Robert Scoyni

I watch a lot of stuff about stocks and read a lot of articles but I like Jeremy. I like Jeremy in particular because of his interesting personality and at the same time very insightful.

He always gives you the story first as to why he thinks the company is going to be successful and that is the reason why I watch him religiously. Watching Jeremy gives you confidence because you can see how confident and comfortable he is in what he does.

Definitely no, I mean, you know, I started getting into the stock market a little bit like three or four years ago, and I found it was a real nice distraction for me. And I just, you know, I got interested more and more learning about companies.

And I got really excited that, you know, you can own a piece of a business that’s, you know, doing great things, changing the world. And it was just kind of neat to see the mechanics behind a lot of businesses.

And, you know, so, you know, I read a lot a lot of books like one up on Wall street, a little bit of Peter Lynch. I read some books about Buffett and just started to get into it a little bit. And then I started to discover, you know, YouTube channels.

And, you know, I like Jeremy in particular because I love his approach. You know, he’s just an interesting personality to watch. Even if he wasn’t talking about stocks, he’s just very kind of he’s very entertaining and just very insightful. And too I love his approach.

You know, you look at any other YouTube stock person and a lot of times, you’re just talking about numbers and prices and this and that. But he always gives you the story first as to why he thinks the company is going to be successful.

So that that really, you know, I think set him apart. And that’s why I watch him pretty religiously. I think yeah, well, if you’re any fan of Peter Lynch or Buffett like you are kind of read, you understand that the story of a stock and actual business model is probably should be number one on your list before going into the numbers, right?

Yeah, absolutely. That’s like how you mentioned that. And it’s really good. Like you mentioned, it was a distraction for you. When you first got in. Did you feel like you were a little bit overwhelmed with information? Yeah, you know, it’s like getting a method down.

I’m still working on that, you know, just like know, I know there’s certain variables that we look at cash flow and forward p and price to sales and all that. But so, you know, I’m still kind of working on that.

Just didn’t seem like I have enough time in the day to, you know, between my job and and, you know, and this kind of being a kind of thing, it’s almost like a second job. But so and I’m still working on that.

And, you know, and, you know, watching Jeremy and reading books is kind of little by little getting me down for my own kind of way of investing. But but Yeah. Yeah, it’s you know, it’s a process. I love it.

And how have you kind of how did you even when you found Jeremy, how did you what resonated with you to say, like, I can still I want to learn from this guy, like I can learn from this guy. Oh, there’s a lot of them out there. Yes Yeah. Well, good.

Because he always you know, he kind of starts out, you know, he gives you a whole is all history. He starts out as kind of a value investor. So that’s paramount. You know, you don’t just want to buy into a good story.

You’ve got you’ve got to see the value and you know that you’re getting at a good price like Buffett would say. So, you know, he always emphasizes that, you know, it always kind of tries to stick to his principles even when he’s kind of going after, like, kind of petty psychology.

A few lately, like, you know, the geotech I know. And and very good food company. You know, he’ll always try to base it on some fundamentals. So I always appreciate that, you know, rather than just a good story or, you know, the hot stock of the month.

No, no, that’s yeah, I think you mentioned it pretty well there, you kind of and then just getting your head around like, you know, for me, it’s like, you know, crypto has been hot for years and I’ve had friends, like years ago.

They so you got to get into it. You got to get into it. I just never get my husband around it. So I never really invested in it. But you know it just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s that good.

I mean, a lot of really intelligent people do it, but it’s just something that even though I realized that it’s a good investment for a lot of people just for me, I still can’t get my head around it. So I don’t I don’t invest in crypto.

I stick more with the stock market and I can understand them better and how they make money. That’s that’s the thing about that’s the thing about the market. Right it’s like you can be the smartest person in the world.

You can just not understand a certain business model. Yeah and all you have to do is just stay away from the business model that you don’t understand. And there’s plenty of things for you to understand. There are many out there.

I’m tired of the guy that kind of has a harder time understanding the tech type of the newer. I’m a young guy, but I still have a harder time finding the tech companies and understanding them. It takes me a little bit longer.

Yeah, I have a Dropbox. When he talked about dropbox, I felt and free to go and read about it. Yes, it took me a little bit longer for me to understand the business model first and foremost, because it was more tech related, it was more smart workspace. It was more kind of like the cloud that was a little foggy my brain.

So I wasn’t as trigger happy to go and buy right away. I was kind of let me understand it. And once I understood it a little bit more, it took me much longer than eight. And then a company that’s like, you know, like let’s say a walgreens, for example, would take me much easier to understand just because you have an idea of how it is. It’s in bricks and mortars.

It’s going to be DLC sold products. So you understand a business, whereas others and that’s the thing. It’s like you don’t have to touch everything you touch that you understand, and because that will give you the confidence to be able to hold.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely, I’m a physician and the biotechs are generally, you know, I don’t really study him. I had jobs in biotech, you know, way back when. And I work for Biogen at one point. And I still know, I still don’t have a great handle on their business model.

