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I started thinking about day trading and it didn’t work out for me mainly because of my sleep schedule and I put that off for a while. And then I stumbled upon Jeremy’s YouTube channel, and I think it was actually suggested by Graham Stephan.

I learned a lot from Jeremy and I like it very much. Jeremy is incredibly upbeat and very positive. He doesn’t really talk trash about people. I think he’s a very accessible person. Jeremy’s group has a lot of support systems you can reach to like the Financial Education coaches that you can talk to. The person who on board and me then was super helpful. I can reach out to him any time.

Again, Thanks for helping me. So go ahead and tell me about how you started your journey in Boston, all right. Yeah, good, good. So I started off thinking about 20, 17 day trading, and that was something I live overseas.

So it was something that didn’t really work out for me, mainly because of my sleep schedule, living overseas and everything. So I was up to really late at night, didn’t really like it, put that off for a while and then started getting.

Really heavily into financial education and financial education, and that started going down the rabbit hole with like Dave Ramsey and reading about bobbleheads and is just reading everything that I possibly could about investing.

And then just learned that I actually need to pay off all my student loan and get everything out of the way, before I started investing. So so I kind of got everything done. And then I stumbled upon Jeremy’s YouTube channel, and I think it was actually suggested by Graham Steffens.

I had a nice fall and grabbed Stefan for a few years. But I think that was he was on Graham Stephan’s show, perhaps like with the coffee or something like that. And so I went ahead and looked at some of his videos, and then applied for the private group.

So after that, I talked to Ben and spoke with him for a while, told him about my situation living overseas and everything. And and I went ahead and I pulled the trigger. I just so like, I want to do this.

I was ready to start investing. Really? and. I got in right before it’s March 20, 2001 right now, but just a few weeks ago, we had a pretty big, pretty big drop. So when I put in my money to start investing.

And I was trying to I just tore apart the whole Jeremy’s course on stock market mastery, went through it and like a couple of days and. I really just, like, took everything that he taught. And then I was like, OK, well, I’m just going to follow what Jeremy is doing.

And then try and reverse engineer that. And so I picked a lot of the stocks that Jeremy already has in the private account, so. And then I’ve just got a few of my own on. So it’s great, man, so I’m glad to see that you switched over to long, long term investing, you said, Jeremy.

Yeah And so what was the key lesson, you learned so far besides going long term? Yeah, that’s a good question, mark. I think the big lesson that I’ve learned is to not freak out when the market drops.

And that was the before when I would do if I saw when I was kind of day trading, such swing trading, if I lost a couple dollars I saw red on my when I was using Robinhood at the time, I would freak out and be like, Oh my god, I got to sell, I got to get out.

And and with Jeremy’s group, I was like, no, no, no. That means red means things are on sale. Chill out, relax, don’t you? You’ve picked these companies that are good quality companies. And so I felt really confident when the market dropped.

And I actually was like, all right, cool, I’m going to start buying more Coursera. I’m going to start buying more dropbox, I’m going to start buying. Just got into g tech recently and downloads. And so I’m starting to see it’s starting to pick up a little bit here. So yeah, basically, that was the big thing was having confidence to not freak out.

And so when I saw red. Glad man, I’m glad to see that shift in mentality is very important. The training is also emotional, right? Yeah, yeah, emotional aspects of it. And so to someone who’s never seen Jeremy, how would you describe some of that video?

I would have to say that Jeremy is incredibly upbeat, very positive. He doesn’t really talk trash about people unless it’s like someone that talks trash about his dogs. I’m not going to name any names, but all in all.

I think he’s a very accessible person. And and if it’s not him, then there’s also several other coaches that you can talk to and the person who on board and me then is super helpful. I can reach out to him any time.

I want to on Discord and just shoot him a quick message and get an answer almost instantaneously. Yeah, Ben’s a great guy. And some cool thing about those coaches, they’re handpicked. And, you know, Jeremy has been running voyageur recently, but coach Brian has been talking about it since like last year and the private group rate.

So he has been trying to get Jeremy and wage for a while. But, you know, if you’re just looking for your due diligence and being vigilant in that group, you’re keeping out that sort of thing. And such that as some great picks there.

And so I actually joined Brian’s private kind of sub discordance. Nice nice. And so voyageur is one that I got into just last week before joining the public on and off as public on his YouTube channel.

Also, I’m glad to see. So what are some of your top picks right now in your portfolio or top leadership positions to the top three right now? My top three would be well, the ones that I have the most money in would be a walgreens, my big one.

