Zaid Althomali

I started watching Jeremy two months ago and I am a fan of his channel. I know it’s hard at first because when I first get into it, I don’t get so much.

My impression of the stock market is not that great because my father saw the stock market went down and he had a big loss in 2008.

I was learning because I don’t know anything about the stock market. I watched his 3 channels the Financial Education 1,2 and 3. I did not want to miss any of his videos. I learned a lot from Jeremy and it is easy to understand everything he teaches.

So, yeah, so so you’ve been a fan of the channel. Now for how long have you been watching jeremy? For maybe two months. Two months. And you started investing for two weeks, you said. Yes, that’s amazing.

And are you situated in the states? No, no, I’m an insider. That’s amazing, man, and how is that how is the investing been housed and how has the process been like the learning? I know it’s hard at first because when you first get into it. Yeah, not so much. Maybe I get. $20 Yeah, general.

But my issue is making them start picking the stocks of. And what kind of what motivated you to start investing? Because I’m studying I’m a student in medical school. Yeah, so I have a very long journey in study like seven years. Yes, yes. So we start working and have income. So I want to build an income source, so income source to live and. And have you.

Yeah, and are you kind of are you working a little bit on the side right now to kind of be able to defend your account on a regular basis? Now I am thinking about starting a business with my family. Yeah because, you know, and I don’t know if you are Muslim or know about Ramadan, yeah, of course.

Yeah I mean, don’t you? Yes, we want to start, like, frozen food. So single, only there in my city is my city is like a military city, military city and in terms of. Yes and yes, go ahead. So we want to sell frozen food for singles for our.

And the military here are starting like, right? That’s amazing and like what you feel like you really that you believe in stocks, you believe in kind of putting your money in the stock market. So that it can grow. Yeah yeah, that’s great. I love it.

And what kind of got you to the US market? I know there’s a Saudi market and it’s like very lot of people are in the Saudi market. But what got you into the US market? Because the US market is bigger than the market and the. And I am a little worried when I look to sell the market, because it’s very.

I don’t know how to describe it, but I can feel safe, and that’s how I know. Yeah, and a lot of my understanding of my understanding of companies is American companies. OK, so I prefer. Yes yeah, that makes sense. And in terms of kind of like, are you the first one to invest in the stock market in your family or are you kind of that?

Because I was I know I’m the first one in my family to invest in the stock market, so I don’t know if you have the same experience. Yes, I’m the first one, hoggett and stock market, my father was here and saw the stock market and he had big losses in 2008. Y

eah so I guess that’s why maybe that’s why I hate to see the stock market and go to the US government. Yeah, yeah, absolutely, yeah, the 2008 2009 was tough stuff on a lot of markets. I know the real estate market went down the American stock market went down, but over time it came back up and it came going again.

And I think that’s probably a year. And like, how old are you how young are you in terms of I mean, you don’t look old at all. You look very young. So it’s like, you know how I got through to starting early. How did you even know about the American stock market? That’s what that’s probably a good question. How did you kind of get to know about it?

So I know all about it well, maybe four years or more, but I really think about it after 20, 20. Literally in gamestop, yeah, yeah, I was in Reddit and I saw this on. Crazy thing doing right there. Yeah, and I want to start I have I have maybe. 1,300 $1,000.

So I went to Interactive Brokers you signed up on starting two weeks ago. So how has the financial education, how has Jeremy helped you in understanding the stock market better? How is how has that been for you when you first started earning a lot?

Because I was learning I don’t know anything about the stock market until I found shanno 11 online, and that’s amazing. And you feel a little bit more confident now, kind of after watching the channel, you continuously watch the channel over time.

So you can kind of always learn stuff. I watched that three channels, the. Education one on 2 and three, I well, I don’t miss any videos. I love that. And that’s nice. And, you know, like I remember starting as well. It was when I first started to I used to invest without finding Jeremy. I used to invest on my own as well.

And then when I found him, it just made things a lot easier. And how do you feel? Like, he explains, you feel like you understand things much easier when he explains it. Yeah, because he said it like for dummies. Yeah, yeah, I find this make me understand. Well, the stock market, I watched another guys but I can’t understand. Like they are specifically for the. Row name was.

Yeah, you’re right, because he doesn’t make it he makes it easy to understand for me, to me it was very easy to understand. I liked it. That’s what I think a lot of people like about it, too. It’s because, like you said, it’s for dummies and obviously no one’s a dummy.

