Prince Safari

Prince Safari

I learned about the stock market through my friend. He started investing and earned more.
I am still new in the stock market and still learning. I appreciate that someone like Jeremy is out there providing content and strategy about the stocks.

It really helps beginners like me to understand it more.
I appreciate Jeremy’s program because I learned how to be patient and to have an organized way of managing my portfolio.

All right, prince, Thanks for hopping on here with me right now to get some of your data to talk about your. So tell me about your investing journey and how you got started. Oh, basically, I’ve been trying to get into the stock market for a while.

Then I changed. I was more attracted to the first game. But then at the end of last year, my colleague, a friend of mine from my school, went to high school together, went to work together. So we were both interested.

But then he actually told me that, you know. That he actually started investing in the stock market. And he’s making you know, he’s making money and he’s the one that recommended me. Joining me, he’s my mentor in a really nice guy.

He knows what he’s doing. So that’s when I actually started learning about the stock market. I just watch his videos and some other people on the internet can sometimes be that friend of mine. He’s a mentor. Give me some lessons.

And he’s the one who started me talking about the PE ratio, the price. So he’s the one who told me about it. And it’s awesome. I’m glad you’re learning. So much. I mean, it’s not that much like. I’m not saying that I’m learning.

Yeah, I’m thankful for somebody who is asking for the video to give you a lot more value than somebody. Yeah, somebody who actually knows a little bit who gets more value from his videos on YouTube than somebody who is starting to see.

And so when you started investing, where you. How is your strategy from beginning and then how is it. Now that you found jeremy? Oh, I’m actually still learning because I only started in the beginning with my guys and the guys in investing.

Yo, what’s a key lesson, you learned from Jeremy so far? And Detroit is the most prominent. But I’m not I’m not sure how much you’re working on or is it still a good time to continue this story? Is it still good?

Well, I mean, if you’re patient, we can make patient recommendations. Sure, sure. So I think the biggest thing that the first thing I remember, you know, like maybe it’s is not the biggest single out to be profitable.

It is nice to have good management. First of all, for at least 10 years. Thank you. That’s good news for. That one, this one. Oh, yes, this is what it’s about, and with the market conditions that we are doing right now, like in a bear market, you know, it’s strategy.

I picked up the strategy of trading when the market is going down. I know you’re still learning. So what do you think you’re missing right now to become a better investor? But what I’m missing now, like it’s going to say that it’s a structured focus because I’m picking something here.

So I need somebody like to tell you to take everything up, you know, kind of like make it me. You know, I just I mean, you know, I don’t know if you understand. Yeah Yeah. So I right now, like, I need somebody to tell you, like from the beginning to the end. I mean, you always learning but Yeah.

At least give giving you gives you a structured structured course. Richer for sure, and we want that leanyer, of course, right? Luckily, Jeremy, has that become a master of stock market? Yeah, and I was talking to Vince, I don’t know if you know, if I mean, yeah, so I talked to him, he told me about the price.

But to be honest enough to get $1,000. That’s a budget for a family of five you. So I told him, oh, I talked to him. And I told him, like, I need a couple of months to come up with the money. They get enormous interest and they I want to start investing again, but I was always majoring in accounting in universities to.

Yeah, it’s something that I’m really into, like it resonates with. Hey, I’m glad to hear and that. That’s amazing that you’re so interested in the market right now. And I hope the best success for you comes eventually. And what’s to someone that’s never seen jeremy? How would you describe them?

How would you describe this? So for somebody like for somebody like me that has been looking for a mentor for mentorship program they’ve worked towards. You watch a video of him, you know, you find your mentor. Right most of these other guys, they talk bullshit, so excuse my language, they talk bullshit, right?

Yeah, the first thing they show you is about the right stuff. Enforcer, like for a guy with scarlet, like me, is afraid of being scammed like that. That was the first. Does the first red light? I guess not showing me actually how to do things. You showing me the last. Oh, I couldn’t possibly.

That’s a scan, you know. Yeah, but we seem like the EU. We’re looking for somebody like once you watch if I joined like I applied also to anyone, I guess, which ones did you end up on the plane. Right and you know, like if you look and you’re looking for a mental. Funding for program like you fund the guy if you know what you’re looking for, one, which is not.

One, we do know that, so you need. And I’m glad to see you’re able to see that Germans are really genuine person who cares about his viewers. Thank you for taking your time out of your day to Princeton. Any closing remarks you have for anyone watching? Oh, no, not really.

Just keep it up. You’re doing a great job. You know, it’s expensive for some of us here, but, I mean, it’s. Yeah, it’s a good program. Thanks Thanks again, man. Appreciate having you on here. I thought this was a great to rescue the crew of st.

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