Logan Obryan

I was day trading and I had lost about 15% of my portfolio. I was about to give up on trading and investing then I saw guys from Financial Education and Jeremy. So I joined and started out with 10k or so, so I continued to watch Jeremy and I tried to learn investing instead of trading. So I joined Jeremy’s group over a year ago. So my account was from 10K to 110k. Jeremy’s story was really inspiring. I learned a lot from Jeremy.

All right, what’s up, everyone? How’s it going here with Logan, another member of the financial fortress private group that was created by Jeremy himself? How are you doing? 

Pretty good. How are you doing? Not too bad. Man, why don’t you tell the viewers a little bit about yourself, you know, how you started off investing and your story. How did you come across jeremy? All right, so it started off. And I think. 

The first person who really got me into starting, I started off like in day trading and stuff like that, right in the first person I saw on YouTube was Rick Gutierrez. Right you know, so. Right you cringe a little bit, but so you know that it meant nothing at all. 

And so I really thought, based on what he was telling me, you know, there on the market. They’re going to have like a lot of children’s access and stuff like that right now, so that’s like a few months and. I had lost about 50% of my entire portfolio. 

You’re trying to swing trade, stuff like that, and you’re basically trying to tell the market, right? Yeah, well, you tell the boss to give up on. Like trading, investing altogether, I was like, you know, like maybe it’s not for me, right? But then I started to see guys like Jeremy. 

For financial education, and they have more of a long term approach to things, so I’m like, no, I’ll try this. 

And, you know, so so I start out with about 20k and, you know, started on a little swing trading, stuff like that. And I cut my account down to like probably K or so. And so watching Jeremy, this was like, maybe a year and a half ago or so. And then, you know. 

So I sorry to learn. A lot of the fundamentals about investing and all that, and so I really tried to invest as opposed to trading. So that’s why it’s so important to have a good mentor. You know, to sort of show the ropes and you can sort of. 

Differentiate between question I was talking about. And he was just on YouTube and stuff, so try and lead people down the wrong path. So so I joined Jeremy’s group a little over a year ago, and part of a group called me. 

So much about learning from people who have already had success in the market. We’ll see what they did, sort of implementing their strategies with things I’ve learned on my own over the last few years as well. 

And so last year and a half. I may take my account from all over K and now is sitting at about 100 and ten, so. Yeah, that’s incredible, man. First, congratulations on proving everybody out here just an hour from 10 minutes in like a year span, that’s a short period of time, but it takes a lot of work, and it takes a lot of mentorship and work. 

And it’s good to know that you’re doing great. And so you said you’ve been in the market like maybe two or three years. So, Yeah. So what were you what was probably the biggest, you would say, the biggest struggle you had before joining the group? 

Obviously, you were so you were you weren’t going off on fundamentals, but there was definitely when you looked at investing, there was definitely something. 

Was it all of it or was there something specific? I mean, I think the biggest thing was, was, you know, looking at the fundamentals as opposed to. Take your chances like that because, OK, so have you trade, you have to have. 

They like your stop loss and stuff to. So and it could be confusing, so I switched. However, as much to like the fundamentalistic like that. You know. Is like a large level of stress that was off because, you know. So say that, OK, so when I started one first stocks. 

I got into. Was like a Tesla, right, and a. You know, I remember when Tesla had a bad earnings before they had their. 

The moon shot. Take off, right, and the stock went from. From 260 down to 180 with a half, and I wasn’t worried because so good because I knew the company and. I knew he was had on bad earnings. I also knew that they were on the path to change the world. So ever the stock dipped, I didn’t panic, so I bought more of it now, you know.

 And I hailed and I kept all my conviction in. So whenever. So I you know, Tesla started to get on the edge of building of. I could ride that wave up there, and if people started to see what I saw, what. Like Jeremy saw what other people saw as the vision test test. And they saw actually starting to come true. And people wanted to hop on.

 The Tesla training, stuff like that at. So sometimes that is a big thing for me. These are interesting in my own research and. You know, trusting in the conviction that I have for stocks. 

So, yeah, I think right there, man, right when you said the one Tesla dipped and you bought more rather than pennies. Oh, Yeah. That was the difference between the training mentality. And what you learn inside the group. 

And then that’s pretty cool, man. That’s it. When you see yourself switching mentality number one, when the mentality switches without something going for him. And then you just got to keep working, never let it go, keep working. 

