Gail Simmons

I first started in 2014 when my husband passed away. He left me with insurance money. My experience was very ridiculous, I was not earning anything but I was not losing either.

That is when I decided I needed to learn more and got on YouTube.
I found Jeremy and watched to all his videos. My confidence started to grow just by following Jeremy’s advice. I really admire him.

Great, great, so Thanks for hopping on here and taking time out of your day. So go ahead. Walk me your investing journey. I first started. OK, well, I first started because my husband died in 2014, and he left me some insurance money on the $100,000, which sounds like a lot. But when you think of it and you realize that, you know, I’m 68 now, how many more years.

Do I have? And so I had to figure out what to do with the money. So I did what the normal thing was. I went to the bank and talked to the investment banker and he said, oh, I’ll take care of it for you.

And so I got, you know, one year. I got like $200 return. After years of this, I go, this is ridiculous. Plus, he had me set up where I had a monthly or a monthly disbursement of $400. And in order to do that, he had to sell stocks and jiggle around and everything like that.

And it was just you know, I just realized, first of all, the $400 a month was ridiculous. And what he wasn’t gaining anything. And so I knew I had to do something. So I just decided that I needed to learn how to make my money grow.

And basically, I got on YouTube. And I found that I found Jeremy and he was really one of the very few on there because I think this was like 2/20/16. And it was about March 20, 16, so so I’ve been doing this since then, and I just listened and listened and listening and listening.

He wrote a little book kind of thing about the book. You know, I remember that not many people know about the book. Yeah, it was a long time ago. Yeah, I bought from Amazon, you know, wherever it was, wherever it was. But anyway, I bought the book, studied it.

I listened and listening to Mendelssohn and then I kind of like played around a little bit. I opened an account in e-trade and it really didn’t know, you know, where to go, what to do. But anyway, I just chose the trade because was what my husband had used in the past or was going to use.

We never did, but he had set it up. But never used it. So I fooled around with a few little things. And it was very, very scary. And eventually I bought some Apple stock. And I think it was like. Around 70 or 80 dollars, I bought the Apple store, and it was like, you know. But, you know, so anyway, I bought, you know, 10 or something like that.

And then eventually, I just listened and listened and I kept getting more confidence. And I kept trying things. And the Apple thing went pretty well. So I called my banker and I said, I want you to send over some money to my account because I want to buy some stock.

He said, what? You know? So I said, yeah, I’m just playing around and I’m doing things on my own. I’m going to try it. So he says, OK, so I asked for 15,000. And he sent that over and I bought Apple stock with it again.

And I also bought AMD at that time to amazing. Every time I bought AMD for I think it was 16 or something like that was is pretty good. And a few other ones that since then, I’ve sold because of the, the big crash in last March this year.

This time last year. Yeah but anyway, so I finally got enough confidence. And I asked the banker to just to give me all my money. And I’m taking charge of it. So I had it sent to me and by that time, it was basically about $75,000.

And that was live from all the other, you know, from, you know, using it or whatever. So I took basically 50,000 and put it into some things that I thought would work, some things that I like to, some things jeremey really, really liked and that kind of thing.

And so I did. I love Tesla. I love, you know, I mean, I was right on board with Tesla a long time ago, even before Jerry was got excited about it. I was like going, yeah, this is it. This is it. I bought I bought quite a bit of Tesla outright at the time.

I got up to 90. I wanted to get to 100. But we started 350 and that that was out of my range to try to get that other that final ten, but then Tesla, you know, split and everything like that. So I eventually I ended up with the 200.

But that’s this. Since the stock market has gone. So crazy and. I will first of all, in march, I had a big sell off, so I sold off a lot of things. I sold off, I had zimm, I sold off soon. I had Lululemon.

I had AI don’t know, it was some nice ones that I had and they were doing well. But I took that because I needed the cash and I couldn’t, you know, I needed the cash. And then basically, I got my original money from the market that I put in.

