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I’ve been watching Jeremy for a few years now, but just got into investing after the lockdown last year. I didn’t go all in because I felt like the timing is uncertain.

So I did not want to risk all day my saving into the investment. I’ve been watching his YouTube video. They are all great videos that you can learn from.

Awesome, are you doing? I’m good, Thanks. How about you? Great, great. So, go ahead, tell me a bit about your investing journey and then how Jeremy came along into it.

It’s actually I’ve been watching Jeremy wittels a few years now, but just got into investing after lockton last year, but I didn’t throw all full swing into investment because I felt like it’s still in uncertainty time. So I don’t want to risk all day my saving into the investment.

Recently, I feel pretty darn it, because I didn’t invest it, but somehow I will say, oh, it’s possibly not my beginning journey, that’s why I have to I might be the best idea to join in you guys growing and learning how to I mean, learning the financial education. Yeah, great, great.

And so in the beginning, were you always doing a long term or did you sort of doing some swing trades or trades or how did you start off? And naturally, I wanted to do long term. Yeah so you stick with it the whole way. Yes and what’s the key lesson, you learned so far from jeremy? Hey hey.

I mean, I’ve been watching this YouTube video. It’s pretty good video. You learn from them, but I don’t know whether they put in all the key effort in financial into has video or. That’s why I thought to possibly be part of you guys, private group might be.

More helpful than just watching this YouTube video. That’s what I think. Yeah, and so are you with us already in the group? No, not yet. I was supposed to be in a meeting last week, but I was sort of busy at work, so I’m sure I need to arrange another time from you guys, like doing a case study. So so what are some stocks you’re holding right now?

I’m in New Zealand at the moment. So in New Zealand platform, the stop the trading platform over here, it’s not like marauding like you, not the state. So it’s a bit hard. That’s my thought that he focused on his YouTube video. I tried to search on the trading platform trading.

At the moment, I can’t find that. And I sent an email or sent a text to ask them why it’s not on your platform. I said, yeah, they can’t bring that in. So doing some research how I can help it. So it’s a bit tricky, but some stuff, it’s already paper cup. Like I need to wait a bit more.

Yeah I can put some of my savings in. Yeah basically, I invested in New Zealand stock and some of the stuff. But not a lot at the moment. That’s why my portfolio looks so terrible. Oh, I see. And yes, it’s interesting the way we have other markets and someone supported.

So what’s your response like then when you hear about a stock, are you researching companies in your area or are we at the growth? Not really, because you’re not the state, but like, steady, I think. Yeah so they the potential of having a growth market like you, not the state.

That’s not as quick as you know at this time. But recently I’ve just been doing more homework or research on not just that stuff, only not new Zealand, but the money that I have put in New Zealand stop at the moment. It doesn’t go well either.

So I just and I don’t need that saving at the moment. That’s why I just leave it all with it. So possibly I’m going to sell it some day. I’m not sure when. Yeah and I remember you’re saying your portfolio is not the best. What’s your return right now?

You can say it’s only 10% at home or are you. Oh, 10% You want to go ahead. You’re sorry about that. Hang on one moment. No worries, man. Over here, it’s only 10% You can see some of the plan to have an investor just like wait till that they go for this.

Yeah, so, yeah, awesome, I’m glad to see that you’re able to learn from Germany right off the bat and implement it into your markets and research right away. Right since we can always depend on woodstock’s revenues by.

Yeah and what do you think you’re missing right now to take your invention to the next level? Kind of like learning more about company valuations. I’m still struggling to find out about that. And what did you guys normally do in the private group? I’m curious to know a little bit if it’s all right to ask.

Yeah, I’ll tell you a bit more about that. And our group, we so that community is very, very important. That’s how Germany gets 10% of the stocks. Now, it allows us to actually share our broad thesis and research all together.

And it’s a good platform that we use to save a lot of time, actually. Just double check some work there and see if there’s really opportunity somewhere. But what will we really do is the main thesis there is that we come out of the stock market that Jeremy had made in the courses.

It’s that checklist from A to Z of how Jeremy looks through a stock when he hears about it. And so so for sure, it’s so grateful in that time. Yeah so what will be one day you’d want to see Germany make.

Oh, yeah, I need to arrange the meeting with one of your team, but not Jeremy yet. I think it’s our meeting, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s about our I need I need to make that first, and I remember I received an email from him as well, but I’m really sorry that I couldn’t get to make it past week and into the future.

I’m going to make it possibly after your break now are arranged by staff because you guys were really busy, like was hard to schedule a meeting with you guys as well as some. I can find only a slot this month.

Yeah that I can had a meeting but I could make it either. Well I’m going to, I’m going to find out more possibly after having a phone call with you. Yeah like I said, I’ve been watching your computer for like few years now since the time that last year was so low on 18.

About the reason I read one other reason obstacle that I didn’t. Like, started investing at that time in New Zealand as an immigrant, not, yeah, so much about tax system here, whether I can now invest in this country somehow.

Still, I’m an immigrant at the moment, but I thought I’ll just do it because I still pay the tax. So if I put the money into tech, lashed out at that time, I will create some wealth already. Therefore, I didn’t feel that at all.

I just said, OK, it’s a lesson learned, so I just learned from it. Yeah and I’m pretty good at it has been like sort of sharing some good company as recently, like chef and the Canadian cannabis stock et cetera.

Yeah, that’s a good one as well, but I can’t really find that company in my training class. But I’m like, you guys do penny stuff as well. We do. If there’s that depends on it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a penny stock or not.

There’s growth ahead of it. It could be to be really specialized on those mid-cap to small cap stocks. And it’s really easy to pick out those gems and project those numbers and things like GT 13. So my friend Ben actually bought up kind of 13 and a very decent company in the private group.

So some people have really low cost views on those even lower than Jeremy, because, like I said, it’s only 5% of stocks. You get some very good fundamentals. He picks them up and put the spotlight on them. And it’s that. Jeremy Yep. That that’s why I love watching as we do every day.

And they say in post-test as we do, it’s just like, oh, that pops up what Bush. Sure and any closing remarks we want to make for anyone watching or anything you want them to know. US want to keep posting, god, we don’t like that, like helping a beginner like me to start investing.

Yeah, for sure. A pleasure having you on, man. Thanks for taking time to study data on. Thank you very much for your time as well. No worries. No worries.

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