And then it goes down to Dropbox. Voyageurs, my best performing one that’s just it’s been ripping right now. It’s really good. And just buy some more tattooed chef on this dip. And recently got into course and just kind of started even looking around in Tokyo, just like looking at different shops and things like that, just picking up mousepads and things like that.

And saying like what’s going on overseas here? And mainly, let’s see what else. Facebook’s the other one. Even though I’m not a big fan of Facebook, I do have an older Oculus rift, but I don’t really know if I do see use in that later on.

So, yeah, if you want to, then I can share my screen with you. I’ve got a. Let’s see here, I’ve got. Picture here. There we go. Can you see that one? Is serious, sir. OK, so this is from the 17th, March 17th.

2021 I’ve got I’m actually trying to get out of some of these. Etfs here. And it’s work, I do like it, but I think what I did is I switched over from what’s it called and one finance. And I transferred everything over, open up a fidelity account, so everything is kind of just switched over like a couple of weeks ago.

So, yeah, I’ve got some Corsair in there. Yeah, just picked up some geotech I’m sitting on, I think I’ve got total gains of about 1,400. Just about 7% gains as of probably two weeks ago, this was a negative 2 minus 2.

So it’s kind of turned around a bit and it’s been a crazy market, so how is count them since you transferred over from one? Well, I just finished paying off all my loans and everything, like a zero credit card debt in November 20, 20.

So that was when I was like, cool, I’m going to start. And so, like, probably like the end of November, I started funding my. My and one account. And and I was using another person’s suggested kind of M1 pie, and then I just got like I had like 60 plus positions open. And then I started taking Jeremy’s class.

And then after that, he was like, no, no, no, you’ve got to knock it down to like seven. So I had to really just chop. So much stuff out. And you can see right here, I’ve still got probably like 12 or 13 positions open.

But yeah, like you asked earlier, like my big ones, my biggest holdings, I think, is WBA right now. And trying to I’m not sure if I should hold on to some of these like Skyworks. I honestly, I picked these because these are the ones that Jeremy had, and then once I had them, then I’m like.

All right, I’m going to start doing my due diligence and see what Jeremy saw in these companies. So that was kind of my theory behind this. And now I’m getting into the other options course right now.

Yeah so with Brian Koch, Brian, he’s into like the shorter term, which is the short term mid-term and options. So I just picked up a pelletiere, I think, like two days ago, and I’m pretty sure I’m down on that one.

But that’s a May one call, may 20 first call. Oh, simonsen scourers within the group say they’re more upset or so, you know, to get some insight on that. A cool thing about the group that I like is a most private lessons he has.

There’s this newer video of him going through a 10K 30 minutes and just going through K with him. And there’s a lot of value in that one for sure. And so, Jeremy, to watch this right now, what’s your message to jeremy?

So I would say thank you so much. This is actually something that I feel a lot more confident about. And I am looking forward to hopefully, if I can talk to you again, mark, in six months from now and see this part where it’s at 7.91 and have that up there in the or 30% And beyond.

So I plan on holding a lot of these for the long term here, and seeing this account just blow up right here. So anyways, man, I appreciate it. And finally, some closing remarks and advice to some guy watching this right now.

I would have to say, get your stuff together first. And when I say that, I mean, get all of your credit card debt, student loan debt, anything out of the way first and then just have it ready and just go full on, just take a deep dive into it and go for it.

All Good choice of words, right? Great advice. But again, Thanks for hopping on here and really appreciate. Yeah, mark, one last thing before we go, man, I was just going to say, like my I don’t know how close you are to Jeremy or whatever, but my background here in Tokyo is for recruiting.

Teachers to come and teach at my university, and then I’ve got to train those teachers and things like that, so school right now I’m on spring break. I’ve got about four months off out of the year, sometimes 4 and 1/2 to even five months off, out of the year and.

If possible, man, I’d at least want to throw it out there and just say, I would like to work on your team as like bringing on boring people. 100% commission. It’s one of those things where it’s like at 9 o’clock in the morning for me.

I think it’s probably. 5:30, 6 o’clock at night in the states, roughly, and Central Standard time, no. So, I mean, if you ever are looking for people that. You want to work with you guys to help with onboarding, man. I’d love to do it.

And just pick up people where if it’s people working late at night or jumping on late at night. Sure, Yeah. Awesome I’ll pass the word on. And Thanks again. Sounds good.

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