And so I felt like, OK, if I’ve recovered that, then I’ve not lost anything. So that’s what I did. And basically, I had a little more, because I had like 70. I think I had 80 $80,000 that I got out of it, but then I jiggled around to.

And as it was going down, I would flood money into other things. So I plugged a lot of money into Facebook and went down to, I think, 140 or something like that. So I put some money in there. And I did some other things that I saw that I liked. So so right now.

I have. Recently in February. Sort of late February, I took out quite a bit of cash because I just felt like this market is just so bucking bronco, you know, for sure. So I took out about 9,000. Oh, really? So I guess I have to have cash right now.

And it is. Yeah, I took it out of basically a Tesla Tesla’s the Tesla is the bucket, you know, it’s the one with the most as it turns out. Now I have 120 Tesla. So that’s what I took quite a bit of a Tesla and then other ones too, I sold off quite a few of their ones, too.

So what are your top reloj positions right now? Well, I wish I could show you. Is there any way I can show you that or is that to take down that device? Maybe not. On on my cell phone, Yeah. Might be a bit hard. How would I do it then?

Let me look at it for me, the top three. I have to get it for myself, then. OK, here it is. So right now, I still have. And I did not sell that off. And I did buy it at 16. And so I’m up to 368 on that. With the gain of 14 97.

Unfortunately, I only have 25 because when I was lying, when I was buying at first, I was like, I don’t know if I could get 100 was a lot to me like, oh, my God. So I finally learned over the times that I’ve got to put more, more I got to get more shares of each one to make it count.

So I get to do that. And so now my next one is a Cheesecake Factory. And I’m doing yeah, I’m doing well on that. I bought it at what that was a thing of 26 and so I’m up 128% on that. Then I have a 3D printer. It’s dedede is that ticker symbol.

And I bought that at 6:40 and I’m up 321 on that. And then I have a fun utility vehicle akimoto. And I bought that at $1.46 and up 893 on that one. That’s awesome. Yeah, I go 1,000 of that one, because it was so cheap.

They got enough of something. So up 13,000 on that one. And it was around 2016 when you finally took things into your own hands. Right no worries about it was around August of 2018. So when you finally took some money from the Russell Baker and totally emptied the emptied the Bank of love for the investment banker and brought it to myself.

And then I have gibbet. I just recently. Well, I got that. Know, when did I get it. I don’t have much on that one. About it in September. Oh, and. And I have hundreds of that, so it’s not that much, but I’m up 276 and then I have and this.

I love this one is one of my favorites. It’s Nuvo Monte graphite mine from Canada. And I bought it. Yeah, I bought it when it was $0.14. And now my cost basis because I’ve been buying it all along and it’s been going up.

It’s $0.92 now as my cost basis right now to deliver 50. So far it hasn’t, it hasn’t broken 200. I mean, it hasn’t broken $2 but it will and I’m up on that. And I have this one. I bought a little more, I have 26,000 and I’m at $15,000 and I’m at 6.62.

So walk me through your research process, then when you hear about a stock disrupted with some YouTube videos, when you do your research or how do you start off research? Yeah, I use the YouTube videos and plus I just like have a sense of it.

Like I see something. I go, Oh yeah, that that sounds really good. And this next one falls in that category. And it’s planet 13 and on TV before Jeremy started talking about it because they had like look at this thing from Los Vegas, doo doo doo doo.

You know, the Travel Channel. And I went, what the heck I want there. Yeah and when I found out that you could buy it, you know, and Jeremy started talking about it. Oh yes. And and you see, I bought it at come on, show me.

I bought it at $0.85. It’s a great cost basis. Yeah so I started buying it right now you see my cost basis. Cost basis is 3/3/14 because I’ve been to and I’ve only got a 7,000 of those. But I have $20,000 I’m up on it and 91% And then I have revolved which is I got that from Jeremy, I’m not mad about it.

But it’s doing something. I agree. It’s, I’m up to 60% 260% Then I have Tesla for my little baby. And I’m up 560 on that. And my cost basis is $96. Then I’m very good food company. And I’m up 70% on that.

