Skyler Kim

My name is Skyler and I was born in Korea, came to the States 2009. I’m in the Navy serving for five years now.

Fortunately, I came across as a good friend of mine now, whose name is Yoon Kim was also into this quartette private chat room. He introduced me to the stock market and how to invest. And this is another method that you can save and make money. 

At first, I was skeptical because I didn’t trust anything that I didn’t really know. He also introduced me to some books and also Jeremy’s YouTube channel. So I gave it a try. 

I started watching Jeremy’s videos on financial education one, two, three. All those channels. Whether I understood it or not, it was just entertaining. I was just something that motivated me to make more money because I had a goal to become a millionaire.  

And I wanted to achieve financial freedom. So that was my motive. I joined the private group. And it was much of a smaller community. They were a much smaller group of people talking with more valued info. And if you ask a question there, they are really detailed about their answers. 

 I really benefited from those communities. And I got to where I am right now. 

All right, everyone. Another financial fortress member, Skyler, how are you and how are you? Not too bad, not too bad. How about you tell everybody a little bit about yourself first and foremost, and then segueing into how you started to invest and how you came across Jeremey himself?

 Yeah, so my name is Skyler and I was born in Korea, came to the States 2009. I’m in the Navy serving for five years now. Going up and I kind of had my parents been telling me, hey, you’ve got to save money to savings account, and that’s all I knew till last year. 

And that’s what I thought was making me money and saving me money. But fortunately, I came across as a good friend of mine now, whose name is Jan Jim was also into this quartette private chat room. He introduced me to the stock market and how to invest. And this is another method that you can save and make money. 

At first, I was skeptical because I didn’t trust anything that I didn’t really know. Also, my parents weren’t really fond of it. So it’s very skeptical. But he really broke down to the basics of it. And he also introduced me to some books and also Jeremy’s YouTube channel. So I gave it a try. I started watching Jeremy’s videos on financial education. One, two, three. 

All those channels, whether I understood it or not, it was just entertaining, just something that motivated me to make more money because I had a goal to become a millionaire. None of my family members achieve that goal. 

And I wanted to achieve financial freedom. So that was my motive. And I just kept watching Jeremy’s videos. And I was eager to eager to learn more. So I joined the public group and tried to get the best information out there. 

But it wasn’t a small community. There was a bunch of people talking there, talking all sorts of informations. And then I asked them, hey, is there something else that I can learn from? And that’s when he introduced me to the private group. And I joined the private group. And it was much of a smaller community. 

Well, you’re talking about the public, the public one first, and then you join the private one. OK, yeah, Yeah. That was a much smaller group with people, talking with more valued info. And if you ask a question there, they’re really detailed about their answers. 

There’s coaches that talk over there. So there is value information everywhere. And I really benefited from those communities. And I got to where I am right now. I love it. When I was there, you know, first, was there something you were struggling with before you joined? 

Like, was it was it just the whole stock market as a whole? You didn’t understand the lingo or was it something specific? So I struggled with was because I didn’t have experience in the stock market. I didn’t know what options were. I didn’t know how to sell-by limit limit myself, what kind of companies are out there? 

So it was all experiment for me. That’s what I was struggling with. I needed guidance. I needed someone like a mentor or networking, you know, people who have more experience. That’s what I struggle with most because that wasn’t something I could achieve on my own. 

Yeah, no, I totally understand. I came from a similar family that doesn’t know, when you take stock market to them, it’s like gambling or something that’s completely foreign. So I understand totally what you mean. 

Like, I’m the first one in my family that ever gone to market. So having that you need the community around you is very important. And what was the account size before you joined the prayer group? And then we’re going to show the chart soon. It’s going to be pretty cool to actually look at it. 

But if you can get like those around your portfolio size before you joined. Before is when the private group, yes, OK, before is with a peer group, it was about 90. 

OK, yeah, that’s I mean, it’s cool because like I was going to ask you, like, what was it about his teaching or what was it about his style on YouTube that kind of made you feel comfortable in saying that I can learn from this type of person, or I can learn from this type of mentor inside if I was closer to him like a private, let’s say. 

You know. This YouTube channel really broke down the basics, the fundamentals of investing, and even for beginners like me, it was easy to understand what he’s trying to explain. 

That was the biggest difference that I got from other users out there. Yeah, so it was basically just like the breakdown of more complicated issues to of more like English language, let’s say. I understand for someone that doesn’t know anything about the stock market, 

I had absolutely no clue. Like, I needed guidance. And I was able to read even with a financial background, I have had a financial background to in accounting and things like that. So I still felt like I was completely lost in the stock market. 

