Lisa Biskup

I turned 50 last year, so I am getting older. And so this isn’t my first time investing, but the first time I tried investing, I wasn’t very successful. That was probably before I even had kids. So that was probably 25 years ago, let’s say.

And I read the Motley Fool book. I am going to start investing using my money. I’m a teacher, so I’m never going to get rich being a teacher. But my ex-husband, my in-laws, they had gotten wealthy because my husband’s grandpa was in the stock market.

I started looking on YouTube, of course, to learn, and that’s when I found Jeremy. And so when I found him, I just thought he was very knowledgeable. I was very intrigued by his story, working hard and coming up and just learning and learning, learning.

And so I just kept watching his videos. And then finally, around just after the new year, I took advantage of his new year special last year, and I got into the private stock group. And and since then, it just really helped me build confidence about learning about companies and listening to other people’s stories and what they’re investing in and trying to understand.

All right, everyone, here again with another member of the financial fortress private group, Lisa, how are you, ben? I’m doing well, thank you. I think that’s great to hear. So, you know, if you can give the viewers a little bit of background about, you know, about yourself and how you came about investing and how did you come across. 

I mean, how did that end up? You joined. OK, well, I turned 50 last year, so I am getting older. And so this isn’t my first time investing, but the first time I tried investing, I wasn’t very successful. That was probably before I even had kids. So that was probably 25 years ago, let’s say. 

And, you know, I read the Motley Fool book. And I was like, OK, good, I’m going to start investing using my money. I’m a teacher, so I’m never going to get rich being a teacher. But my ex-husband, my in-laws, they had gotten wealthy because of, let’s see, my husband’s grandpa was in the stock market. So when his grandparents passed away, his mom and dad inherited a bunch of money and they had a lot of stocks. 

And so I was eager to learn and but it was difficult back then, you know, books and then having an accountant, a broker. And, you know, it was harder to do research on your own. And I didn’t know that much. 

And then I invested, you know, I don’t know, 5,000 or something into Intel and Cisco. And it went up a bunch and then it crashed. So I was like, I didn’t lose any money. I got out. But still, I was like, yeah, kind of reinforced my beliefs that the stock market was a pretty risky place to put your money, your hard earned money. 

And so I didn’t you know, and then my other stock story, which is kind of funny, is, you know, when I was married, oftentimes the my in-laws would give us like a gift or something. And once they gave us a gift of Berkshire Hathaway, a stock, which at that time at that time, it was like, I don’t know, 16 or 18,000. And my ex husband, I were pretty young and we knew nothing really. 

And his parents weren’t very helpful because since they hadn’t made the money, they didn’t really know much either. They just were letting their broker. So we were just like, Oh my gosh, that’s so much money. Just one share of a stock. 

We better sell it because it’s going to go down. And so, of course, now it’s like, I don’t know, 203 $100,000 or something for one share. And so it wasn’t until 2019 in the summer, my son, who at the time was at it in 1890, and he showed me the Robinhood app. 

And of course, my two sons are very interested in Teslas and they convinced their grandparents to buy one. And so they’re just like get on Robinhood and get some Tesla, you know? And I was like, OK. And then it actually was kind of fun.

 It was like it is kind of a gaming like thing, you know, like, oh, I just buying, I swipe up and hey, I just bought something great. And then so since I was interested again. And it was so easy now to just buy stocks and do some research, I started looking on YouTube, of course, to learn, and that’s when I found Jeremy. 

And so when I found him, of course, I just thought he was very knowledgeable. I was very intrigued by his story, working hard and coming up and just learning and learning, learning. And so I just kept watching his videos.

 And then finally, around just after the new year, I took advantage of his new year special last year, and I got into the private stock group. And and since then, it just really helped me build confidence about learning about companies and listening to other people’s stories and what they’re investing in and trying to understand. I mean, the beginning, definitely. 

I was just relying on Jeremy and his stock picks and kind of piggybacking a little bit on to his I don’t have as much money, but I actually, I did have quite a bit of money just in a savings account was just there.

And I was like, OK, my minimal baby step into the stock market is going to be if I just make more than I’m making in the bank, which is what? Nothing, 1% less. So I had a pretty low bar. So I you know, I was able to invest over the year, you know, up to 50 thousand, but had formerly just been sitting in my savings account doing nothing.