And my expects us to 30. So so Yeah, I just kind of like. Look in here and listen, and I don’t do all the things that Jeremy says that you should do, which just, you know. Yeah And so what’s the key lesson.

So far, you’ve learned from jeremy? Oh, I’ve learned everything from him. Yeah, you know, yeah, I just I just would have him going on and on and on and on. You know, in the morning, I turn it on. I just listen, I have had my breakfast.

Do the house cleaning up, be listening, listening. So, yeah, just everything. And the one thing he says is that it’s confidence. And that’s so true. Because when I have I got to the point where I got confidence.

So that’s when I could move and get, you know, when I could. You know, act on a. And I and I feel good about it, I really do. And I have to tell you that I told no one, no one about this, not anyone that I was doing this because I knew they would say, oh, are you kidding?

It was also stupidity to you know, I knew I would get that reaction. So I just told absolutely no one until I actually have. I had a roommate at the time. And I kind of mentioned it to her. I said, you know, I’ve been doing stock trading and I’m getting to the point where I’m going to ask my and my investment banker banker to just give me the money that’s mine.

And she went, oh, really? Oh, I have a friend in Boston where I used to live that had that was making a living doing that. And that was like, oh, you know, so I got some enforcement. And that was. So I started listening for I did this listen for two years.

And then I finally did it in August of 2018. I had been playing around, but I finally made that big commitment, which which is the thing, you know, along those lines to someone who has ever seen Jeremy, how would you describe them?

Oh, I think he’s a tremendously giving person, he’s a tremendously generous person, he’s very, very, very knowledgeable. And I appreciate so much that he is willing to just be a little fountain of knowledge and to share it.

So willingly. He he’s know, he’s I really admire him. And he’s young enough to be my grandchild. And sometimes I kind of think, you know, here’s my granddaughter. It may what to do. So so I’ve looked at him like that, too.

So, OK, sunny, tell me what to do. And he made that video how you would his grandmother, if she were to have and how he would manage it. Oh, yeah, I saw that. And I actually had I actually bought Walgreen’s and I bought it at like forty, thirty, 30 eight, 39, 40.

And then I sat there, and I was looking at it, and I was seeing that was really not going very good. And I had just gotten the idea that I got to put more money into it. And I had done it because I want it to get into dividend stocks.

And I thought this was a pretty good dividend stock. And what happened was this was in the summer, I guess probably around August. And what happened was Tesla started dropping its own bartis, you know, there goes my dividend stock and then it’s up and down.

But Tesla did good, too. I mean, I’ve taken $90,000 basically. And I’m sitting on a lot of cash right now, so what do you think you’re missing right now to take your investment to the next level? Well, what I need to do is I need to be able to I’m kind of caught in a trap of the growth.

And part of that is because it’s so exciting. And I want to keep that money bubbling up. But I need the dividend. I need the dividend stock. That’s my thing that I am concerned about. Yes, those missiles around. Yes, because what I see, I didn’t I do not have an income.

That’s one reason I took a large bunch of cash. I do not have an income other than my social security, which is only $200 a month. And I have a house and have the mortgage on that. You know, not it’s not a lot.

But still, it’s more than Social Security can cover and. I have some. I don’t know, I have a lot of issues of whether to sell my house or not sell my house, my dad is would probably want me to move in with him.

But there’s some issues because he lives in a hanger on a runway. Yeah and I’m upstairs right now, and this is my bedroom. But this is the room also. It’s not a bedroom and it’s not a separate. And this is where he comes to do his and he has a business, he sells airplane plans.

And I’m trying to help him with that too, because he’s being forgetful and things like that. So I’m trying to help him with that. So I don’t know what to do. I’m in a crossroads of, you know, what do I do with myself and be very good to have an income.

But what I’m also done is in February, I created an LLC and I did that, you know, listening to Jeremy. I mean, he had a he had some kind of special thing. It was just a this is for just a few hours or something. Listen to these people.

