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I learned about Jeremy while trying to get more information on how to invest. I came across Jeremy’s videos because he puts them up all the time. I’m a public school teacher in LA.

I bought his course, went through it and learned a lot of things. And during this whole time, I was just always watching Jeremy’s videos and just taking different information in from different angles.

I was watching Jeremy, listening to his advice and following the stocks that he looks at. And I just, you know, came to the realization that there’s no quick money in this. Just slow, steady, smart investments.

Jeremy is probably the one guy that I listen to the most. I’ve been able to learn a lot just watching this free content, so, you know, I doubled my portfolio.

How you doing, man? I’m good. Good awesome. So tell me a bit more about your journey and how Jeremy came into it. Oh, well, I mean. I’m sure it’s the same for me as it is for a lot of people just wanting to get more information on how to invest.

And came across Jeremy’s videos because he puts them up all the time. I mean, he’s sure he’s a. I first started, I mean, my first. The first way I got into trying to invest was I saw that Ricky, what’s his name was here a little.

Yeah, the young guy out in Arizona that. And I watched him like everybody wanted the quick money first. And I wanted to learn how to day trade. And so I thought that would be a good side hustle. I’m a school teacher, public school teacher in La.

And so I thought, man, if this guy’s doing this. And he’s 20 years old or whatever, I can do this, too. So I got into it. And I actually bought his course. And I went through it and learned some things. And then I started watching a lot of voyeur trading with Ross.

And during this whole time, I was just always kind of watching Jeremy’s videos and just taking different information in from different angles, different styles. You know, the. You know, I guess Ricky’s real conservative day trading with large with a lot of capital and rostas freaking I mean, that’s insane.

That’s why I tried to really do that. I didn’t want to buy that course, because it was so expensive. But I tried to do that. And I came out of it like I mean, I actually didn’t lose a ton of money because I wasn’t playing with a lot of money. And I ended up just about even after doing that for a few months.

And then, like I said, this whole time, I was kind of watching Jeremy and listen to his advice and following the stocks that he looks at. And I just, you know, came to the realization that there’s no quick money in this slow and steady, smart investments and.

And yeah, so I mean, I don’t watch any of those guys anymore or listen to them, and Jeremy is probably my. You know, the one guy that I listen to the most, I’ve considered buying the course, but I just kind of feel like I’m not. Financially set up to join.

And and I’ve been able to learn a lot just watching these free content, so, you know, I’m doubled pretty much my portfolio. It’s awesome. And I’m glad to hear. So how long were you trading for then? I don’t have exact numbers on it. I would say I really tried it for.

Well, I started a real small, so I didn’t I didn’t like risk a lot of money and blow up my account early on, which is I’m glad I didn’t do that. And I would say probably about a year, kind of. Maybe a little less than a year, kind of on and off with the idea that I’m going to try to find my niece in day trading.

But I’m kicking myself now because I feel like there was a point where, you know, we’re after the market crashed. In March from korona, there was all this opportunity. And I was trading things, but if I would have just held those things that I was trading, I mean, so now it’s dumb and dangerous.

Not if it’s just the skill that. You know, you got to be right. A lot of the time, you got to be super consistent. And I just it’s a bit stressful sometimes, right? Yeah, and it is kind of confirmation constant full time.

And if you do anything else, it’s like you’re not going to. Exactly so what’s it look like now then? What are you hearing? Any German stocks or company stock for you? Yeah, I keep adding more and more, but I said one, two, three, four, five, six. 2 2 four for, Uh, really about twenty, I have like just a one or two shares of a couple of things, and I’m just kind of trying to watch.

But I, I really like Jeremy’s breakdown of up work and revolve. And so I got in on those a while ago. Awesome So we’re getting some move with him. Yeah so those are I mean, it seems pretty par for the course with him, you know, like he when he analyzes and breaks down the stock and he really looks out into the three and five year time frame that he always talks about.

He just seems to get this, right all the time. I wish I would have I wish I would have held Tesla. I was I had Tesla. And when he was buying it heavy all the time, I was. I mean, just a tiny bit of it, but I wish I would have handled that.

And what are some important lessons you’ve learned so far from jeremy? I think I mean, most importantly is just not to, you know, not to look for the quick money. I mean, I feel like he’s really taught me a lot. And I trying to pinpoint some of the things that he always talks about.

I really like how he. He kind of synthesizes a bunch of information, the real technical stuff, and then the stuff from the real world, you know, he talks about visiting stores and, you know, like his whole his whole breakdown of planet 13.

Now, I actually hold some plant protein in my other. Can you by the. But not enough. I wish I would have a lot more with him, but I plan on buying more of that. And You know, just synthesizing information and making it super easy to understand.

I like his know, and now he’s going off on the Texas Sheriff and he’s going into stores and he sees how many SKUs they have and he’s and he knows. You know, really looking at companies and their debt, you know, and that.

That has I mean, that’s to me, that’s the first thing I want to look at now. And when I’m looking at a company is how much? How much long term short term debt they have. And if they’re profitable, like network was and revolve, I guess it’s inevitable.

Even if Wall Street ignores these companies, it’s the. They are going to be forced to recognize and at some point exactly, exactly. And when you were trading, I think you said that you were around break even, but I ended up around break even.

