Ronny Jackobsen

OK, I start in 2018, I got a little money from my job as a bonus, so I guess why not invest them? So I started investing. Well, I’m from Denmark, so invested in Danish companies, but they weren’t that radar. So I began looking into the US stock market.

 I came by Jeremy’s videos and, well, I felt compelled to watch them and follow his ways of trading. And I started up with around 10,000. Maybe the first year it was 25% gains. A few of his stocks, mainly Tesla. And then it just grew and I kept putting my money in and like a year ago, it really started taking off, mainly because of Tesla.

All right, folks, here is another member of the financial fortress, a group from Jeremy. Ronny, How are you doing? I’m fine. How are you? I’m doing fantastic. You know, you tell I’m going to give you the floor to tell the viewers a little bit about yourself a little bit and your investing journey. OK, I start in 2018, I got a little money from my job as a bonus, so I guess why not invest them?

So I started investing. Well, I’m from Denmark, so invested in Danish companies, but they weren’t that radar. So I began looking into the US stock market. And naturally, I came by Jamey’s videos and, well, I felt compelled to watch them and follow his ways of trading. 

And I started up with around 10,000. Maybe the first year it was 25% gains. A few of his stocks, mainly Tesler from. And then it just grew and I kept putting my money in and like a year ago, it really started taking off, mainly because of Tesla, but also things like. 

He was moved to I think I was into that, too. Yeah, and that kind of doubled a lot of money for me, too. And now I’m mainly into US stocks noting stocks. So it’s kind of a. And immigrated to the US this time because of a virtual immigration around immigration.

Yeah, you know, I was so like you basically got thrown around in 2018 did you before getting to Germany, where you investing on your own or was when I was investing on my own but mainly small cap stocks. OK, OK. And the returns probably weren’t worth as what you expected them to be and what you wanted them to be.

Now they were, they were going up and down, but mainly they were just flat. Because it’s a limited market. Yeah, I know that I mean, I hear that a lot from people that are coming outside of the US or in markets outside of the US. It’s a little flat. So you said you had around $10,000. You know, that makes sense.

And then what was one thing that you were struggling with was when you got into the American market, because obviously it’s a little bit overwhelming at first to understand it. The biggest thing was just to know that little small companies, we all know Microsoft and Apple and stuff like that, but well, I didn’t actually know that much about Tesla.

And I was in one of their competitors, a European competitor, Renault, which was a catastrophe with that. So so so it was mainly just getting the top 10 companies. Of course, I knew them and what they did the small intestine was small company back then. Yeah Yeah.

Getting to know them better. Also have another perspective because a lot of American companies doesn’t have the best reputation in Europe. And for example, it’s like you don’t get anywhere here. Yeah so for me it was just it was getting adjusted to the culture.

Yeah, exactly. In Europe to the United States. Yeah and it’s always good to have someone that’s there. And I doing good in it to kind of mentor you or give their perspective in their state, like you kind of found Jeremy’s state like, you know, perspective on the US market, which probably helped a lot.

I might imagine, you know, so so now, like, I just wanted to kind of maybe, you know, put into perspective for the viewers, if you’re into the private group, you’ve probably went through the becoming mass of the stock market a little bit.

You also use the chat pretty actively. Let’s assume I want to know a little bit about let’s say we start with the becoming a massive stock market. If you can explain it to an outsider, what would it what would your explanation be? It’s mainly a training center, but then it’s not really training center, but it’s a way for you to learn how to look at stocks going for a 10 year and 10K and so on.

Running them by Jamie smart and Jamie is really good at explaining things and what to look for and what not to look for and what you should care for. But Yeah. And what to look for in a company. How to look up companies don’t just look at the p label, look forward to work, look at the 10 to look. What’s the real saying. Let’s listen to conference calls.

What are you listening for. So it’s all those little tricks you can go to. You’re going to learn in the Master of the stock market. Yeah, absolutely. It’s more of like it’s like a step by step Jeremey way process. I’m kind of going through and picking a stock, finding a stock and then, you know, how what’s the process to go if, you know, if you want to put the money into it?

Exactly exactly. And once you get that, that’s like that’s the skill that you really need, because then you can kind of replicate it on your own, try to use it on your own, and then use other people inside the group to help you make your own decisions or help you with your research and, you know, transition into that. 

The private chat group, how has that what is it about. And how does that help you? Well, mainly just for inspiration and get other people’s perspective on stocks. You can always replicate things as public trades is pretty open about them, but. 

Are they exactly for you, but in the private group that a lot of different traits and that day traders, they are options, traders, snares people who is really long term, so. With so the people you meet in there from every breed of investors you can find, but they also very, very, very good at what they’re doing and most of them can prove consumer really good results.

So so it’s like when you have a hobby and you meet another one who had the same hobby, you can kind of. Yeah, you know, connect. Yeah, that’s it’s good to hear because when you said, like, you know, there are other people that will help you with your strategy because, you know, it’s one thing, like you said, it’s very easy to replicate, has to kind of just piggyback on his investments. 

He’s open about them. So that’s I guess it’s for the track record and for that to show that his strategy works. But when he created this group and when he tells us all the time, it’s probably he doesn’t want us to do that. He wants us to actually learn his methods so we can do it on our own. 

And if we can do it on our own, it’s just it’s just that much better, because when you teach a man how to fish, it’s much different than giving him just the fish for the day. And I was about to say that say, yeah, it’s emancipates. But, you know, that’s the main goal. 

Right it’s to understand it yourself, be able to use it and replicate it on your own and then use that strategy to find your own stocks. And then obviously, like you said, the private group that the private chat group is like a bunch of six, seven figure investors that have been in places where you are right now. They’ve been through the bad stuff. 

