coach Trevor

Coach Trevor is the manager of the Financial Fortress Coaching Program. Trevor played football and basketball throughout his childhood, and loves being around a great team and helping people reach their goals.

Coach Nimi

He started with passive investing his savings and transitioned to picking stocks after studying the market, how to research stocks, and the ways of Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and later on Jeremy.

Coach Brian

Brian’s been investing actively for over fifteen years. Since then he’s been working as an engineer and staying active in the stock market to build up a multi-million dollar net worth.

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