Quinn Nguyen

 I signed up to be on Jeremy’s group in July last year. Then everything just started taking off from there.

I am only 19 but I am ecstatic that I reached the 6 figure club. I was day trading before and I found Jeremy which turned my life around.

All right, folks, How’s it going? This is another member of the financial fortress private group quitting Harry Truman. And again, I have to thank you for having me. Of course. And I’m doing great. I’m doing great. We were just talking off camera a little bit. But, you know, let the viewers know a little bit about yourself first and then, you know, how did you come across Jeremy as well? 

So I started investing when I was I was turning 18. That’s when fidelity when you create an account. And now I’m like 19 in college freshman, you know, all that stuff. So I found Jeremy a long time ago. And he’s on YouTube. We talk about stock, but I didn’t know how was how was he legit or stuff like that. Oh, I know. Was he put he put money where his mouth at. 

And I thought of stuff like that. He bought over 10k, you know, I mean, that’s a lot. And this guy might be legit, but I didn’t know anything about stock back then. And I signed up to be Jeremy group about in July last year when everything just started taking off from there. 

You know, maybe I love. And that’s the story. That’s pretty cool. And I don’t know, like, yeah, you’re right. I really did start digging up. I saw your account early. We’ll show it a little bit. But that that’s pretty cool seeing that. I love seeing that from other people’s accounts. It’s pretty cool. 

Just shows everything’s possible. And then, you know, like was there. I know you said, you don’t know anything about stocks. You know, what was probably the hardest thing for you when you’re looking at stock market, you’re like, how the hell do I start? 

Like, what was the biggest challenge for you? It was it was a painful process. You know, like my biggest challenge was just being an idiot back then. I didn’t know anything about the value company except going to finance and watching, you know, how many cash they have, how have their top and bottom lines are and stuff like that. 

But, man, nothing beyond, you know, so I was struggling with that. And I was unfortunate. I got caught in day trading when I started. And I lost a lot of money there, man, like, you know, just and Yeah. So when I hear about Jeremy, he showed me because all of the fundamental and the good thing is following along his journey, you can learn and you can absorb of his knowledge and his life. 

And he’s just a great guy, you know. Or are you are you a freshman, right now? You’re telling me you’re 18? You turned 19. Obviously you’re 19 right now. You’re a freshman, right? Yeah, I’m a freshman in college freshmen in the six figure club. 

That that is something really, really cool. And honestly, I feel like if you continue working hard, man, you don’t you’re not too far away, man. You have a long way ahead of you. You have long you have years in front of you, man. 

And it’s like time is on your side. And it’s just that if you keep your head down, you keep following the process. You keep following what it is. I think you seem like you have what it takes to take because you’ve made the mistakes like you said, you’ve traded before. Right but you’ve seen what doesn’t work. And what does work. So it’s cool because. 

So what was your account around when before you started. Before you got in July. What was your account. Right oh, let me show share on screen how I show you exactly why not as my account going there. Yeah are you seeing it? Oh, yeah, I’m seeing it. All right. 

You know, I started with not a lot of money and I’m in college, but I don’t have any income. That is one of my biggest problems. I don’t have any new money coming in the market while I’m investing. And, you know, I took a loan back in March. 

And back in march, probably somewhere around here. You can see it. I took a loan. That’s the money, all the money my parents have and they get me for college. And I always thought, you know, my ex grew up right there, but, yeah, I took a big risk there. 

So this was this was Atkins’, from what I see here, obviously, if you go to the most were the January to, you know, July 1. 2020 I think it’s the right July. Yeah, a little bit more around there. Yeah so that’s your account is around $15,000. 

If you go down a little bit more. Yeah 15 to 16k this is when you joined the private group. Yeah, when I should like you know, fucked up in driving and my account. That’s my account. When I started your account went. So you were day trading before. And if you see that little spike before the 15K up top there. Yeah right there. 

What was a 50 around 50k you lost from 50 to 15. And I, you know, I pull money out right here. And I put it back in and you know. Yep we all got bargain deluxe. That’s a lot of people get company trading. They made money and you got aggressive and emotional and you know it happened quick. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Yeah. 