But like, when you’re first starting, it’s hard. The language is different. The different terminology they use. And it’s like when he makes it easy to understand, it’s like then it’s like you can start, you can start and you can start getting better and learn easier.

And I understand what you’re coming from. It’s what you’re saying is true. And in the beginning I was oh, I got a financial education. Great and I don’t understand any videos of his video, so I went to the first channel on. Maybe I’m starting to understand maybe.

30% of the country then I now maybe I can understand any video of the. Yeah, that’s good to hear, and I like that it’s cool to hear that, like even from people outside of the US are like, Ah, getting into the US market.

And it’s just, you know, the channel is making it easier for people from outside of the US because there’s a lot of people from Saudi Arabia that are actually interested in the stock market in the US. And I’ve personally spoken to a lot of people from Saudi Arabia that Jeremy as well, kind of because a lot of people from Saudi Arabia inside the private group.

So it’s really cool seeing people from outside kind of getting the benefit as well. And do you feel like, you know, you feel like in five years we talked about your goals in five years or something, you feel like in five years, you’ll have enough confidence to be able to put your.

Your doctor, you’re studying medicine, right? Yes, yeah, and you feel like you’re going to have the confidence by that time to be able to put your money like the real money into the stock market. You feel like you’re confident enough to do that. So that’s my plan.

I, I know that’s my money now, not enough for making of luck and I think I want to start from home now because when I become like five years later, I can be sure I put my money right. Yeah, that’s amazing to hear. And you starting with not a lot because I started with nothing.

I started with not a lot either. So it’s not like, you know, as long as you start and you keep going, I think that’s going to be the main key. The biggest thing is to keep going, keep going, keep going. Right now. I hope. I hope. Yeah, like it.

Keep growing and learning because once you’re learning, you’re able to kind of continuously keep growing and understand a little bit better. And once you understand more than when the big money comes in, you’re able to use it and propel your growth over time.

That’s my whole thing. I appreciate you being here. It was fun talking to you. And you have any last words that you want to say that you feel like we didn’t cover? None of you are very kind, and I’m sorry for my language is not the correct one coming late your english, to be honest to somebody that’s not in the us, your English is amazing. So I know everybody and I appreciate you.

Thank you so much for being here. That was really fun. Thank you. Thank you. And and I hope your goals get achieved. And I hope you once you’re in medicine school, you’re able to kind of be over the market and use it to your advantage. Thank you.
Title: Jamie Davies

All right, another great, good old follower of the financial education channel, Jamie, how are you? Good how are you doing? I’m doing great. I’m doing great. So, man, how about you tell us a little bit about your investing journey and how you came about to kind of find Jeremy on YouTube, like all of us here.

Sure yeah, it’s funny. I look at my investing journey and I kind of have sort of like three clear phases where I look back on things. The first phase was I was simply just like a blind mutual fund investor.

I worked in corporate America for 18 years in marketing and I worked at a number of big companies Microsoft, Pepsi, Samsung, Verizon, et cetera and the extent of my investing was pretty much just maxing out my 401k.

And then I had a little bit extra I put in there and it was always mutual funds. I really never put much thought. I didn’t even look at expense ratios like nothing. I was just putting money into mutual funds.

And then I read, you know, I read a couple of books, you know, the intelligent investor, et cetera, about 20, 15 ish 2014. I decided I want to take a more active approach to my investing and working in marketing.

I kind of had the advantage that I. I saw how much money from a marketing perspective with our media budgets we were starting to spend on like Facebook and Google, like it was moving really fast. And so I started investing into Facebook and Google around twenty, 15 ish. And just by dumb luck, you know, Fang was a thing.

And so then I started researching Amazon and Netflix, et cetera. And the other sort of light bulb that clicked for me was Amazon. And in the end, you know, us and the cloud and then just kind of like by dumb luck with that, I fell into Microsoft before their big sort of ascension as well.

So I’d say I got pretty fortunate in that I was able to build a really solid foundation with like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google. I had a lot of Verizon just because I got compensated that stock there.

And and then a little bit of Apple as well, too. But the way I’ve always talked about it is, is I felt like I had a little bit of insider baseball because I worked in marketing. And so I was able to get ahead of that trend.

I left corporate America about two years ago to kind of do my own thing, to bootstrap my own idea. And one thing it’s funny, the void that following germiest field for me was I mean, I felt like I no longer had that inside baseball, sort of like opportunity to identify growth stocks, know what are the next big wave of growth stocks.

