Steven Eckert

I started watching YouTube because I was interested in tesla stock and Jeremy’s video showed “up next” on YouTube.

I watched some of his videos and I thought I knew a lot since I have been doing this for 30 years. I got interested in Jeremy’s teachings and videos.

I know that I could trust him and he gives me confidence. Jeremy talks about what is good in stock and he shows how to always keep yourself safe in the market in terms of what you have.

So how let’s look a little bit about your next journey and how would you even come across Germany himself? How did you start? Well, I was started watching YouTube videos and stuff like that, and I was interested in Tesla.

And so I watched a lot of Tesla stuff and SpaceX stuff. And we went down to Florida to see the Falcon Heavy launch. OK The second one. And stuff like that, so I just started watching it more and more, and then I started watching a lot of guys on Tesla and then the stock had, you know, had been moving.

And so then I really got involved in the stock. So I was like, oh, I’ll buy something that was, I think it had gone up to like 360 or something at that time. And then after that, it just kind of fell off a cliff and kept dropping and dropping and drop it.

And I, I just kept buying into it the whole time as it was dropping down. And, and, and then at that time, his videos started coming up on YouTube. So, you know, I’d watch some of those and stuff like that. And that’s kind of the first.

Time I started seeing him and he kind of turned me off a little bit, a little, I don’t know. A little different than what I’m used to, you know what I mean? But then I started watching some of this information and seeing how it, you know, it kind of lined up with my philosophy and then it kind of paid off or whatever that you kind of feel like you could trust a little bit.

Yeah and I was going to ask you, like, what was because you telling me just a bit ago kind of resonated with your investing philosophy. What was it that resonated with you? What was that philosophy that kind of made you a little bit? Well, I’m older.

Of course. I’m 58. I’ll be 58 in march, and so I like to be more conservative, I’m not I’m trying. I don’t want to take a big dip, you know, and he looks for more value stuff, even though that you’ve got your stocks that are the high flying.

Oh, they’re all going like crazy. But you’ll still be looking at this ps too high. We should be looking at that. Or you’re some stocks that have lower pes. Let’s look at those and stuff like that. And I’ll even pick more of the conservative stuff that he picks, you know what I mean?

So that’s what I kind of that’s what I kind of like about it. And does it. Do you feel like it seems like for me, you’ve been investing for a long time, you’ve been in the market for a long time, you have skin in the game. I’ve been investing for over 30 years.

And that’s a good old veteran. But in terms of I’ve got a lot through mostly mutual funds, ok? And more just more recently, I’ve done individual stocks. I have struggled with individual stocks and stuff. And you got to put a little more work into it. I mean, you you’ve got to follow them pretty closely and stuff like that.

So with the help of YouTube and other people, advice that it helps out, you know, keeping track of how they’re doing. And stuff like that. So and what got you to kind of be. What kind of what got you kind of more a little more confidence in the stockpicking category of investing?

Yeah, just kind of the information from some of the videos. I watched and some of Jeremy’s videos and where to get the information, I’m again, I’m older, so I don’t necessarily know how to get around online and give some advice on, you know, look up investor relations to find the different reports and things like that.

And so I’m just starting to kind of get more into that. And then just the information gives out on the individual stocks and how well, they’re doing and how their revenues are. It’s a nice stream of information that you can kind of rely on, you know, give you a little more confidence in what you’re investing in.

And you feel like speaking in confidence. I was going to say of I’m assuming it gives you a little bit of confidence to give something. You think it would give somebody confidence to kind of do it themselves, to say it is doable.

Yeah, I’ve talked to other women. Me talking to other people about it, no, just kind of either you or somebody else just makes the process doable. It’s not something that you do. It’s definitely when you see somebody else doing it, especially on YouTube or why not more comforting in terms of how you can do it yourself to be put to work.

Yeah and like I said, I’ve been doing it for years, so this adds to it. I was in groups like 15, 20 years ago. And stuff like that with. Again, somewhat mixed results, nothing spectacular or so, and this year has been know, kind of crazy, you know, and it has been, I think I got in at the right time.

I mean, it’s just been a spectacular year with the whole goal, with this thing. And all that. You know, I saw that. I identified it and said, you know, as the stock market was peaking, I kept selling stocks to get cash, not stocks.

But I had mutual funds mostly. I kept selling it off, you know, and I had 15, 20% in cash or whatever. So then when it all fell off a cliff, I was in a decent position to go ahead and invest. And I kind of did that on my own.

And then once it it went down, that’s when I started trying to search out what stocks to pick and stuff like that. That’s yeah, no, I mean, that’s one way to hedge yourself out. You should have some cash.

Ron Jeremy talks about that. Yeah, and that’s right. He does talk about that a lot. And so I was reading that advice, even before I heard it from him. That’s good to know. And that’s one way to always keep yourself safe in the market in terms of like have you.