 And I didn’t. I have a little bit of experience buying and selling houses, but not for rental properties. But my partner. Now has experience in that. But I didn’t feel like I had enough for a down payment on a nice enough rental to get into real estate. Hopefully in the future, I could do that, but so Yeah. So learning from Jeremy, I learned a lot. 

And so I was able to I kind of got excited in January. So I did buy in January, February. So I didn’t have as much cash on hand during March. So I didn’t get to take advantage of that sell off, although I did take advantage of it a bit. And I learned some things, too. I mean, I definitely sold out of some things earlier than I should have in retrospect. 

Now we always say that, but I’ve been learning and trying some different strategies, listening. His strategy, listening to how to value companies, listening to different people’s tips, and then also doing my own research about different companies and trying some different portfolios. 

So I don’t I don’t necessarily follow exactly what he says. I mean, I do have more than seven stocks, but I am 50. So, you know, he’s only 30. And I don’t have as much income. So, yeah, no, that does make. And I assume from what you’ve told me now, you kind of don’t see don’t have the same view on the market. 

Obviously, it appears from you told me before you saw it as just a risky play, more of a small gamble. There’s this thing like now I feel like you have a little more confidence from what you’re telling me more on the market. You feel like it’s something that’s, you know, that could help with your, let’s say, your retirement account or your account that, you know, something to create another income stream. 

Absolutely and that’s a big reason because I told you. I’m a teacher. So I was a teacher. But then I had three kids. And I would stay at home mom. And then I did some other things to kind of be able to stay home. So some market internet marketing. 

And I had a cafe myself, so I’m a little bit more knowledgeable about being a business owner. So I understood that after owning my cafe for five years and had online business. But now I’m back into teaching. 

And so I don’t really have much of a retirement there, like nothing that I really want to depend on. So that was also one of my main goals, was to start building up for my retirement someday. Yeah so that’s why. And I have a lot more confidence. 

I mean, I, I do still feel like it is somewhat of a gamble and you know, there’s always risk and there’s reward. Luckily we’re in a bull market. So I’ve had a lot of rewards. So far. But, you know, every day, everybody’s talking about the next crash or whatever, so. 

And that’s and that’s another thing is that I was trying to hopefully get into is that like, you know, before, let’s say you were on your own. Right and everybody’s talking about that next crash, you’d be a little bit more kind of trigger happy to do things or react to that kind of, because obviously, it’s a little fear, right? 

It’s not it’s definitely not positive things to speak of other than express. You know, it’s more of fear. It’s I don’t want to use the fear mongering because obviously, it could not. But everybody has different opinions and perspectives. 

And when you hear those old crash coming, potential losing money, you get scared and you get you kind of go back into your look shell. Well, whoever it is. Right and you don’t want to take risk. You don’t want to take risk, but you don’t want to also take calculated, opportunistic risk, which can hurt you obviously that way as well. 

So what I want to do is, before I was going to ask you what resonated with Jeremy’s philosophy of investing, but because of the what you kind of spoke about, I think I want to jump into how the private chat room helps with that, what you’re saying about, you know, number one. 

So if you can give maybe an overview your perspective on what the chat room is and you’re speaking to a number two, how has it helped you with that fear of a potential market crash or, you know, taking advantage of a crash, like switching the mindset and using people around you to kind of help you with the how is that help? 

Well, it has helped me a lot. The discord chat has definitely evolved just in the year since I joined. A lot more people have joined, a lot more channels have been added. So there’s some more organization in there. 

And also there’s coaches, you know, people have been designated as coaches. So for me, what it really, this is just happened recently because in the beginning, like I said, I was kind of piggybacking off of Jeremy a little bit. 

And then I was kind of staying safer into, you know, large-cap businesses, long term, home depot, Starbucks, you know, the typical ones and safer investments. And just recently, I’ve been learning more about the OTC stocks and some penny stocks and stuff.

 And so and I’ve actually done some pretty well on a couple of them. And so that’s giving me a completely different perspective, because while some people are talking about crashing, I see every day in the discotheque people are just getting amazing gains and they’re helping each other understand different companies. And so they don’t have fear. 

Now, obviously, some people are dealing with a lot more money. And they have maybe a lot more income than I do. So I’m not you know, I don’t jump in and buy $50,000 of stock or something, but it’s fun to watch other people doing that.

 And it definitely gives me more confidence, like there’s a lot of money out there. And the average person just working a job, like as a teacher or something doesn’t really understand that there’s so much money out there and that even people like Jeremy and the other YouTube that he talks to a lot like Kevin and stuff, they want to do something with the money that they’re making every month. 