Pretty in a really, really bad situation. And that was lislevand right there. And then I found Jeremy one day because of his discount actually. Yes when I found out and it just started showing up, you know, and you can see here coming up slowly.

 And I was an unfortunate guy, didn’t get any Tesla shares back then because I didn’t know how much. It was to cover. That’s a first for me, man, seeing someone’s account grow that much. And they didn’t get it because I didn’t get it Tesla either. 

But I mean, that just shows how much like this stuff is organic. Like it’s not just one stock popping. It’s like it’s like just continuous growth over, like over, you know, over six months time from now. Seven months time frame. 

Wow, that’s pretty that’s pretty cool, man, to be honest, like because for you to go from 50 to 15, that must have been a little bit like demoralizing a little bit, because like you, especially at a young age when you don’t understand much about money, you don’t understand because I was there. 

The reason why I’m asking is because I was there. And I lost. From about $50,000. I came down to like 12k in a span of like a month and a half. I kid you not. It was just, you know, I was into a lot of very speculative marijuana stocks when I was because I’m Canadian, I’m from Canada. 

So around the time when they were becoming legalized, I thought, you know, I’m playing around. You know, I’m not really looking at fundamentals. I’m not looking at a balance sheet. I’m not looking at anything, absolutely nothing. 

And I’m an accountant. That’s the worst part. So I know numbers. I was studying numbers. And I was still being naive and ignorant to how you actually supposed to invest. And I felt it at the time, you felt that men like you, like you, like, honestly, I congratulate you men from being able to, like, pick yourself back up, find a mentor. 

And actually apply his teachings, that’s what it is, because if you to be honest, you you wouldn’t be able to make over 100 came like six months if you don’t apply some sort of method and system of picking’s good quality stocks that are going to grow over time. And hopefully they grow for you much more. Man, that’s pretty cool, man. 

How about. Let’s take out of the share screen. Let’s do this. If you’re talking to a nice looking at that, though, I love it. So, you know, speaking of which, now also, speaking of the fact that you left day trading, you came to actual investing. 

How has. The becoming master of the stock market. What has it taught you? What is it about, first of all, if you tell everybody what I think, then you’ll be able to tell them what has it taught you? So I would say it taught me everything you know about fundamental, about how to value your stock. And by you know, when to say, I went to buy, you cut it, you know, and well, it is a lot. 

And there is everything in there and is for someone like me, that was speculative. And this is an issue of completely war. And I learned everything there. And after that. Or you all you need to do is just put in the work, you know, you got you got to throw your meat in the world. 

So I was a really bad reader. And I read I never finished a book before in my life. And after a year, tell me right now, I can say three hours straight reading report the and two of that stuff. This is a life changing experience for me.

 It started there. You know, we all start somewhere, right? Yeah, Yeah. Yeah no, it’s I mean, I think honestly, that your story is probably going to touch a lot of people because men, usually when you’re young, you make mistakes and you keep on making mistakes. 

And the thing is like it’s very difficult, especially at an age where it’s like you’re just coming up into money, you know, and obviously, the schooling system doesn’t really teach you much about money. You know, like I’m as close as possible. You can get to money. I’m an accountant, and I still wasn’t taught how to handle my money properly.

 So I can only imagine, you know, like. And I think, like, a lot of people will look at your story and be like, look, man, if it’s hard work, it’s not easy because you have to be discipline yourself to use your teachers like knowledge and apply it. 

And and do you think that could master the stock market for anyone like the course? You think anybody can benefit from it? I recommend it to a couple of guys. And I to be honest, I don’t have a lot of friends in here and other guys. I know they kind of before me have had it more. You know, 

I don’t care much about this stuff, but I recommend to older guys that I have spent time with and. So, yeah, it is a lot better there. And and one thing that if you youchoose making keep making a mistake. And the dangerous thing about stock market, it doesn’t feel real. 

You know, when you lose money, it doesn’t matter if you have 100 bucks on your hands and someone took it like that, giving back 100 bucks. Man, when you play around with stocks, and you can lose thousands and thousands of dollars, you you don’t feel it until a while later. 

And, you know, you screwed up, you know, get out and get yourself educated and that Germany would be a good option for you guys. Anyone want to know when I’m making mistakes like I did or you did right where I want to go home? 

