Ricardo Andres

We feel so confident about what we are doing and what we’re learning. We feel like we took our investment experience to the next level.

With the private group, you don’t feel alone. You share ideas with a lot of experienced investors or beginners, but it’s like a family, you don’t feel alone investing.

The BMSM course, I think it’s something you should not only watch once. You should watch it 3 or 4 times per year. This is something simple but very important. This is something that every investor should know. Like this is the basic, this is very vital things that everyone should be aware of.

How do you so you’re a member of the private group, Mr Ricardo Andres, how are you? Yes, I’m fine. How are you? Fantastic, man. We had a little talk before off camera, but let us know who you are. Kind of how did you start investing? What got you into investing and how do you find the channel and financial education, Jeremy himself.

OK, perfect start how I got into investing. So it’s actually a bit of a sad story because my grandfather died, so he left my dad’s money and he was just staying there in cash in with a broker that is a little bit of a bank to that’s called acting securities. 

And and the money was just laying there. So I was about to finish finish my venture. So my dad said, do you have any ideas what we can do with the money? And I say, OK, I like the stock market, but I’m an absolutely beginner. So I started to do research and then try to read. I started some books, of course, the Intelligent Investor from Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett then and and I was excited about this.

So we started buying some companies at the beginning and we were really, really beginners. We were making beginner’s mistakes like what we used to buy, but like the blue chips companies. And after two months, we were up like 10% to 15% And we used to sell really quickly and we thought we were geniuses. So then I was doing then I went to Vienna, Austria, to do a master’s degree in banking and finance.

And then then the Masters was for two years. So I think there was when I really started to understand the stock market and to really rethink thankyous and to really understand the numbers. So then I think it was more than 3 and 1/2 years ago when I found finally channel from hearing me and I thought, like, wow, this is really good stuff. So I started sharing these videos with my father and my sister and and we started to.

To dig into the companies he was talking about, we starting to do to invest in some of these recommendations and I was extremely happy with the content of the channel. So I’ve been following him for more than 2 and 1/2 years. But at the time, I have never thought about joining the private group.

But then I finished my master’s last year in December, so now I had the time to do it. So I started to contact the financial education team. And now I have been a member of a happy member of the group for over two months and maybe a little bit more than two months, two months and a half. I think that’s amazing to hear. How how has kind of what was the one thing that really resonated with Jeremy that really you felt like this is someone I can trust and learn from?

I think he’s an honest guy, he because now you can see that there is, I don’t know, maybe thousands of or hundreds of channels talking about stocks. And you can see when they’re used, like showing they’re good performance stocks that they big then. And Jeremy, so long as he shares everything, if he has bothered investments, he talks about this. He talks about how he lost a lot of money in 2015 and.

And I think I have seen many not a lot, because I’m a loyal fan, too, to Jeremy. He shares a lot of content, so there is no time to look at others. But I have seen a few others. And when they recommend the stock, it’s just like, OK, I recommend, I don’t know, Facebook because they don’t provide the bullish. This is like the complete bullish thesis from Jeremy. So I don’t know.

He he knows how to sell your stock. Every time no, not every time it goes, some stocks are out that he invests in are not my field or I don’t feel comfortable with them. But but most of them, every time he presents any stocks. He makes you excited about the stock as much as he is. Yeah, no, that’s fantastic to hear, first of all, like that. Congratulations I wanted to know, like, what did you start off with before joining the group? What was your kind of the money that you were starting off with in your account?

Oh, you mean what capital was I investing? Yeah so what was your account at before you joined the group? My account was at 305 thousand, but this is not really my money, it’s my that’s so I manage his portfolio and and I get the little commission about the gains. So we were at 305,000 at the beginning of the year before joining the group. And now we are at 340,000. OK Yeah. Yeah that’s, that’s, that’s like what spend it like two months. Yes 2 and 1/2 maybe.

And we feel so confident about what we are doing, what we are learning. We feel like we took our investment experience to the next level because now you have coaching sessions and you have like the commitment with your coach to do your homework. So you like before we were like serious about our investments and we got to know the companies before we invested in them.

But now you have to do the homework and you have to search for a specific stock and you have to really understand the business model. And this is something that has gained that has brought us a lot of confidence. So we now have taken a loan from a broker like a margin loan.

