Noah Beggs

I’ve been investing for 2 and 1/2 years now. I found Jeremy from Graham Stephan. I was in personal finance. I was trying to figure out how to manage my money better, how to hopefully learn to invest from that connection. I found out about Jeremy and his channel.

At first, I only had a few dollars. And I just started with four grand. And that was mostly following Jeremy’s picks. I was kind of just copying him. That first six months kind of decided I need to make a change and really learn the process.

So I got in the private group. At that time, I had around four grand, and that was a year and a half ago. Now, I’m over six figures or somewhere around 110 grand. So, you know, really helped me ramp up and gained a lot of confidence.

All right, I’m here with my man, Noah, another member of the financial fortress spreaded group. How are you doing? I’m doing good, man. How are you? Not too bad. Not too bad.

You know, but you give us a little background about yourself, a little bit of your investing journey and how you came across to start investing and how you were able to find Jeremy joined. Sure yes. I mean, I’ve been investing for, I think 2 and 1/2 years now. Kind of found Jeremy from Graham, stefán. So I was kind of personal finance.

Right I was I was trying to figure out how to manage my money better, how to hopefully learn to invest from that connection. I was able to kind of start finding I found out about Jeremy and his channel. And I was a little over two years ago at the time, I was interested in learning day trading. And, of course, you know, that wasn’t really going anywhere for me.

So I kind of switched over to that long term mindset. Like like Jeremy teaches, you know, at first, I only had a few dollars. And I just started building it up, built it up to like four four grand.

And that was mostly following Jeremy’s picks. Right I was kind of just copying him.

That first six months kind of decided I need to make a change and really learn the process. So I got in the private group.

At that time, right around four grand, and that was a year and a half ago, so and now, you know, I’m over six figures or somewhere around 110 grand. So, you know, really helped me ramp up and gained a lot of confidence. And and I kind of just taken it from there.

That’s the same man from four grand to 110. That’s that’s nuts. And then what, year and a half. Yeah Yeah. It was a crazy market, but you know, with, with that community.

And with Jeremy’s help, like, I was able to actually take advantage of that opportunity. So without that, I would have just been lost, you know.
Yeah, then we’ll speak about that community in a second. But, you know, what was your main struggle before you started? Like, what was the thing that made investing a little bit challenging for you or overwhelming. Yeah, I know.

I had no idea how to start. Right I understand the financials, how to actually choose a good company.
So I just was like, well, you know, if Jeremy says it’s good, it’s good. You know, when I would pick a company like an Apple or something, I would sell, right? Oh, it went up 15% I sold or I would panic, panic sell as well.

So it drops 5% on my own selling. I didn’t I didn’t have that confidence to hold and understand why is a company going up or down.

And just have that confidence to hold for years? Right and and, you know, you kind of put yourself in a position to lose a lot of money if you don’t have the confidence to hold through that volatile market. Yeah, Yeah. No, no doubt.

I mean, it’s definitely tough, man, like anybody that starts off. And it’s definitely a huge struggle, like managing emotions.

And I think a lot of people think that it’s just emotionally strong people that are able to do it. And I from speaking to people, it seems like it’s not the case. It seems like.

The way you were able to handle your emotions through confidence and the way you get confidence is through knowledge. And once you know, you’ve done proper research and you have a goal, a plan, a exit strategy at a certain point and you’re looking forward to stock and you valued it properly and emotional turbulence kind of doesn’t go with the market.

It stays stoic and they actually turn into opportunities rather than to sell. Exactly you know, it’s like it’s like with Tesla, right? It’s like, OK, if I had my plan, I said, OK, I don’t care what happens in the short term.

And I was able to hold through all that ups and Downs and not sell to earlier. And miss out on profits. Right because I had that confidence. I was like, I don’t care.

You know, I believe in this company for the next five, 10 plus years. Whatever happens in the next few months, it’s fine.

And I really didn’t care. I didn’t care if you win, my portfolio is getting to all time lows, and pessl is crashing. And, you know, when it got to all time highs, I wasn’t like jumping up and down.

I was able to stay calm. And I think that’s key is right. Learning how to manage emotions and learning how to have that confidence where you’re like, I have my plan.