Have you seen it to be kind of something that you feel like you want to continue doing in the future? I mean, obviously, like if you say you’re retiring or are you retired by any chance? No, I’m not. But we’re considering it in the next couple of years, probably.

So I’m certainly want to continue to do it, but I’m really looking to be more conservative, you know, preserve the capital as well. I’m so. That’s important to me, so do you feel like it’s a hobby that you can actually pursue as someone that’s kind of towards, let’s say, the end of their career, they’re hopefully kind of retiring.

You’re making hopefully you make the decisions and whatnot, whatever it is, whatever suits you, obviously. What do you feel like? That’s something that, you know, individual stock can be something that can be seen as a hobby that keeps you busy later on as well. Like, so you don’t kind of.

Yeah, I find it interesting, so. I need to get a little more involved in the deep down analysis and where they go again, where it is to get through the reports and all the 10 cues and all that stuff.

On my own, I’d like to learn that a little bit more, but now that I know where to get it, I can work on that work and full time and everything. It doesn’t seem like it is. Having a family always does it seem like it lends a lot of time to do a lot of that stuff. So absolutely.

And have you do you feel like one thing that you can like? What is the one thing that you feel like you have learned from the channel that you think that? That’s one thing that I came to watch a channel. And I didn’t know before.

But there’s one thing that resonated with you and you learned and you took that going forward. Well, I don’t know, there’s many things I think, but. One thing that stands out. Norm dang it, there’s a lot of stuff. I’ve learned that stands out particular.

That’s a good problem. Yeah, yeah, Yeah. You know, just, you know, I knew a lot of the stuff the like the evaluations. I always think of evaluations because that’s always key to me. I’m always excited to get in the new stocks.

I’ve been trying to buy a square for a long time. And the market’s been flying up and down everywhere. And I finally, just sold out of it because it just made me too nervous and it has dropped off some since I sold it.

So learning about valuation. And I always found that important, especially where I’m at. Looking into it. And then I’ve been rolling over into bank stocks somewhat because they are their valuations are pretty low.

And they’re supposed to be moving. There’s some question on how long that’s going to last. And if it’s over and interest rates and what they’re going to know, how they’re going to affect everything.

And all that. So, I mean, all that stuff is interesting to me. And I’ve learned further from his is I would say now that I think of it, I would say probably the biggest thing was how to look up information on the stocks.

And I didn’t know that how to do it on the internet. He had one of his videos that he went over a bunch of that stuff. And I took notes on everything and how to look them up. And what he finds important.

And all that type of thing. That was probably one thing that would stand out, I guess. I love it. And like, you know, it’s really cool hearing a different perspective as well, kind of who had different perspectives on how they use the channel to help themselves.

And it’s cool air before we go on. Why didn’t you tell me a little bit about yourself? What how are you involved, and what are you up to? Yeah, so I actually personally, I graduated. From my studies about seven months ago now, probably in September, I hope I’m counting that, so six months, six months.

So I graduate in my studies. I was I had a financial background, so I had a kind of an accounting degree and my certification. And during the time that I was studying, I was have I was highly invested in stocks like I really liked it for some reason, something really intrigued me.

And I like reading stuff. I like to know, it was actually a hobby of mine, too. But what happened is when I first got into the stock market was around in 1,000. And it was it was four or five years ago.

This was before the Canadian the Canadian government to legalize the marijuana industry. And I saw that as a huge catalyst, as, you know, a logical mind. Hey, catalyst stocks are going to go up. Let’s just buy some stocks.

Marijuana raising success with such a small period of time, like my count was around K. I think I was paying off school at the same time. So I hadn’t had my parents paid off with myself, paying it off what I had around K.

I think I get some good stocks in the industry. My account flew up to like $55,000 in like a span of a month. And I felt like I was at the top of the world. I was some awesome genius. Somebody like I’m like, you know, there’s no one stopping me.

And I kid you not within a 10 day span. I think my account went down to eight k from the mountain. That was the most humbling experiences. I can ever probably get in the market. And then the reason why, as I’m looking back at it, is I didn’t know.

Obviously there was a good catalyst for it, but I was in horrible, horrible financial companies like horribly financially. They were just burning cash and I wasn’t looking at that stuff. And scared me away from the market a little bit.

Got away from it for like for like a year. And then the more my education kind of tailored to more financial literacy. And I started getting better in financial literacy, I started thinking of, OK, maybe I was just doing something wrong.

So I started looking at these balance sheets that I was in. I was like, God damn, no wonder I lost my money. Yeah, it got me intrigued again. It got me intrigued again. And then I went down to like a little bit of a YouTube rabbit hole.

I found the channel I, I and for me, when he was talking about these financial metrics, these different things, for me, like you said, for you, it’s like a lot of things that resonated with you. Was his kind of way of thinking the same as you for me is when I was studying this stuff.