It was a whole foreign world to me that I needed to learn. And and I’ve made mistakes before. But he kind of broke down a lot of the language barriers in the stock market. It didn’t seem like a foreign language to me anymore. It seemed like something I’m accustomed to. Like you said, that that doesn’t help a lot. So did you. 

If you can. Kind of. Give everyone around as the viewers or anybody that’s on the outside, if you can give them maybe a description of the becoming master, the stock market know, just what could they expect from that horse? 

Right I think that course has Jeremy’s personal experience to the detailed level, like he shares his own experience to the detail level. So that other investors that are sort of starting to learn the stock market will learn from that experience and not make the same mistake. 

I think that’s the value right there. Like, he doesn’t forget to break down the fundamentals again, like it’s basic language for everyone to understand. And it’s just the investment 101 course. And is it kind of does it go more in depth than public YouTube videos? 

Obviously Yeah. Yeah and you’re able to kind of have more systematic strategy of picking stocks. Now, I assume after watching that, after going through that more in depth? Yeah, definitely. At first, I honestly try to skip that course, because it was so long, like 30 plus videos and that one course. 

But going back to the course, that made me realize, oh, this is what I need first before learning everything else. And that was very crucial. That’s I think that’s a very good point that you mentioned, it’s kind of like it’s like a starting block for everything else, for you to go and benefits from the private group. 

And chatting with people that are very knowledgeable. You need that course. So you can get you absorb all the knowledge, all the language that you need. And then go and apply. And once you apply it, the kind of help each other out. 

And you just become so much better at investing, it becomes so much better at understanding certain philosophies and ratios and everything that goes very deep and may seem complex. 

First will get really filtered and organized in your brain speaking of the private group, I wanted to maybe if you can give us a little bit as well, the same description of the private group of private chat room. 

So I like what can people expect from there. And how has it helped you? Right I think I can skim through it earlier, but to give that answer, I believe that private group chat is full of individuals who are eager to learn, who are self-motivated, who are willing to share their knowledge, experience to help others grow at the same time. 

I think Jeremy mentioned that as well, that he gets some company ideas from the private group. Yet because we do our due diligence to the companies out there, and that’s where the value is. The networking is very, very big in the private. 

Good chat. So even though you’re not really knowledgeable and you don’t know what you’re doing, you can read and ask questions in that private group. And there are many individuals out there who are willing to help you out. 

And that community is beyond also. I love it. And like if I were to add to that, they’re just so experienced, they’re just so they’ve been through so much that they’ve been in the market for decades, at least a decade, like most of them. 

And like you said, Jeremy gets most of his picks, stock idea picks before he does his reaches from this private group. So it just shows the level of knowledge that is in there. Like Jeremy is able to kind of go to the top and kind of figure out, hey, you know, there’s a certain stock that could be there that I can research that, you know, it just shows that the level of intellect that there is in the group, which is very it’s very reassuring for people on the outside.

 And does it help your confidence, by any chance? Because I found it to help my confidence small a lot. Yeah yeah, not discouraging or they don’t test you for asking stupid questions, so I don’t think the confidence struggle is there. 

That’s amazing because, you know, the same does go like your network is your networks like. And if you’re able to kind of put yourself around people that are where you want to be and where you want to go, it’s going to be much, much tougher for you to get there on your own because you’re going to make mistakes.

 And in this case, the mistakes are actually straight money, like the mistakes that you make in the stock market. It doesn’t really care about your feelings. It’s like you lose money and you lose your portfolio doesn’t grow the way you want it. And your goals don’t get achieved. And that’s maybe as fast as you’d like them to be. 

And that’s I guess probably one of the biggest things, is that it helps you with your confidence. It helps you putting you in a network of people that have a common goal and common objectives for you. And then and what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to show the your portfolio. Look, it’s a pretty nice chart. 

And we’re going to let’s go into that in second gear. All right. There we go. This this is your portfolio. This is this is incredible. So did you were you when did you join approximately the private group? It was December 14th, mid-december number 14th. So that would be around. 

Here, sort of 20, 20, right? Yes, so do so. You had approximately 100. It’d be like if we’re looking here maybe like maybe almost you were almost at a six figure club, right? Right if not, you were that maybe you were there, actually. 

But that’s what it is. I know the picture’s a little too small for the viewers there. I apologize, but not that much, but. If you look at I mean, look at the growth afterwards, can you attribute a lot of the growth to the private group.