And so they got to have something to buy, as well as other people. So I don’t feel as a phrase like even if there is some kind of a correction or even a crash, I do know now at least, there are a lot of people are going to be buying at that point. And I will, too. 

I will be buying as well. And I feel more confident. I mean, being 50, I maybe don’t have as many years as they do to. Get back up if it was a real crash that lasted for a while or something, but I’m still pretty confident that I have a long term hold mindset.

 And I have kids. So, you know, if I don’t need the money, they move on to them or grandkids or whatever. So it’s just. You know, it’s more beneficial than having it in the bank, so I think that’s the main thing. 

And I really felt that recently, just feeling like, OK, there’s so many people in this Discord chat and they’re, you know, they’re confident they’re doing their due diligence. They’re they’re not I mean, some people are having fun and gambling a little bit maybe. 

But, you know, for the most part, they’re pretty intelligent and they’re asking good questions and they’re very specific. People in there, especially have provided a lot of value. So I appreciate that because otherwise, you know, being a teacher. 

And I don’t have friends in real life that know anything about investing, my you know, my mom was pretty good. She’s fine. She’s retired. My dad was not very good with his money, even though he has a good retirement, having been a cop for his whole career.

 But, you know, I don’t I think my brother tried day trading when he was young and he got burned on that. So he’s a little bit skeptical of me being in the stock market. So I don’t have a lot of people in real life to talk about.

 Oh, have you heard about this company or what do you think about what’s going on in the market? So it’s nice to have the ability to everyday check. And sometimes I’m more active and sometimes I’m not. So over the year, I mean, I definitely signed up again, so it was valuable. And that’s good. So obviously you found some value in that. So that’s the wonderful thing.

 The one thing I kind of grabbed from what you said is kind of reassurance, like just having the reassurance around you is very key, especially from someone like maybe like you like you said, you don’t want to take as much risk. 

So you have a certain risk tolerance, you have certain goals, and you’re always able to get value from other people, even if, you know, different people have different perspectives and different goals and different distances. It’s really cool to hear that. So you’re a teacher, right? 

So obviously you kind of have the ability and the knowledge of how to portray certain information to others, especially when it’s information that, you know, they don’t know yet. And you’re trying to teach them. 

I wanted to maybe two questions that will piggyback off each other. Number one, what resonated with you on your teach, on Jeremy’s teaching style that made you say, hey, I understand this? And it’s you know, if you’re looking at it from a teacher’s perspective, obviously, you’re teaching young kids or you’re doing the same thing every day. 

So you’d have a good opinion on if it’s good, his style is good or not. And how did you what resonated with you with his teaching style for you to say that I could learn from this person. And I should join. So I can learn more? 

Well, watching his videos on YouTube, I just find him very clear. You know, I’ve watched a lot of his videos from the past, and so he’s obviously evolved his style in the way. And so it’s gotten a little bit more entertaining because I understand that that is what gets the views and stuff. 

But he’s still able to, even with a lot of charisma and funny sayings, test. So whatever he is reaching out to people. And I think he just explains things really well. He writes things on the whiteboard. He uses a lot of visuals, pictures of himself, and he writes things on the pictures and just articles or whatever that he’s showing, you know, maybe on his iPad or wherever it is on the computer. 

And so I just think that he is able to take a 20 minute video or something to provide a lot of information, but also to break it down, not just overload you with a bunch of information. And then you have to go kind of Wade through it. He actually provides the analysis of it. And so it’s like modeling. He’s modeling like this is how I work.

 This is what I do. And because he’s had success, you you can rely on him. You know, that’s the main selling point. I mean, obviously, if he hadn’t had that level of success, maybe somebody wouldn’t listen to him. It’s not book knowledge. You know, he didn’t just read a book on investing. He’d be like, hey, guys, I’m going to teach you all about financial literacy or something. 

He really lived it. And so that’s really important. So he gives lots of examples and anecdotal evidence. And he has experience. So that’s a nothing like time in the market. So, like, I didn’t have any time in the market, a little bit of time that I had last time didn’t work out. So well for me. 

So, I mean, it didn’t work out bad because I didn’t lose money, but I didn’t sell at all the gains, you know, so and so. And nobody and I didn’t have anybody in my life who could mentor me and kind of like, hey, this is how you do things. 