And I don’t need to worry. Right if I’m up, I’m down. It’s OK. And a lot of new investors and myself when I was new to you, start freaking out the markets down.

I’m feeling so, so, so sad. Like, what do I do, man? And it’s like it’s OK. Just just if it’s a good deal by. And if you’re going up, just hold, you know, and that’s something I definitely learned from Jeremy and the courses and just being around other people that are a lot more experienced.

Yeah what we’re going to be tonight. What was it like, what was it that resonated with you with when Jeremy.

I know there’s a lot of YouTube and I know like you came from grant, so obviously you had like Graham kind of featured it on a couple of these videos and stuff. So like, what was it about his investing, his stock market investing style that said, you know, I can learn from Jeremy, I can learn from this type of person.

What resonated with you then? You know, Jeremy is really good at breaking down complex topics, I think, and really making it. So someone who is new can understand.

I can understand how this thing works. A lot of people make it sound really complicated, really technical. But but it’s not right there. Simple principles.

And he breaks those down so that you can go a through Z and kind of actually understand those basic fundamentals and you understand that basic roadmap. And once you have that, you know, it’s so much simpler. Yeah, no, no doubt. Of course.

Yeah, so that that helped me a lot. You know, Jeremy just was a really good teacher and really helped me kind of get started. And then once I got more and more, I watched all his videos.

And I ended up going towards his courses and everything like that. And just learn more, you know? Yeah yeah, I he has a way of turning like the Wall Street lingo into like everyday language. It makes it. So much. It makes it easier for it brings down the barrier of entry from for anyone that’s looking to just start investing, you know, like it can be overwhelming, then like coming in.

And like, first of all, there’s that, there’s the concepts and there’s a lingo on top of it. And it’s just like, where do I even start? But like you said, you two, he has a good way of explaining, making it easy to understand and easier to swallow first, especially let’s move on to that confidence.

Like you spoke about the confidence being in a community, b, being around people that kind of help you with holding no one. Helping you would stop the research and just confidence overall, just looking at someone like mentorship, kind of the private group, the discord, if you were to explain it to somebody that’s on the outside, well, how would you how would you explain it? Yeah, so the private group, right, that’s where you have the community, we have all the members, some of them newer than others, some of them super experienced.

Right millions in the market, decades of investing. And so you have really skilled people.

And you can just bounce ideas off each other. Right for me, of course, listening to everything Jeremy says in the chat, super helpful.

But there’s so many other investors that are super active, that are super smart and just being able to say, OK, I just read this, this guy’s bullish ideas on this company. Let me look into it. And and maybe that’s something I’m going to invest in.

And I think Jeremy finds a lot of his stocks from the private group. And, you know, I pretty much find all of mine there as well.

So many talked about that. You know, I just try to read into all of them, and that’s how I find the next one I want to invest in. So just some really good community.

And I mean, it just it saves me a lot of time, too. I’m so busy that being able to, like, try to research all those companies on my own is impossible. And so so so being able to save that time and just everyday kind of go through some of the sections where people post new companies are looking into.

And just that way I can just spend a brief amount of time, 10, 15 minutes reading through. Does this interest me or not? And that way I can get so much more information, so much quicker.

It’s awesome. Yeah and the one thing I kind of hear a lot, too, and it’s happened to me a lot, is where, you know, you go in and you try to research a look from A to Z.

The problem is you go in and like, let’s say like you’re 70% or 60% in. And let’s be honest, like researching a stock takes like weeks. It’s not a ton of days. You know, it’s decently.

We can ask for you to actually fully go into it, especially if you’re a beginner, which I was, and you end up disqualifying a stock like 60, 70% in your research. And it’s like, OK, you disqualified it.

So late in and you’ve wasted this time on the stock. Meanwhile, you could have had a better process or better screening process where you could have disqualified it in the first like 15, 20 minutes.

And I feel like that’s what the different information I get from the private group that helps a lot. And being able to kind of, like you said, in 15, 20 minutes, understand if this is something I want to put more work into or not.

Exactly is your money right? It’s not just the money. It’s literally the time of year, because time in the market and each time the market. And when you’re able to save yourself time, I think that goes a long way, especially when you’re compounding it year over year. Exactly and saving time.