And so I started following Jeremy. And I don’t you know, I don’t follow him blindly on everything, but I really use his channels as a resource to give me ideas for things I can research. And I tell you, like, for example, with my business now, I’ve been using Dropbox and I believe in Dropbox as a product.

So when he put that on my radar, like last summer, I researched, yeah, well. And another one was up work I use up or because I work with a lot of freelancers. And then what I just did, the side by side valuation of Odoacer versus biver, I was like, this is like this. And plus just my anecdotal experience, I’ve had a much better experience finding good work on uptalk versus fiber, you know?
And so I’ve kind of done that. And then working for Pepsi, I understand the importance of distribution for like food and beverage. And so another one recently, his thesis on tatoos, chef, is something that when he bubbles this stuff up for me, these ideas, then I can usually just intuitively get a feel if I want to invest in them or not.

And so that’s kind of where I’m at right now. No yeah, it’s cool that you mention it, because when you have an insider’s insider kind of gig, like you said, kind of a little bit of know, you feel like you’re an insider doing insider trading, but you’re just you just have a little bit of insider business activity, kind of knowledge.

And whenever you hear somebody else speak about it, when it clicks in your brain, it’s like a little lightbulb that clicks in your head. And I totally understand what you mean. And it’s cool that, you know, you’re using these products and you’re obviously not only just using the product, but you’re taking advantage of obviously the money that they can grow for you.

And it’s cool that you use that. And how have you kind of know, how are you able to kind of push yourself from it’s a mutual fund kind of guy to I know you’ve used that entire to do that, but what gave you that courage to kind of just say, I’m going to take action on that?

And it was really I kind of just I was well, first of all, I was starting to hit a point where I knew I didn’t want to work in corporate America. My entire life. And as I started doing the math and everything else.

I just felt like I was going to have to it it seemed like a lowish effort sort of thing to develop out more of an outsized reward if you could really figure out how to pick. Good docs, and so that was what really gave me the confidence to do it, and then I would say then the thing in addition to just sort of my intuition and everything.

I would say, the other thing that kind of pushed me over the edge was I read a book by Scott Galloway back in the day called the four horsemen, where he talked about how Google, Facebook, I think it was Amazon and Apple were going to rule the world.

And I would say between reading that book and then just seeing how we were spending money, that gave me the confidence to initially put a pretty sizable chunk of my mutual funds over into Facebook and Google.

And then it just turned out like I had. I was just like I had a lot of success of those two. It just gave me a lot of confidence. And so then I have the confidence to invest in Amazon and I have the confidence to invest in Microsoft.

And I think part of this lot that I just bought into these good companies right away that have just made me a real believer in stock picking. But that’s kind of what really gave me the courage to jump into it.

I like that I mentioned the confidence that it brings because a lot of people go into the stock market and they maybe feel once or twice. And it just it’s a little discouraging and it’s hard to and that’s why it’s so important to do the research.

And you learn on your side, you know, you reading the intelligent investor, I mean, good on you. First of all, that’s a tough read. And I’m still like halfway through it. I’m a financial background and it’s a tough read, I’ll tell you that.

Like, it’s not it’s really good old school language and the numbers and stuff. So, you know, you’re doing the work behind it. And once you’re able to get that first. And it’s like it gives you that confidence and it gives you that inner ability to say, I can keep doing this.

And it’s just obviously mutual funds. There’s nothing wrong with them, you know, index funds, nothing’s wrong with them. But just you’re not maximizing what you could possibly be getting for first and foremost, get your financial freedom or eventually one day.

Hopefully retire earlier and just do what you want, which obviously you’ve already jumped on that bandwagon to kind of go and do your own thing, which is, you know, I’m assuming that stocks kind of gave you that ability to do that, gave you that freedom at least to kind of say, I don’t want to work in corporate America anymore. Yeah, absolutely.

That I couldn’t have done without the nest egg. I built up the stocks. I said that’s probably one of the coolest things I feel like when I hear from other people. See, it’s like a lot of people, I hear them.

I want to retire early. And that’s when you see amazing cool. I love it. But I’m the type of person that doesn’t want to retire and just not work for the rest of my life anymore. I want to be able to do what I like to do and more like I want to do this rather than I have to do this.

And I feel like stocks for me personally, kind of at a younger age, kind of gave you that ability. And then hearing it from you is just reassuring. And I feel like a lot of other people can follow that route, use kind of a stepping stone, and then for you to kind of really get into step into your life and do whatever you feel like doing.

