Michael Brown

I was 11 years old when I decided to buy stocks in a company. I had $600 saved from delivering papers and just left it there. I left the market for quite a while. Recently, I needed to pay a medical bill and had 10K saved. I was on YouTube and saw Jeremy.

I was impressed with Jeremy’s platform. It showcases people helping one another, so I was inspired to jump back into the market. I was amazed and watched all his videos. I learned a lot from him.

Michael saw this for half an hour ago. And should tell us who started busting. From the very beginning, it’s through a woman you start investing in the first place. I was 11 years old. And I was shopping at Costco with my mother.

And I decided to buy stock in the company. So I got $600 that I saved from I don’t know what I was doing at the time, delivering papers. Yeah, and I left it in there, and so this year to pay off some medical debt, my son, my young son is gone and that was $30,000 out of that.

So I still have 10. Of that original intention. So that’s what I that’s when I started. And I didn’t go into stocks since then. I just left it in a custodial brokerage account through my dad, through my parents.

And when E*TRADE finally got a hold of them and said, well, he’s 42 years old, there’s no need to have a custodial for him anymore. That’s when I kind of got the bug again. And I and I and I think it’s almost a spiritual thing.

I’ve been called. To do this literally by God and to support my family is to give them a brighter future, so and it’s to pay more attention. Students pay more attention to. To people and innovation and community, really, and I think I can set the world on fire, it’s the.

What’s impressed me about Jeremy’s platform. It’s people helping one another. I’m sure it’s not just. Every man and woman for themselves, so I did jump back in and how I found Jeremy was I just prayed and God said just type in literally, he said.

Type in financial education on YouTube. And that’s why I did that, and I was like, well, one of the channels here, it’s a goofy dude who’s been on here for three or four years. And I’ve watched a lot of his videos, and since then, I’ve learned I’ve learned a lot.

So I started when I was 11. And when my parents are, like, cautioning me with what I’m doing right now is like. Where were you? In 1990, when I bought. Tasco but take all the time you need, how much money?

Did you put in a $3 stock? So, yeah, and at what point did you find Jeremy, the. It was about three months ago, basically, right as I received. A word of knowledge. It was three months ago or so, I have to ask my wife, she’s keeping the children away from our conference right now, danceteria so.

And we are going to have your investing style, it has it always been the same? I know you got back into it when you got back in. Were you doing more of a day to day stuff or did you always say with long term investing? Well, my latest move, and you can make an example out of me for anybody.

I can learn from this is. I didn’t want you to call YOLO anything, but I really am a big believer in Tesla, and I started a retirement account in the 90s. And I funded it for five years, so it’s about 80 grand sitting in there for retirement, so I pulled off $10,000 of mutual funds and plowed it into Tesla at 7:15.

I feel like kind of jackass, I should have gone. I have this Korean friend who’s really smart, and he was like, you need to put in 33 100 weight through the market does. But 3,300 to the market, as I.

Should have done that because right after seven 15, she took a nice, nice dive and it was hard. But I’m long term on Tesla, I’m in it until I need to pull retirement, which. The earliest I could pull it in 20 years, but I’m probably going to start pulling funds in 30 years, so the strategies are that big of a mistake considering the long term.

I’ve been following Jeremy on tattooed chef. I’ve been following him on jagoff, I’ve been purchasing little tidbits here and there following the. Whether it’s real beef or not, there is thing with the kelvinator.

And I like Kevin, too, he’s also in the real estate. Jeremy, kind of that doesn’t go there, but I think Kevin’s in the few too many sectors, Jeremy is very, very dedicated and I’ve been very impressed.

So it was about two, three months ago when I became very serious about watching the videos. And these encourage me to. I had some dividend cash sitting in the brokerage account, so that’s when I started in my private accounts of E*TRADE over here and I have Ed Jones over here with the big money for me, that is.

Yeah, I see. So you have to ship somewhere near top. Research positions are in your portfolio right now. Top position is Costco at. It’s hovering around 9,000. And everything else is small fry. I have tattooed chef. 20 shares of that growing that.

100 shares of g.g. I started a fidelity account because E*TRADE is not too friendly with weed. Yeah, I learned that the hard way. Started fidelity, so I’ll be purchasing more as this correction. Goes and then I bought a little bit of Mattapoisett because. Mattapoisett, that that’s a Kevin play.

Yeah, and I feel that that’s he’s just he had the CEO on there. And I saw the numbers. And I saw the Ceo’s vision. And the numbers and where he wants to go, and it was less it was less, less of Kevin talking over his guest.

It was more what that guest had to say. And it was Jeremy’s. Chat with Norton. And Kevin’s. Chat with him as well. That really I was like, I’m going to give me a piece of this. And I went to work. I work at Boeing and there’s like everybody talking about stocks at the lunchroom room.

It’s stocks like 90% of the time. Who’s buying what? We were sorry to say. And for once, I influence the table on GT. Osmanthus and sort of krsna support from Jeremy. Wait the market out. It’s better to think to yourself, this is his biggest piece of advice that I’m always going to listen to, oh, I should have put more in.

Sure, and you want to be in that position, I wish I put less in when I bought. I wish the opposite, but because it’s a long term position, I’m super long. And I know it’s going to go up, it’s going to be fine.

But I do not play that way with the small stuff I have learned from that. I wouldn’t call it a blunder because it’s long term it’ll cover itself. Exactly, exactly, that’s his biggest piece of advice and.

