Tyler Wilson

I started in 2018. Jeremy got me into investing and it started slow. I realized I’m super young and I really want to get into something that’s going to grow in the long term.

The first thing he taught me is to not be greedy with price, and if it’s a good company, buy it. Jeremy changed my life.
He is very passionate, consistent and intelligent. He knows what he is doing and is genuine.

Tyler, Thanks again for taking time out today and helping on your mat. So, Glenn, walk me through your investment journey and how you first started. I started in 2018 actually. Ironically enough, Jeremy got me into investing, which was it’s kind of the irony. Now you look back like, Oh man, that’s crazy. But it started kind of slow.

I got to the very value based stocks, the Procter gamble, the Johnson Johnson, coca-cola, stuff like that. And then I kind of realized I’m super young and I really want to get into something that’s going to grow like long term.

So that’s when I stop looking at all of Jeremy’s videos and started kind of keying in on the ones where he was talking about how to value growth companies and stuff like that. So that’s been a really, really big help through twenty, nineteen, 2020 were phenomenal years for me.

I think anyone in the market had a pretty good time, especially last year. So it’s been unfortunately, it’s been in a straight up like it’s been in a straight line up. And I that’s kind of bad because I like to I honestly like to have some volatility, which is why these past few months have been really good, because it makes me hurt a little.

I’m like, oh, like that the markets dip and stuff like that. You know, I’ve made some mistakes in the past, you know, buying companies that I didn’t really understand. I thought I did. And then they went down a bunch and I understood why.

So it’s really just it’s been a pretty good experience. And I’m definitely glad I did it. Jeremy’s made me a ton of money, not just with his investments, but with his intellectual knowledge that he’s definitely a lot of value for sure.

For sure. And so when you started. Was it always a long term investment for you? That’s what you started off with, jeremy? Yes, it has. That’s kind of what my foundation was based off of because I didn’t really have any other influences.

Actually, just recently, I’ve been looking into more of the options side of it. I didn’t feel comfortable about it at first. I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I’m really not sure right now either. That’s why I’m kind of just trying to learn it.

And in small doses, but definitely long term for me. And what do you think is a key lesson, you learned so far from jeremy? I think the biggest thing that he’s taught me is don’t be greedy with price, if it’s a good deal.

And a good company bider, it doesn’t matter if it’s $1 less or $1 more or it doesn’t matter if there’s a good deal on a good company. You need to buy it because I’ve lost a lot of money, not buying because I’m like, oh, I’ll just wait and it’ll go down or go down another dollar.

And that has just been that, to me, is the valuable thing, because if you have a good company. And it’s already a great valuation. By it, if it goes down by more, you know, if it continues to dip by more, even if it’s a little over, I’ve learned that even if you need to average up on a position because you believe in a company, Jeremy’s on a plethora of times 2013 for sure.

I think he did it with Tesla back then. So that has been probably the most valuable lesson. You brought the example. I was just going to say, man, I was going to bring up Amazon, the planet 13 on planet.

So much potential, even the price. I’ve been at, even in these prices. And I got an early, but also the same boat there. And so what’s your portfolio right now? What’s your portfolio value currently after the dip is around like 80k or so?

Yeah, but I mean, before the debt, I mean, obviously, we were on Cloud9 for that. I think it got as high as one 20 or something like that in 15 or 20. But yeah, right now it’s up like 80. You want to go ahead and your positions with us.

Sure go ahead. And filmi would be great. All right, so my biggest concern right now is TCV, what’s funny is I actually started adding this a little bit before Jeremy brought it up. Actually, Jeremy spoke about it.

One time. And I did a deep dive. I listen to the very first conference call and all that. And really, really told me the same gletty. And Sarah really, really sold me on that. So I’m really, really confident that’s going to do well.

And that’s more of a long term goal for me. Definitely a long, long like maybe like a 30 year, 30-year-old. Jeremy always preaches you don’t sell good food, drink companies. So that’s kind of a good thing for me.

This next one by holding. So are you familiar with this company? No, sir. So so holding. Yes, it is. It’s just back. And as you can see, I’m losing my ass. I’m off. I’m allowed to stay down here, but I feel good.

But so so the idea behind this back, they’re acquiring a company called Mattapoisett. And so it’s a matter for a matter. So they’re pretty much going to revolutionize the way that people do real estate deals, in my opinion.

I think that they’re going to take the real estate space and make it 1,000 times easier to do business with property management. You’re going to see emergency responders use this, that you’re going to be able to kind of see it.

And so what they do is they take a 3D Troyen of a space like the room here, and they’ll take this camera or you can even do with your iPhone and you’re going to think about, yeah, you’re going to take a bunch of pictures around that room and it’s going to stitch together a 3D image that you can actually alter and play with in their software.

And so the hardware is not really the. The driving factor of their growth, it’s more of their services, a software business. That’s what’s going to grow their business at exponential rates long term for sure. And so let’s see your top your positions right now.

I see we might be number one here at the drug store. So I got I got to look down at the bottom. I believe it is TCF just that’s just based upon my cost basis actually have obviously haven’t gained any.

I’m actually down 20% on the year, but that’s just based on cost basis. Tesla’s actually of cost basis. One of my smaller accounts are smaller equities just because I didn’t have a lot of money to play around with in the beginning.

And then I believe revolve technology group is the next one at 11, I want to call it, man. I love that company. And then I want to say it has to be planet and then upward. I’m glad you were able to get some Great Danes off Jeremy’s recommendations there.