Right that’s one thing. But the time you save that allows you to check into. So many more companies.

So you’re not going to miss out on that one big winner because you’re actually able to get a look into each company as opposed to spending a week on one company. It turns it doesn’t work out. You know, you could have looked into five, 10 other companies in that same time, if you had a better process. Yeah, yeah, no, I love it, Yeah.

And then obviously, you know, just being like obviously also like being around like a group of people that are just so much better than you. I think that that alone is enough to boost your confidence by, like, a big, big, long like, you know, you’re not the only crazy person that thinks the stock might go up or should go up.

Oh, you have a bunch of other people with you. Yeah, no, it’s really helpful that the community comes together and we find a great stock we believe in. And we all chip in and we all have that confidence. Right we’re all in it together. And it just makes it. So much easier to hold through all the volatility when, you know, you have 50 other investors, 100 other investors that are super smart, all holding.

OK, yeah, we got this. Is that good community as opposed to just being like, I don’t know anyone who owns this stock.

I hope it all works out, you know. Yeah, I mean, I mean, look at gold stocks, Tesla is the one that test your patience.

The most, and you kind of withstood that with the group, obviously. And so it’s like, yeah, we can get through anything.

Exactly and there’s a lot of people that that’s sold. Right they made 50% They made 100% And they sold and they’re in there already. Or they said, I didn’t understand it.

I thought it was overvalued. And it’s like, well, you know, I can understand that.

But there were so many people doing research and posting about Tesla for months and months when it was super cheap and just, Yeah. Built up my confidence, that whole new level.

And knowing that all of these other people with millions in the market are like, hey, I’m holding and I’m not selling. I’m like, well, if they’re holding, I should hold to, you know. And then and that’s what’s so beneficial.

You Yeah. I love him. And that’s a great. I think anybody is going to kind of see this.

And just like to have a better understanding of what it is to be like in private group. If we move on to the course. Jeremy puts in, of course, becoming massive stock market like his the six, however long he’s been.

And I think he’s been in the market over 13 years. That’s if I’m being corrected, being sacked and know that course, they’re becoming less the stock market.

If you were to give a brief explanation to someone of what it is, how would you put it in words? Yeah, I mean, it’s pretty much everything you need to know to get started, right? So if you’ve never invested in the stock market, you’ve never bought a stock, you don’t even know how to set up a brokerage or anything like it. Walk through Z. How to do everything right. It’s super short videos, super simple, you know, and it’s just very easy to understand. And it walks you through it.

Right and just how to do all the financials. Right, how to actually understand them.

And I’ve gone through the course multiple times. Right usually, I mean, it’s been two years now that I’ve been in the program. So, yeah, I mean, at least once or twice a year.

I try to go through it. And at least those fundamentals to just really master them because, you know, just having that confidence that you understand how to find and value a company, it’s just so beneficial, you know, and it definitely helped me when I was beginning, right.

When I was brand new. That was super, super helpful to go through that.

And once I had that base knowledge, then to actually talk to other investors about what I learned and really took it to the next level. Yeah, exactly.

Like you said, it’s kind of like the base knowledge for you to go and talking to a private group. And know what you’re talking about.

And understand what other people are putting in as well. Right, exactly. Yeah and I’m assuming now after you have a better, more systematic way of picking a stock, you know, like looking at the financials and knowing what to look for, of course, because there’s so much.

I mean, if you look at the tank of a company, it’s looking like 130 pages. I mean, you can lose yourself in there for a long time. And it’s just it’s not what we’re hoping for. We’re hoping to kind of make it a little bit more efficient.

That’s the whole point of the course. Would you say that helps you that way? Definitely, Yeah. Like, I had no strategy, no process before.

And now I have, like, a very systematic way. I like to look into companies. So I like I know where to start. Right I know how to go through a process.

And that’s what Jeremy walks you through. Right, how to walk through that process step by step. And then it. That’s how you really get that knowledge. And that’s how you get that firm belief that, OK, this is a company.

I’m going to put my money into or I’m not. Right and so now that I have that process, it’s way simpler.

Right and after you kind of go through it and you just talk to other people about it and you build your conviction. Yeah and this is like this is generational wealth.

