Fred Dozsa

What happened was making no money at all in my 4O1K and SIMPLE IRA plans. I had some role overs from other companies. And stuff. I was sitting at around, $30K-$40K. And then I decided, I better do something because I’m not getting any younger, and probably want to retire in a year or two.

The stock was going up so I was looking for someone who had some insight. That’s how I saw Jeremy. Then there was the crash of March 2020.  I listen to Jeremy’s video, but you can get your count to 500,000. The last 500,000 is actually not as hard as the first one. I bought 500 more shares of the planet today.

I’m a firm believer and I’m a supporter. For someone that is actually interested in investing and, making a difference in their own wealth if they have that kind of motivation. I think this is a tremendous opportunity.

Another member of the financial fortress, Mr Fred, how are you doing? Doing great. I love it, I love it as well. Man, your wife is from Ottawa, from Canada. I really love you more. That’s a good idea. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Tell us about your investing journey and how you came across all that and you came across into the private group eventually. Well, what happened was essentially, you know, I was. I was making no money at all in my 401(k and SIMPLE IRA plans. 

I had some role overs from other companies. And stuff. I was sitting at around, I need to tell you, that wasn’t very good at all, it was like 30 $40,000. $35,000 And then I decided, you know, I better. I better do something because I’m not getting any younger, and probably want to retire in a year or two, you know. 

Yeah, so what happened was I ended up buying. I had this kind of side business side hustle. I don’t know if you know what it’s called. Kurosaki you are a hero to it’s a car ferry services mccartneys. But what you do is you rent out your car and you make money on it. I’m not like I normally am a salesman. I sell office equipment, copiers, printers, scanners, that kind of stuff. 

But I want to make some extra income. So anyway, I’m running these cars on parole. And then I saw this one car that was very popular on the platform, but it’s called the Tesla Model three. Anyway I buy this, OK, and I was so impressed with the car after having it a week or two, I told my wife under the guise of this year with the stock. 

And she said, well, you know, how much of the money. Do you put into this? That’s what I thought, all of it. Of course, the Secret Service says it can’t afford to lose all that money. And so forth. What are you talking about? We’re talking about November. 

OK so, of course, that’s how I got to cheramie, because I kind of was the stock kept going up, but I was looking for someone that had some insight. And then also, I was looking for someone that could kind of, you know, I felt I was just it was just pure luck. 

And I got into the stock race. Of course, the stock doubles. Right so, I mean, my 30 grand trinities. And then I bought some more shares know, it kind of fluctuated up and down. And I listened to Jeremy, you know, don’t sell or whatever. Be careful. 

You don’t like all the principles, right. Anyways, but now that it is, you know, there was the crash of March, 2020. And following Jeremy’s advice, I loaded up on. My here’s one from that 0.60 $1,000 American. $90,000 a day because of that advice.

 And then I got scared. And I sold it. So this was a big mistake. But anyway, the lady didn’t go away. I still know, you never, never beat yourself up for taking a profit. Exactly no one whenever I saw it. So anyway, it just kept going up. And I was kicking myself, of course. But then, you know, I thought, well, I better look at this guy because I went through it. 

And so I bought. Planet 30, so I took my 90 grand and most of it on the planet. And I diversified it. I bought some you know, some work dropbox, I tried to diversify a little bit, but not too much like. So anyway, plan 30 kept going up. I mean, I think I bought it, it was $2. Oh, boy. Yeah, yeah, I was pretty good back then. 

Still, the whole march, April timeframe. And, you know, the stocks were still kind of beat down. So anyway, I promised myself. That if I could take this account, the 250. I would join the group. Yeah, December 1st, 2022 point. So I signed up, I talked to Ben and I said, OK, fine. And, you know, you saw the picture that I went to 350 like this past month, and now I’m somewhere around fourth one, so unbelievable. 

I mean, we’re talking about a $35,000 a year and a half a year. And the debt is something I think that’s pretty good returns. And I mean, the least you can say about that. Exactly so that’s my story. I mean, it’s the true story.

I got all the screenshots to prove it. And You know, I’m just I, I listen to Jeremy’s video, but you can get your count to 500,000. You know, the last 500,000 is actually not as hard as the first one, so I’m hoping I bought 500 more shares of planet today, you know, just because the dip down to six something today, so. I’m a firm believer and I’m a supporter. 

Let’s do. Let’s talk let’s talk about that belief, man. Let’s talk about, you know, so I mean, that’s first of all, that’s incredible gains. We’re talking from like 60,000 to four to 50 from his free content. And then you join the group.

 And then you make, you know, afterwards just you exclude that account. You’re almost at a half a million mark. So what was your kind of struggle before you found Jeremy when you were looking at stocks in general? What was your biggest struggle? 

Well, of course, everybody says diversify, you know, the 401(k is the only gave you certain options. You know, you have to in their particular funds. So I didn’t really do any stock picking them up in the stock market, probably for 10 or 15 years. 

But it’s been a good experience because, you know, you give your money, these money managers, and basically, they screw it up more than you could have screwed it up yourself. So basically, this last company that I’ve worked for now for about five years now. 

They did what they call simple IRA, so you could pick your own stocks and take whatever is basically with the Schwab account, you know, Schwab brokerage account, you get whatever you want. So, I mean, I was I was they had this sort of. Automatic support for your club, which I was in for a while, but, you know, basically all of the S&P 500, so that was fine, but the gains were 10, 15%

 And I’m looking for something more than what I discovered is that if you have the right mentors, OK, fine. I did well. I mean, we are in and up market, so I’m not. I’m not so naive to think that, you know, this is a point in time, OK, let’s be realistic, right? 