So I generally I stay away from them. If there’s a few, like health care stocks that are going to like United health care and Johnson Johnson. But for the most part, I kind of veer away from them. Yeah, well, I understand it better. Hey, you know what?

I think Peter Lynch well, Buffett kind of advocates for this the most for Peter Lynch also talks about just in a different way, just to understand the bottle. Don’t even get close to it. It’s just there’s just going to get yourself in a lot of hurt.

And that’s AAA and that’s hopefully hopefully the channel. Gives that perception out there that absolutely go for the ones that you understand, because there are plenty of them. Just because one stock is hot doesn’t mean that the end of the world or NLB all kind of stalking you have to get into this one.

Because if you don’t understand and that stock dips a bit, there’s going to be a problem. Right right. Emotional problem. You’re going to have to deal with at the time. And it’s just it’s not a fun one, I’ll tell you that much.

Or at least the ones that I think I understand. I’m sure I don’t understand completely. But, you know, ones that I like, I feel like I can kind of get a grip on it. So I kind of talked about it a lot and I watch a lot of her stuff.

And it’s funny, because when she explained something, I always feel like, oh, wow, I think I. I understand it, know, could I explain it, it’s just the way she explains, I think the whole audience feels like you’re understanding what she’s talking.

She’s talking about very complicated, disruptive technology. And yet, you know, she can put it in such a way that it’s like, wow, yeah, this makes sense. But she’s another one that’s really, really interesting. Yeah kalki, what is the more modern day type of.

You know, maybe not the Warren buffet, because she in the same way, but she’s a modern day type of investor, the famous investor. Yes, she is a long term holder as well. So that’s the great thing about her in terms of your confidence from.

So what was that what was the one thing that you feel like has helped you the most while watching the channel in your investing journey? I am. I think when I get the most is that. I mean, a lot of times when Jeremy picks a stock and, you know, you look into it and I follow his lead, a lot of times the returns come very quickly.

So a lot of times with Jeremy, it’s amazing. Like, it’s just uncanny ability to kind of like pick a stock and then a month later it’s up, so. It’s, you know. It’s sometimes not hard to, like, really stick to your guns with him, because you usually you see results relatively quickly.

I think what I’ve learned is, you know, when there’s down markets, I just I get more kind of the fire in my belly. And then I really start going like, oh, I have to put more money into it. Whereas, you know, in times of relative exuberance, you know, I’m very much more conservative and kind of like what he’ll say.

You know, he’ll say, you know, it’s a harder market to find, you know, a bargain. And a lot of times I’ll just lay off the market. You know, when you’re going through these UPS, you know, a couple of weeks ago when I mean even a little bit now.

But, you know, a couple of weeks ago when things were really starting to look down, I started to buy a little bit more again. And really probably the best thing I’ve done in the last four years was when the market took a big hit last March at the beginning of COVID and around the world, or at least to the United states.

I bought like crazy and I saw a really, really good returns just because I was so aggressive in the beginning of March last year. So I think, you know, he just gives you that watching Jeremy, you get a little bit of confidence because you see how confident and comfortable he is, you know, no matter the market.

But he’ll always emphasize different strategies or just being a little bit more circumspect when things are going great in the market may be overpriced as it is. Versus, you know, when you’re in a down market and you’re getting a better bargains everywhere, you know.

I mean, so like from what I’m getting, it’s kind of more of a mentality of, you know, because realistically, you’re not supposed to buy when everything is euphoric and high and beautiful. That’s when usually it’s the most Stengers.

And usually the best time to get into the streets is when blood comes in. Right and that’s when Buffett says, I want I want it blood. That’s right. Before I get it. And me, yeah, it’s almost like a psychology first rate.

And I think Jeremy would he’ll talk about the psychology of what? And that’s probably the one thing that he kind of uses the most as a psychology before anything, and it’s like you have to get that mental, mental mentally fit before you get in with your money, because the last thing you want is trial and error with your money, because the market doesn’t really care about your feelings.

It’s more of a, yeah, cutthroat game. And it’s like, hey, if I’m going down, I’m going down. And whether you like it or not, I’m. And it’s really cool seeing so, you know, you’re a physician and you still feel like you want to you can use the market to create wealth.

I mean, that’s one thing that’s I feel like it’s very cool because. Oh, Yeah. Oh, definitely. Oh, Yeah. Yeah I mean. I think it’s almost necessary, you know, I always tell. Of younger people, you know, kids getting started, it started out as to start early, you know, whether it’s in stocks or real estate, that’s the way to do it.

I mean, if you’re really exceptional at your job, I mean, you know, you can go far, but you really have to invest towards the future. You want you want to grow. And the only great ways to grow it are stocks and real estate.

In my opinion, I guess cryptos big now. Yeah Yeah. But that I’m a little that’s one of those things that it’s like I feel like, you know, there’s this kind of fever pitch now, but it’s just like, you know, when it drops, it’s going to drop and, you know, you want to make sure you get out before.

Yeah Yeah. Or have a good, very, very good understanding of what it is. So then you hear you can justify the drop and see and feel like you can still be in it for the longer term, just like a stock you can write.

