I started my journey early in 2020 when Covid-19 started because a lot of people were about to lose their jobs. I decided to check the stock market because I have a little knowledge about what I’m doing but I definitely sold a lot of stocks that would be great to have in my portfolio right now.

I discovered Jeremy’s channel at the beginning of my journey. I was doing my research about how to invest and I came across his channel. The way he explained stocks helped me become more comfortable with trading. I learned how to do research on a company and even if it’s a small-cap company.

How are you doing, james? You get pretty good. Awesome, awesome. Well, tell me a bit about your journey. When you started investing. And then how Jeremy came along in the. Well, I started investing, I feel like most people at the beginning of COVID because a lot of people lost their jobs and had a lot more time at home to basically either waste your time or figure something out.

You know what I mean? Exactly and so basically, very early on, my journey of learning on how to invest, I found this channel. And then I just really liked the way that he thought I had never heard of him or seen him before. I had heard of like 7 and 7.

And I wasn’t too into like their channel. But for some reason, just the way that he explained stocks and like what he was looking at when he would look at them, help me kind of like get more comfortable with trading and figuring out.

OK, like it’s not as risky as some people say, like he does refer these and tells you what he’s looking at and like the future predictions and why he’s so bullish. Like Cowboys because he thought. Really helped me get more.

How do you encourage them to trading and how it could be less risky? You know what I mean? So I would watch his channel. So I want to say I discovered Jeremy probably at the beginning of 2020. Right Aramco or not the beginning. I mean, COVID really went out in March.

So in March of 2020 when I really discovered Jeremy and started kind of like listening to what he would say about stocks. And then I saw come out with the final 13. I did a video. And I’m like, you know what, I’m a different company.

And I ended up, you know, looking at the manager, asking what their plan is for the future. And I went for it. But like, I think $100 or not $100 100 stocks of 2013, I think was like $200 at a time. And they’re like $2.50 of stock at some point. Like that.

They’re really cheap, you know, the trade goes and ever since I’ve been in that stock. Now has been doing really good for me. So that’s one stock that I definitely give a lot of credit to Jeremy for. Help me find it. Awesome I’m glad you were able to start off on the right foot.

So when you started investing, has your strategy changed at all? Did you start the trading at all since you found Jeremy where you always long term? Yeah, that’s another thing, not to mention in a day trader, and I was thinking more of like, oh, what?

Can I take your kind of trade there? I just watched one Guy Ritchie. There is I think it wasn’t much anymore, but I would say trade like natural gas with him. And so I was making a little bit of money there. But what I didn’t really know because I was so new to trading.

I didn’t realize the taxes with short term trade and how that basically ends up kind of, you know, coming back to bite you later on, you got to pay more taxes on that. And if you believe in a company and just, you know, believe me, it was.

You’ll make more money long term, and I’m more of a long term trader now, I’ve had time for so many stocks. I wish I did at the beginning until I really started listening to gamein like his long term stock.

Awesome So you’re like you were trading like you guys guys can hold in the beginning that I out we sold a lot of stocks that were short handed. Yes we’re losing you a little bit here. And I was given the opportunity now. Oh, I’m sorry, I to see the. No worries, no worries. If that’s any better.

That any better? Yeah, yeah, I hear you better now. All right. I can’t see the screen, but I just went off my wife, with my cell service. But, yeah, I’m way more focused on long term trade than holding my stock for as long as I see is reasonable to hold onto them for, and I definitely am not like buying and trading stocks within the same day or month, even like.

I’m way more of a cold day, probably a year, and then see if I feel like selling it when I do a little more risky to the company to see if it’s still going in a direction. I think it’s going to be, you know, up. But yeah, Jeremy definitely is 100% the guy who got me more into trading for the long term, as opposed to finding companies buying into them cheap and then selling them.

I just because I didn’t know too much. They went up. I sold it like there was one I was going to tell the house and they went up, I think, like 50% And then some of the people that I would watch most was a 20% So, you know, I mean, 50% sell it. So it went up over 50% And I sold it.

And then it actually, I had bought it for $6, and they shot up all the way up into like 140. And it’s still going up. And I’m like, well, that’s what I would have been a good one to hang onto power.

I’ve known now a little bit more what I was doing, but I definitely sold a lot of stocks that would have been great to have in my portfolio right now. So I’m glad you were able to now start building those multisystem and really understand how to research a company.