And that’s just it. Like you said, the market doesn’t care about you. And it does. It takes money from you. Like you said, you don’t even like you don’t see that there’s nothing you can do about it. If you just lose your money. 

And it’s very easy to lose your money. But the thing is with it is that, like, it’s very easy to lose money, but if you work hard, success piles up and starts compounding. And that’s the cool thing about it. That’s why I was telling you, like, you know, you have time in front of you. 

And it’s just that all it is a matter of discipline. I don’t try to get ahead of yourself way too much because if you try and play stupid things, you know, Jeremy has a story about him, like at a certain time, just he tried to playing too much with options. 

You tried to time, certain like earnings. And and he even says, you know, even him being in the market for about six, five, six years at that time or five years. Even him didn’t have enough ability to do that, like it’s just not something that you should do, you should learn the fundamentals of the basics, like you said, and then use those on a continuous basis, because then it can really change your life. 

Like, that’s pretty cool, because you can come out of college, see and have no debt, absolutely no debt and have a life starting up right away. I mean, that’s the definition of life changing, right? Because, like, life could be completely different if it wasn’t for, you know, your success in the market up to such an early age. 

How about how about the discord, the private discord that you tell people about that a little bit? And then how do you like it. And how have you enjoyed it? And how has it helped you? So about this quartet is an amazing experience for me there, I will tell you. 

There are a lot of smart individuals in there that give a great ideas and opinions. You know, I was in. So I’ve not been really active in the court, as you all. I do is read and learn and learn. And so that’s all I can say about this court is amazing. 

And it is getting a lot better than when I just started right now is my established and you got more like fiction that you can talk about. The more valuable it would be a is really established right now. So you get a lot of information there. Yeah, this information is separated into like, you know, there’s obviously like a general talk. So you can speak with and speak with a bunch of people. 

And there’s obviously like every stock that we kind of, you know, like a lot of people. Yeah, I like to go into, like, certain stocks and because then the information is like put in that area, you don’t have to go and fetch it everywhere. It’s just like you wanted a certain stock, let’s say like Tesla, like a lot of people love Tesla. 

You go to a Tesla and it’s just people talking about Tesla. That’s it. You know, just Tesla stock and it’s just continuous Tesla. And that that’s the cool thing about like you said, there’s a lot of smart people. Yeah and the reason why I keep saying this over and over is because they’re like six, seven figure investors. They’re not just random people. 

They’re they’re people that have been in the market for like decades, like a decade plus easy, you know, like Jeremy. And and they have so much knowledge and they have so much experience, been through bad stuff. 

They’ve been through good stuff in the market, obviously. And they can teach a lot of people, a lot of young people, a lot of new persons, new people in the market that to avoid their mistakes essentially. And when you have a network of people like that, it’s just it makes your journey much easier because you can kind of piggyback on their teachings and use them to your advantage.

 That’s that’s pretty cool, man. Honestly, I love talking. I love the fact that there’s somebody as young as you and. The in the market, just knowing that there’s someone like that that can start their life, such as on a good path, even after making a boatload of mistakes, that’s. 

So let me move on to. You were at a point where your account dropped the 15 k, right. And in case you were you were in that mindset of them, I’m losing money, man, like I don’t want to lose more money, right? Like you were like, I can imagine. 

Yeah, I was a really, really bad place, I think, about how I’m going to pay for my college, how baudier it is just like all the hope and stuff that you have that is just going to is really depressing right there. And I feel bad when I look at my parents’ and look at other people. I feel like I’m an idiot. You know, they’re better than me. Everyone’s better than me. 

You know, I just lost. So much money in that stuff. But I didn’t. I just. I decided to take it slow. And I didn’t graduate anymore to get myself educated with Germany, you know. Absolutely and I took it slower and yeah, worked my way back up from there. 

And get my confidence back. And and, you know, there’s a lot of people that are in your place right now, probably in Europe, in the place that you were in there, maybe not have lost crazy amount of money, let’s say. 

But before hopefully we can advise them before they lose money. You don’t to lose money. And then kind of learn you want to learn before a lot of people were at your stage. You know, I was one of them. I was one of them where I was like, you know, my account was just going low and low and low. 