So when I heard him talk about different balance sheets and income statements, the different ways. I’m like, this guy knows what he’s talking about. I’m studying and I’m seeing it the same way as well.

So that for me, brought down that barrier and then made me trust a little bit. Right so I trusted. I started putting some money aside to the market again. I started getting in and getting into stocks very lightly as the little money that I had because I was paying higher higher dues for school as the years went on.

And once I’m like, I had some extra cash, I said, let me join the group. I joined at around. Probably two years almost now and ever since, it’s kind of my financial background, just being around individuals inside that group being around Jeremy, like the group is getting bigger and bigger.

But Jeremy was always responsive to me during that time, and it just helped me. So much because you get a community, you get built you to trust, it builds you the confidence in the market that you’re not the only crazy person looking at one stock.

There’s other crazy people around me, too. So it was. And it’s comforting because during times of distress, such as march, where everything was just shooting down my portfolio, shooting down too. But what it did is we stayed calm, stoic, because I knew that other people in the group were not panicking like the media was or like the outside world was.

We’ve seen this before and had been through like 20,009. They’ve been through 2018 because 2013 was an actual correction. That’s why I got hit so hard. But it was not just in the marijuana industry was a correction.

And they’ve been through things like this. And they have millions in the market. And so that for me, it was kind of a young individual, obviously, which kind of made me a little bit more comforted. Comforted I felt more confident.

I said, you know, this is more of an opportunity rather than a reason to get scared and walk away. And like yourself, I kind of bought some dips, bought some. And I don’t think without the group, I probably wouldn’t have had the emotional stability to be able to do that, especially as a young individual, because, you know.

Individuals are just like we’re young, but we’re not going to know, I’m I knew the people around me could help me out and teach me certain things. I’ve learned a lot about the lessons. And it’s just it’s been like that.

And started working with Jeremy a little bit on the side of finding it a little bit cool. I found it more of as a hobby rather than a right. So it’s cool to keep you busy, keep me out of trouble, you know, and then and then, you know, like talking to people like this.

And things like that. I just it’s really cool seeing different perspective. It’s really helped me kind of life and investing. I, I got hit hard back in 08. When that whole housing thing went in the tank, my portfolio got cut in half.

Yeah, that was painful. It took years to come back. I mean, it was years. I think it was right in that three, four years to get back to where I was. That’s Yeah. That’s that’s the thing. Like when you’re around people like that, it just makes it, especially for someone like me, it’s like, you know, the way they printed money this year or during the crash, it just seems so like.

Oh yeah, this is so easy. Like, oh, go back. Nobody really sees how bad it can be. And hopefully we don’t see that. But hopefully, eventually it’s going to come and it’s just we’re going to have to weather the storm and take advantage of it. But Yeah.

And then see I. That time, I was mostly in mutual funds. And I just let it ride pretty well. 100% invested, so. But it was painful, I can imagine, and I can I mean, the housing crash was not something easy.

It was it was it wasn’t like the March 1 the March when was just a steep fall down hill. The obviously was the years was like two years of just pure greed and brutal devastation. And we just never stopped.

It’s like, oh, this thing is never going to turn around ever. And that’s like, you know, like here we saw it for like two weeks. And everybody panicked and lost their lives. Yeah running around like their heads cut off like a chicken.

You know, it was just it was just not as. And I you know, like I said, I was in pretty good position. And I was telling other people that. And, you know, this is going down. We got to be buying and we got to be kidding.

I mean, this is an opportunity. It’s not that the companies are bad, it’s just that we’re all just nervous about what’s happening. So I was I tried to tell people that we need to buy into it, but that wasn’t very convincing.

I didn’t want to, like, oversell it, and then it will get worse, you know, but Yeah. And that’s basically what it is for me would have helped for me, getting people’s perspectives in there and knowing that I was around other people that were telling to buy just for me and resonated with me.

For me, it resonated with me. It’s a good time. And I did buy. And I was I was luckily around other people that kind of convinced me or persuaded me to think that this is probably the right move to do.

And I’m having a rough time now. What to do, though, right now? I mean. I took a lot out in cash and then I’ve been slowly buying back in and stuff like that, but I don’t know, the stock market is just up and down and all over the place.

Yeah, and it’s definitely not again, that’s for sure. Something something brewing. Something is brewing there. Yeah, that’s what it feels like to me too. So they should raise probably raise my cash level a little bit more.

I’ve been working on that personally. That’s that’s my main focus and, you know, like I said, it’s really cool to see those different perspectives because then you can kind of understand it like hearing you talk about it.

It’s like reassuring. My thesis is right. You know, I’m not the only crazy person. I think something has ruined somebody else. And then I think Jeremy just did a.

A video on the high valuations of the large tech and the different groups, you know, and you can see historically, there certainly had high levels, so. That always makes you nervous.

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