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My grandpa bought shares and he told me a lot of stories when I was young about stocks. It stuck in my head and when I turned 32, the idea got back to my head and so I started dipping my toes in tocks 4 years ago.
It was in early 2019 or 2018 when I found Jeremy’s Channel. His content was very entertaining. I see a lot of value in his videos. He establishes a great mindset on how to look at a company and understand it. Jeremy’s videos are very helpful and interesting.

Again, Thanks for hopping on your Ronald. So go ahead and walk me through your journey on how you started investing. Well, my grandpa, he bought shares from some corporation here in Panama and some in Coca-Cola really, really back in the day.

And well, he told he told me stories well, but he died when I was just little young. So let’s say the. It wasn’t until probably I was I’m 35 right now, so until I was like 30 to 33, that idea go back to my head and let’s say I got first hand experience from somebody from my family, what my dad as an investor, really.

But he told me that my grandpa did it. So it just like makes sense. And I started reading, let’s say, like three years ago. I started I know, like four years ago dipping my toes. And up until three years ago, I really like and taking into account twenty, 20 one, let’s say three years, not counting twenty, 21. And I started actually doing it.

And at what point did you find your mhlongo, was that like really back to where he had that horrible thumbnails of 20 like early 20. 19 or 2018. Around that time, so when you first started investing, were you always into long term investing or did you start off with some other swing trades or options or how did you start off?

No, I always had long term investing in mine because that was what I was exposed to or what the stories from my grandpa that I bought this and 10 years later, it is x. And now what I had in mind at some point, I heard about like some trading, that type of things.

But like, I didn’t actually. Consider it or actually like really taking it serious, I mean, I got to do it right now and long term investing, I think probably the shortest thing I ever had in my hand was the very good food.

But it was mostly because I was going to dollarize cost average and it just went up so quickly. And for sure, I just like well, I’m probably going to take it out because it wasn’t the actual size of the position I did I wanted.

But probably I still have everything that I like to. Cool, cool. And, !invisible!, so what’s the key lesson, you learned so far from jeremy? I think it’s the mindset of how you look at the company, the bullish thesis, and trying to apply that to other companies and trying to understand trying to like having that different vision.

Like, for example, when he says, like no customer concentration, you say like, well, I can take that into my toolkit to see if a company has that in the future or like. The obviously the total addressable market, and probably when he doesn’t say it all that often, but when a company has secular wins, like you see the movies, all the movies have the Bush going through that technology.

So you know that a company with that type of things, that’s like a little extra push, those type of things. Yeah, I love it, too, when he tells about the time, opportunity and such. Awesome awesome.

So what are some stock, some top positions in your portfolio right now? First, I have to tell you, there is like a before and after. Yeah, what happened is that on like on January. I had some big personal loans with very high interest.

And I had made some I mean, I humbly I think I made a lot of money and in terms of percentage last year and like Jeremy says, it was like shooting fish in a barrel. So I trimmed down a lot of my processions just to pay those loans.

And very since January, I’ve been doing this money I liberated from those loans. I’ve been put in it back to my current folder instead that my biggest position right now, it’s well, I believe that’s four so far.

So far. And the number two, it’s planet 13. I really got that on 161. The cost basis math. Yeah so you want. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, Yeah. Well Tesla I had it. I know one, I got bullish because of Jeremy, but I have this lot like long time ago and the other one is cloudsplitter and next to it after that.

It’s beyond me. And we’ll go all there that are a little bit smaller positions, hey, I’m glad you were able to get some good ticks off of Jeremy. They’re the same here on tell me that this is also. And so what are your favorite movies to watch right now?

When he goes deep into a stock or talks about the market edition, what do you like to see from jeremy? Well, both. I think both. They’re both help households in their own ways. One is because you get to see a stock.

To be quite honest, right now, I even see it as like if it was the news, probably I know zero interest in coinbase, the one he would like to eat two days ago. I’m sorry, but even though I saw it, I saw the whole thing because it expands your horizons.

Probably the one from the market. I think they help you just to get out, like navigate understand if what you’re thinking is what he’s thinking, like seeing what’s actually happening in the market. So it does help.

And just a feedback for Jeremy, if you can. The whole meet Kevin thing mean he said he’s not going to do more videos about that. But I really think that Jeremy does give a lot of like. Add value for his video.

So I think that for him to actually put to videos because he wants to videos, I think was one of the two videos I think is beneath him. I think that’s all. Yeah, I see where you’re coming from on that, and so what do you think you’re missing right now to take your message to the next level? Well, I think that.

Well, first, you know that there’s different times in the market where you should be valued, sometimes you should be in rotation of money, you should try to get a sense of what’s happening or where you worries the next thing, because probably there are some positions and really down, for example, 10, 15% of Cloudflare.

I bought that not of the peak, but I do like the company. I read the transcript. I have heard everything and I’m probably not going to sell it. I don’t care. I do like that company and I don’t let’s say I, I currently knock on wood, knock on wood.

Neaten don’t need my money so I can let it there be. But I really would like to have like a part of my portfolio that I know it’s going to make money. I’m going to navigate and know that probably in one year or one year and a half.

I know. And making money. And they have the vast majority of my portfolio knowing that two years, three years, four years, five years in advance, I’m making money in those years. I don’t know if I may say. Yeah, sure.

So let’s say I should I think that for the next level, I should at least. Try to project or have an idea on the end of each year how my portfolio is or which stock on my portfolio should be. Giving results or doing x, y, c, because, you know, it’s long term, but at some point, you can start asking yourself like, well, this should be giving me some money, let’s say, for the next four years.

The stocks, the move, probably I’m I do have the mentality that Jeremy says that if it’s a good company, I’m still going to put money in. But that’s beyond it. At some point, after four years of putting money in, there’s some expectation that it should give me money back.

But, yeah, for sure. You said some good things there. A good when you said I was trying to predict where the money will go, that that rotation of money like Jeremy saw that with, say, nordström, Foot Locker and cheesecake factory, you saw that tech was heavy.

Rotation of money will go more towards those down beaten down stocks. And then he saw that took that opportunity and really gave us good info and. Awesome, awesome. So finally, man, the song was never seen. Jeremy, how would you describe him?

It’s funny because I have the idea of what he’s actually in his videos, but I think that in person he’s like a very serious person to have, like, that amount of things he has to be really organized.

So I really think I think because I don’t know him, I think that maybe if he’s, let’s say, workspace, he’s like really to the point serious like times like this, it has to have this time because I have to see this and I have to do this because obviously I don’t want to offend nobody, because on the video he’s like a persona.

He says like he has like four words that he always says, like all these molde hitting New York. And I don’t like the irony road. Well, that was the other one. I didn’t like flapjacks feeling like flapjacks and the other like that and put him put in it.

He says like over and over when he wants to prove a point that something is going to be different or what. Well, the Wall Street thing, he says, like, let’s put it that way, then let’s put it that way, he says, is a lot.

So I think that is more his persona for you to. But I’ll tell you, I do work with him, and he’s super genuine. When I was surprised when I found out, he says the half open door policy. Here’s my phone number.

Anything you can just contact me and I’ll say, oh, he’s he really is a genuine guy. He really does care. And that surprised me to see that. But, yeah, also, I’m glad to be here, too. And any closing remarks for somebody watching this that you’d like to tell them?

Some advice may be that he does give a lot of value. I mean, he really does. It gives a lot of value of money wise, and it’s entertaining also. So for sure, you get a little bit of both on that one. Again, thanks, Ron, for taking the time out today, man speaking with me. OK, no problem.

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