And I was like, OK, what do I do, you know? Like and it’s just and then I decided to do something like shift my learning, like learn from someone the right way, although it wasn’t a get rich quick scheme, it was like a process. What made you. 

Take money out of your account or take money that you’ve worked hard for and kind of invest it in their learning and invest it in the group and invest in yourself and get into the group. Whereas a lot of people in your position would be like, I want to put more money in the account, I want to pay more. I can’t like I can’t I can’t afford anything else. 

I don’t I need to make the account much bigger. I was in that place myself. I’d just like to hear your perspective on what made you say, you know what? I got to invest in myself rather than continue putting money into the account where any stock can go up and down at that point? So, you know, I was in your place, too. 

I was really suspicious when I decided to put money in buying cherries cause you didn’t have. It was a lot of information out there. He didn’t know what was good, what was bad for you. Because, you know, at that time, just give it a try. 

I’ve lost a lot. I don’t want to lose any more. And and I like Jeremy at that point. I know him through his YouTube video like he’s vipr. Just a short valuation, like, you know, it was a quick decision, I didn’t think much back there, she was in a really bad place. 

And yeah, you found angel, you know, like you can start with on discount, you know, just like have this cow. Do you know, I got to get there. Maybe that’s the only stock that I bought at a good price back then. And it is a 10x retirement, you know, 600 bucks for six months. I remember. Yeah so, Yeah. 

And would you recommend that to others? Would you recommend for other people to, let’s say, before continuing on the path of just like lifelessly putting money in the market or just trying to grow their accounts? Would you would you recommend them learning inside that from the becoming mass of the stock market or getting inside the private group? 

Would you recommend it to somebody before they continue putting money in the market? I mean, definitely I would. Guess just educated man, that’s the best thing you can do. Yeah, the investing journey. Self education is probably like. It goes unnoticed, but a lot of people should probably kind of look into it first, like I really learning or am I just doing and learning is not fun. 

Like you said, you didn’t like reading. He didn’t read. I was just like you, man. I honestly didn’t. I hated reading. I absolutely hated reading. I’ve never finished a book just like you. An article I would read an article, and I would just have no patience to continue the article at a certain point. But like just the discipline that you get from getting to the course and understanding. 

Look, look, there’s work to do. And I have to do it, and if I don’t do it, then I won’t succeed. But if I do it, good probability that I will succeed. Your mind kind of goes to the good probability wanting to succeed and starts kicking your butt and saying, that’s right. 

And now I can read just like you, man. I can read for a long period of time. If I really need to. I can spend the whole day reading without even caring. And that’s it. And I hope you continue doing what you’re doing, then honestly do. And it was great having you like. 

Is there any couple of last words that you’d like to point out in there before we wrap it up to have it covered? And all I want to say is the chairman was chairman is giving right now in his brother group. His course, is the best value ever been before. The end is growing. He’s growing it. He’s giving it out to be a real business. 

And and the value is growing over time. So I don’t nobody hesitation if you’re a serious investor and you want to grow, you want to have a better life. And Germany, the right guy, he is right, it is business as you like, and he’s inspirational and. Yeah, and the first thing you saw in the end, of course, probably is the introduction video in Germany. 

Germany says that I remember. What sacrifice are you willing to make to achieve when you’re going after enlightenment, and I remember that I will never forget that. And that does not guide me to who I am today on the readings. And he’s inspirational. 

That’s amazing to hear. And honestly, that’s amazing to hear. It is. It’s like you need to sacrifice to get where you want to be. To be honest, there’s no other way. You’re not going to get there like that. Like, it’s just if you could get there, like, better than anybody would be everywhere. Everybody would be successful. Everybody would be satisfied with where they are. 

Everybody would be achieving every single goal that they want to. But the problem is, it’s not like that. You have to put in the work at the sacrifice. You have to find mentors, find people that are above you, find people that are further than you, find people that are, where you want to go. And that’s probably the quickest and most easiest way, although it’s not easy. 

But I’m saying it’s probably the way that I’ll make it the easiest, because then you can lean on other people and nobody’s done it on their own. Everybody has a system. Franklin, thank you so much. Man, I appreciate you being here. It was a pleasure to you. Nice meeting you. And I hope you continue your success. Hopefully seven figures, some movement. Thank you so much for.

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