Michael Valvasori

I have been watching Jeremy Lefevbre’s videos on a regular basis because that was like that was one of my main sources of information and having knowledge when it came to general markets and specific companies, and at the time, which I believe was 2019.

Eventually, I ended up taking the full-year membership. And that was the first time that I had ever done anything like that. So coming from a completely new perspective, it was like, I didn’t know what to expect. But obviously, it’s proven to be as legit as can be. 

I’m doing this for myself, but I didn’t know what to expect from it. I don’t consider it a risk. It’s a membership fee. But again, it’s probably one of the membership fees that have the most value that you’ll ever get out of it.

So you’re going to start with just introducing myself. I was just going to introduce you right now. And so a member of the financial fortress private group again. Michael, give us a little introduction of yourself. Man and how did you how did you come across Jeremy? 

Yeah, so. So my name is Michael and I’m 25. And I probably stumbled upon Jeremy and I would have to say maybe two or three years now, I’ve been interested in investing for, for as far as I can remember. 

And so it was kind of like a natural way that I just fell through just doing research on YouTube especially, which seems to be the new way that a lot of people are learning things in a great way to learn new things, especially for those who maybe don’t learn the typical way in reading textbooks and stuff like that. 

Visual learning is a great way to do it. And especially for me, it was fantastic because I kind of have a little bit of a short attention span. So, you know, being able to see that content visually is a complete game changer. And you say to everybody, so that’s pretty much how I discovered him through to. So it was like, what was it. 

You’ve been investing for a long time, probably around that time, too. Was there something kind of that you were still if you were in the market or something you were struggling with? Well, yeah, so obviously, I was just finding my way right. 

So I got early, early investing. You don’t have the full confidence yet. You don’t have all the information. And the resources at your disposal. So when you find someone who you resonate with a lot and just also explain things in a very simple way, you naturally gravitate towards that. 

So that was the case for me at least. But yeah, it was it was pretty organic. Yeah, he has a way of, like, explaining things very simply, like you said, like it’s kind of like it’s some stuff or a little complicated to explain to someone that’s never seen it. 

But he has like a way of just making it seem a little bit seamless, like for someone who doesn’t have mine, myself included, that I don’t even like. I didn’t like reading at all. I hated reading. I like the walls become beautiful when I’m reading the attention span of a goldfish. But hey, like he found a way to explain and he resonated with a lot of people like. 

Yeah and also right around that time because I had been watching his videos on a regular basis because that was like that was one of my main sources of information and just knowledge when it came to general markets and specific companies, and at the time, which I believe was 2019 maybe some are 2019. 

Around that time Jeremy was messaging, a lot of people and very interactive with potential customers. Right so he was like sending a message on Facebook and Instagram and actually asking me how much money you have, what’s your goal, what do you think is a reasonable target. And then I would tell him. 

He’s like, OK, we can definitely achieve that. And so, like, it took me a while, like, you know, I didn’t just jump into it because I was, you know, as with everything, I like to be a little bit skeptical. But naturally, eventually I ended up and I bit the bullet and it took about the full year membership. 

And that was the first time that I had ever done anything like that. Right so coming from like a completely new perspective, it was like, I didn’t know what to expect. So but obviously, it’s proven to be as legit as can be. 

And the wealth of knowledge that that comes from the group is second to none, right? Yeah, I was going to say, like, what do you what would you what would you call it? Like most people call it, like a fee or something. I don’t know. A lot of it is like I see it personally. 

I was an investment itself. Like if you’re just going to buy a stock or something like this is like you’re the stock, like you’re the first stock that you should. But like, if you’re going to go in the market and just risk things like, I would bet on myself first before betting on everybody else. 

Right like it’s kind of that 100% And that’s kind of the way I looked at it, was that this isn’t an investment in myself. And that’s the way that I kind of approach everything in life is OK, is this going to benefit me? I’m doing this for myself, but I didn’t know what to expect from it.

