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I started watching Jeremy’s videos 3 years ago. At that time, I was not able to focus on his videos well because I had a lot of stuff to do.

I closed my business at the beginning of the year and I had a lot of time since then.
I realized that I made a lot of mistakes at the beginning of my journey with stocks.

Jeremy’s videos helped me understand stocks better. He is very energetic and trustworthy.

Great, so Thanks again for helping out your hand and go ahead and tell me how you started your versing journey. It’s going to today, since I have been listening to Jeremy, awesome, so where exactly the. So it’s been actually maybe more than three years, but I wasn’t really doing a lot on that.

So once I mean, I made some mistakes at the beginning. And I was doing it part time, I would say, but like maybe for a year or so. I am doing it more. Often, so to say, oh, I can take every day. And then look.

And then seven 5 and do things more frequently, and when you started, were you doing more trading options or did you always do long term? So I maybe it’s the beginning. I was doing a little, Long or short term, I would say, and now I’m trying to do more long term and think, is Jeremy saying more like 3, 2 five years is what I do.

I mean, I do sell it more frequently than Jeremy does, I think. Yeah so I have like 20% or 30% upside. And I don’t think it will go much more or if I sometimes like with Dropbox right now. So I am more maybe 30 bucks, 30% up. But then I think it may I have I trust in the company.

And I think it may go better. So I am not selling this one, but otherwise I may. I mean, it depends on the company, I think, but usually I maybe 30% If I am up towards. And I would rather sell it. And then try to find another stock where I can make another 30 also.

So when did you find jeremy? Exactly when. Maybe a year and a half ago, or maybe a year or so around, you could think that the crash around that time, the crash, roni rohner before that, actually, then I would say, if you think about it.

Yeah, maybe another eight, nine months before that. And I wasn’t really able to listen to it because right at the time I closed my business at the beginning of it. So I had more time since then. For the last year, I would say. Makes sense.

Yes and what’s the key lesson, you learned so far from german? I think the yeah, I think you’re thinking long term, I would say as we were talking. So if I don’t think it will, within a year or two or three years, so if I trust the company, I do rather more like with this look at the sector.

And I don’t really want to go with the old economy like Procter Gamel and/or Conagra foods or that kind of stuff, more like technology companies. And I try to balance it out a little with other things to sort of maybe do some.

For example, I listen wants to talk with you about airlines. And I bought some I made good money on Hawaii and ended up making it. I’m glad you were able to get some ricotta out of there and really switch over long term.

What’s what’s in your portfolio right now where your brigs positions. My let me check this. I have my laptop here, so my biggest pollution is actually in Alibaba for a long time. So I’m just trying to see if they will pick up.

So maybe 10% of my portfolio see in between. I just thought, would you bear with me for a while. So I can just get it right or better sense? But like I am, I’m in turkey, so as you might have noticed, I’m not sure if you noticed, that’s from somewhere that I’m in Turkey.

Oh, no, not exactly. We have a lot of viewers from around the world, I see. Yeah, so I know some companies like voyageurs you was talking about a couple of days ago, I think. But now I can. That’s take over here, for example, since it’s over, ötzi, we cannot by using my platform.

We cannot buy wajir, for example. And then it was the same thing with the t plant there too. Exactly So I wish I could, but I have to tell you. So my biggest position is I cannot check in is in Alibaba that I have Facebook. I have taslim.

Then serious logic. Invidia I have. Two shares of Amazon. And then. That’s the lowest I have, actually around 25, so I am like, I’m doing it with like 100,000 k and maybe 20 plus 20, 25. Let’s say stocks. Nice, nice, and you said your big solution right now is around 10% of your portfolio.

Yeah, around 88.5% How many total companies are you holding? Then I said, maybe 25 or so. I see, and. So unbelievably nice and an Apple and such as, you know, at what point do you think what do you think you’re missing right now? Your medicine to the next level.

Oh, I will take it to the next level, I’m not sure. Yeah, no, you don’t. I just I’m last year, so I made around 10, 12% And then I had like some the first year, I had some losses. And then the year afterwards, I recovered and made.

They’re maybe six percent, and then last year, another 10, 12% So if I can make like 20% this year, so I’ll be happy. So I’m just trying to whenever I get to 30 percent, I try to sell it. And then find another stock.

That’s kind of if I don’t think about it on a long term like alibaba, I am really pissed off. So it was around like three, three or five down to $5. And so it’s really down to at my cost basis, you know, so I don’t know if I should be.

And I’m waiting, but I don’t know if it will go anywhere. After biden, it looked like it will get better, but Yeah. Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s within that news to really take it up. Right interesting on that end.

So right now we’re figuring out that. We don’t know. We don’t know at the end of the day, and so. This one as a teenager, I mean, how would you describe him? Oh, I would describe him energetic, energetic, and I think trustworthy, I would say.

And I’m quite smart and strategic. Also, Australia and what would your message be to Germany right now if you were to watch this or what would you say to him? Thank you for helping us out. Right awesome.

Awesome and you return, as you said last year, about 10, 10 percent, a little higher than that before that. About 6% rate. Right but this year, I’m shooting for better. Yeah, for sure. It’s for sure that those results.

And any closing advice for somebody watching this? I think people should try to get as knowledgeable, as much knowledgeable, as much as knowledgeable by themselves, I think, and there are so many tools out there on YouTube and all this kind of on the internet, and I should keep reading and doing their own research and trying to find a good strategy for themselves.

Because some are very risk averse and I mean, depending on the risk level you want to take. And I would rather always play safe and think long term. I think that should never be thinking short term.

I think that’s the only key point in every stage of financial life, even if you are buying a real estate, should never think that you will be selling in a year because the market is with all the current I showed us. Also, it may go upside down very shortly.

Exactly very quick. Thank you again for having on your hands and taking time out of your day to speak to me. Sure, sure. Sure

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