And whatever. So, yeah, just, you know, he’s a nice guy. I mean, you’re he’s very personable. And so you don’t feel intimidated by him. I mean, I’m sure he appeals a lot to men and young guys, you know, even to five-year-old women. And I know there are some women also in the Discord chat that. 

Absolutely Yeah. So, you know, definitely his appeal. Maybe I look at him more like he could be my son, but I’m proud of him, you know, like you did it. But that’s the ultimate ultimate goal. That’s the one that we were looking for to get this whole thing right down right now. It’s pretty much it just brought you here that Jeremy is proud of you. 

That’s all very well, not only because he is successful himself, but, you know, he’s not just out there quietly accumulating more and more wealth for himself. He’s sharing his information. And obviously, he’s helping so many people at this point for free on YouTube, but also privately for people who want a little bit more. 

Yeah, and that’s the thing, right? It’s the stock market is not a place of scarce monetary gains. It’s not somewhere like it’s not a business where if you invest, somebody else is competing against you. It’s actually the exact opposite. There’s a very kind of it’s like asking an open ended question where you have unlimited answers that could come from it. And you can go different places, the money in the market. 

There’s a lot of money to be gained. I think you mentioned that earlier. And he knows that even if he teaches other people. It’s not going to hinder his right. So that’s when and then also the track record, obviously, you said and the way that he explains, which I found as well, just like you mentioned, very, very easy, very simple.

 And coming from a teacher, that’s very reassuring. I’m sure a lot of people are going to hear that from you and just know that he does to his way of not only knows the information, but portrays it in a way that can help you climb the ladder as well. 

Yeah, so I agree with that. Like in each video, he has a goal, like I want to share this particular thing with you and, you know, so you always have a takeaway. You definitely have learned something after watching the video. So I guess it’s that just rambling or showmanship or something like that. Yeah, that’s one. Yeah, absolutely. 

Absolutely and piggy and piggy back piggy backing on the teaching and on the poor train the information. They’re becoming master of the stock market. I think you probably went through the videos and they’re more tailored to just learning rather than just they’re not didn’t have the human aspect of it as YouTube does. 

Did you find similar aspects in the way he teaches? And it was very helpful for anyone to come in and learn it? Yeah, I think he did a really good job of, you know, setting the course. So that each video builds on the other one. 

And so it’s very well organized. And yet his teaching style is just very clear. And like I said, he has the knowledge, he has the experience, and so he can share it very concisely. I think it was great. Yeah, I definitely I I’m helping my teenagers and young adults. 

Now get into investing and they’re doing pretty well. And I’ve been sharing what I’ve been learning with them. And so it’s very easy for me to have watched one of his videos or something, and then I’m able to then explain it to other people as well. 

So that’s nice. Yeah, when you’re able to explain something to someone else, it’s a sign that you’ve understood the extent that’s probably the best, the best measure of understanding. I wanted to I had had something in my head. I went blank a little bit, but it’s OK. I think it will come back. 

There are a lot of people that are on the outside looking in right there, they’re thinking about joining. They are especially now. Now, there’s so many YouTube was out there just posting a lot of videos just because the stock market is, like you said, in a bull market. 

A lot of stocks are just running and running and running and eventually something know, I hope it’s not the cause fear, but it’s because precaution more. And then something more reality will hit later on. But for someone on the outside looking in and they are thinking, hey, I want to put more money in my account rather than invest in myself, invest in my learning. 

What’s the advice that you would give? Let’s say you’re giving it to your sons, one of your sons or one of your children. You know, they’re thinking, I want to put money into my brokerage account. I don’t want to spend it on investing in myself and learning what would be your advice to them. And if you can relay that advice towards this private group. 

OK, well, that’s always a decision, right, where to put your money. I think, you know, it’s kind of like with Jeremy, what you’re thinking in terms if you’re thinking long term, not short term, then the investment in your own education and yourself, as is going to be, you know, give you much greater returns than just maybe spending a little bit, putting a little bit more money into a stock or buying something else. 

So I always recommend that people invest in themselves and invest in their knowledge. And like I said, my own story shows that not only did it build my confidence, but I was able to understand. So much more. And it gave me an insight into something. I don’t think you get on the free, you know, like the free versions of discord, chads or just watching videos. 

And that is just that level of confidence. And you really see, like the inner workings of what Syria is people. So, you know, when you pay the money to get into something, then you’re going to value it more. So going on to a lot of free forms, a lot of people are just there for chit chat or whatever. And, you know, it’s not so serious.