But I call it a risk, if you will not. I don’t I don’t consider myself risk. I considered it. It’s a membership fee. But but again, it’s like it’s probably one of the membership, one of the membership fees that has the most. Value that you’ll ever get out of it, you know what I mean?

So so I mean. And of course, I’m satisfied with it. And renewed renewed this year in January for the second year. And I mean, I mean, you see. So many people in the group or it’s like. And we know like, you know, they have a ton of money.

And it’s like when you just sometimes I ask myself, why, why are they still in the group when they don’t really have to be paying? But it’s not even about that. It’s really just about the community at this point. And the amount of information that everybody shares and different perspectives.

And all that. So it’s really just a perfect storm that just comes together. So, you know, you mentioned, it’s like, why. Why do they even have to be there? You don’t even have to be there anymore. For some reason, they want to be like obviously like us, you know, like I we realized that we were in the same city, you and I.

And it’s like from what I know, I don’t know what true. But like, I don’t like not a lot of people around here are talking about stock market, like, you know, like it’s not as if we’re talking investments like real estate. But then even that, it’s like. Yeah, for a lot of people for sure, because it’s not spoken about as much, at least not in Canadian media, I would say.

And like you said, I was also shocked when you reached out and found out that we were in the same city and had mutual friends and stuff like that, because I have a group of friends who I consider pretty like very, very smart friends and knowledgeable. And some of them are in finance as well.

In fact, one of them is even studying to be a CFA. And and even the conversations when it comes to. To just stock market and stuff like it’s limited, it’s not the group provides an outlet for you to just say what’s on your mind regarding investments, finance, all that type of thing.

And there’s so many like minded people that, you know, it’s just so easy. It just comes out. You don’t try. You can bounce ideas off of other people and stuff like that. So it’s really it’s refreshing when it’s an outlet for us. 

Like like you said, it’s you know, it’s like you get people in the same group that are working towards the same exact goal that all they want is to make money in the market, know how to make money and not just make it like once like sustainably grow a system where they learn how to do it over time. And that’s where I was going to probably going to next slide. 

If you look at the like the becoming mass of the stock market, cause like if I were to go myself and go researchable stock market at first, it’s so. Like, you can get so much information in a span of 10 minutes that your brain just like overload and it just like by no, I’m not doing this anymore, but then you go to that, you take the course. 

And it’s like I don’t know, I’ve mentioned that I kind of like a horse, like the narrow down his vision to a point where. So this is where we’re going, like we’re going, we’re going. And it weeds up all the unnecessary stuff. And I wanted to kind of that’s my experience with it. I wanted to actually get your experience about it, too. 

Yeah so I can totally, totally relate to that because obviously, we’re in this time now where where, you know, the stock market and stuff of that is and cryptocurrency is everything that is in the headlines. And, and so people who would have never otherwise thought to.

So to be interested in this type of thing, all of a sudden, they want to know everything there is about it. Right they want to open. And there is about crypto. 

Everything is about the stock market. And it’s like, OK, well, wait a minute. There Take a step back, because first, you need to actually understand what is your goal and in which direction you want to go in, because like you said, there’s so much information coming from everywhere that it can easily get overwhelming when you’re just starting out.

So and that’s the good thing that I learned early on with Jeremy was that. And that he teaches in becoming a master, the stock market is the mindset that you should have and how to actually approach these investments.

And just like your whole just your whole mindset around it, you know, you’re not in for the quick buck. You’re there to sustain your wealth and build it over time. You’re not there for a quick profit and just trading and stuff like that. And get on the next hype train.

So so I can easily see how it would get overwhelming for a lot of people in the beginning. But yeah, they just people just need to find good resources, which most of the time is people, especially in this day and age, with the amount of.

Super valuable information there is on YouTube, especially, it says there’s a wealth of knowledge, so you don’t know where to start. So Jeremy definitely provided that sort of stability and reliability and just taught the mindset that you should have.

Yeah, it’s funny. Everybody everybody seems to go back to that. It’s like the one thing that it starts off with is the mindset switches your mind from, like short term scarcity, being scared. If a stock goes down 10% and he switches it completely where it’s like, no, man, this is there’s positives.