And we have another 101 $100,000 from that loan that we are starting to use to invest slowly in stock. Also, we have been we opened that margin account like. I think it was March there less than three weeks and we are $5,000 in gains in the short term outlook. I wanted to ask you if you want to talk. I want to ask you about the coaching program, because you’ve been in it. You said you’ve been you’ve had like three or four sessions.

You’re not sure. But I want to know how if you can explain it to somebody from the outside that doesn’t know what the coaching is. How would you explain it to that person? I would say that, first of all, it’s I recommended a lot and the questions are very simple, like the first one, of course, you have homework, but the first one you made with your coach, you get to know each other.

He he wants to know whether your profile, your investment strategy, your goals, and you have to provide basic information so he can get in kind of your way of thinking and your goals and you discuss everything that concerns you. He’s like as a psychologist, you go there and say, OK, I have this stock and it has been a really successful investment, but we don’t know if I want to get out of these positions. 

He does not tell you what to buy or what to sell, but he provides you his piece of opinion and and you share ideas and he also shares ideas. And if you want to search for stocks in a new sector, he can provide you with obscurity.

He he tells you what stocks he likes, what he recommends that is aligned with your strategy. He’s a is the financial cycle that you sell. Say I love it. No, that’s a good way of explaining it because. Being there with somebody that’s already high level in the market and knows, I feel makes your job so much easier because you can learn from their mistakes, right? I mean, with this and how I wanted to ask you, like, how does the private group, the private chat room, how does that complement everything?

What would you how would you explain that? And how would how does that complicate your strategy, your style, and how does that help you personally? First of all, with that private group, you don’t feel alone. So when you have concerns about certain stock, like I don’t know if you’re invested in Facebook, there is a chat for Facebook.

And if there is a big concern around Facebook that is troubling the stock for the first five days, you will find that you will find several opinions about this matter and they will share buybacks and they’ll say, OK, this is not that important. You should stay focused on this. And this is important if this happens next and this could happen. So you share ideas with a lot of experienced investors or Big or so. But but.

It’s like it’s like a family you don’t feel you don’t feel alone investing, and then you a lot of times I thought I knew the company and I found comments there that I had no idea or a product that I had no idea that the company had on you. And you find it there. Yeah, that’s. Yeah, I like that. I think you’re explaining it so well. It’s just easy. 

It’s hard for me even to jump in even so. But in terms of I’m positive that you had to watch that becoming much of a stock market course fully. Your coach probably made you do it and I did it before my first session.

OK, OK. I was I was so excited that I did a Corsini like three or four days, like fully watched it. I love it. And I think it’s something that you should not only watch ones, you should watch it three or four times per year. I think it’s very good. 

Yeah, no, that makes a lot of sense because it’s a lot of stuff in it and it’s like if you can repeat it and get it ingrained in your head, then you can literally learn it easily in terms of think that course is for anyone, you really feel like it’s for beginners.

And even if you’re in the middle, you can still learn from it. You feel like it’s for anyone. Yes, definitely, definitely. I think it’s for everyone, and I can say this with confidence, because in my house we are a family of six. And three of us are investing in the stock market. 

My father, for example, what he had no idea about the stock market, that he watches Jeremy’s videos frequently and he watched the scores and he said, like, OK, I’m not AI don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to this, but this is something simple but very important.

He said he told me like, this is something that every investors should know, like this is the way this is the very vital things that everyone should be aware. And my sister also, she she didn’t study finance, she’s not that into the stock market, but she also watched the course and she really liked it. And I think she thinks she’s it was simple to understand it’s not complicated.

It’s like doing these videos are not complicated. So I know that’s I mean, to be honest with you like it, it’s great. You have multiple people in your families at different stages of investing, like maybe you when you were a little bit more into it, your dad wasn’t into it. 

Your sister completely was not into it. And she still found benefit. And they still all benefit. They’re becoming masters. So I love it because for me, I find that course as like the base knowledge of everything. But if you have that, then you can grow on top of it.

If you don’t have that, it’s very difficult to learn on the fly and learn everything because there’s so much complication stuff in it that it makes it difficult. It’s first of all, it’s amazing that it’s hearing your story is great. First of all, it’s on. You’re only two months and you’re seeing a lot of progress. You’re seeing a lot of things I wanted to ask you.