 And being able to be around people like that? Is that something that you say is a. It is a big reason why that portfolio has performed the way it’s performed. I mean, it looks nice. And I wish I can get there soon. Yeah, so that will peak at the end of December. It was me, honestly, just following other people’s moves into the pirika before getting coaching sessions. 

But yeah, I made that big mistake right there. And then I started getting coached mid-january. So I guess before that, Pete, that was that wasn’t my knowledge to get that money. But after experiencing it and went down that another incline right there. 

That was not as rounded after basically your knowledge from coaching and from the group afterwards. Yes and this one was kind of your mistakes are, let’s say you’re kind of, I guess, naive at the time. That’s pretty cool to see, man, because honestly, like, you only learn from your mistakes. 

No one, it’s sad that it wasn’t the account, but I guess that’s where the coach came in and kind of really propelled you’re both. I hope now it’s probably in a more sustainable way where you can look at it in a more five, six, seven years from now. 

It’s like you’re not worried at all. Right, so if I stop the situation. But speaking of the coaching, can we maybe get an elaboration of you about what the coaching is and how it works? Maybe and then we’ll wrap it up after that, just so people can understand it a little bit better. 

Yeah so there from what I understand, there’s not a lot of coaches right now due to the high demand, but I was able to get one of the last spots from Coach Bryant. Yeah and through the coaching sessions, it’s one on one mentoring, coaching. 

You know, he looks at your portfolio, he looks at your strategies, he talks with you. What you can improve on what you’re doing wrong. Pros and cons. You know, it’s better to have a mentor that’s mentoring you one on one than just a group of people. 

Sometimes And I think. Having a mentor is really important in the stock market because sometimes you get your emotions involved and. If you make the wrong mistakes, like you need guidance, I think that’s what the biggest part about coaching is. Is the guidance. 

It’s a guy who drives amazingly. He’s just lucky he also comes in the chats, too, and speaks with people. And it’s just like his knowledge is incredible. Like it’s you know, he’s you know, you can’t say enough about him. 

But in terms of said, like the knowledge, the confidence, the mentorship, I mean, it can’t get any better than that. I believe it says. 

So you get meetings with them on a one on one basis. And they give you work to do in the meantime. Is that is that correct? Yes, that’s correct. Yeah and so, I mean, look, I mean, that’s probably the closest you’ll get to someone that’s been there and done that. 

And to the highest level in the stock market. And these coaches are very like, you know, Jeremy doesn’t hand-pick them. Right so he knows what he knows what he’s doing when he’s picking these coaches. You know, they’ve been in there and they’ve done his philosophy in a very positive way. 

And one last thing, if I were to before I let you go, I wanted to know for somebody that’s thinking about joining and not sure about it yet. Right? I’m not sure about the mentorship. We’re not sure about the joining the group. 

What would you say to them? What would you say to them, the benefits before, let’s say, putting their money into the stock market and thinking that they know everything? Right it’s a lot of people out there that because not even is that you think you know, but you don’t know what you don’t know. And you can get hurt that way easier. 

Right what would you say to those people and what would you recommend? Right so I had had doubts before joining the private group as well. Like I have a public service here for free from me. Like, why would I want to pay my money and join another group, which is same under jeremy? But there’s a couple of things. 

But one thing is that you pay your own money to join the private group. So you have your own responsibility, you have your own reason to join. And that itself is already making you try to get the best out of it from the group. Yeah secondly, you are surrounding yourself with more highly knowledgeable, highly experienced individuals. 

So like you said before, if you want to get somewhere you want to be at, you want to be with those individuals that are already there. So you can learn from them, rather than people that are just similar to lower level than you, then you’re not really anything. 

So I think those are the two big reasons why people should consider talking the private group, because the you’re never going to regret it. I love it. You’re never going to regret it, and it’s probably, you know, if you do put the work in for my experience, I’m speaking to people and from my experience personally is that if you put the work in, you won’t regret it. 

You know, obviously, it’s definitely it’s definitely a plus just being around these kind of people. Skyler, I thank you so much for being here. 

You know, you’ve been a great help. I know a lot of people on the outside would kind of look at this and just get a little better understanding of the private group, the mentorship program, what it is to be with Jeremy’s private group. And under his mentorship.

 Thank you so much, my friend. Thank you for having me. Of course. Of course. And I hope, you know, soon I’m going to get you in a seven figure club far away. But we’re going to get you there. We’re going to get crack-up. 

And once you’re there, hopefully we can have another conversation of how that experiences. And with that being said, I’ll let you go because you know, you’re busy guy, and. And let’s do it. Let’s get some figures. Let’s get it.

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