And, you know, a lot of people in the group hold us accountable to that as well. What what did you think resonated with you when you first saw him? Like, obviously, Jeremy, you know, there’s a million people on YouTube at the time. Like right now. Right now, it’s just at a time where it’s kind of a skyrocket, like it’s just at a peak where so many YouTube is. 

But maybe at the time, what resonated with you that you felt like Jeremy could be a mentor for you could be someone that can teach you the right way of doing things rather than even worse, because you’ve already lost some money in the account at the time you really wanted something. Right and what resonated with you to say that was right with Jeremy? 

One of the things is, you know. He seemed like a genuine guy. A scene. You’re pretty transparent, too, because when I first started watching these handshakes and stuff like that, but. It also told viewers about his shortcomings and about the mistakes he chose before he was wrong, about explaining why he was wrong to, for example, go pro, he explained. 

And why was wrong and what happened. And basically all the steps that the go poor management. Had to leave himself to failure, so. So transparency, you know, most of the tuba’s wouldn’t even touch on their floor and stuff like that, so I was like, well, if he would be honest like that, you know, intense access to someone who I’m going to watch more and more and more and then, you know something else. Is I heard Jeremy’s story to. 

And where we started off. It started off in college to. Yogi didn’t have a lot of money, stuff like that, and he quit and to work as an active manager at QuickTrip and make a 40k starting out. So it’s really cool to see him start like a lowly beginnings and works way up at QuickTrip. And then he started his real estate. You market a company to. 

Which was really inspiring to me since I’ve worked. I’m actually. I’m actually a police officer, right? So and had been for three years now, you know, so I could pay myself. Surgery was right, you know. I have a solid job, but, you know, I don’t want to stay. 

Stagnant there, right? Hello So I used. Well, he did I knew same thing to. So I started my own. Your security officer business a few months ago. And getting that up and running right now, it was really cool to see. Someone started out with I had like a lot of money like me. 

And the steps he took. There are logical thing to fleurs because, you know, he wouldn’t say, oh, you know, rich overnight or no, I got rich doing a bunch of. 

You know, risky speculative options play something like that. He had a step by step process that was really realistic. We sort of it on. In order to get to success and, you know, I’m doing something right now. So I love that man.

 I like the fact that you talked about transparency and the fact that he was open with his flaws, you know, you mentioned about his story. You know, it’s just the viewers know about anything about I you know, you should probably go watch that on YouTube. 

It’s probably when it’s a really cool story, you just search up financial education on YouTube and figure it. I think it’ll probably be up there. Just how he started from, like, you know, just a humble guy doing. Do you work like anybody else. 

But follow you to do extra work on the side, and turn that passion to a hobby turned out and turn that hobby and passion into something that’s, you know, life changing, wealth generating and change his life, obviously. And then obviously now it’s just trickling down to us, hopefully. 

And and Yeah. And, you know, be wary of any mentor that doesn’t tell you his flaws, obviously, because that’s what the lessons. Right that’s where your lesson. 

You learn the most. And if somebody can tell you something that’s done that they did wrong and you know, you can trust them because they’re open about it, they’re not afraid of it because they know a lot of learning comes from their own. 

And GoPro is a good one, is a good learning tool. I guess, you know, he learned a lot from him. He was not shy of telling us about it. And so so we can learn from it, which which is really cool. You’re right about that. That’s for sure. 

So now I’m now for sure, obviously, you know, the fact that you do this, you know, hesla conviction that you bought more when it went down because you learn the fundamentals. So know it’s clear you have you seem to have a process, like a checklist that you go through every day before picking a stock, before going if it’s a good stock to buy, because this is your hard earned money. Right you know, if we were rich already, we wouldn’t be doing it.

 Right, so that’s the fact. You’ve got to know that it’s. And so you have you definitely for sure. I’m assuming now you have a systematic way of picking a stock that you learned from his course becoming the stock market. 

Right, so you. So for me, you know, I’ve learned a lot. Like, I’m Jeremy, but. So I use things from his approach, you know, especially with a sort of. But that’s where I can buy you stock. You know, I think we judge that by. Like your p4p, you know, stuff like that, like a lot of things say metrics he uses, but. If growth companies, 

I use some of that, but I should wash them or not, but also watch a lot of they lead to, you know. It was really interesting how devilly was invested in a Tesla way back in 2011, right. So he’s made. Crazy angel net, so for me, picking your growth stocks, I use the same mentality to, but also try to find, you know, the cupcakes that could be the San.