And and that that’s absolutely honestly, that’s pretty cool. And I find I really cool myself personally. I wanted to ask you one more question, kind of how do you think of everything that you’ve learned from being in marketing and being everything? How has kind of Jeremy’s YouTube channel specifically?

If you were to pick one or two or three things, even that kind of really resonated with you in terms of I use that on a regular basis to pick stocks and help me pick stocks. Sure I’d say first of all, I’d say following Jeremy kind of gave me a little bit of not a little bit a lot of ability to sort of frame up the numbers in an income statement, a balance sheet and that kind of stuff.

Just when I hear him talk about how, you know, you want to look for companies that have a lot of cash on the balance sheet, you want to look for companies that aren’t carrying a lot of debt and particularly about a long term debt.

You want to look at revenue and revenue growing, that kind of stuff. That’s when I have an MBA and I went and I studied finance, but I wouldn’t say I really understood finance. And so now I’d say when I’m looking at stocks, I can go. I’ve got a whole pattern when I go to something else.

And I know the things, I want to look at every single company. And that’s what gave me the confidence to invest in something like a network. And so I’d say that’s the first one. But then the other thing, too, is I’m sure a lot of people say this because Jeremy is such a relatable guy and so good at communicating his ideas.

But the fact that he I mean, he’s not afraid to invest in the stock if he believes in the story, his gut tells him it’s right. And it’s sort of like he gave me the confidence and sort of like follow the intangible side of things as well, too.

Like when I see something that just feels right to me, I’d say even tatsu falls into that for me a little bit like you just look at their management team and everything. You just you just I just intuitively feel like they’re going to continue to nail distribution.

I just really feel that. And I really believe it. And I’d say those are the two main things that I’ve really I’ve learned a lot from is jamil’s, but just kind of laughed at. And those are two that I can give them right now.

Yeah, no, I like I like the second one because I feel like the second one is what really kind of gets you into growth stocks because it’s very hard to value growth stocks. Right it’s easier to value a value stock because, you know, the intrinsic value, you do all the numbers and you’re able to crank them out.

And to be honest, you don’t really have to do the numbers yourself. You can really see them very easily. But when a growth stock, it’s very difficult to project. And like you said, kind of like getting the intangible portion of picking stocks.

Kind of having a little bit of small butterfly gut feeling you have that it’s like this is doing something right when you’re reading about a little bit more. And I feel like because I have gotten that feeling as well.

And that kind of resonated with me a little bit. And it’s really cool, to be honest. I you know, I appreciate that you’re here. First of all, I want it to kind of give you the last couple of words to see if you have anything you want to say about the channel, about what your journey was.

You don’t want to leave you the floor because I’ve asked you and I feel like the conversation has been great. I appreciate it. And let you at it. But what do you feel like? You if there’s anything else that we haven’t covered? Yeah, no.

I mean, I think the last thing I’d say is and it’s been great following Germany’s channel. So I was someone who was raised and I’ve always known I wanted to achieve financial independence. For some reason I don’t this is the family I was raised in or our society in general.

But I’d always kind of felt like the best way or just understood my life the best way to get to passive income at retirement was real estate and own rental properties. And I hate real estate. I, I can’t I can barely change a light bulb I’ve never owned.

I’ve been a renter my entire life with the thought of like buying a piece of real estate, like literally makes me ill. And I would say just kind of like following someone, like we really helped the light bulb go off for me that, hey, you can build financial independence through stocks, which that’s something I get much like I get business.

I get I can understand what makes a business great and everything I, I miss I don’t understand real estate at all. And so to me, I’d say that’s been one of the most things I’m thankful for in terms of discovering Jeremy’s channel and kind of the language that it’s giving me, the ability to lean in what I know and what I understand in order to build my financial independence.

There’s different ways to skin a cat. I guess you can have like you said, it’s great to know that you can do this with stocks. I mean, it’s just like, you know, like you said, I’m very, very the same family background.

Real estate was the thing. Even now I’m still getting buy real estate. I am buying assets. Don’t worry, but I’m just not buying the same assets you’re buying yet. Maybe one day.

But, you know, a lot of the times stocks and most can propel you to eventually buy real estate as a person because a lot of real estate properties are a little bit more expensive and capital, they require a lot of capital up front.