So I listened and I went, yeah, there’s some wisdom here. So I created an LLC. And then I got into, you know, prime corporate and services. That’s what I’m with. And so I got that LLC. And now what I’m trying to do is create the LLC to give me a monthly monthly disbursement.

So I have an income. And I want to do that because you need to have an income. If you’re going to do anything, if you’re going to want any kind of financing or anything, you have to have some kind of income.

So that’s kind of the latest steps that I’ve been working on. Well, at least you have some type of capital to act on these things, right? You’re not in a terrible spot. Glad to be able to help you get to a better place at least, right?

Well, right now, the total my total gains, I probably should do a refresh on this, but my total gains are $140,000. And and on top of that, I have the 90,000 cash. So, you know, it’s not bad. But, you know, at this point in time, I certainly don’t want to sell.

I don’t want to sell anything. I’m now to where it would like it would really hurt if I had to sell something. Yeah Yeah. I feel you on. That’s a tough one. Right so it’s a tough market to really maneuver.

And so if there was a message for Jeremy right now, what would you tell them? What would I tell him? Well, I just think he should just keep on keeping on and helping people and letting him know that he’s helped me tremendously.

And I really, really appreciate him. And I have tried to correspond or send a text or something and. I have never gotten any kind of an acknowledgment that he actually got it, so anyway, but I have sent my appreciation out there to him on different occasions, but I’m not sure he ever got it.

And I just think he’s a fabulous, fabulous young man, and he’s a wonderful role model. And I’ve been an Uber driver. I was an Uber driver until my dad needed me to come here. And so I’m here, but I’ve done Uber driving.

And when I get a young man, you know, and they I don’t I don’t pounce on them. But when they start saying something about, well, I’m working overtime. So I can get more money, you know, and then I say, well, hey, have you ever heard of Jeremy and financial education?

Because we never do get educated in finances as we. And this guide will help you and he’ll really be a good way to get started. So I’ve got I feel that it’s been something for me to do for young people.

So I’m and I think it’s helped them. I mean, you know, sum them go, yeah, really. Let me have that name it. And then I tell them about other people, you know, started listening to Grand stuff and to God.

There’s so many, you know, there’s just too many to listen to really make up for. Sure for sure. Jeremy helped me out a lot. I’m grateful to you. Oh, Yeah. Brings out. Yeah, a lot of kids don’t get that financial education has.

That’s the whole thing, right? They said any advice, closing remarks or somebody listening? Well, I just I’d like to say that you can do it if you apply yourself and feel that was very scary for me. And I just had to keep on.

And I had to, as I say, protect myself. It was just a little seed trying to germinate by not telling the world what I was doing. And so I wouldn’t get negative feedback that would, you know, kill it before it did anything.

And you can do it. As a matter of fact, I’ve got a couple of friends that are now asking me, what do you do? How do you do that? So so it feels good that I can share the knowledge that basically, I got from Jeremy.

Also, it’s a strange stigma sometimes of people being afraid of what to do with your money, but once again, the groove of things really sort of taking advantage of that. It is. And I know that I don’t do it the way that Jeremy does, but by, you know, listening to all these different.

I mean, he listens to the CEO, as I do sometimes, you know, I listen to the CEO is just to figure out, you know, if this company has a good CEO or sometimes the CEO talk. And I go, wow, what’s our company? So, yeah, I, I have just a sense.

And I think I developed that just because of applying myself and trusting in myself and then having that trust show proof and that that’s how you gain the confidence. And so, again, Thanks for taking time out of your day, you really appreciate you taking your time and telling your story, ok?

Yeah, but what is all this for? Is this for a day or just seeing what people have gotten from Jeremy so far and what they’d like to see from Jeremy, right? Mm-hmm But again, thank you. He’s a phenomenal guy.

I you know, I’ve sent emails or text or through the years just occasionally, and I’ve got never really got an actual reply that said, you really heard this. But it doesn’t matter. It’s out there in the ether and he’s.

He knows the word along. And I know lots and lots of other people appreciate them, too. Yeah, sure, for sure. Thank you. Thank you again. Not some people take time out of the day for this, ok?

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