And those negatives that you’re looking at, there are actually positives rather than negatives. And the one thing is that it changes your psyche, it changes your ability. It keeps you emotionally stable in times of like downturn or just bleeding out the market.

A lot of people will just sell out, lose money and never have faith in the market again. It’s like, no, that’s not that’s the point of it. It’s like that’s where you kind of supposed to get in and that first and foremost. And then do you think he goes into kind of like the fundamentals of actually how to pick a stock like this?

Do you think someone can learn that if they were new to the market, they can learn that from that course? They can definitely learn the fundamentals of how to look into a company, no doubt about that.

The one part that I’d say is tricky, but the group solves this is the amount of ideas that are being brought up and different companies that people are talking about. And so it’s like you’re constantly being you’re constantly seeing these new companies come up.

And then you can look into them very quickly and see if it’s for you, see if it’s something that you feel like you’re going to understand. And if it’s something that, you know, it’s a little bit over your head that just passed.

And if it’s something that you’re like, OK, I’ve been want to get into this industry for a while, I’ll put in the extra effort to actually try and understand the ins and outs, then go for it. And then obviously do your due diligence and look at the financials and all that type of thing.

But what I would definitely say that that’s one thing that helped a lot was the amount of ideas that are being floated around. So because I was never particularly good at finding the next potentially great company. Yeah, yeah, I know, like you said, like it teaches you how to pick a stock, it teaches you what to do when you find a stock that is that you feel like can have potential.

It tells you whether it’s like a buy or not, not necessarily like buy or not buy, but like how to decide for yourself investment. But then you said, which is very important. It’s kind of that’s where the group comes in and fills the void of the visionary part of the whole thing, because the stock market is like, yes, it’s fundamental analysis, you know, valuing and all that forecasts and everything like that.

But then there’s also a like Tesla. Tesla was like one of the worst companies, quote unquote, financially, fundamentally everything you name it. Like they had shorts left and right. They had financial balance sheets are like, we’re OK.

But like the income statement that we’re not producing anything. They’re not making money revolutionary a long time. But there was a visionary part that the group kind of rallied around and said, hey, this is something later on. And then look what we’re seeing right now. Absolutely and I think specifically that story.

Sorry specifically with the Tesla story. And so many others, again, just if you adopt that mindset that it’s kind of for the long term, you’re not caring about what they did last quarter or two quarters ago. You know, sometimes you can’t really know, sometimes the financials don’t tell the whole story. Sometimes you, sometimes you, you cannot quantitative quantitatively assess the company on its own.

You need to look at its qualitative factors as well. And and that is being. And I find that. So much more prominent in this day and age with all these new companies that are innervating and building new products and industries, new industries that people don’t completely understand yet. So, yeah, definitely just the fact that if you already have that mindset, it’s easier for you to see the angle.

Of course, if you’re researching the company. Yeah no, I like. I agree. I agree. I think you explained it perfectly. There’s just like they kind of go hand in hand. 

And it’s like you get one, you get the other. And it’s like then you get the completely full package of what it is to be in the market and just being around like just the confidence part of being around people that have been in the market for so long, like six, seven figure investors, like we’re talking seven figure investors, like forget six, four.

There’s like six traders. Maybe that’s us eventually or us now. You are now, obviously, but know like the seven figure investors, those people have not gone to seven figures overnight. They’ve not gone over seven figures like a year ago.

You know, they’ve been in this thing for like a decade. They’ve been through like two dozen, 8,000. They’ve been through probably some of them are older. Some of them have been through like a God knows how long they’ve been through stuff that we haven’t even seen it like the pandemic was a crash. Sure but the other ones were like obledo.

They were a bit like the ones in 2008 and it was like two years of bleeding. And then you saw the gains afterwards. But hey, like if you’ve been through that, then how to explain it to somebody else or keep and that that alone just being around those people like your network is your net worth. And it’s like literally that in that case. 