So using stocks to propel you to that, if you are a real estate mogul and love that type of stuff, stocks could be a great way as well to stepping stone rather than waiting, working and then saving up. It’ll just speed up the process a little bit.

So it’s yeah, it’s definitely cool to you know, there’s many ways to build wealth and this is just one of them. And we’re glad that you’re a fan of the channel. Thank you for being here. I appreciate it. We all do appreciate it.

And we hope you keep going if you keep on your own journey and hopefully the channel can help you on your way. I definitely will. I appreciate that. Appreciate you taking the time to talk to me.

Title:Gabriel Paulsen

All right, we have a follower of the financial education channel, jebril, how are you doing? Good that’s good to hear. Man how you tell us a little bit about yourself, man. How did you start off investing?

How did you even get it? You know, it’s pretty cool to, first of all, to get into the market alone. A lot of people are scared of it. So I started investing about. 13, 14 months ago, I did it in high school with a simulator, the stock market game, so I started on that actually, and then it wasn’t until last year I actually put my own money in.

I started with about $500. For like my first month investor, that just like a few companies. And then brought that up to about $1,000 after I got comfortable and then once COVID hit my portfolio pretty much plummeted. But I was like, if I sell it, then I actually lose it, so I just held on to everything, bought more.

I invested all my stimulus money and I got about 10,000 on employment that I invested. So I invested all that and then I turned that roughly nine to 10,000 into about 20 over the course of the year.

And you’re sitting at 20 right now? 19,500 That’s that’s a good 100% gain. That’s like a nice it’s all a good 100% gain. That’s pretty cool. As you. So how is your how is your processing saying, like, you know, investing in these stocks or are you just doing it blindly where you are.

I mean, I started blindly, in all honesty, kind of blindly like the few companies I got into mostly tech. The first company I invested in was sunrun. That went from I think my average cost is like $9. And that went all the way up to 100.

Familiar with the company or not, I have heard of it, I’m not too familiar, I haven’t done fully research on a big solar company. Yeah, Yeah. No, I yeah, I heard that one. It’s pretty cool. I have you. So have you gotten inspiration from kind of the YouTube channel that invested in stocks that. Oh Yeah.

I wouldn’t say probably 20% to 30% of the stocks I hold in my portfolio are like ones that Jeremy’s recommended. Yeah, and a good portion of my other stocks have come from kind of actually delving into companies like with his advice, kind of like looking at certain sectors or like similar companies he’s invested in. That’s that’s pretty that’s pretty cool, to be honest.

I was like, how are you? How does what made you think that? Or or think to yourself a Jeremy something that like someone that I can learn from, because it’s very difficult. It’s like there’s so many YouTube was out there.

There’s so many people giving advice. And it’s just like it’s hard sometimes to decipher who to choose for, to follow. I started with a few people. And they seemed very pushy, like they wanted to get me into the stock. And they were a lot of times like Penny stocks. Yeah and they just seem like really passionate about the stock.

But I like the Jeremy gives like a full thesis on it, why he likes it and the 20 to 30 minute video as opposed to 3 to five minute videos of just buy the stock now. No, that’s a good point, honestly, to be honest.

Yeah like in terms of, you know, just having somebody that’s like giving their thought process fully from a to z, how much does that increase your confidence? And obviously you don’t want to go and buy anything that anybody else is buying just for the sake of that, right?

Yeah, I mean, anybody can agree on that, but it’s nice to see someone else diving deep into a company. And then it kind of gives you that, like springboard where let me go do my own research now based off of that.

And see if that does that. Do you have that feeling? You feel like that’s kind of something motivational and gives you a lot of confidence before you start investing in a company? Yeah, and then he also taught me a lot like looking at the PE ratio market caps, as opposed to just this is a good company.

Yeah and are you are you kind of think if you were to grade one from a scale of 1 to 10 before you kind of followed the YouTube channel, what was probably your confidence in the stock market? I know you’ve done it on a paper trading, which is pretty cool.

That’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone practice first, which is incredible. That’s that’s a very smart you know, what was your confidence before you kind of got to know the YouTube channel? And so, I mean, I’m pretty like cocky, kind of arrogant.

And I did do well starting off. I noticed that like four out of 5 out of 10 out of 10 in confidence. And I feel like with Jeremy I’m up to seven probably. Yeah and you feel like you feel like it’s dangerous to kind of for people that don’t know what they’re doing yet.

And because you mentioned the word cocky and it’s like it’s funny because I was as well. But it’s funny when the caucus that I was when I knew nothing but one, the more I start to know, the less cocky I become.