 The in a generation of winners, you know. It was companies. Have had a pretty decent chance to really disrupt and to like, you know, change the world in the next five, 10, 15 years, stuff like that, to that’s pretty cool because that’s growth stocks.

 It goes beyond just the numbers. I think, you know, we talk to that. We I’ve talked to a lot of people. You know, the viewers will know that. I’ve spoken to a lot of people that can say that growth stocks have a different kind of way to be looked at. It’s not. It goes beyond just fundamentals and metrics. And there’s a vision. And there’s a mentality shift that you need to have. 

And for me, at least and obviously, you said you used a couple of Jeremy’s ways of doing that as well. I feel like he switched the mentality of a lot of people in the group, because when you switched mentality, then you look for different things.

And you can’t look for something. You can’t get something if you’re not looking for it. But the switch switches your mentality to look for certain things. Then the results come because those things stem from, you know, there’s growth stocks that you got to look at a differently value. And then there’s dividends, blue chips, et cetera, et cetera. 

You can go down the line, but it’s really cool. What what have you learned the most from the becoming a master? What would you say? Let’s reframe that. And what would you say the best. Take away from the becoming mass and the stock market, if you would explain it to somebody? Is is it for everyone? Is it for a beginner? Is it good for beginners? 

Is it good for intermediate people? Yeah, I found value from it even when I wasn’t a beginner. But is it from your point of view, what would you say? From our point of view, I think it is good for beginners and for me to. Because I think, you know, from all of the information he provides in the course, you know, you get information on things that are objective. 

Lecture on how to systematically use numbers to define good deals, and you get more of the subjectivity, two of. Back in the mindset. 

And so we’re seeing the business model. For what it is. It past numbers, so you get both those, and you get a little bit of psychological coaching as well to know how to deal with. 

You know, things, whatever you your count, you know, might be down, say, like a 20, 30 percent, like you’re back in March with Avery. So when we had, like unkovic, by my count, like down 40% now, I was just like, you know. Like I was. So we’re stressed, like I should say, but. You know, seeing the way people handled it. And the way you handled it to. And what’s being.

 Like, was stoic, too, so we don’t get too high on your green days or too low on you like a red days, you know, as long as bismullah hadn’t changed, then. He was raised in the cell, right? So I use that as a big opportunity, celery a lot more of a lot of really good stocks as well. 

And that stuff that usually goes into. Far like a train. First, change your mentality and your psyche. Can stay like. The mentally strong and all that stuff. And not letting your emotions affect your best. That’s you know them.

 You know you’re right about that. Totally mean. It has a first starts with if anybody doesn’t know about becoming master of the stock market, it’s literally it starts with hormones. It starts with psyche. I find that a little bit boring at first just because, you know, it starts with the most basic thing that you need, which is your brain to be neutral. 

Yeah and he starts you off, teaches you how to turn that mentality and use that for the stock market because the market doesn’t care about your feelings. It doesn’t care about your mentality. It doesn’t care about anything other than whatever it’s going to do. And God knows what it’s going to do any second COVID crash happened without even realizing. 

And like you said, I like how you mentioned. It teaches you fundamentals. It teaches you everything, but it starts off with the mentality. And speaking of the cold, you know, all of our accounts kind of took some hits, but we stayed stoic, like you said. And a big reason was that the people that are in the group that you even said they have a.

 Such such experience in the market. You know, that’s basically the transition here, is that know, maybe tell us a little bit about the private chat in private discord, how impactful it is, what it is. And what kind of people are. 

And how it helps you. No one, because obviously, it helps everybody in different ways. And I know how it helps people know how else. I’ve already said it a couple of times on other videos, but how does it help you and maybe start with what it is first?

OK, so private disk group are different investors who were also injuries, private group, and they come in there and share different stock ideas. We share different mentalities about. Now about either the market as a whole or about certain stocks and certain companies that we’re looking into, and we give our bullet thesis on different companies that we say are looking in this company, or what about this company? 

And we can give numbers, we can give different evaluations, we can give different forecasts and predictions of hours. Based on growth were based on other numbers or other. Other beliefs of where different industries are going to be going over time, right. And I. 