Like we’re talking about like this is something that like I know money being passed down to a family member is something very important. But a lot of people don’t talk about the knowledge to achieve them, because I’ve spoken to a lot of people that have been passed down some inheritance, but they just don’t know what to do with the money.

Right and it’s like I would rather have the knowledge because I can with the knowledge, you can get the money, you know what it’s like, and you feel like this is something that you can pass on to the younger generation, to your children later on, later on in the future. You can tell them. This is a way I did it. And if they learn it, they’ll be more they’re more set in life. And the money.

Exactly Yeah. Like, it brings a lot of confidence, you know, because I had a lot of financial stress and like being like, hey, I don’t know how I’m going to provide for my family.

I don’t know how to live a decent life. And, you know, this has kind of brought that into kind of ending a lot of that financial pain of like, OK, I have a cushion.

And I know it’s going to grow and grow and grow and it’ll be, you know, a million someday and it’ll continue to provide for my family. But now I also have that knowledge where I know I can actually teach my family, teach my children in the future.

And exactly pass down. Hopefully some wealth and a good life, a good comfortable life, but but also pass down that knowledge.

So that they have those skills to, you know, to take care of themselves. And a super I mean, it’s priceless, right? It’s incredible to have that ability to help out your friend, your family and pass on that knowledge.

Yeah, no doubt. I mean, like, if you’re able to pass on that knowledge, if you’re thinking about it, like, you know, you’re teaching them how to do what you just did.

So like if you’re doing that for other people, it’s just it creates a mindset in the family that can grow for, you know, because I know a lot of people that are just, you know, working, putting in there 401(k)s. And letting that do the work. But the problem.

And there’s nothing wrong with it, right? There’s nothing wrong with kids, with fallen kids.

There’s nothing wrong with them. And, you know, Buffett speaks about if you know nothing about the stock market, you just want to put your money somewhere.

It’s a great place to put it. But the problem is, if you put that responsibility on yourself and say, hey, let me just figure out how to do it a little bit further, that step further that you take in terms of learning education, testing yourself, that is the difference between an average 10% a year to an average of 15, 20, 30% on, you know what I mean? And especially if you’re able to spot good companies like Tesla, for example, and I can name a bunch of others that came from, the group.

But this is probably the one right now that everybody’s got their head around. But if you’re able to do that on a consistent basis over time, I mean, there’s just no little.

For you, right, and for people around you, and that’s exactly you know, if I was just putting it, you know, a fun example, right? I had through my work, I had my IRA. I’d like $1,500 in there and four years, like, I think maybe I made like $100 and it was like three years sitting there. I took I took that into my own hands during when the market crashed, I said, I’m switching this over, I’m picking stocks.

You know, I think it’s like 27 k now you know, like if you just take control of your money you clearly, that’s a crazy time where everything was on sale. But you know, it’s like your money just sits there and it’s safe, but there’s no growth.

And it’s like, you know, take a little bit of risk, but actually learn what you’re doing, and it can make it. So you’re not hoping to retire when you’re 70 with maybe one million. You can retire at 50 with the 10 million.

Right it’s a big difference if you really stick to it. So that’s what I’m trying to do.

Yeah and those figures that you just said, are a bit. They seemed absurd from a person that hasn’t seen what a compound interest calculator does.

But if you ever want it to put into perspective, the growth that you compound over three years, and if you do it properly, go check it on a calculator, go check it ionic compound calculator. It’s like it’s mind blowing a 5% difference on a yearly basis.

What that can do to your portfolio. It’s mind blowing. And I really encourage anybody to just go and play around with it just for the sake of playing around it, you know, like even if you have no intention of just do it.

And it’s good to have that knowledge to know, hey, look, there’s the possibility. And like you said, it’s a risky thing.

Obviously, the market is never a safe fully, but it is there is risk. But the knowledge allows you to mitigate the risk to a manageable level and put your money. And you’re doing it in a very calculated manner.

You’re doing it a very confident manner, and you’re following others that are doing it with you. And there’s knowledge there. And then obviously, there’s strategies that go when you’re going long term.

You know, there’s hedging yourself, there’s everything you learn, all of that. And that’s the thing with the market.

I wanted to transition maybe before we look towards the end here. But look, if you had a dear friend, I was asked this question.