Just because I know the market is right about that. Is that’s something that you’ve experienced yourself as well. Yeah, I feel like I spend like I used to be, like I guess Jeremy recommended it and there were a few stock that is kind of put money in, because he recommended it.

Luckily I didn’t lose money on that. But now I still even do my own research, like even after we recommended stock. I’ll go and take a look at news articles related to the company or like their earnings reports.

Yeah, no, that’s definitely something like it’s the thing about it is that it’s scary if you’re going in at it in a cocky standpoint because the market doesn’t really care about you. I don’t know if you’ve heard of that saying it’s like the market doesn’t really care about you, your feelings, who you are.

You’re just a number to the market. And it’s like if you don’t properly do your research, the market can do whatever it wants. And it’s just like you’re going to get caught in the crossfire. What what do you think about that?

I mean, I think of anything that during the last two weeks have pretty much shown us that, you know, it’s funny because you told me about 20 k your portfolio has been down that much, but it just shows that you.

Maybe you’re in quality companies and you’ve done your research in them prior and you even the long term view, rather than just being falling victim to the volatility and panicking, you think you would have panicked if you weren’t surrounded, let’s say, by you, by someone that you know, you’ve learned from?

You think you would have panicked if you were alone? I think I would have had I don’t think I want to completely panic, but he definitely gave me some reassurance. I know like minded like my simulations in the market, like the only time you lose money when you sell. When you’re down.

Yeah so I got to ride it out, see what happens. I threw another $1,000 in when it was down. And then made some more money on that when it came back up. I was down about $3,500 about a week ago, two weeks ago, and now I’m only down about 700.

And, you know, tell me about how you were able to have that conviction and strength and kind of that. Obviously, the confidence to state to stick with it, because, you know, you’re down to $3,500 I mean, you know, maybe it’s not 20 k, but it’s still something that, you know, you say that might help.

Yeah, of course. Like, you start thinking of bad things right. At those moments. Right and it’s like, you know, how were you able to kind of COVID with that? I mean, the thing that helped me the most is when I started investing was. January, late January of last year.

So I feel like that was probably a really good lesson for me, because here I was, I put my $1,000 in the market and now it’s worth $300. And it’s not like it. But I held on to it through my stimulus money back at it, and I mean as AI think it was probably Joline or so that it started to really pick back up now. So glad that I held on to all my stuff.

Like all the stocks that were down, like roku, I managed to pick that one out for like 60 bucks. Now it’s like 400. That’s pretty. Those are those are, first of all, congratulations, no one, you know, like I already mentioned, 100% gain is pretty cool. Yeah, hopefully. Hopefully you can get to that. You know what like let me ask you, what is your goal in the next five, seven years?

What do you what do you envision like what do you envision for your portfolio? What do you kind of see yourself being it? !invisible!, well, I get done with my pharmacy degree in two years, and that’ll probably about. $60,000 in debt, and my goal is to hopefully pay that off.

With what I make in the market within the next four or five years, yeah, I’ve heard that a lot. I’ve heard, especially when you’re going to school like I was you know, I graduated not too long ago. And it’s like, you know, the worst thing is just being in debt and having to pay it off.

And if you’re able to kind of find a vehicle like the stock market and properly maneuver it, it’ll just give you that, you know, it’ll give you that confidence and it’ll give you that ability. Any thought to try to pay it off, you know, before you ever imagined could have. Right?

I mean, I, like, kept my return rate as what it is now, not the I mean, that’s being pretty arrogant, but like, I have $90,000 month and three years. Yeah no, that’s I mean, you know, it’s incredible.

I mean, it’s still, it’s still 100% gain and it’s like 100% that you didn’t have before. Now you have and it’s over time and compound interest is only going to work in your favor. And I wanted to ask one of my last question for you is kind of what is your favorite? What is your favorite jeremey advice?

I’m sure there’s a lot of things that he has taught, like the piece, the financials look. What is your favorite out of all that? You can pick one and say that was one that stuck with me the most and helped me the most.

Probably my favorite is you did a video a while ago basically saying, I don’t like just go with the trends, like you see these stocks dropping and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon and just start selling your stuff off.

And I feel like that was like the biggest thing, like I know you’re supposed to hold, but like knowing someone else, like really pushes for especially like me, he’s still confident in the market went down.