They’ve been through the good stuff. And, you know, you can bounce ideas off them, bounce your thesis off of them. If you really like a stock, you know, you tell them your tolerance level and you tell them the stock and you tell them what you think about it. 

And then you have a bunch of people coming in and, you know, picking apart certain things of your thesis and telling you, this is right, this is wrong from their perspective. And it’s always good to have another perspective. 

Right, because you’re going to be putting your hard earned money in something you don’t want to just put it lightly and you want to have pushback before you put that money. So then you can be more assured, more confidence and so forth. So you had a pretty good like I house. That’s pretty much what I wanted to kind of piggyback on your idea there. 

You know, there’s a lot of people that kind of look at the. Look at the private group are entering the private group and they ask themselves, hey, well, look, I want to put more money in my brokerage account. I want to put more money to invest into stocks. 

And they’re on the fence or they’re on a medium. They’re like, I do want to, but at the same time, I want to put more money in their brokerage account. It’s a very tough battle. I was there. 

You know, what would your not recommendation, but what would you be what would your perspective, if you want to give them a different perspective, a different way to think about it, what would be yours that could be helpful to them? Well, then putting more money into the brokerage account. 

Well, you have to stay invested in this world because, well, if you’re losing money and it’s a good chance to really get ahead of the game of, well, everyone else, because everyone knows that investing is slowly falling behind in the money game. 

And basically and this has been transformative for me because, well, I’m pretty sure it’s now and I used to be living pretty much from paycheck to paycheck, not paying much attention to. But er and so. It was very tense for me to open the progress account and begin investing in.

Yeah, and you had no trouble at the time. Sorry, go ahead, I. No, no, no, no, no, no. It was fairly easy. It was and so no problem there. It was an easy decision for you just because it was an easy decision, as I started saying, started with saying that I had some money from a bonus for my job and why not invest them? 

I did so. And did you do you think you think without maybe the private group you can could be gaining the success that you are getting right now just out of the ballpark?

Your curiosity on my end? No, not really. Not really. Because it’s all about access. And the private group give you an that’s and also. Yeah, so did you. That allows you to say more information about what’s going on. And do anyone know this company?

What’s into it, what do you think about it? So and when you’re investing, you need all the information you can get. The more information you get, the more successful you get. Yeah Yeah. The more the more information you get, the better you can filter out and come to a clear decision.

You know, they call it, you know, some people call, you know, they call, they call something a calculated bet. You know, it’s not that by any means, but there’s some sort of bets where you can gather more information and, hey, it’ll make you feel a little bit more comfortable if you, you know, be on the good side of all this is not betting by any chance.

Like, you know, it’s not obviously it’s not what we do. Best thing is actually something that’s proven to be successful over time, but it’s at the same as like anything else when you’re putting in your hard earned money, getting the information from informed individuals and not just getting random information and making decisions off of that is very, very important and.

And that’s the one thing I would say is that you need different perspectives. Your network is your net worth. And unless you have a group of people or a group of friends that are just so successful in the market that you have access to every day and every second of the day through messaging, I feel like, for my sake, is that the private chat group is probably one of the most beneficial thing that you can have around you.

Even let’s say you don’t want to learn about how to pick a stock. Sure I mean, everybody has, you know, different ways of going about things. But if you want to invest and be successful or add anything that you want to do, you want to be around people that have done that, been there and are much more successful than you. I imagine you would agree with that? I agree 100% because well, I phoned my friends. I’m the only one who is investing seriously.

Everyone else is putting them into funds and funds yet. Yeah, and that’s the thing to do. It’s like not a lot of people have that access to people, the same thing that they do. Like you said, it’s like finding someone that is doing the same job as you.

And you become friends now much easier. Well, that’s the whole point of is that you want to get people with the same mindset that single, because then you feel like. You know, when you get into a stock, you know, a lot of people have similar ideas, it gives you that conviction that, hey, I’m not the only one that’s thinking this way.

There is a common ground thinking across a bunch of people that gives you confidence, gives you courage, and it gives you most importantly, gives you stoic stoicism during times of hardship. When its stock is stagnant or going down, it gives you that conviction that, hey, I still picked something that in the long run will pay off for me and everybody else will calm you down and keep you, you know, whereas in other situations, maybe myself, I would probably panic.

So, you know, we went down just a bit sell. And we all know now it’s part of the journey. We all have that situation from time to time where its stock is going really hot down, falling knife, almost. And so I sell. Should I sell? Yeah, exactly. Yeah Yeah. 

It’s those people around you that kind of keep you grounded, keep you. I want to maybe like ask you like I’m asking just if you have any, any last words that you will not cover, maybe that you feel like maybe people would like to know, you know, before I let you go. 

Oh well get into the groove and start investing more money and. It will pay off. It will pay off and it could pay off really fast. Yeah, especially if you go and pick your own stocks. Yeah, yeah, Yeah. Investing is a game changer, is that I mean, there’s no doubt about it. 

Buffett talked about it over the time. You know, keeping money in cash or in a savings account is not good at all. And especially during times like now, you know, where inflation is coming in, interest rates are like getting really close to zero. 

There’s nothing that you can you’re just losing money. Inflation is going to take you out, so you might as well get in. But the problem is you have to get in the right ways. And that’s what the course teaches and you’re around the right people. 

And that’s what the private group provides know. Also, the coaching is available, which you can have a mentor of someone that’s, you know, six, seven figure that’s been there, done that and knows all the strategies and close to your fit. 

But everybody has their own way of learning. Ronnie, I thank you so much for being here. It was we took a little bit of, I guess your afternoon were there in the afternoon. It’s 3:00 PM Sunday. It’s pure waking up right now for me. You know, it’s like that early. 

So that’s pretty much all we had. And we thank you so much for being I’m sure a lot of people have benefited from your words and your advice. Great, thanks, and you’re welcome for.

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