I really like Jeremy’s master list on my course, because. It gives you. The now, I gave you the mindset, it gives you the fundamentals, right, and when you transition over to this court, it’s like, you know, putting all of your fundamentals to work.

 Right, so. So playing basketball right now, this time, of course, is like, OK. So, for example, whatever other stuff like basketball, you know, I didn’t have a very good jump start, but when I shot. My elbow was out shooting like that, just bad, so the way I could give in an analogy to the summer course is like, OK. Again, Jeremy. 

We don’t give you tips and ways. In picture shot, right? Yeah, so get your form right. So whenever you go out on the court, you know, in a game, you’ll have the correct form. He can choose, you know, which I assume and you know. 

Whether you make the shot, which sort of is and an analogy to the stock market after you were picking stocks. All that right. So no. 

So I think that the discord is a great way to get new ideas and to get new stock to look into and see how us members are shooting stocks and with things that other people who have had success in the market, who are already millionaires, club or whatever, you know, in the process to devalue value in companies and see which companies. You know, they’re looking at. So you can have some ideas of where to. 

Yeah, so that’s together pretty well. And they’re very complementary, right? You start off with the horse, it gives you it’s like, you know, it’s the language barrier, the courses, that language barrier. And once you get that language fixed up, you know, whoever comes, let’s say, as an immigrant to the states or anywhere, that’s a different language. 

You still learn the language first before you’re able to communicate with others. You Yeah. 

And the coming mass of the stock market, or is it just it gives you that fundamental knowledge. It gives you the mind shift and it gives you that mentality, gives you that psyche, gives you that mental strength, mental stability, stoic, being stoic. 

And then and then you’re able to go to this school and have meaningful conversations with six, seven figure investors, people that have to have money in the market, a lot of money in the market. They trust in the market. And they’ve been in the worst times of the market. So they’ve been through the bad stuff. They’ve been through the good stuff. 

And you get mentors in there other than Jeremy Jeremy, who’s a mentor himself, obviously, but you get mentors within mentors and within the group and you’re able to speak to people, ask questions, send private messages, talk stocks, provide a thesis on a stock, and then have people completely destroy your thesis. And then and then they do that.

 It’s a good thing because you know that you need to do more work on it. And that’s the whole point of it, is that maybe your thesis is strong. Maybe you thought it was strong. And that can help you avoid a lot of mistakes that a lot of these investors have already went through and they’re trying to get you out of that hole that they were in. A

nd they don’t want you to walk into the same mistakes. They want. You kind of ease the road to success. Let’s say, know, obviously, if you put in the work, you can probably succeed. That’s know, that’s probably the way we sum it up. It’s a great way. Summing up, what would you what would you. So you said you were around K when you first entered. 

Now you’re around 100 and 101 110 around you. You showed me a snapshot of your portfolio chart early. Let’s let’s give that a view right now. Let’s see what would how you’ve been doing. So it’s over the last sort of last two years. So sorry to hear, you know, I went up a little because I was getting lucky and then, you know, she took a nosedive. 

It always comes back down the trading fact. It always finds a way back down. So you joined, let’s say, around December of 2019. So right before the concert, maybe that was your mouse around where it was right there about. 

And then, you know, I start off, start off, you’ll get lucky a little bit like that. And then you see going down and sort of started to fight me a little bit. And then. Look around. Right here, somewhere, actually here. Yeah, I found, you know, Jeremy, I started this more. I’m right. Let me just to clarify, did you read before december? Right, right, right, yeah, correct. 

I started to say, Jimmy, stuff like that, I started to study long term investing as opposed to trading. So I hit my bottom. Well, actually, with that right here. And then, you know, I start long term investing. 

I start to go up. And we had COVID. And then, you know, I was like, bye 50 percent, like, you can go for it. But I stayed stoic, you know, I was starting to know how to value companies and all that. Now I take the point of being pretty quick. And then, you know, after covid, it’s almost a straight shot up. And now I’m up 9% in the last two years. 

And we got the one year. And for one year, I’m up like five percent, so that’s something else. I mean, I work you the funny to the two year chart that you had on there. It showed the crash in March. Obviously, everybody went through the crash. And if you weren’t in the group and you weren’t stoic, you didn’t learn, you would have probably done a lot of different movements and different akroyd

. I would have led you to different outcomes, obviously. Probably most likely wouldn’t have been that little that big rise afterwards is true. So it’s just, you know, I’ve learned. Through covid, that song she still believed in. 