That’s why the thing is just like holding strong, like even though you leadership like thinking, yeah, that takes a lot of conviction because for you to hold strong, like it’s one thing to hold strong when you have conviction, it’s another thing to hold strong blindly or blindly.

And sorry, not so because like some people just feel like holding strong, but like if you’re holding on to a bad company, it’s not really holding strong. You’re holding weak, you know. Yeah, I know. It’s cool to know if I could just shows that, you know, you’re doing the work behind the scenes before you get in.

So then when it gets turbulent in the market, you know, you’re holding strong based on your confidence and your ability to say, I’ve done the work beforehand and I’m looking way ahead, not just in the near future, that something that, you know, I salute you for number one, because we’re all at a point kind of playing around and goofing around in the market.

And we quickly realize that you should not be doing that with the market, then you should be OK. I, I want to know before you know, for me, it was nice meeting you, but I wanted to kind of give you the floor if you have any last things that you want to talk about. What’s this got to do with that? I guess, like, where did you, like, start investing? I got you.

Oh, man, that’s actually a good question, to be honest. I’ve never really had it reversed on me, but still smooth. I like that. So it’s funny because I actually started investing a long time ago. I started investing around four or five years ago.

And obviously long relative to me right my age, I’m like 25. 26 now almost. So five years ago I was around 20, but I was basically almost a freshman in high and University and college. So I’m the freshman and I had a couple of bucks on the side.

I was working while I was studying. So I said, you know, let’s use the market. At the time, though, over here in Canada, there was the marijuana boom there. They were legalizing marijuana and me blindly buying into companies that that, you know, hey, they’ll go up.

Right and rightfully so. They did. They did. I turned, I think, at $10,000 into $50,000. So I fedexed my money in a span of a month and a half. Proxima but that’s a nice asterisk cause I give it. Give me a second. You don’t think them. You’ll think so. You know, a month or two passes by.

The thing is, I didn’t realize I was in speculative plays. And it was just my lack of knowledge at the time, I was in very speculative plays and I didn’t I was not looking at the financials, even though I was studying financials, I was in the school.

So, like, how ironic is that? It looks like even when you’re the closest to are you still going to work when you’re misguided? And I kid you not. I lost $50,000 went down to around $8,000. I kid you not in the span of like three weeks.

I have never experienced something like the COVID crash. I’ve already experienced it like a couple of years back, I’ll tell you that. It was so at that point, I started like maybe I got scared from the market for about a year. I can’t lie. And and then I kind of janat year. I got away from the market, did other things continue on my studying?

And I said never again. But and then I kind of know, as I grew and I matured, I said, you know, maybe that’s not the right way to look at it, not never again, because it’s never again. And it’s like, you know, you gambled. Maybe I did something wrong. And I tried to ask myself what I did wrong. What what was it?

That was it that kind of put me in the harm. And, you know, ironically, obviously, I was studying in finance and stuff like that. So I said maybe I was looking into the company’s deep enough, you know, could be.

So I started doing a little more digging. As my studies went on, I started understanding financials a little bit more. And I started to puzzle together the fact that, hey, you know, I am actually I was doing it horribly at the time, so and now I’m learning and it’s like, oh, my god, I should have looked at this.

I should have looked at the balance sheet. I should have looked at their cash position. How much are they burning? The companies I was in, they were burning cash like no tomorrow. And it was only a matter of time before the crash. And it started to hit me like no wonder why they crashed, you know, like they crashed.

And, you know, for me, it was like I didn’t lose too much, although I did lose the gains, which hurts because if you compound that over five years, if I started with that $50,000.05 years ago, you know, compound interest will just take you over and they’ll just make that 50,000.

If you’re in the right positions and you follow the right people, you invest properly that $50,000 over five years can really, really multiply. And so I’m sad about that, but I’m not sad about the lesson I learned is that, you know, you got to take it seriously when you’re investing in the market. Yeah Yeah.

And so, you know, towards the end of my studies, I said, you know, let me die because I started becoming a little bit more free because I was getting the hang of school. I was starting to get better at it. I didn’t have to spend as much time studying. I was getting used to it.

So I said, let me go down some rabbit holes on YouTube because, you know, I always like the videos rather than reading them. So, you know, I go on YouTube and I’m just like searching around. I started watching Kevin a little bit, you know, meet Kevin.

And he was more of a realistic type of person. He was more of the index fund type of guy. He’d have some stocks, but it’ll be very minimal. And behold, you find this other Jeremy guy with his spiky hair. I’m just like, OK, like, what is this?