 It could be possibly maybe you have somebody who does provide some value in that chat, but maybe you have to Wade through thousands of messages to get it. So this is a better use of your time, I believe, because it’s more concentrated. 

You’re you’re working with other people who have made the same investment that you’ve made. And so they’re taking it more seriously. And so I think you just going to get a lot more value. And then your upside is going to be a greater because you were able to know, let’s say usually it might take you three years to understand something being in this chat.

 I think it’s going to cut that in half or more. You’re going to be able to take advantage of a lot more opportunities in the market. You’re going to build your confidence and you’re going to understand things. And not only do you get the disgorges, but I mean, he gives you the Friday videos. 

And then the live streams. You get to ask him questions. And now because he added the coaches, you know, you’re like, I said, I don’t have anybody in my personal life that has the seven figures or more in the stock market, much less six figures. So just being able to interact with those people and get information from them, share information, ask them questions.

I mean, that’s really invaluable. If even your own personal life, those aren’t the type of people that you’re normally hanging around with. So it’s very valuable. Yeah, I’m just like you. I’m probably the first one in my family.

 That’s kind of, you know, have has seen light in the stock market. And it’s trying to hopefully grow that the welcome there. So I don’t have anybody around me. And that’s probably the one thing that I have gained the most. I feel like everything else was amazing still. But that’s the one that kind of just there’s a little bit cream on top. It was more just being able to be around people that are six, seven figures in the market.

 Then you gained the majority of their wealth in the market. 

They’ve been through decades in the market where they’ve been to other crashes, other financial crises, and they know how to maneuver, how to stay stoic, how to continue positively and see the positive in every or the opportunity, every disaster. And once you know that you’re around these types of people, they’re not very stingy with their information. 

They love to share, you know, the coaches themselves. I know you may not have been in the coaching, but the coaches themselves, they’re wealthy enough to not have to do this. They’re sort of doing it for just the sheer love of teaching others, because, you know, I think maybe as a teacher, you probably understand this the most. 

Like, if something to the teeth, you it becomes repetitive and it becomes boring. But if you’re adding the learning aspect or teaching aspect to it, it just opens up a whole new array of excitement to it. So that’s where they’re coming from. 

They’re coming from a place of excitement that they can teach other people to grow wealth, change their lives, get better experience like as yourself or in any situation. It’s tailor that way. But that’s I think you summed it up very well. I love the way you kind of portrayed and showed your perspective. I know a lot of people are in your situation. 

You know, they have kids and they want to get a better future, the better retirement, a better, et cetera, et cetera. And it will benefit a lot from your advice and from your perspective on the group. I wanted to show one more thing before we end it, and I’ll give you the final words, but I wanted to show maybe your progress in the sent me a picture just a second ago. 

And inside the team discord. And I wanted to kind of show that. Let me get that. Have a go. Let me show the screen and maybe we can get you to give your input on it. Just a second there. I wanted to say one more thing. All the discord chat in the value of joining it is since I said, since I joined, it’s grown and they’ve added more channels. 

And so not. Only are you talking about stocks, but some people are talking about real estate investing, taxes, personal finance, so it’s really even grown in that sense, like even more educational, because it’s just limited to stocks at this point, because some of these people that have joined the group, they absolutely have experience in real estate, and some of them are professionals in CPAs or in other industries. 

And and also some of them are actually professionals in the companies like in the area of the company. So you get like an insider’s point of view, maybe about the industry that your companies in. Yeah, it’s really cool. I think I was speaking to someone as well. 

Maybe I think yesterday or before yesterday, a woman, obviously, like you said, there’s not too many women, but there are it’s nice to see that there’s a lot of people coming in and opening their minds to it. It just shows from where you are, no matter what background, no matter where you’re coming from, there’s value to be grabbed and absorbed.

 And I would speak to someone and she mentioned it, and she explained it as a network of people, just a we’re just building a network and that network in the China because it’s expanded because they’ve had to be more organized. Now they have some real estate from entrepreneurship to just retirement to just growth and wealth. 

Every area of things inside their private you you can find it. If you want to get to know people in a certain area of wealth creation, you’ll be able to find that. And that’s piggybacking on what you said. You mentioned it perfectly. This is this is your account. And you probably you probably provided me, one of the accounts.