So what are some key lessons that you’ve learned from Jeremy so far with Jeremy specifically? I want to say I learned that just to research into a company. And if the numbers make sense, even if it’s a small cap company.

Like under whatever billion dollars, it’s still worth investing in, if it’s like the management makes sense, you like the direction the company is going and things like that. What I really learned from Jeremy is to look into a company as opposed to just look at the stock, you know what I mean? Yeah, because obviously important stuff.

They’re looking into a company. I’m glad it’s been a year. You’re investing and you’re already looking at these long term outlooks and having a higher understanding of what to do in a market. So what something you think you’re missing right now to take it to the next level to improve your.

Honestly, it’s just money I’ve been budgeting my income out, so I’m really only invested about like 200, maybe $300 a month at most $600 a month if the market’s looking like it is right now. And yeah, that’s about it, I decided to figure out how to make more income and, yeah, I can remember where I heard it from, but basically economically.

$5,000 a month, you shouldn’t really even keep that focus on investing, should be focused on increasing your monthly income. And Jeremy always says to be in that position of power where your money at least 10 to 20, 30% cash for taking revenges in the market opportunities also awesome.

So what are some stocks are holding right now? So right now, I’m holding a 13, I’m holding course gaming and I’m holding katyusha, and those are the ones that I’m holding specifically, you know, Jeremy’s recommendation or I found them to through Jeremy.

But I’m also holding a little bit of m.s., you know, and then I can check my portfolio for you. Let me check. I’m holding quite a bit of resource companies that I’m into, but I’m also holding like PGC, which is the cannabis corp.

company, like that’s the name. I’m holding on. The one called. Yeah, which is energy. And first energy. I’m a little bit into, I’m honestly a little bit everywhere, but it’s just I like I like a few companies. And I really started researching them.

I’m also into MPF, which is I know the Texas way more than I know the actual name, microstrategy, Microsoft. And this is a market corporation. They’re primarily like movie theaters and hotels. And so I started getting into that now.

And I see that the world kind of getting back to normal. And then I’m also heavily invested in my company that’s closer to my area called the engine. And they’re like a health company. And it’s awesome that you’re looking around your area like how Jeremy looks around for he found planet through his area, which he saw driving him through his area.

It’s doing those channel checks. It’s awesome that you’re looking around and doing all religions at the same time. Yeah thank you. So what are your terms like so far? So right now, if I go to I’m not I’m so new that I’m on a year Ameritrade and I’m not entirely sure where their statement is, but if I look at my history. And this is my only trading account.

Also my main trading the military, but if I look at my history. If I go to all. Or won’t really tell me all that little. I got a year to date, I’m up 82% That’s awesome, man, I’m glad to see that you’re up. Now, we just got to be consistent with those returns, right? Yeah, exactly.

And I’m trying not to get, like, you know, how you say a big head about, like, the stock market, because I got in at a great time, you know what I mean? The stock market went down. It was like, oh, one an eight year.

Happy thing. So I’m really focusing on, like going to jail and doing the research on companies that I believe in and things like that. Great and great. So, yeah, and but what I want to tap into, OK, I’m, I’m the same, but I want to say I’ve been doing OK. And I feel like the future’s looking pretty good.

I’m glad you had this change in life that you got in and investing out of a win got serious, to Jeremy and now your life is at a different view on a different industry now, right? Yeah, definitely. Yes so what is Jeremy would to make a video right now?

What would you want to make a video on? Would it be a certain start or would it be on some fundamental aspect? I would like to see a video because I see mostly videos of him putting out like, you know, what’s next? He’s looking into getting into which I love those. I don’t mind them. And I love them.

I don’t have enough cash to really keep throwing into all these different companies is looking into some. So I’m kind of sticking until I kind of building my positions on the ones that I’m already in.

But I would love to see a video on how he does his fundamental research, like a good bond video and how he actually dives into a stock. And that would just help me. So then I can do it with other stocks that he’s not doing. Exactly for sure.

And if I were to ask, would it be awesome, awesome to someone who has never seen Jeremy, you know, quick, quick few words about him. From what I can tell you, seems like a genuine guy who’s really just out there to support his life, to spread his knowledge of the stock market and what he knows personally, you know what I mean?

Like that, that a genuine guy who knows. Awesome and any closing remarks before we end the year? The statement together, man and his whole team, thank you to you, mark, for interviewing me and the knowledge man, people people definitely benefit from what I hear, so that’s beautiful. Well, Thanks for taking time out of your day to help on. It’s called me James US. Yeah


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