Absolutely I like what you said about the confidence part, because that’s what I find as well. If I try to think about the level of confidence that I had even a year ago from today, it’s grown probably like 5x from then not to the point where it’s like arrogant, but just confidence in yourself and in your researching abilities and, you know, listening to your gut sometimes and just seeing the bigger picture and controlling your emotions specifically, like you said, for when there’s a big downturn.

And that. And so I had joined the group in January. 2020 So obviously three months later, the whole crash happened. And I have to say that I don’t know if I would have reacted differently had I not been in that group. Because it was like it was like everybody was talking about, OK, guys, this is normal.

This is the time that we’re ready to go on the offense here. This is not the time to be fucking panicking stuff. This is a time that get your shit together, know what you want to own and start lining. It up because it was like these opportunities come.

You know, once every 10 years, maybe these drastic, drastic buying opportunities, once in a lifetime, opportunities that can really change someone’s wealth completely. 

Yeah, so so if you already have that notion of the long term mindset, then you can easily get through the storm like a crisis turns into an opportunity when you’re around people like this.

Exactly and a lot of people will see the March thing. It’s like grab your money, you get the out, like get up, out, like just while you can. 

But the others are like, what do you mean get out? Like this is like buffer has been talking about this for what, like, like a century.

Now It’s like, no, this is when you have the me say that the colonists to go in and you won’t be able to have the colonies alone, especially if you’re starting a war, starting out on your own and new like that’s not called commonness.

If you just go. And let’s call it like I take it. I can go to the Casino that. But like to have the confidence to see, like, you know, this is the time to actually get and educate myself and just, you know, get in and it’ll change your life. And without a group of people like that, I think it’s probably very difficult to get around.

And because there’s a lot of people out there now, especially because of gamestop, that that stuff that happened, you know, all of this happening is just it’s reinforcing the wheel of it’s like the same thing. It’s like right now, it’s all in the hype, all the beautiful news, like euphoria. People are like, oh, the stocks popping this, stocks popping.

And then like, this is like this is just like three, 4% or 5% of what actually happens in the market. Usually there is so much news. Right that’s happening every day. And it’s like they got to find a new headline for the day. So there is definitely a balance between consuming. So much information and trying to block out the noise. 

And so I think that’s I think that’s something that I personally need to work on, because I’m always like, OK, give me what’s next? What else do I need to read? What else do I need to watch? So I’m just trying to find that balance is important because, you know. I mean, at what point do if you’re consuming quality content or you just reading bullshit? 

Yeah, Yeah. And and the group has gone to a size where you can prevent gavalda, you can kind of get a sample. It’s like a sample of a population, you know, just a couple of thousand people. And, you know, it’s obviously like not everybody gets in, but it’s like. It’s like it’s like if you wanted to test out a thesis, you could test it out on these people. 

And if the it passes these people, that means, hey, like there’s a good chance that it will pass out in the public. Right so that’s the good thing that I wanted to kind of add in there. I wanted to get your take on like we talked about investing yourself. We’re going to get to at the end. 

But I wanted to know, like, what was your portfolio size approximately, if you can ballpark it before you joined or like when you were doing it on your own, for sure. Yeah so I remember this because this again, I was looking back at the messages of when Jeremy was sending me some messages on message on Facebook Messenger in the summer of 2019. 

And at that point, I mean, my portfolio at that point was probably around 50,000. Yeah and but it was not like I was not happy about my portfolio, like I was not content with the companies that I owned in there. And I cannot say that I didn’t have the same level of understanding for those companies, as I do with the ones that I owned today. 

Yeah so so, yeah, that’s around where I started. But and obviously, that’s changed dramatically in a short amount of time. And I’m grateful for that. But again, we put in that you put in the time and the research and then and then when the opportunity presents itself, if you’re prepared, then it’s a beautiful thing. 

Yeah and like you said, like I was going to ask you, the next one is like, what is it? I know, but you just mentioned something like a cool disclaimer, like if you put in the work like this is not just all you join and you’re going to get this result. 