And the fundamentals of the company in America, what happens in the short term, you can have those that are called like in dominations, right? And over time, in the long term, you basically work out the. So basically, we’re know, obviously those are nice games, man, we hope that you get to seven. We hope the next seven games. 

And we want. We want that seven figure. We also want seven figure stuff right here, man, that we play big. And we know, you work hard, you get big results. Obviously, you get yourself, invest in yourself, invest in a mentor investment and people that have been where you want to go and slowly but surely you’ll get there. I had one more. One more thing. 

You know, speaking like now that you have all these memes talks, you have all these crazy, everybody is out there and everybody’s out there giving their two cents on the market. Everybody, you know. Yeah soon soon you’re going to see me on YouTube. You know, you go. But what? We just need someone that’s someone that wants to put money that is more caught up in putting money in their account, investing in themselves. 

And then on the outside looking in, they’re looking at maybe the private group, they’re looking at something that’s going to help them out, let’s say, or the course or any of that or coaching. And they’re looking at it from the outside looking in and they’re saying, but I want to put I don’t I want to put more money in my brokerage account. I want my account to grow and then putting first and foremost, investing in themselves. 

What’s your what’s your take on that, number one? And how do you recommend if there was someone that was close to your as actually played because, you know. I think if you, my friends. I sort of noticed that I’m getting like a lot of knowledge about companies, about. The stock market and. I spent so much time researching stocks like. 

You know, each week, I spend 30, 35 hours. And just learning and looking at stock, stuff like that, right? It’s got a few friends. It’d be like asking her to think about things, and they’re almost always asking me about frickin’ darkcoin, I’m like, like broke you to invest money to gamble. You go gamble, you go to Macau. Yeah, you guessed right now it’s like, bro. 

And people are asking me if they’re going to put that like a 50% Of their entire net worth into something like dog, I’m like, well. You can do, however you want. First of all, but I wouldn’t do it. And what I recommend is.

 You first learn the simple basics about investing, you’ll learn terminology, learn how the actual market functions and how it works before it. Before you even start, we should companies, so you got to learn how the whole mechanism works, first of all, see that first, and then we need to find out how to decipher which companies are the ones that are going to grow and which ones are going to stagnate or we’re going to fail. 

But if I give any advice, it is. You don’t buy the hype. You don’t always follow the crowd. The fundamentals. And learn how to invest as opposed to gambling. So, yeah, yeah, I mean, that’s it. I mean, what else can you say? I mean, that’s pretty much anybody to anybody that would ask me the same. And I would give them the same exact instrument, check out company, massive stock market force. 

That one gives you a lot of fundamental knowledge that you’re going to need to encourage a lot of people. Obviously, you can do whatever you like. It’s definitely it’s your choice, obviously. And it depends on your situation. It depends on everything.

 Everything is tailor made during the financial forecast. You know, it’s not a one size fits all. And no one situation. Everybody has their own goals. Everybody has their own tolerances. But there’s always something for you.

 And learning fundamentals is where excitement. Logan, I thank you so much for being here, man. It’s as you know, it was it was nice chatting with you. You know, I could probably go on all day and keep talking, to be honest. Right you know, so so thank you very much. I’m sure I’m sure the viewers that a lot out of it. And you’re very insightful about everything that inside the group. And, you know, hopefully a lot of people can get on the right side of the financial success. You know, also to add. I think. You touched on it.

 About all the hype, stocks like that. I think the biggest thing. For new investors, especially now, is. You have to learn how to decipher between. The height and the people who were just, you know, on YouTube for the views as opposed to guys who were actually have experience and actual talk about, you know, and, you know, especially now whenever I’d say almost everybody.

 I get a percentage of what I’ve seen, especially on YouTube, is that, you know, 90% of people who are on their don’t talk about like they’re either scams or they’re no inexperienced people. And it’s only five, 10% who actually talk about. 

And then from there, you have your elby investors. Like, you know, is one of those. I found one of those guys are rare, so you have to do what you can. Saying like, pick the brain and stuff like that, and the best way to pick Jeremy’s brain is a joint private group. 

So, yeah, engaging them directly if you want to. I know I have a lot in them, a lot of people with experience and the coaches that are in the group and, you know, ended up here. But thank you, man. We appreciate your time. Logan, again. Thank you. I mean.

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