 I have a lot of different portfolios, but it’s good. It’ll show it’ll portray an image of how you kind of evolve and use that to your advantage. This is an all time, obviously. This is June 6. I’m not sure what next January is January 6th, January 6. Twenty, twenty, 2020. OK, so this year. 

Perfect and next year. So one year ago. One year from now, I’m losing my words that it’s not my paper, but it says it up there in under the current value. And then it says starting value. So that’s when I first entered. So I actually joined Jeremy’s description, and I think it was January 4th, 2020 was OK. So a couple of days before this. 

All right. Well, they did AI mean, you can see it in the end. This is not a way of saying, like, you’re guaranteed any gains if you come in. No, it’s not like that. Obviously, you put in some sort of work to be able to achieve this. That’s the good part about it.

And it all depends on your work ethic, obviously, like. Part of me that the work is there, it’s just a matter if you want to do it, you’ll most likely see things if you don’t. And you slack off, maybe that will reflect on the results. 

So that’s kind of a disclaimer there. But, you know, it’s nice because it just shows a steady. A steady, steady growth process from some time, and it just shows maybe like how you were, especially around March here, right, when things kind of took a look at, you know, a dive to the South there. 

You stayed with it. And if you didn’t have the knowledge, or if you didn’t if you were able to take opportunities, everything that came after going upwards, you probably wouldn’t have benefited from it. Right and unfortunately, on this particular account, which which is interesting, is that I did most of my spending because this is a Roth IRA. 

And I could only put I think at this time, I wasn’t 50, so I can only put $6,000 in. So it wasn’t much it wasn’t very much money that I could actually put into this account. And when it dipped in march, I didn’t I had already kind of gotten excited and set it up and I set it up mostly as a dividend account. So you can see I got some dividends there, too. 

But I do have other accounts that are much higher returns just because I took advantage of setting up some other portfolios during March. And I mean, you can tell an 85% return. I mean, remember, my minimum goal was like make more than what I was doing in this. Maybe because, you know, this is my first Roth IRA. I only have another. 

My other pension is through the teacher’s pension system. So otherwise I just had a bunch of money just sitting in a savings account doing nothing in a credit union. So if it’s safe to say that you accomplished your goal. I mean, I guess a little bit of a shattering of the goal. But yeah, you do definitely get there. 

That’s that’s wonderful to see. I honestly, I’m happy. Definitely I hope you continue that continues and you get what you want from it to be able to make your retirement as smooth and as enjoyable as possible. 85% is no joke. 

That’s that’s for sure. And especially in a year where it could have been the exact opposite for anyone. I want to say statistically sharing. I wanted to. You know, I pretty much covered everything from my end, I’ve gone you know, you explained it very well. And I appreciate your time here. I want to give you the last words to kind of, you know, if there’s something on your mind that you didn’t we didn’t cover that you feel would be helpful.

 I am more than welcome to just let you have it. And then wrap it up. Well, I just think Jeremy’s doing a great job, and it’s also fun to watch him growing his own business and his own knowledge and providing more value for people.

 So I’m happy to be part of the group that’s following his journey and benefiting from everything that he’s also learning as he also moves into things like real estate. And I even heard him mention the other day something about buying raw land. 

So that’s fun to, you know, just being a part of the community of people always looking to build their wealth and build their knowledge about investments and opportunities and things. So it’s really. Yeah so like I said, I spend my days with eight, nine, 9-year-olds. I’m a third grade teacher. 

So having a place where I can come and interact with adults, successful people, professionals and investors and people who aren’t afraid because, you know, your average American person with the job is very afraid of the market.

 And there are a lot of negative views out there about rich people or wealth having wealth, capitalism, especially nowadays. So it’s nice to counteract that narrative with people who are just, you know, they’re good people and they just want to make their, you know, take advantage of the opportunities that we have. 

So, yeah, just giving opportunity to the people that are in touch, that see the richer or the people that are growing the wealth out of, let’s say, evil. And and there’s nothing obviously, it’s all a matter of perspective to show that there’s opportunity for them to do it as well.

Then it kind of shifts the whole perspective to a whole new hour of spectrum of things that I can do it, too. And it becomes, you know, rather than spending my time dwelling, I can actually go and do it. And be proud of myself and help others. 

And in the Meanwhile and that’s pretty much what Jeremy’s probably have done, and I hope he continues doing it. I hope we continue helping. And I and I’m so proud of it. And thank you so much, Lisa. You’re welcome. Thank you.

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