It’s like it presents you a system, a vehicle to get to where you want. And it’s up to you to whether to go put your head down and grind on it like you. Really? yeah, absolutely. You have to put in the work. 

This is not just like a free pass and you’re good for life. Like, no, you need to put in the work. And you to understand your stuff, because if you don’t, then have the first 5% sell off, then you’re out, you know what I mean? And so, like I like I told you previously, I was so I hit the six figures. And probably early November. And that I was stunned. 

And I was super happy with it. I was like patiently waiting for it to hit that six figure mark. And I was like kind of dreaming of the time where I’m going to be able to be in a six figure club and all that stuff. And and since that time where we’re at today, that my portfolio has doubled in value, essentially. 

So and again, like. I don’t know what specific companies to attribute it to, but it’s just it’s the buying on the dips, the staying long, being confident in my positions. 

And so here I am today. And I’m sometimes scratching my head like, holy shit, is this happening too fast? Obviously, we know the market is really hot right now. And it’s been running up a lot. 

But at the same time, the type of companies that we get into are companies that we believe that have a good value and have room to run despite the general market conditions. 

That’s what I was. Yeah, so so I mean, it just seems like it’s a recipe for success, if you will, to put in the work and the time. 

And just to stay the course. Yeah and that’s the thing too. Like I love that we got into this because like people see this, it’s like, oh, will this guy get me? Like he won’t get you rich. It’s not like he’ll get you rich. It’s not like some put your money with me or something. It’s no, no, no. It’s like I want you to learn how to get rich on your own. 

And I’m just teaching you the process. So it’s still work. Like you’re not going to get rich overnight, like you have to put in the work. It’s just that if you didn’t have the system, let’s say, a decade from now, you’ll probably be, you know, at the same place you are.

 Now if you don’t save and obviously, like savers are not going to do anything because it’s just the amount of money they pumped into the economy last year and a half. Just that alone, like decreasing the value of your money, like, what 30% minimum is. 

It’s crazy, right? So it’s like you just you need to be around this type of and it’s and it is work. You said it is work. Like it’s not a free pass. It’s you got to you got to work your tail off and. Absolutely I mean, obviously. 

I commend the people who are so active in the discord in the community. And sometimes I’m like, Oh my god, these guys have a day job or what? But but they’re putting they are putting in the work. And you see it and they’re researching companies and they’re sharing their thoughts. And then and then there’s people like me. 

And then I try to stay as upbeat as possible. And and that’s a big commitment as well. Just that part of trying to stay up to date with everything that’s going on, because in an environment like this, things can move very quickly. 

So you almost got to be on top of your game, have enough time to do the research and then, you know, it’s something you like. Maybe you can start a position and whatnot. But, yeah, you definitely got a. You need to be vigilant and focus for sure. Are you in the North of almost of the 200. Yeah, I crossed across 200. I’m like, I’m right around there right now. So it’s like up and down. And it was a bit of a red day. A different view. 

Yeah it’s exactly like it’s really changed my whole view on just like money. But investing and just. Is it financial literacy in general? I find myself approaching things now where it’s like I try to bring a value where I can, whether it be with people like friends, whether it be with my girlfriend and her or her sister and stuff like that, just like anybody that has questions and stuff like that. I always encourage people to reach out. 

I always say people are your greatest resources and don’t hesitate to take that first step and reach out. Kind of like what you did to me like that. Yeah what are the odds of that ever happening? You know, so definitely out to reach out to people and them and take chances. So but that’s where I’m at now. It’s like I’m here. 

And I’m just trying. I have this like this, you build a track record as time goes on and you don’t to show your track record, but your track record shows in your confidence and the way you speak and the way that you want to help other people around you. 

Yeah so you’re able to take on more responsibility because like, yes, it’s nice to have your portfolio like 200 k, let’s say it’s cool, it’s like. But the stuff fades away after a couple of days like, Yeah, I have like, what are you going to walk around just with the 200 k synovial head.

