I started pretty slow, no one in my family knew anything about stocks. I work as a sales director for a company and I was starting to save some money and I wanted to invest it.

I started to read a few books on investing. I also started following and checking different channels trying to understand how to do a long term investment. I started to watch Jeremy probably three or four years ago. I like that he reviews a few stocks. I actually followed his Tesla advice.

He is the person I follow the most on YouTube. I don’t always agree with everything that he is saying, but I think he is pretty realistic.

Sebastian, how are you doing? Good, good. So what are you basement you pulling from the us, right? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. How about you? I’m in Toronto. Toronto nice. Well, tell me tell me about your story and how you started investing. Well, man, it’s been a full five years.

And I studied pretty slow, you know, not really knowing, like no one in my family knew anything about me. So a couple of friends you envied. But, you know, like, I work as a sales director for most of the company, so we’re starting to save quite a lot of some money.

And I was like, OK, well, it’s just sitting there doing nothing. So I started when I first started, to be honest, I went to my bank and I just stopped to talk to the guy. And he saw me when I was talking to a phone.

But I saw a long time ago, no, this is how I started. And when I was to write a few books on investing, that’s when I started as well, following, you know, through different channels, understanding, you know, to what to do a mostly long term investing.

I don’t really do a tech analysis. I mean, I do look at you when I do select a stock to get a few entry points, I will look at, you know, a few things, momentums volume, stuff like that. But I typically all that is still my stock once to three years at the very least. And yeah, I started to watch Jeremy probably three, four years ago now, didn’t use all of these recommendations.

But, you know, like I kind of like that he put a few stocks that I did follow his Tesla advice of my course, but Tesla was at 39 bucks. We were down. But even if you went back down. No, I think I’m up like 1700s. So that’s exactly when I made the most money on.

I do follow, you know, like I do have a subscription to the Motley Fool for the same reason I follow Jeremy. Like I like to see what they look at, especially I’m not doing. I have a growth company. So I forced myself to diversify my portfolio.

But it’s probably like I sold one of my biggest investment at a bad time. I was the biggest mistake I ever made was the back in AI had a lot of shows on for you, I’m sure you know, for the company. And my cosper shows that seven.

So it was massively up and you went all the way up to $41 and then he dropped. So quick and at 18:00 hours that was all the time with the rest of those guys he may drop back to like 1513. So I saw in Bucks and did make a lot of profit on it.

But obviously, that was a mistake because I could have made way more if I kept everybody. I’ve been redeploying some of the cash that I got now in the last couple of weeks when we started to dip. I do have I know probably own like 20 five, 26 different stocks. Now plus. Plus, we’ve managed to get you.

We have something called in Canada now, always be a Canvas for, you know, your job gives you money. So if this is the stuff that I’m forced to put on. Well, the thing when my company is choosing. So those want to have like US and Canadian fun and most of the money that I spend with my own money. When I manage my own portfolio, it’s all about.

I have a lot of tech companies that a lot of companies I do diversify a little bit here just to make sure that, you know, I’m not in one sector. And I do have a few more blue print company just to make sure that nobody is on small capital or anything like this.

But yeah, I would say, I mean, I’m 33. Now I still have a lot of years in front of me, so I have no problem taking risk after being in the market for a few years. And we’re more used to volatility. Now So, you know, like I remember the first year I used to check to see what the heck was happening.

But I know I must have like I sold a few share, so I probably have 60 or 80, $90,000 in cash right now. And I must have like 350. I’m talking Canadian. I’m 5,455 as an on stocks right now. And what was your strategy before you found your money where you always long term or were you.

I, I was always long term like I like I said, I don’t do technical analysis. I think I don’t know, I started to do a little bit more options lately, but for the first few years, it was just, you know, understanding oil well, seeing although the market was moving. I mean, we got lucky.

We got AI got lucky. The last four years were, on average, extremely good, especially last year. I think last year, I went up to 20% So I made a great year of money on the stock last year. But yeah, the last couple of months, not as good because when I sold the weed, we deploy some of my money a bit too early.