Yeah so what’s your research process right now when you hear about a stock video? What I like to do is go directly to the page, but I actually read it. I’m not see it at first. Like I will tell you right now, there are a couple like Facebook and really Facebook’s only one I hold currently, maybe upworthy.

But those two Jeremy talked about him. And I just went in. I didn’t do any research. I didn’t do any of the due diligence behind it. Thank God it’s played out well. Right but that, in my opinion, you need to go to the page.

You need to learn who you’re investing in. You need to know about this company. Why is this company going to do well? Are they disrupting a sector? If they’re not, what else are they doing that’s going to make them profitable in the future?

Are they even profitable? Are they making money? What’s the growth look like? Like there’s a ton. We could sit here for hours and go through that process. But, yeah, that I’m really, really focused on getting into what the fundamentals of the company are.

Are they changing. If they’re not changing who their competitors are? All that. So it really it. I probably spend, I wouldn’t say a crazy amount of time, probably like four to four to six hours a day, six hours at the most.

I’d really digging in. It depends on what I’m investing into like Voyager. So I held off on a Voyager for a while. I noticed that Jeremy was on the fence about it. I heard him on millennial money talking about it, and that’s how I kind of got into it.

That’s a great podcast, by the way, I love that thing, little footnotes every once in a while. And I’m like, Oh yeah, I’m getting into that. So that took me a while to understand it just because I didn’t understand the spread like how they were how they were making money on the front side, arms out on the back side of the revenue.

So but yeah, that was. That that was my most recent interview, and that was all Jeremy Jeremy talked about that when I jumped in and actually made a YouTube video, didn’t post it. Sweatman I didn’t post it because I saw my first YouTube video.

I’ve never made anyone ever. And then Jeremy came out when I was like, I can’t make it now, but. And what do you think you’re missing right now to take your investment to the next level? I think my biggest concern long term is really like if you just hand me a stock and you say value this company, value this company, whatever, whatever that prices or whatever that valuation is.

Obviously, there are some companies that you look at that are very easy. Company like Coursera. It’s easy to look at their product sales, easy to look at. They could be getting the software and make predictions long term, like 3, 2 five years out.

Much harder with a company like Voyager or even like an easy one is like Tesla. You can literally look at their average selling price per car and then make a case based around that. So and then that can lead you into valuation.

But I think the biggest problem for me is looking at like a Palantir stock or looking at like a DraftKings kind of stock and figuring out, OK, how is this company valued and are you getting a good deal? Are you getting screwed? Yeah, for sure.

It’s a common, common thing. One of those one things that help is trying to find a bull thesis on your end. And then it’s hard to always try to find the opportunity on the edge of the market in such a process.

Right it’s more of experience. Deal and so someone who has never seen Jeremy before, how would you describe him? Passionate is good, like you can really tell, that’s why I’m very selective on who I listen to.

I’m not going to stop sharing here or segments. So he’s super passionate. It’s one of those things where I’m pretty good at reading. People like understanding how people mannerisms things. And he’s consistent and passionate.

I’ve seen him work from 0 to 100 like he’s the good. He’s a good, hard worker. It’s really cool. And he kind of refers back to when you work at Walgreens and when he was making how much money? Not $8 an hour, 15 bucks an hour.

And then to see his growth has been really cool. But he’s really persistent. He’s a great. I mean, in my opinion, he set up if you want to talk about long term goals and games, he set up to be the next generation of like Warren Buffett or like that’s what he’s setting himself up to do, which is phenomenal because I got an early.

I’m getting I’m getting to see him in his beginning stages. And I think he’s just getting started. I don’t think he’s anywhere near close to played out. But, yeah, so passionate. Very, very consistent, intelligent. Obviously, I like it because he’s not some, like, super professional guy.

He’s kind of goofy and I like that. Like, he’s got his moments where he does weird things. And that’s kind of where I’m like, he’s a real person. He’s not some guy behind a screen that you can meet him in person and have a conversation.

So he’s just all around solid dude. And I think that’s why he’s got such a big following. I think that’s why people are flocking to him, because he’s just a real, genuine guy. Exactly back in the things and the business side, he’s a genuine guy all around him.

I was impressed. To Jeremy business. Jeremy is the same. Jeremy Yeah. And also, what message would you have for Jeremy right now if you were to watch this? Keep doing what you’re doing because I like it, and I think not only you making people money, but you change a lot.

And that, to me, you’ve changed my life. And I’m like, I’m in the beginning innings of this, too. I’m 23 years old with 80 AK in an account like that’s not normal. And I know that’s not normal, but that’s based upon knowledge that you’ve given up.

So I appreciate it. And you need to keep your head down because we all are. We’re all agreed to change my life to really doing a lot for the community. He wants to be a philanthropist, and he’s already working on that, basically on this aspect of things.

And any closing remarks meant any advice for somebody watching this? Don’t just invest with Jeremy’s investing and do your research, is his investment, our investments good? Yes are they going to make money?

Yes learn the fundamentals, because one day when Jeremy’s not on YouTube making videos, you’re going to regret it. So sure, you know, so, yeah, make sure you know what you’re doing, because if you don’t. And all of a sudden Jeremy goes away because he’s not going to be his forever.

He’s got he’s got a family, he’s going to have bigger and better things to do down the line. And when he does need to be ready to make investment decisions on your own. Well, put that again. Thanks for taking time out today. Really, really appreciate to talk to you to take it all. All right, brother.

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