You know, it’s pretty cool. I watched one of his videos. I watch a second of his videos. This is back in like 2017. And when I watched his videos, he was I think it was one of his videos like I’m 16 and 17 actually. He was like how to read balance sheets and how to read income statements. They’re very old.

Videos like this is Jeremy’s first started know he had that high pitched voice a little bit. I had it all. Everything going on. Yeah and I started watching it. And because I understood finances and he was talking about these financial statements and stuff, and I was like, look, this guy is talking. He’s saying the truth.

And I came from a place of being able to see if he’s actually saying the truth or not. Yeah so I was like, I learned this in my study. Sound like this guy is not talking gibberish then that built by credibility with him a little bit.

I watched him for, like, a good while, like two years, kept on watching him. And then, like, you know, you’d always hear about this private group, the group, private group. And I’m just like, OK, you know, I started paying off school.

My account went down again to like $2,000. But that was because I paid off my school tuition and stuff. So it was like I was playing with literally nothing and, you know, slowly started following his YouTube channel did not get into Tesla, though.

I don’t know how I didn’t do that. No, I’m not saying that. And I was able to, you know, eventually in like a year and a half ago maybe I said, you know, I have some money now. You know, I’ve made money off his pics on YouTube and being able to help me around researching and stuff. Let me triad of a group. And and I did.

And you know, like everything that has gone, all the bad stuff that has happened to me in the market, like I think it now, just because now I know that it’s not something to play around with. Yeah, I feel like a lot of people I really hope that nobody gets into that hole because it’s just it’s a tough one to swallow.

Well, it’s really easy to gamble when you’re up, but once you start to lose, that’s when you learn. And can you imagine going from $10,000 to $50,000 instead of like a month and a half? And you’re just a young 20 year old, like I said. But I’m like, I’m conquering the world. Like I’m 50k my bank account.

Like, I guess what I can do in a couple of years, I’ll frickin’ buy the whole frigging country or something like, you know, like your head was just getting big and big and big. And then all of a sudden you get humbled like a good, you know, good old market doing its thing.

So that’s what came to me. Man, that was, that was basically my story. I know people will see it. I hope people learn from it. I know they’re going to laugh at me a little bit, but I hope they learn from it.

And, you know, since I got back on track, my accounts have been going up my you know, after obviously, like, you know, I started in a group actually when I was still in school. So I didn’t know I was contemplating whether I should do it or not, and I did it when I was in school and it was just part of my learning.

I said, hey, I learned so much more than in the group than I did in my financial school, which which is crazy to think of. Yeah, I’ve learned a lot, but it’s a whole new ballgame when you’re looking at it from a sports perspective. Yeah, and that’s my story. So then how do you get into the private group? Oh, so, yeah, you know.

At the time, it wasn’t that it wasn’t as difficult, but I still had to apply and and I was able to speak to a couple of people within the group on Instagram the time because, you know, he wasn’t he wasn’t as big as he is now because he now that the track record is just compounded.

Like once you have a track record on YouTube that for that much of an account, it’s incredible what people start taking the credibility seriously. So at the time, the qualification was a little bit less rigorous.

It was like, you know, I had to speak with a couple of people inside the group and I had a couple of calls with them. They kind of asked me some good questions and, you know, they wanted to see if I was a serious investor or not.

A lot of people want to come in and do trade and play around. And one thing I’ve realized about Jeremy is that. Over time, what he likes to do is kind of he wants to teach people how to build wealth rather than just a quick buck or two, you know, and it’s, you know, maybe the younger generation maybe won’t see that included in that young, younger generation.

By the way, like I’m not saying it is anybody else like them. I am that those people. But we see it as a little bit of a we want the money now. We want the gratification now. But we don’t visualize like 10 years now from now, if you do it properly and you follow the right process that other very successful people have followed, like Jeremy, like people inside a group like that stuff can really change your life. It’s not.

But, you know, out of all people like you’re going to school, that is not a fun thing, right? You want to get rid of the puzzle, right? So you just want to there. And it just allows people to have that option. And that’s what I found to be so speaking with a couple of people inside the group.

You know, I was I was thankful to be qualified to get in. And and, you know, to be honest, I haven’t looked back. I’m not trying to brag about it or anything. I have a lot of so, you know, I’m enjoying it. I like the people in there. I sure as hell love watching Jeremy vogels, which is pretty cool to watch. So, yeah, that’s my take I.

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