So I mean, it’s not the end of the world. I just have it on some of those stocks. But I do have a lot of plays, a very few on the Eve of Tesla. I do on a little bit of skive there, but before he was. So even if you mind massively down, I think I’m still up 80% of those one leg. It’s kind of it’s a small portion.

I just it’s just kind of taking a little gamble there. See what’s happening after I do have a little bit of Neil and I have a little bit of expense on this one. I like the food industry. So it’s funny. I knew very before Jamie mentioned it. So when you live in Canada, that is not very much exciting stuff to banking in Dallas.

So so why add a lot of money on the wheat stuff? Because otherwise after to still making a million to us every year is what you get, which is where you get the most growth company. Like I love some Canadian stuff, but if you remove Shopify it’s mostly they have insurance. And banking on it.

It’s pretty slow. So they had the weed, most of the weed company starting in Canada. So it’s an opportunity to have someone in billion, even if it’s also trading in the US stock market. Yeah and something for very that’s what I had a little bit of it. I have a few small cap companies that I like, smaller pieces system, but I want to compete with Shopify to some extent.

So that is much, much smaller companies. But, you know, even if they don’t grow to the size of shopify, like potentially you could ever forget 10x because that doesn’t happen often. But even if you do a 2x, 3x in five you, that’s good for me for sure. That’s that’s pretty much it.

Yeah so Yeah. Jeremy, I do follow. This is probably the follow the most online. I mean on the YouTube platform. Don’t always agree with everything that he’s saying, but I think, yes, it’s pretty realistic, he doesn’t hype too much.

I don’t like, you know, when fooling people that say you’re going to double your money, at least you could say, hey, this is all it is. And and I like his suggestion. I’m the do want a little bit of the. Or should the. The food company damage to the plant based one is a touchy issue for the FDA.

So I have a little bit of decaf just because the same reason I had beyond me before you even mentioned it, actually a sphincter I don’t think very often would be me. I did a few times. Shopify, as you see, my portfolio today, like a lot of my games will be gone because.

I sold some of those stocks, especially Canadian stock, tend to swing them a lot. But except for that, my usta always long term, I can share my screen. And I can actually show you asked me to go ahead. So what are some key lessons you’ve learned so far from jeremy?

The key things, yeah, !invisible!, I would say, Doing your research before doing, you know, don’t listen to the whatever the industry saying and take the time to do your own research. Still, I like that position. I mean, I like the way.

I like to get a usually I use his own video to get an idea about a stock, and if I like what I’m seeing, I do my own research on top of it. Right so when I look at it, I have to understand a business to invest in it. If I don’t, I just like to see some stuff.

But it’s just like it’s just not for me. So I just look at it. Not necessarily a bad investment, is it? Just out of business. And I just don’t put my money back. But I like what portion. I like what he builds. He obviously did really well. He built a nice community around him. Like the fact that you’re calling me.

Thanks to his YouTube channel. That’s a lot of credit for this guy. So he has a French last name. And you can pick it up with my accent. So it’s like I’m up for it. But Yeah. No, it’s a. That’s that’s the thing about Alan. Trying to see or should is correcting me.

Usually we are going to fall, but I should be able to show you what great. And what do you think you’re missing to take your shot to the next level? Well I think it was a painful lesson, yes, yes. It’s just the first time, it was a lot of money for me.

I mean, at one point, I was in 60 days. And two days after he was. So this when I panicked. And it was just a little time. But I’m used to. But I think, you know, you keep going right like this a few, sometimes something that I have to do.

And it’s you know, you hold a few stocks that are now making the return. What you do. And I still keep them. So I should be better selecting, you know, exit point and stick to it instead of putting money on a stock. Not necessarily doing awful, but he’s not doing as well as opportunities.

So that’s one I mean, it’s always nice to have another look on your own assets and see what I think you should do or, you know, just exchanging. I think I have a few friends, but I’m on the options. I think of something, but I barely touch because I don’t really master it yet.