If you a dear friend that wants to start investing, obviously, and has that as a goal of them, but they’re more concerned about putting money into their stock brokerage account. To grill, because they want obviously, I was there like, you know, you want to grow the account as fast as possible, you want to pull money and you want to put money in it.

So you can buy more stocks rather than buying or investing in yourself. And investing into a program like the private group, like the massive stock market.

So you can learn the fundamentals before you move on. How would you recommend that friend?

And what would you how would you kind of recommend it to them? Yeah, you know, if someone is looking to get into investing, right, they want to take it serious.

They want to pick stocks. The common thing people do is they want to do it all by themselves.

They want to build up their portfolio. Right it’s not worth it. I only have two grand or 10,000 or something.

But, you know, I started. And then got in when I had 4,000.

Right because I didn’t know what I was doing. I was getting no real benefit, no returns.

But once I actually took that step to join right. To, to invest in myself, I actually went I actually started that learning process.

And that’s when I got real results. So it’s like, you know, if you expect to just be able to do everything on your own by yourself and have good results, you know, it’s going to be so much harder.

It’s like take the shortcut. Right learn from other people.

And that way you can get results and get started. And make the mistakes while you have a little, you know, a smaller portfolio. Yeah, I can just get you ramped up. So much faster.

And so, I mean, I was I was intimidated to invest in, you know, by a course or invest in the program when I only had 4,000 on my account. But I was like, man, like I know I’m going to I know I’m taking this serious. I’m not I’m not going to quit.

So to me, it was like a no brainer. It’s like, I’m going to figure this out.

And I know Jeremy is the guy that’s going to help me. So, you know, clearly, clearly it paid off.
o, yeah, you had a long term outlook on it. And that’s the thing.

That’s the most important thing about it. Right it’s like looking later on.

And like you said, like trial and error. If you do it all by yourself, like the market is one place where you don’t want to trial and error just because trial and error is not like, OK, you made a mistake.

Let’s go take no. It’s like money gets lost because your account like drops.

That’s when that’s what happens in the market. So you learn the hard way because the money kind of like it disappears.

So it’s like there’s no feeling worse than that at the time. Right so it’s like. You know, investing in yourself is definitely something that’s in any way, shape, or form in anything.

It’s the number one thing you should look at first, because betting on yourself is probably the best that you’re going to make. Yeah, and just and people should just really think about, like, you know, you don’t want it.

You don’t want to have to lose money to learn, like learn from other people. So you don’t have to make those mistakes. And especially when people are new.

You know, I hear about people that lose money once, and then they quit and/or I go, the stock market is not for me, or it’s a scam. And I’m like, well, did you even did you even try to learn and are like, now? I just threw it in this company.

I thought it was good. I was like, well, you have to have a plan.

If you don’t have a plan, like you’re going to lose money. And then you’re going to quit and then it will work.

But if you have that fundamental plan down and you learn all the basics and you have that community to help you, you’re going to get there, you know, and that’s what I would tell my friend. Like, hey, you you know, you don’t just jump into a random stock, you know, actually get a plan.

Yeah, actually, no, that’s amazing. I mean, that’s probably the one thing I’m telling you to get yourself a plan, learn and then because, like, you have time on your side.

And then you’ll be able to pick stocks later. Like, that’s the whole thing that, you know, we covered everything.

I feel like we covered everything for, you know, you provided a lot of value for a lot of people that are going to be watching this. Now, before we wrap it up.

Do you have any last words that we didn’t cover that you feel like you want to kind of say? You know, I think that pretty much wraps everything up.

I just I just would say that it’s really helped me. It’s helped a lot of other people.

I know Jeremy’s program and his teaching. And no matter what level you’re at, it’s definitely, definitely worth going through those fundamentals.

Right going through the courses and making sure you really have a super good program, a good system in place. And and I think Jeremy likes to have his 15 step system.

And like getting as detailed as a process that you can really help you out as you grow your wealth over time. So, yeah, that’s just that’s what I’d have to say. Absolutely thank you. I appreciate it.

I know a lot of people are going to benefit from this. And we think you hear from the financial education team.

Perfect Thanks for having me. Good to talk to you, man.

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