For people that are not inside the private or not inside the upcoming masters, if they’re not inside the coaching program, they’re on the outside. They’re they’re scared that it’s not going to be worth it or they’re scared that they don’t want to invest in that and that investment. They want to put in their portfolio. Instead, they want to put money back. What is it? What how if it was a friend of yours, if it was a brother of a sister, how would you.

Maybe I’ll convince them fully, because you want them to make their own decision, but what would you say to hopefully clarify? For them. I would say that the money that they can earn with this, I don’t know I don’t know if it’s 10k, let’s say think the year, I would say that if they want to invest the money they can make with that money that they want to invest instead of in stocks instead of the cars, it’s nothing compared to what they can do in the long term with the course.

I mean, I know that it’s hard to put that much money to a cause instead of buying stocks, but the we provide them a lot more money than those think if they invest in themselves, this is something what I really like about the course is that, for example, the stock market, Bitcoin’s stock market, the master, I forget the name, but it has so much value and it’s not like you have to read them books or you have to watch. 

I don’t know why it has so much bother that I would imagine these would this could be a one year class like this.

This is something and you can learn so much that has so much, so much value that you can learn in less than a week. It’s unbelievable that I would recommend it to my friends, family, everyone that that. But they have to have the time. If they don’t have if you have a full job that takes you 12 or 14 hours or 10 hours per day, it will be really hard to take advantage of this course speaking of time, so I want to go because I know a lot of people are pressed on time. Do you feel like the coaching specifically saves you some time in research?

You mean the coaching sessions, the coaching sessions, do they help you in saving time on how to research a company faster, more efficiently? Of course, of course. And and it takes you to the next level seriously, because I was doing it on my own. And I was watching the conference call and didn’t think what I was I wasn’t putting this stuff down because I was just reading an OK, I kind of understand and some things got into my mind. But otherwise, you have to search for, like, what are the products?

What what are the revenue, what are the main Sellers of the company? What is in that margin? What is the level of that? What is the long term debt? When you look for specific stuff and you put it down in the document and then you go to the coaching session and explain it now, then it’s when you really know the company.

And when you really understand the business, because now I feel that I have I didn’t know the companies before or now of the first companies that I have researched the way my coach told me. Now I feel they understand those businesses before I could say that I was not doing the proper research. I love it.

No, I mean, like you mentioned, like it’s being able to say it to somebody else, explain it to them, and then have them break down your thesis, make it better. That’s the way you’re supposed to do it before you put your money in the market, because if you put your money in the market first, you’re going to lose money, and you don’t want to lose money to learn. 

You want to learn first and then and then put the money where somewhere safe and it’s going to grow and, you know, it’s going to make money rather than lose money.

I mean, like for me, that’s probably the one thing that I can say over and over. It’s just kind of invest in yourself first and then the stocks will come after because you’re the first stock that you should invest in. You’re the number one stock you should invest in first and then and then, because that will allow you to kind of pick stocks later on in your life.

And because, you know, like people if you’re 20 five, if you’re 20, if you’re 30, even 40, you know, like if you invest in yourself now, you’ll be able to pick stocks until you’re 80. Like, look at Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett is not a young guy. He’s old man. He’s old old. But he’s still managing the whole business of businesses like Berkshire Hathaway has businesses under its name.

And he’s and he’s able to do it up until that age. And he’s able to teach his son and he and his sons probably going to be on the directors of the company or something of that sort. So it’s just that regard. That’s where the one thing that I feel you invest in yourself first and allow you to do this for the long term. I agree on the way. I appreciate I appreciate your time with us. That was really that was really insightful.

I know a lot of people will see this and just get a little bit more insight on what it is to be inside of how you can help them. And I feel like your story is very powerful. You’re not playing with what small money? You’re playing with big money now, like it was passed down to you and putting yourself in the right position and the right place to be able to manage that and grow that over time and create wealth, generational wealth like I did.

And hopefully you can do that for whoever you want. I feel like that’s amazing and I salute you for that. And I thank you for being here. That was really, really insightful. And I and I it was nice, but it was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you. And as always, meeting someone from the financial location is a pleasure. You’re a really nice guys and it’s is really valuable to me to speak to you guys.

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