So it’s something that I want to work on a little bit. They wouldn’t be a huge portion of my portfolio, but if I have maybe 5% to 10% of my options, then I want to use them in the. In the right time and proper scenario, that that could be something I can improve on as well, and so I’m just connecting on the whole thing.

All right, let me share my screen. Awesome to see. Mm-hmm See some of your stocks here to. A.s.a. Jeremy, that’s one, like I said, I sold my four year visa free. What do you see how much I have only. Oh free, I sold it like two months ago, but I had $90,000 on it, which is a lot of the cash that I deployed. And I usually what I do is, I mean, I still walk around. I don’t have enough money to do that full time, but I usually get paid quarterly bonus like every three months or like another 15, 20, but to deploy at that time.

So so it’s usually when I get some money back, I just transfer it. And then I just look for a good stock and good timing on AI don’t know, I had more cash because of the way. But usually I don’t buy. I always try to keep it anything from 10% to 30% in cash.

Australia has some great numbers of Germany, which preaches right to bed time. Well, it’s services. I mean, the most poorly last year when he dropped in March. Right I was able to put a lot of down. So then when he went back up your. We had a lot of profit there, but yeah, know you should check. Most most of my US stock, but about a year ago.

I’m still up like even after this pullback, I’m still up like two or 200% Like, you should see the interest. I’m still up to 100 revolve. I was able to 90% That’s less. You know, I’m more done because the stock went down, but I’m still at seven.

Tried to ask 282 or 276. So all of those one are the one, by the way like above too soon. I got a couple of weeks ago. So we need to it to keep up with the. When all was new, once Vietnam itself, I don’t think you can just do.

Ask any closing remarks or for people watching. No, no, I don’t know what else to do, so I wanted to quote, the reason I took this call is that I can see what he’s doing, all these different groups. And I even got somebody asking me before, like they could help me.

But I don’t really understand what you guys. I trying to offer because I’m not looking for someone to manage my portfolio to any extent, I like to defend myself. And it’s good to have, you know, somebody having another set of eyes on your portfolio.

And give you some feedback and advice. But if what he’s proposing now is to have somebody active in managing my own money, you know, I don’t want to do that. No, sir. No, don’t do that. You might. We have the private room.

So you’re probably thinking it’s just a community of long term investors like you and me, and we just bounce ideas off each other and share your bull thesis or on certain stocks. And, you know, the make up your mind.

And for sure. It’s sold your soul to. He said that he gets about 75% of his stocks from the private group. And I’ve seen that. So you talking to the discount, the ways that my work laptop. !invisible!, yeah, I have I have the I’m on the discord.

I don’t follow it. Actively looking out of a few subjects and subcategories, but I have an interesting. But I mean, it’s tough to be so much content that it’s being posted every single day. I don’t have time to read all of it, but.

No, I mean, I know years with. 67 digit, eight digit clubs, I don’t know exactly what it is to be part of these private groups to be. Yeah, Yeah. So I just don’t really know what I mean. I guess if you are part of the private groups, you do get a. Access to more content, in a way, in the private group.

And I guess the trade barriers and making. I just don’t know, like. If it’s something we’ll actually need at that point, that’s fine. And community, I like watching these videos. I know about time is key. And he probably keep a few things on the downside for his private subscriber is no question.

I mean, that’s so he does his business, and good for him. I just don’t know. So, yeah, I don’t know if it’s something I maybe maybe I look at in one day, like I just don’t like I said, I don’t use any I don’t have my bank, the old associate, the deal.

So I just I don’t want you to. Especially like my first experience investing, like I told you, I was looking at a mutual fund, I was my buddies, I was a financial advisor at some banks, like the interest of the quarter to reach and just try to sell whatever they need to sell them. You know, if money on it.

That’s that’s I don’t think that’s the number one priority. OK, well, Thanks for taking time out. Yeah, and everything, but awesome, I’ll let you go then. Another one.

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