Phil Morrison

I formerly had an experience with brokers but I was not super impressed. My friends recommend to buy my own stocks and I didn’t know much about it. Then they advised me to visit YouTube and search for “3 best stocks right now”.

That’s how I found Jeremy’s video and that got me started.
I started buying my own stocks and followed his advice as I watch his video. Jeremy is very sincere and experienced and he is very easy to understand.

Thanks for hopping on your fill, so go ahead and looking through your investing journey, how you got started. Thank you. You ask me how I got started. Yeah, yeah, tell me about how you started investing in first.

OK All right. Well, basically, I had two experiences with brokers in the last two or three years where they never I mean, I’m heavy into real estate and I never really was buying stocks in any way. These are just two guys that happen to, you know, have mutual friends or whatever.

And so the first guy we bought a couple of wheat stocks, everything was fine. And then there was this kind of speculative sort of IPOs thing where, you know, I put in a win a little bit bigger. I put in like 20 grand. And, of course, it completely tanked.

So I was like, you know, not super impressed. And then the second guy came along, same thing, where it was 20,000 sort of minimum. I mean, they were looking for 100. This is a friend of mine from my fitness club.

And it’s a pretty know, a lot of brokers, lawyers, that sort of thing. There And so I thought the guy had a he had a he had a big position in a pretty big firm. And yet again, it was like this speculative gold stock.

I mean, it was it was actually two different plays. But long story short, it went from 20 grand down to seven. So I called them up. And I would go, hey, man, I you know, I could probably do a better job of this than you are. Like, you’re supposed to be a pro.

Yeah and then he said, listen, one more shot. You know, he goes, let me there’s not much left. Let me put it into this IPO ever of I was like one of these. Mushroom companies and, you know, that was just a few weeks ago, and that’s already gone down a fair bit.

So I was like, OK, but in the then her recently, then that was fairly recent just because there was like seven grand left of the 20, I was like, you know, it was I’ll keep it rolling. And so in the meantime, I was you know, I was just talking to a friend. How like I was telling trying to debate actually to get out of this situation with this particular broker.

I was just so frustrated that, you know, someone that does that for a living can make such, you know, just kind of make your money disappear. So fast. Sure So my friend said, you know, why don’t you just, you know, just buy some stocks yourself?

Well, I don’t know much about it. And he goes to just go on YouTube and just punch in 3 best stocks right now. And that’s sort of watching some of the Jeremy videos and some of the other dudes on there.

And it kind of got me started into, you know, let’s get my accounts open. Let’s get. You know, let’s start researching some stocks that these guys are talking about, and I was liking what I was hearing and, you know, basically things were adding up.

So I started you know, I started buying some stocks about probably late January. And, you know, I thought, you know, I’ll put a couple grand here and there. I just really wanted to get some positions because I kept hearing that the market was going to correct itself.

And that it was overinflated. So I didn’t want to go too crazy. But then there were companies that, you know, that that Jeremy was talking about. And that. Meet Kevin guy was talking about that seemed pretty cool, so I started spreading it out a little bit more.

And then the dip that happened, I got in a little heavier. So, yeah, it turned out to be a lot more than I was anticipating. Like I was putting in 20 grand or 10 grand, like a couple of here and there.

And I probably got about 60 or 70 grand in the market right now. And most of it’s doing pretty good, actually. And the ones that are like lagging a bit, I, I feel that they’re pretty solid companies.

Again, just, you know, I got into doing the conference calls and kind of, you know, looking at the quarterly earnings, not that I’m an expert, but, you know, you can make sense of if something’s a little overvalued or whatever.

And so you started off. So basically always started off long term, then everything. I mean, that’s I started just applying the principles that I do with my real estate, which is everything I buy is, you know, pretty much forever.

Like I’m Yeah. You I’ve been buying real estate for over 20 years, so it’s paid off pretty well. Anything, you know, anything about 10 or 15 years ago is kind of crazy. And looking at these companies thinking the same thing.

And I’d say I mean, it just started off literally in my mind, like I got three or four grand a month extra that I can invest somewhere that, you know, over the course of two years. Could it be 50 or 100 grand?

And then my goal is kind of like, you know, maybe I get it up to half a million in the next couple of years. And just kind of, you know, I’m going to cap off at a certain point and just kind of let it ride, let it keep growing.

So that’s kind of outside. So, yeah, I mean, I you know, at the same time, I, I read a couple of books to that were helpful. And I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Motley Fool. Yeah Yes. I read one of their books and that I just I’m just reading one of Peter Lynch’s books, which like Peter Lynch.

Yeah, I mean, it’s basically right up the same alley. Right it’s a long term. Don’t overthink it. Don’t have too much. I mean, I feel like I’m almost getting too many stocks now, like I want to be five or six or seven like ones that I really like and just keep adding to them, you know, dollar cost averaging, basically.