Yeah, luckily, Yeah. And so what are your returns like now after finding jeremy? Well, like I said, I mean, I’m 100% return, so we see oh, well, I’m down a little. My share with us, it’s 70% now, but I feel like this is you know, this is.

This is getting ready to. Turn around. And if it doesn’t, it’s just bigger, bigger buying opportunity. I mean, that’s why I feel so confident now. And buying on these red read days know where before it was I just followed everybody else, you know, see something taken off and you get the phone call and you just.

Yeah, you just buy and Yeah. I mean, it’s so much easier for me to hold cash. Now on green days. And it’s also me saying, yeah, that’s I mean, and I feel like Jeremy is really like I said, he’s the main guy that I watch. And now that he’s doing this stuff with the millennial money crew, it’s a lot of fun. So that’s sure for sure, guys. Well Yeah.

So there’s ormat. Now and this is. So, yeah, it’s 9% versus 30% And so how long after we are investing for what did you exactly start? Well, I guess. And there’s a certain way to go back and. I mean, I started robinhood, March 20 ’19 and March 20 ’19 so. And the US military the whole time.

I know because I was using TD Ameritrade a lot more in the beginning, the Robin just it was so easy to use, even though I know it’s not great. But I just have all my stuff in here now, so. I’m not. I was thinking about really transitioning after this whole Robin Hood fiasco with GameStop and AMC, but and I actually started a SoFi account, which to start.

And I was thinking, I’ll just use my TD Ameritrade more now, it’s just a habit that just makes it. So easy. It’s just like one tap and I’m in. I don’t know. I want to get away from it. I feel like I should. For sure, for sure.

And so I was curious if you were to ask Jeremy, what you want to make next? You know, he’s old, I mean, a lot of people aren’t in the same financial position as he is that are investing. I mean, he has constant cash, cash flow coming in.

So he can buy 50,000 shares of tax and shift it in a day or whatever. I would like to see. More for you when you see the size of my account, like when? When to sell type of videos, more like to really. I mean, I think I understand when to say when the thesis that you have has kind of come to its end or if things just if something.

Goes completely wrong with the company like. Is he still holding carnival? I don’t even know. I can’t I can’t answer that question if he’s still, you know. No, I don’t believe so, yeah, so like I mean, that’s a good example of things, just not, you know, I mean, everything went wrong at the right time.

At the right time. Yeah, for buying that. You could have seen that. So I think more. You know, I’ve seen I’ve seen a couple of videos of him talking about growing your account from 5,000. Like when you’re in single digit digits, getting the first time getting to 10 grand and then the next after getting 10 grand, you know, getting 100 grand.

But like, I’m not there yet. So I guess more videos about that growing your account from, you know, getting into the double digits, into triple digits, I guess. I don’t know, that kind of like I’m wondering and like to me, I just feel like I’m not selling anything. I mean, what did I close?

I closed something recently. Oh, I was I closed workhorse because I was hoping workhorse would get the United States Postal Service contract. Yeah and I got in early enough where I wasn’t I didn’t really lose money, but I felt like, OK, that kind of. That didn’t work out, so let me take that capital.

I didn’t have it really last minute to take that capital and put it into something else. Also, things are changing, OK, any closing remarks, do you want to add? No, I just think you guys are doing great work. I mean, I love the free content. I’ve learned. I feel like I’ve learned so much.

And And yeah, changed my I think the financial trajectory of my life. And I’m glad I’m glad to hear. And real quick, what are some things you think you’re missing in your investing journey or something you think you’re missing?

Take it to the next level. Crystal ball, crystal ball, right? I think, you know, I feel like I have. A lot of the tools that I need. Now just it’s just time, I think it’s just time for me continue content. I like me probably like so many other people.

I kind of like, you know, I really lean on, guys like Jeremy and meet Kevin and a couple other guys that I paid attention to you. I’m sure you guys know all the competitors out there. That guy Rick’s finance. You guys watched him, a young guy.

He’s like 19 years old. He he’s I feel like he’s sharp. So but my point was, I really lean on these guys. And I’m always thinking, like, what if these guys just go away? You know, how am I going to. I think I know enough to. 2 2 really. I think I know what to look for if I’m researching a company, but it’s not often that I’m going deep into a company’s 10 Ks and financials.

I mean, I do it once in a while, but when I watch somebody like Jeremy do it, I feel like, man, you know, like I said, I’m almost becoming a little dependent on, guys. I came to break stuff down, which is not good, you know, in the long run for self-sufficiency.

But but that’s probably what I need to learn how to do more as my own due diligence. And and I mean. These guys, but I mean, I feel like they do such a great job of breaking it down. With Kevin and Jeremy, like I said, this guy, finance, finance, he’s a young guy that I feel like he’s.

He’s broken down a few companies and just killed it with these a couple of these companies. And so when you look at my portfolio, that’s a lot of his recommendations and breakdowns are in here. Now that the tanker company is one that I picked up with Jeremy, I see upwards of. And I’m trying to get on is this I’d be trying to build that out.

Just take a chance. Yeah, Yeah. I thank you for your time today. It’s great to see your portfolio. And finally have it skilling up with the right guidance. And I appreciate that. Appreciate the call. I figure.

I’m not I’m not buying this cause at least I can do is help with a little interview like this day in Austin to thank all your team. And you guys are awesome. Appreciate it. Thank you.

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