“Back in March, when everything was crashing, I stumbled upon Jeremy’s video and ended up signing up for the classes. I started at complete zero, I never bought stock in my life. The videos were pretty easy to understand the discord group gives you a little bit of confidence especially if you are just starting. I quadrupled what I added into it. It was fantastic!”

All right. Hello, everyone, How’s it going? I’m here with another group member from financial education, Jeremy’s group. We’re here with the lovely kalicki I’m doing. Fine, how are you? Not too bad, not too bad. Why don’t you tell the viewers a little bit about yourself and how you came about to find about Jeremy and how did you get into investing as well? So it was probably back in March when everything was crashing and coincidentally, 

I decided to switch jobs. So I was not working in March. And there was nothing to do. And nowhere to go. A friend sent me a link to sign up for Robin Hood and I didn’t know anything about investing or stocks or anything. 

So I bought a couple of random shares and then I started just googling online and on YouTube. And investing advice. And I ended up signing up for classes on udemy, I think because the website, which was actually a classes on trading and I did the whole course, because I had some spare time. And I quickly realized that something, 

I’m never going to do, it’s way too time consuming and too much gambling and unpredictable and just too crazy. And I didn’t want to lose all my money. And then I stumbled upon jermey and that was basically it. I bought blindly a few stocks, he suggested, and then I started researching a little bit more. And then ended up signing up for the classes. 

That’s wonderful. So what was before you got into the group, what was probably your biggest struggle, obviously, like investing is a little bit not complex, but it’s overwhelming at first. There’s a lot of terminology to get through with a lot of market information that you have to filter. What was the biggest challenge. 

Do you remember having prior to getting into the group and getting help with say? Well, I started at complete zero, so everything I’ve never bought a stock in my life. I’ve never I’ve never done anything. I didn’t know what it was like, like what all the terms mean, what a bear market was, what a bull market was like, zero. 

You really started from ground zero getting used to the fundamentals. Did the becoming the becoming master of the stock market, of course, that Jeremy put together. Did that help you get off of ground zero pretty quickly, let’s say, or did it help with the terminology that helped with all the things that you needed to learn at first before you research? It was super helpful. It was really easy to understand. He kind of goes through everything.

 And I had no business and really no financial background. And I found it fairly easy and kind of intuitive. OK, that’s nice, and then how about the private group, obviously, the know, that’s one thing. The course, is something that is very helpful, obviously, for technology and for fundamental basis of learning. 

But how to be the discourse, the private discussion groups help you to research? Obviously, there’s a lot of people with six to seven figure investigators in there and they’re very knowledgeable and have been in the market for a long time. 

How did that impact your investing style and how did that give you more confidence? I think just that you kind of watch other people who are interested in are doing the same thing. They’re talking about the stocks, maybe the stocks you are interested in or stocks you already invested in. And it gives you a little bit of confidence knowing that you’re not kind of out there on your own and crazy and investing in random stocks, especially if you’re just starting out. 

I think just having other people talking about stuff. And presenting their cases and just trying to understand what they find good in a company. And it’s a really great learning opportunity. And then just kind of a springboard to research kind of companies and see if you want to add them to your portfolio. 

That’s pretty much where all my stocks have come from recently. Just suggestions. Yeah, no, that makes total sense. And that’s why therefore, it’s there to give you suggestions. But you also mentioned the fact that other people are putting in their case, their thesis on every stock. 

And I’ve always I’ve been always an advocate of having your thesis put out there. And for people to completely break it down and, you know, humble you a little bit, let’s say, so you can know where your weaknesses are and see if it’s actually good thesis that you have together. 

So that’s good to hear have for people that they do think of joining, obviously, first and foremost. And then they say to themselves that they don’t have enough time to look at the Discord charts and look at all the information that’s presented for Jeremy. And obviously, you know, maybe you’re probably a busy person. You have work and everything like that. 

How does that work? And does it actually require too much time or actually save you time in your research? Obviously, you touched upon that a little bit earlier. Well, I work full time. I mean, I don’t have time to get to it every day. And sometimes are busier than others. But I always have like 30 minute lunch break. 

And that’s usually when I kind of catch up and read through the Discord chat. And then 5 times at the end of the day, sometimes I’ll go back, but I won’t look, sometimes I won’t look at it for days and sometimes I’m able to look at it every day. 