Watching where growth is compared to value and just being aware and. He in his earliest videos, he says. To keep your emotions at Bay and I’m learning where my emotions flow and how to recognize them through his advice, so that’s the second thing I follow.

So those two things. Or what guide me. And I haven’t gotten real advice from anybody else, I typically just watch. Financial education channels, depending on what rawness of Jeremy, I can take, I’ll go from his main page to number three, and alternate because he’s very intimate and very like his actual self.

I don’t know the guy, but on three, I feel like he’s. Himself and what you mean by that, right, a lot more is the unedited videos as films and one tape posted. And so someone who has ever seen Jeremy, how would you describe your.

He’s probably a great one on one. Because he’s a self-described introvert, I know what they’re like typically, but. If we were to see him. In a setting where he’s in control of his own environment, it would be a totally different journey because introverts.

I’m not one I enjoy. Well, I can be I don’t know. I don’t know, but. I think he’s a great teacher. And I’ve learned again, I’ve learned to recognize my emotions and when they’re like because he he’s he discussed this early in his career on YouTube.

And I feel he has a lot to teach, and I think he’s very calm and doing it, you know, when you start a YouTube channel, you have to be really his early. Work was where he was just by and you have to be that way, to get viewers, but I don’t think that’s the way he honestly is, especially with his wife.

You can tell he’s just kind of like. Kind of like how I am with my wife and, you know, and then you. If viewers really want to see more about who he really, really is. She should come on more. In the background, like, you know, we’re with. There’s my wife, there’s a picture of her back, like way back there and be like, hey.

Say something, you know. The dynamic there, it gives a level of. Humanity to this guy who’s come from. From nothing, and he’s come from nothing, and it really gives me an inspiration, I did that. I came from middle middle class Seattle.

Yeah, so, yeah, for sure, you know, it’s all about putting in that work rate. Jeremy started looking at work on reading, reading those K reports and such. So what do you think you’re missing right now to take it to the next level?

Well, my next step is going to be the group and talking with Brian. I ran into some debt that I need to take care of, although we just got this funny money, so I’ll be paying off the car. And then I’ll be able to show some zero interest and debt.

For the course of. $2,000 for me is a huge. Amount of money, that’s like maybe $0.20 to some of these big, big players in the group, it’s AI wouldn’t call it a big gamble, but it’s a big step. And if I were to tell anybody around me and say, what do you think they’d be like?

Are you fucking stupid? So did say and told anybody, nor is the next step, because he’s talking about now evaluations and he’s in his last. I literally go to sleep early because I have to wake up butt crack at dawn every day to do the early shift at Boeing. So my.

I listen to his takes on the market as I go to sleep, what’s keeping me from understanding things on the next level is probably either this course, which I do not want. And the more that the accessibility of the group, that’s what will that’s what’s next level for me, because I’m.

There is on the education, there is something in. And I think it’s an all encompassing understanding. Of valuation and the financials, and then anybody can get on to this visionary hype. Of some of these people who go and pump up everything.

Yeah, but you need to look at the numbers and see what they have done, another lesson from Germany is this. Somebody is going to talk big. What have they done before? If they do nothing before, I’ll wait for the stock to triple before I put any money, because I need to know you’re doing something.

And yeah, this is what Churchill was lucid like. Oh, we’re so great. Oh, oh, oh, Oh. Oh, my God. And I’m like, well, you haven’t let anybody. Rip on it. You have about 10 Tesla people, Tesla owners, who own multiple Tesla to objectively.

Evaluate your vehicle, but you rely on suaveness and stuff. That’s not enough. And Jeremy was like, I’m not I don’t even think about this stock unless you’re. Unless she’s around 10. And you got into valuation’s, so the next step for me. Is it take all these.

Perspectives and wrap them into. A total education. I want to be totally excited when the market dips. And I want to have you can’t start out with much cash, I make like very little money at Boeing when I’ve just started. You don’t make anything.

I lived all the free room and board, like everything in here is free. My most awesome housing is. So I need the leverage that. For the next. Four years, and then I want to buy real estate. And I will pull some profits for that.

And I’ll start again by anybody around here. You can’t go off and save 50 grand making 2027 dollars now. It’s not how it’s going to need to come from somewhere else. And this is my ticket to do so. Good point, Sarah, I’m glad you have a plan already, your financial roadmap, you could say.

And so what’s your message right now to Jeremy if you were to watch this, keep doing what you’re doing. It’s inspirational to new people. Always be yourself and speak your mind as you always do. Do not change a thing about who you are.

Everybody loves you. Who matters. Met beautiful, beautiful. And any closing remarks or advice to people watching this? Don’t YOLO when you’re new. Just don’t do it. Put in a third, a third, a third way, two week vacation days.

Wait some minutes. If you’re Christian, pray about it, you’d be amazed what you might find. From from above. Really, I did not do that when I got Tesla, I, I watched all these bullish thesis is whatever you want to call it.

I don’t miss Redwood species anyway, I. I didn’t really think about the people advising me what they would want. So don’t YOLO. Look into all the early videos of Jeremy, so you really know his heart. Spend a lot of time doing that.

And once you’re through that. It will prepare you. Just don’t yolo, don’t you don’t have to be a big deal. Just be smart. That’s what the whole. All the material is about. Is should not be a kid like that anymore, just pace yourself.

That’s what I would advise that there. And again. Michael, Thanks for taking time out of your day. And I really, really appreciate it. You’re welcome and. Feel free to reach out if you. If you need anything else, I’m grateful to be part of this community, it’s gotten me to calm down, so. Far too soon, joining the group can’t wait to see their man. Thank you.

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