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I have been trading since I was 18 and now I am 22. At that time, I really did not know what I was doing. I came across Jeremy’s videos and I liked how he explained things about the stock market. He explains it in a way that is understandable by everyone.

His videos definitely helped me find a very good stock to invest in. Just by watching Jeremy’s videos, I learn about all the good stocks he picks and in terms of investing his style is very transparent.
He shows everything! Like, when he lost on a stock price and even took a screenshot of his account to prove it. That is what I appreciate about Jeremy – his credibility

Hey, guys, Thanks for taking time out today again, and so go ahead to your journey, how you first started investing on some 22. Now and I’m just finishing up college, studying finance, and I’ve been training since I was like 18.

So four years now. And I’ve always been interested even before I was like 18 as a kid and stuff. And my daughter is kind of like was doing any kind of like taught me a little bit stuff. Yeah, I kind of started, I was doing a lot of, like, day trading and like options.

And I didn’t even really know what I was doing, so it didn’t really go too well. And so the past year or two, I’ve just been focusing on long term my money and the companies I believe in. And yeah, I think I it in the past two years.

You Twitter strategy. Long term, Yeah. I mean, I was always doing it like long term on the side, but as of the past two years, I just stopped doing any day trading and I’d done little options with like a tiny amount of my account.

But that’s awesome. And how are your returns in the beginning, when you were doing that? Trading on the day trading? I try to keep on like separate accounts. So I was definitely like I never would have ever profited day trading like in a year.

I’ve never been in the green, like, it’s always been negative, like had wins and losses, but it always ends up being losing money. So I just kind of like gave up on that. And that’s crazy. We have super similar stories, restaurant 18 two. And I did four.

It’s at first, I lost some money there and switched early on. I switched over to long term. But so what’s the key lesson, you learned so far from jeremy? Well, first of all, I only watch his YouTube videos on the private groups or anything.

And Look, I kind of just like I just like watch some of these videos And I’m like, Oh, I really like his thoughts on the stock and stuff. And then I kind of look into it a little more. And I put on my watch list.

But there’s nothing specific like trading techniques necessary, like learn from them. Like I don’t watch every single video. But yeah, it’s definitely helped me find some really good ones like revolve up where planet 13 on.

Awesome Now like real real g tec Walgreen’s. When was it that you found your I would say, two or three years ago on three channels. Grown a lot since then. For sure. For sure. And so what’s your largest positions right now on such.

So right now we’re involved on a share screen. Yeah be cool. So yeah, revolve is my biggest right now. And it’s like a big chunk of my portfolio. So it’s like kind of stressful, but nowhere is that I’m with that on Tesla, right?

Yeah, Yeah. I had Tesla like I had 25 shares like before the split. And I sold at a loss because I know I really regret it. It was awesome. Awesome is this an order from a I’ll do market value. I guess so, Yeah.

Revolver so first of all, like my total account is like almost 200. Now that’s impressive. Yeah so like 215 the past one year because it’s been exactly a year from when I was like at the very bottom of like in March to the dip CSR at the top of revolve, I got like 1,000 shares at 12 something.

I had it before. And I think I sold. And I just sold out like a slight loss. And I got back. And when I did. And it’s gone up a lot since then. So I’m really happy with that one. But as you can see, it’s significantly more than my other.

Yeah, Yeah. Your position still is 100% gain there. Yeah, definitely. Almost Yeah. And so I see all the good chop some great Jeremy picks right there, upwards of. Glad to see that you’re getting some great value out of Jeremy there on that end.

Yeah 1330 510. Yeah, and so what do you think you’re missing right now to take your investing to the next level? Well, honestly, I just like I don’t mean like put a lot of effort into it, if that makes sense. Like, I’m kind of like.

I just kind of sit back and let it do its thing, and I feel like. I could be better, like I kind of just like invest in companies I really believe in and just kind of like, wait it out. And then like once they go up, like four revolve example, I got like 12,000.

And it’s like 52,000 now. Like, I feel like I should probably like sell some or if not all and kind of re distribute that money into like other companies. Like I feel like I could be making a lot more if I kind of like staying in these, like once it’s gone up like 200, 300 like getting out and putting into something else.

And I think it’s going to grow a lot. Yes, they thing. But yeah, seeing where the money is better put to use. And then the important things, having that baldest and seeing if it’s already met or being destroyed, I don’t want to sell a lot of that because of research of a company.

Awesome awesome. And so to anyone that’s never seen Jeremy, how would you describe it? Describe what exactly how would you describe Jeremy to someone who’s never seen him? !invisible!, it’s a good question on.

He’s like in terms of his investing style or his investing style and what to expect when they go into this channel. Yeah, I think he’s very he’s I like one thing I really love about him is very transparent.

And, you know, he’s kind of showing like, oh, I got in like if it’s on a loss or something like I got in at this price, you know, show like, screenshots of his accounts and stuff. And that’s what I really appreciate now adds a lot of, like.

Credibility to him because you can see that he’s like actually making moves like in these stocks and stuff like there’s a lot of definitely like kind of scam people trying to sell courses and stuff that, like aren’t even making money.

They’re just making money because, of course, he’s right. So I think that’s one thing I really loved about him. And I just really like just like his thoughts on these stocks and the way he kind of like finds them and kind of.

Yeah like doesn’t always have the same exact opinion as like every analyst in the news and stuff gets a really good perspective on it for sure. You put his money where his mouth is in that aspect. And so, Jeremy, we’re watching right now.

What would you what would happen on should just keep doing what he’s doing. And he’s like, really definitely, like, changed my life for the better. And I think what he’s doing is great. And Yeah. Just keep it up.

Any closing remarks, any advice for someone watching on just I would say, like, don’t get your emotions involved, like just kind of really think about, you know, the companies you’re investing in and don’t really try to.

Like, don’t try to take the easy way to money in day trading and options unless you really know what you’re doing. Yeah, I think that’s it. Yeah, for sure. You know, those guys maybe only like 1% of those 10% or whatever, they make money on that. And they do it. And Thanks for taking your time out of your day. And I know where is.

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