But the way, because the whole idea is investing for the long term. And not trading, you can leave it for a week or two, and then come back and kind of jump right back in. It’s really not a big deal. That’s great.

 That’s good to hear, you know, the fact that you’re able to even look at it through your lunch break and get value from it just shows how much you can get a lot of information, such a small period of time. I always try to lead a little bit of every day at least to look at some sort of chat going on about things like that. And so that’s good to hear. 

And, you know, we talked a little bit about the time consumption, but what would you say to someone that, let’s say a friend of yours or obviously, everybody has their own style. Everybody has their own recommendations that they should follow. 

But would you recommend the private group, number one, and the becoming master of the stock market for beginners to someone that, let’s say you truly care about. And you don’t want to see them get hurt in the market? It wouldn’t be something that you feel comfortable recommending. No one. 

Absolutely I think it’s you know, you have to want to do this. You have to want to be willing to do your own research. You have to be willing to learn. You have to be kind of in that mindset. But if you are, I think it’s a really valuable if you’re not going to watch it or you’re never going to put the time into it, then you’re never going to get that much out of an. 

That’s that’s well said. How about ready for you? So let’s go back a little bit before you join the private group. Let’s say, can you ballpark around your portfolio size how big it was around that time? Remember, you mentioned the weather too much, but it was something to start off with, at least while I had money in a 401(k and a little bit in like a Roth IRA from years ago.

 And and like I mentioned, I started buying like a few shares of stocks here and there, random. So probably excuse me, maybe 20, 30 thousand, something like that. OK, and now I was looking at how was your rate of return compared to what it is before, I see you’ve been here only for a year, you say, since the pandemic.

 So it hasn’t been too long, but you’re still you’re still some sort of knowledge that’s less than. Yeah, less than that. Well I definitely tripled or quadrupled what I put into it, considering in terms of investments, plus I’m adding to my accounts between those stores. It’s a good, nice triple, double or triple, at least for that, which is great. 

It’s a great return for such a short period of time, obviously. I’m also sure I think, you know, combined with kind of unprecedented times in the market, I don’t expect that kind of return every year. But it was fantastic. And how I’ll end up with one last question that I have during the pandemic. Obviously, we saw the market just crash and crash and crash for obviously such a fast period of time.

 And obviously, you came in at such an opportunistic time during that period. How how safe. Did you feel around other people keeping others calm inside the group? Because obviously, you know, we saw a lot of people get hurt in the pandemic, you know, either panic cell or cell thinking the stock market is just going to end forever or, you know, all the crazy stuff that we heard in there. 

But for me at least, it helped me stay calm because there are so many seasoned investors in there and it seems so much worse. And they were able to keep me calm. How did that help or keep you calm, for that matter? It was a little bit it was a little bit helpful. 

I didn’t have that much skin in the game at that time. So I wasn’t I wasn’t worry too much because I, I also didn’t quite know what I was getting into it. I was just starting to kind of. Get into it, I think if I had a lot more money invested in the stock market, I would be panicking more. 

But certainly having other people say and put things in perspective and say, yes, the stock market will probably go back up and look at it like an investing opportunity as opposed to panic and panic sell. I know a lot of people who went and sold all of their assets and ended up losing a lot of money because they were just panicked. 

Yeah, that’s the thing, too, that’s probably one of the biggest takeaways that I take from the labor group alone, just being around people that are so much more experienced, so much more money, so much more skin in the game. Like you said, like you mentioned, they have a lot to lose, but they still find a way to stay calm. 

No one, find the best stocks because they’ve been in it for so long. And obviously from the person that’s starting anew like you did. And like I did a year and a half ago, I think that helps a lot of beginners and trust that you will ask questions, look to different businesses and things of that sort. Well, Kate, we thank you so much for having me. 

Is there anything else that you wanted to add, let’s say, about your experience that maybe we didn’t touch upon before we wrap it up? I don’t think so. I think we kind of COVID all the major points, I think it’s a great product. And I’m doing it freely because I think it’s a great asset. So that’s wonderful to hear, and that’s wonderful to hear. 

We thank you so much for being here today. And I’m sure a lot of people are going to benefit from your take, at least on the part of the group and on the course that Jeremy provides. And hopefully we can see more people come in and we can help out a little more. Thank you so much, Kate. No worries. You’re welcome. Have a good night.

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