Kate Willner

Kate Willner

I started investing in stocks at the beginning of June. It was my son who recommended for me to read Buffet books about the system and fundamental inequities.

Jeremy reconfirmed that Buffet is looking into the fundamentals of the company on what are the good way to choose stocks.

I started watching Jeremy and joined the virtual conferences and now I use the same concepts that Jeremy and Buffet teach. Jeremy is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable in the market.

Perfect thanks, Kate, for hopping on here with me and the taking time out of your date. So tell me your investing journey and how you got started. First back in at the very beginning of June, my son, he remembered that years ago, I had good success picking stocks. My stockbroker said in a period, we had a recession and he told me.

I was one of his few clients that made money. And I sold the stocks, I remodel the house. But anyway, that was 10, 15 years ago. But my son remembered that he’s a young adult, probably a little older than you are, and he didn’t pick stocks to invest in. So I helped him.

And then I thought, well, why don’t I invest in stocks, too? So I did. I had good success. My portfolio went up as high as 122% in eight months, and then it drifted back down to about 85% I had to I wanted to pay off a long standing debt, so I sold off most of it. And now I’m building back up again. So congrats on paying off the debt and the gains.

So one point, did you actually find your money in your journey? What’s the. I don’t remember exactly it was probably at least by September. So within probably two months, because I was doing a lot of looking at different videos on the internet, so.

Yeah, and so has your strategy changed at all since you found jeremy? That’s a. Like I first my son recommended, I look at something called buffet books, it’s a site that is about the system, about fundamental inequities. So I would say that Jeremy has just reconfirmed that Buffett has looking at fundamentals of the company are a good way to choose stocks.

So that’s not a confirmation. Yeah so what’s the key lesson, you’ve learned so far from germyn and Buffett say? Let’s see. Now you have to do your homework. Yeah, and especially look at management, I started watching. They’re called virtual conferences and so I started watching all of these small companies introducing their companies or the progress that they’ve made.

And I invested in several of them and have had really good returns. So I use the same concepts that Jeremy and Warren Buffett teach, except that Jeremy, of course, includes more high tech. So so tell me what stocks you’re holding right now in your portfolio.

Well, the only ones I have right now, like I said, so long, but right now. I have. All I have left is big digital, and I’m up 500% I have planted 13, I, I did I used to have more than 1,000 thirteen, but I sold it, but I, I bought it below $1.

So I made a good return. And right now, all I have are 34 shares of the planet. I opened a Roth IRA, and so I have to do, but I only have one share that, but I just I had an extra dollar in the account, so I bought one. And again, more digital.

But for my son, he allocated money to me to invest, but it’s really his money. But we have a pharmaceutical company called Algernon. And they’re working on a drug that would be useful covid, as well as other applications and then other stocks that I picked for him, there’s one called aragvi aerovironment.

At aerovironment, it’s a drone technology or big digital. He has a Canadian nickel, that’s another one that I found under 3% of 103% that’s suing the virtual conferences. And then. Airlines, defense medals, it’s another one up 156 percent, CRISPR technology, Epogen, that’s another one I found.

That’s 102 142% up. So tell me, what do you think you’re missing right now to take your message to the next level? Oh, just money. I had surgery, so I’ve been off, but I’m going to be getting back to work at the end of the month.

And now that I don’t have that debt, I can start putting more money into the stock market. I’m just not sure how much yet, but. Yeah excellent. Excellent and to anyone who’s ever seen Jeremy, how would you describe.

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Perfect yeah, and I’m glad you were able to get some great returns, there were like planet and got in there at the time. So right now you have a decent enough money portfolio and.

Was it was it was any jeremey video that sticks out of your mind right now that you remember as your favorite? I’ve probably watched hundreds of his videos and nothing really sticks out. And the one that I was watching while I was waiting for you is the tattoo shop where they announced that they’re going to be getting into the food service industry.

I don’t know if you’ve had time to watch yet, but, yeah, I emailed my son and suggested that he get more coffee. So I got to love to see one of my favorite picks. Yeah and any closing remarks you would have to someone right now that some advice are the investing journey.

Now, watch every single one of Jeremy’s videos on all three financial rotation channels, plus I think he’s got one more. That’s just has his name is as the title. And don’t just rely on what he says to do their own homework and also look out for when they go shopping.

Just like you said, to be on the lookout when you go shopping for products that our services that there might be could be a public company. And then investigated just the same way that Jeremy teaches. And more investment. Exactly exactly. Jeremy, always do your homework.

Don’t rely on him. Yeah, but he’s a good spring. Yeah yeah, for sure. Thanks, Kate, for hopping on here with me and taking time out of your day. And I really appreciate it. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.

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