Sure and tell me what’s an important lesson, you learned so far from jeremy? Yeah, chimney’s. I like his videos the most, actually. I learned to listen to the conference calls. I learned about kind of doing the.

You know, kind of learning about the investor part of the company’s websites and all the information that you can find out researching, you know, brands going on, you know, finding out reviews and things like that.

So, I mean, some of the companies that I bought into, you know, the they aren’t in my wheelhouse of of, you know, things I know about, like some of the tech companies. But but the idea of what they do and learning about the service, like finding out about things like if they’re, you know, how many products, their customer would rebuy over time, like things like that.

And, you know, that churn rate. Yeah, churn rate. And, you know, the kind of buildable audience or whatever the hell the whatever the correct term is that, you know, like I been, to courser, gaming a fair bit and tattooed a fair bit over the last little while.

And, you know, I mean, I didn’t even know about the gaming industry, to be honest. I mean, I’m shocked to find out. It’s as big as it is. And it’s been exactly like an old demo there. So it’s not really my generation, but holy shit, it’s like a multibillion dollar industry.

Right and then I talk to my staff and they know that brand really well. They have a lot of them have parts from that brand. Right so. So it kind of cemented the deal, you know, what are some of your top positions in your portfolio right now?

Those two are pretty big. I started buying more EMC when it was down around seven, $8. A Canadian, of course, I’m in Canada. So it’s Canadian dollar, some of its Canadian dollars about it. Started buying into plan 13 as well.

My favorites right there. Yeah, that’s a good one. And yeah, I mean, it’s different, right? I feel like almost like the weed business in Canada. You know, it’s legal in Canada, but I feel like a lot of the companies, they’ve been up and down a fair bit.

Right and I think it’s because they all got the the, you know, growing part and they got the surplus, but they got no way to. It’s also government regulated. They don’t really have acting. They don’t really have access to the direct market like something like plan 13. So it’s kind of interesting with their retail way of doing things.

Yeah, I mean, when it goes federally illegal in the states, I mean, that could really be a huge thing for sure. I mean, I’m sure there is that are like in the forefront as well. But I like it seems pretty cool. What they’re doing.

And they seem well managed. Another one I started buying more aggressively was very good food, which is a Canadian company as well, that I know Jeremy talked about a few times. Again, it’s like I’m vegan as well.

So that’s something that my wife and I really go right up your alley. Yeah so my wife and I were always looking for these kinds of products. And you can never find them. I mean, there is no tattooed chef in Canada, there. You know, even the very good food stuff it hasn’t fully rolled out into.

It’s only in one supermarket or one grocery store. And it’s very slow to get to the market. Right so you can see there’s a pent up demand for it. I think these are sort of things I can relate to a bit more easily. Yeah so those are the main ones.

And then everything else. I’ve got a couple of speculative stocks that, you know, I could you know, I don’t think I don’t see holding long term just for fun, you know, tips from friends or whatever.

But it again, I’m not going in heavy on anything like that. It’s $1,000 here. $1,000 They’re the ones I’ve been really pounding on are the tattooed chef, the corsaro gaming AMC. A little less so. And then a bit more.

What are your top research positions then? Just off the top of my head, I would say I probably get like probably the biggest position is like seven or eight grand. US would be probably courser gaming and tattooed chef would be in those top categories.

I’ve been buying into Facebook a bit more too. I just I just put in my I buy Walgreens about Walgreens. I bought that in my RSP, so but I bought about $5,000 worth of that. So that was pretty cool. That was a pretty aggressive move for me.

I mean, I’m kind of still a beginner, right. So and then I bought some ETFs. I bought some of the ETFs. So it’s almost a 50/50 split. Like I feel like the ETFs are like, I’m kind of in things that I might not otherwise really know about that much.

And I feel like learning about Kathy woods was you know, it’s a good place for me to be right now in terms of having money to invest. And I feel like she’s going to win in the end, like we might there might be a couple of hiccups, but she seems to really aggressively be searching out the next, you know, what’s happening next.

So it’s fun. I mean, I’ve been learning that’s another big thing. It’s like just from watching those videos, it’s like, you know, as he’s talked about a couple of times, you start looking at things differently, right. When you go out now.

And you start wondering about, you know, who’s behind it. And how are they for real or, you know, or are they, you know. So, yeah, it’s been super cool. It’s been a huge learning curve for me, to be honest and super interesting.

Like like I feel like I’m more in tune with kind of what’s happening in the world, basically. Right like whereas in the past. You know, like I mean, just for example, like I’ll just casually mention to people about Amazon owning, you know, cloud storage and yeah, it us and like most people don’t like just I mean.

Smart people don’t have no idea that where most of their revenue comes from. Right so, yes, it’s been good. It’s been kind of like, you know, it’s I feel like it’s probably into this Millennium, a little bit in terms of what’s happening. So that’s been good.