And, you know, it’s pretty cool. I just wanted to know, I wanted to wrap it up myself. But I also want to give you the chance to kind of if there’s something we didn’t cover about how you kind of use the channel, how you have you transformed your investing journey with any way, shape or form?

I want to give you the chance to kind of touch base on that for me. I don’t want to wrap it up too early on it. Right you’re right. No yeah, no, Jeremy, I probably look at the first authority. I do a couple other things and a few other channels I look at.

But usually I like Jeremy. I do. I subscribe to Motley Fool. So I’ll do that. I’ll go on a few other sites, read yahoo! Finance, I watch CNBC a lot too. But I kind of like Jeremy. You know, I think it’s more kind of entertainment than I let a large extent.

I Yeah. You know what? I’d say one thing I’d like to. One thing I’d like to learn from Jeremy that I haven’t really. Maybe I didn’t pick up so much on it, but it’s just how he comes up with stocks in the first place. I get it from the Discovery Channel.

I mean, you mentioned sometimes you learn some stuff from like this board or does he does he go through the Russell 2000 or three thousand, you know, just like the actual act of coming up with these stocks in the first place.

A lot of times talking with friends, it’s word of mouth will, you know, say this. Look at stuff like that. Look at marre, right. Chain, whatever. But it’s just like, you know, just I’d be more curious to learn about that, like how he comes up with the. It’s funny.

It’s funny you mention it because he does he does do his own research and kind of go through the Russell kind of go through the S&P. He just goes in research. That’s what he loves. He’s kind of delegated that other stuff in his career to get to a point where he’s just researching stocks, something that he really likes.

But but it’s funny, I think over 75% or over 50 percent, I want to be on the safe side, over 50% and well over 50% of his stocks come from actually the private group. It’s funny that you mention that they really come from people speaking about it and whatever you can do to generate ideas.

I think when he spoke about it, when he used to work at quicktrip, he would get his ideas from working there and and he would see things on the shelves and he would see that, hey, this thing is moving really fast.

Let me see if it’s a public company. You’d go get that. The idea would be generated to go research the company from there. Now, it’s like, you know, you have a bunch of people inside the private group that really love investing a lot of stocks. And they are knowledgeable individuals.

I mean, when they bring up a stock or two, you know, Jeremy looks Jeremy kind of he’s just like, OK, there’s a reason why these people are bringing up that stock. Like, for example, a great one is voyageur. It’s the latest one that he has brought up.

It wasn’t him that he admitted it in his videos. It wasn’t him that brought it up. I mean, he from to from around like $2 or $3. One of the coaches inside the private group, Brian, incredible individual like genius to the level of genius.

I’m fine. He had it he had it picked out and he’s been talking about it since it was like $4 and a private. And he would he was very, very adamant about it. A lot of people got in at that time. A lot of people kind of didn’t or did or whatnot. Jeremy was one of those people that said maybe I don’t understand it fully and maybe I don’t.

And he kind of and then he kind of at a certain point when it was around seventeen, I believe, when you made that video around, you can go with it is when he really said, you know what, I should have probably got in this way way longer. And so he does get many of his picks from the private group because, you know, what’s the best way?

Like you said, word of mouth is another way, right? Well, that’s kind of word of mouth because you’re in you’re in a group with hundreds of people that are literally stock market gurus and they love the stock market and they’re bringing picks to you.

That’s probably one of the best ways. So you can go and get yourself an idea. And he does that. He does do his own research and he talks about it in his course. He talks about and has been in his group that like he does go and look at the S&P 500 list and find stocks and get sort of really gets a really good synopsis on them just and really quickly.

If it intrigues him to look into it a little bit further and he goes out with the Russell as well. He’s talked about it many times in the group. So, yeah, it’s a combination. It’s a combination. But it’s really that kind of it’s just being with a group of people that allow you to get those ideas and then you can do your research properly and then you can feed yourself.

Feed research off of other people, feed off other people’s perspectives. And just that makes the research thesis so much better. And that’s why he’s able to kind of with high conviction, going you to make a beautiful video and put it has Rand on the line and say, I trust myself in buying this company.

So that’s one thing that he does. But but yeah, I mean, that’s probably that that’s probably the one thing that he does, I would say now more than anything, and a lot of people in the group do the same thing.

I mean, that’s where I get my picks from the group personally. Let’s say I get my picks from the group and then I go to my room just because I know that people that pick from inside the group, they pick stocks that are good enough.

And that’s not a reason for me to kind of go and blab by them blindly. But I know that I’m not wasting my time doing my research on these stocks. That’s one thing I kind of personally kind of see it that way. Yeah, yeah, no, yeah, I mean, !invisible!

You know, and the word from Jeremy usually goes a long way, you know, I don’t invest in everything that, you know, he does. But I see a lot of my portfolio is basically came from him. And just to.
You know, has been very helpful over the years, but even if I didn’t make a dime, it’s just he’s entertaining to watch. You know, you just I feel like I learned something cool. You know, every time and learned great things about different businesses.

And it’s just fun to learn even if I didn’t have a material interest, it’s but but following his lead on a lot of stuff has been very fruitful for me as well. That’s that’s amazing.


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