 No like it’s just, it’s just then it’s about, it’s like, OK, now I actually have the confidence, I have the, I feel responsible for hey, I can help people around me like, hey man, like I did this like and I’m not lying and I did it the right way. 

And you won’t do it overnight, but it works. And it’ll get you out of like a rat race. It’ll get you out of like a life of like repeated stress all the time. And it’s like it’s a hobby becomes it’s all at once, like a hobby getaway, a financial freedom, potential potential, all that. 

And it’s like at the same time, you’re grinding, but it’s like a lot. But like it’s something that we love doing and that. And so many others do as well. And I mean, think about it like I’m very happy that I actually enjoy doing this on my free time, whereas some people would see it as a work. 

Yeah, I think it’s the most lucrative hobby you can possibly have because you’re actually learning about stuff that can literally set you up for your future. So that’s what I kind of try to teach the people. But but you also have to understand, like, there are a lot of people that this kind of stuff doesn’t interest them or it just flies over the head and stuff like that.

 So there are different methods to educating those certain types of people in that, you know, it’s such a broad, a broad space. So there is definitely not only one approach to it, but it definitely helps to have the long term view. Yeah, no, that’s for sure. 

Because, like, whether you like it or not, it’s something that you’re like, you need to do to give yourself a better future and give your family better future. And I’m sure there’s people in the group that don’t love doing this every day like they don’t love it. I’m positive. 

There are people that are there because they just want to be around others. And they want to increase their financial literacy because they know it’s a necessity in life.

 Like, you have to know that you can’t just go around brainlessly eventually it’s going to bite you. And it’s to bite your future kids. It’s going to go wrong. And you don’t want that. Right and whether it’s out of a necessity that you want to learn or whether it’s a hobby like yourself, I think either or people in that group find a way to coincide and get to the same goal. 

And some people will see it as like it’s a little bit of extra work. Some people said, hey, it’s a hobby of mine. And I can’t wait to keep doing it every day. Yeah, for sure. I mean, it’s a little bit more than a hobby for me, I would say, because it’s literally all that I do, even in my day job. 

But this is. And it probably helps that I’m passionate about just investing in finance in general to begin with, because that’s what allows me to put in that much time into it. Right and same for you, I would imagine, because of what I know that you do for work. 

So we kind of have, like a baby square where it almost doesn’t feel like it because it’s what we learn. What you went to school for it in a different way, of course. But this is a more fun way of applying this stuff that, you know, because it’s can actually see intangible. 

And track your progress. So you can see it. That’s much more than you can track your progress. And at the same time, you’re changing your own life and other people’s lives around you. I just to be honest, I wanted to kind of like I wanted to if there’s anywhere you feel like, you can go ahead and jump in. 

But other than that, I feel like we covered everything that I could possibly cover. Yeah, we definitely covered a lot. It was nice to speak about this type of thing. But I mean, all I would say is that, you know, it’s helped me tremendously regroup and it was definitely eye opening

. And obviously, I’m grateful. I was probably are many others for the chat and all the value that is brought into it. And and yeah, I mean, I encourage nowadays, I encourage everybody to get that wants to learn about investing. 

And the best way to do it is I send them a video link to Jeremy’s video and I say, look at this, watch this. Twenty, 21 investing for beginners or whatever. Just watch just watch it so you can understand. And he also teaches with the mindset at the same time, which is probably the most important thing is your mindset, how you react to things and stuff like that.

 Once you have that, you can tackle. So much more in life. So, yeah, that that’s essentially, it. Yeah, I love it. And that was pretty cool. I appreciate you spending time with this man. Those were you. And I took probably a little over half an hour to take it for you. 

Yeah, for sure. Well, it’s always good to have these discussions and with like minded people. Yeah, that’s really what it is. Thanks, man. I appreciate it. And, you know, hopefully we get you in the seven figure club soon.

Yeah yeah, for sure. I’m sure we’ll be in touch in the group. And stuff. So of course. All right, man, Thanks for the talk. Cheers 

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