And to someone who’s never seen Jeremy or any of his videos, how would you describe them? Very personable. It seems to make sense, the things he says, like, again, I’ve been encouraged to do my own research as well.

I’m not just like, oh, I got so watch some guy on YouTube. He seems like quite sincere, actually. And like he’s know, he seems like he’s pretty experienced at this stuff. He’s easy to listen to, like a lot of the guys are like a lot of them are enemies.

I find. He’s a little. Yeah, I guess I’d say less arrogant than some of the other guys I’ve seen on there, like he’s not as opinionated, like it’s more like. You know, he’s kind of. You know, some guys you know, some guys are good, and they’re successful, so they, you know, and maybe rightfully so, their ego gets a little out of control at that.

Right and I don’t see I’m sure you know, I see that we see with. It’s more like, you know, he could make a mistake and he’d probably own up to it, you know what I mean. Exactly and drimmer were to watch us right now with so much as you would have for him.

Yeah, I guess the one thing which would probably irk me to maybe even take a course, I mean, I did meet someone else in a previous thing, and it was the bottom line was for me. And what came out of that first round of conversations was, I just don’t have the time like they were talking about, you know, 10 hours a week committing.

And I was like, you know what I got? I mean, I literally have hundreds employees. I got an active business. This is more of a side thing for me. And I’m not going to be trading night and day like some of these guys do for a living.

It’s something extra money, like I want to just make sure it’s properly invested in and interested. You know, interestingly invested. So for him, I hate to think just more videos, man. I mean, I love watching those videos that they’re super entertaining.

And I guess, you know, I mean, it’d be nice to hear what he’s thinking about stuff sooner. Like, I mean, I’m not subscribed to anything, so I’m not hearing what he’s buying until it’s kind of already happening.

But again, it’s like I’m limited. I’m only going to buy some stock. So it doesn’t matter that much. And even if I get in a bit later, I’m not. As long as it’s going in the right direction, I don’t really care, you know.

Yeah, for sure. And again, Thanks for dropping on. You’re taking time out of your day. Any advice for someone watching this right now? Any closing remarks? Sorry, any closing remarks or advice for somebody watching this?

Well, I guess the advice is universal, right? Just again, reading the Peter Lynch stuff and watching Jeremy, it’s kind of like the same message. Don’t be in such a rush to buy the stocks. That’s why I don’t mind, even waiting for these just free videos, you know, if it’s gone up $1 or two. Do I care?

I’m buying stuff for five years, 10 years. I don’t really care. But, yeah, it’s just that message of don’t rush into it like that if it takes an extra day or two or three, because I felt myself sometimes like, holy shit, I got to buy now I got to get more money like, what the hell am I doing? I don’t even know who the CEO is.

I don’t know anything about these companies. Right like, I’m just out of it. Right and it is fairly addictive. It’s kind of like a real rush to a man when you start buying some cool stuff. And you see it go up a little bit and say.

Well, you know, it’s like you can get kind of it’s almost like I want to call it gambling, but it has that feeling of how it could be like gambling, you know, fumo, if you’re missing out on that next deal.

So it’s nice to take a step back and, you know, just kind of let you know, let your own sort of rhythm go to it. And, yeah, I was looking into the thing. I was I just noticed something yesterday. There’s some I guess some package that’s like reduced this month at six, $750 or something like that might be more up my alley where it’s like such a huge commitment.

Like if I, you know, I don’t need it. I don’t I’m not looking for coaching and all that. It’s just like how to read the documents, how to understand what you know, how to judge, you know, make a good point exactly what an investment is.

Basically, I think I’m like half the way. There is a couple of pointers. And then, you know, I do love her. I’ve really enjoyed watching the conference calls and stuff like that. You know, you did bring up a good point.

What do you think you’re missing right now to take your business to the next level? I just I just a bit of understanding of, you know, like making sense of the financials. Right? like, Yeah. When is a company really overvalued?

You know, when is it. You know, when is it, you know, the price for earnings and kind of using those ratios to make a decision and, you know, how much weight do you put in that? And, you know, they can get they get tips, you know, obviously from YouTube and just talking to friends.

And then I joined the Motley Crue or the Motley Fool subscription. And, you know, I once or twice a month they’ll make a recommendation. And I don’t buy them all, but I research them. All right. And I mean, I don’t want to.

And I don’t have the time to research 1,000 companies. I only need to pick five or 6. Good ones. So, Yeah. Like but understanding. You know what? What strategy a guy like Peter Lynch would use into buying a company that, you know.

Other people are ignoring, like the way Germany or whoever, whoever he finds these stocks to look at when, you know, like I know he’s been talking a lot about Dropbox and kind of Wall Street’s missing out on this one. And Walgreen’s just overlooked it. So how do.

What are the criteria for determining when something is actually being overlooked? That’s kind of where I need to sharpen up on. Yeah, it’s a good point. Again, Thanks for taking time out of your day. I really appreciate neusner.


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