But it is a point in time. And making stosz is something that if you’re a long term investor, if you follow some of the principles, I believe that over the long term, you can do better than the S&P 500. Absolutely I love that. Has that come more from the course itself or from the private group for yourself? 

So a little bit of both, you know, the private group is fun, I mean, because, you know, you get the private stuff and all that kind of stuff. But, you know, I’m doing the course, as well. You know what I’ve done. But halfway through it, making sure that I follow the principles and, you know, I do the financial statements and listening to the conference calls. 

And, you know, I’m tracking things. I’m keeping up to date on what’s going on and, you know, investing relatively conservatively that, you know, if I see a gift like I did today, you know, or buy some more years, you know, not on my money that I had available yet. 

And, you know, just try to just try to be a good, solid, you know, value investors and invest. I love it. And the thing is, in terms of the confidence that it gives you, does it, does it give you the confidence when you’re around others, especially in the chat, in the chat room? These are people that have been in the market for decades. 

Plus, you know, we’re talking about the more experienced ones, obviously, but just being around them, knowing that you can get advice from them is that a confidence booster? Well, you know, you look at the seven figure club pictures, right? 

Mean the six or seven figure everyday people that have. So, of course, these guys that are just normal working guys, a lot of them are young guys, you know, I mean, I mean, like these guys are in their 30s, 40s. I mean. 

You know, they can follow the principle. Well, no reason why I can’t. I mean, that’s definitely the mentality a lot of people should have, and you seem to have it down. And I hope that a lot of younger people can actually get that opportunity as well.

The younger people, when they get that mentality, you have the skill, the knowledge, and then you have time on your hand where you have time in front of you, where you can literally build that portfolio to something life changing and wealth generating in terms of the course, like if you were to give us a. 

A description of the course from your point of view. Well, how would you describe it in a brief couple of words or brief couple of sentences? I would say the course, is in. Layman’s layman’s view of fundamentals, investment like a you know, not a financial person’s view, but just an everyday person’s. Point of view and. So if I believe it is something anybody can understand. 

And it is a win for solid principles, but it’s present in every language, I think that’s very powerful. And you think beginners, beginners, as well as a little bit more advanced people can actually still benefit from the course, even as they maybe not the extremely advanced people, but people that are in the middle. 

Well, yeah, I mean, we’re all kind of in the middle, some respects. I mean, what’s your broker is you know, you’ve been in the market for years. You’ve made the case for other people. I mean, we’re all in various stages of development. 

So but being able to appeal to the common man that this kind of financial stuff. And these stocks. And so forth are pretty intimidating. Yes you know, the people, the people I mean, you know this, especially from my generation.

 I mean, these were done by professionals, by brokers, by people that worked in these financial firms. It was done by the everyday person rather than the CEO that, you know, these people are. You know, the common man is able to. 

To do well or to have a piece of this market and, you know, this is robbing the traders with this, the stuff has proven that you can push us around. You know, we have an influence, right? It’s nice to see.

 It’s something that needs to happen. I think Jeremy’s part of that is, you know, Kevin and, you know, there’s a couple other guys that he’s kind of, hey, I thought I’d send Jeremy a message about this whole millennial or millennial channel. They’re starting. I think it’s a great idea. 

You know, they’ve got different people talking about different points of view. I think it’s all very. And how coming from a person that’s like you said, you know, back in the day that this used to be something that only professionals can do. And And it was expensive. 

I mean, you know, you creative stocks, I mean, everybody 3 was there was a barrier to entry. Yep and how important do you feel like now and putting your matters into your own hands and putting your putting the responsibility on yourself to do the work and pick stocks on your own rather than losing money with someone else to do it for you? 

How do you think the importance of that has changed? Well, it’s definitely opened my eyes to another vehicle to well, that I really didn’t even think was possible. So it’s so that’s a good thing. You know, I think that the more knowledgeable you become, more confident and if confident in the risk level is mitigated because you say, well, I’ve seen this before, you know, I don’t have to I don’t have to operate out of fear or I don’t have to operate. 

We I’ve got a buddy of mine that I’ll give you that crap. I got a buddy of mine that invest in planet with me. You know, I told him, you should try the stock. And, you know, he’s got a he’s got he’s our retirement plan. 

And, you know, he works at the same company. And I mean, basically, he’s just followed along with me. I mean, you know, why the stock? I mean, I knew I was invested. I did some research.

 And so forth, but he was just he’s just he’s looking for stock tips, you know, reminds me of like 29 crash when people everybody would be exchanging stock if you know the elevator operator back, if I knew about stocks right through. 

So he’s of course, very happy that he has doubled his retirement account just with this one stock because he listens to me. But I don’t want to be the person listening to stocks. I want to be the person that says this is something we need to do. And that’ll be the what is it to the transition for me was when I sold Tesla. 

That was a mistake. I don’t think I’ll make that mistake. Know, I should have waited. I sold it right of here. Yeah, so and I love I love how you said, kind of when you get knowledge and you do the work beforehand, the risk is mitigated and it leaves you in a position where you don’t surrender to fear in moments like, let’s say, for example, you know, you selling at a Tesla .

All the things that I have done knows how many I can put them on my hand before I know, I became more knowledgeable. It set when, you know, when stocks dipped. It’s a normal thing. It’s like, you know, they’re not supposed to stay at one place for a long period. They’re supposed to dip and play around. And it’s your emotions that must be handled. 

And the only way you can handle those emotions is if you have a background knowledge of what you actually invested in. Like you said, you now you have looked at the planet 13 and you saw, hey, this was something that I wanted to put my retirement in and hopefully make it a better retirement. And it’s really, really cool to see that from my end. 

At least, it’s a very encouraging. You know, I think I’m a better stock investor as a result of this experience, so that’s why I’m happy to share whatever whatever method, whatever you do for me. I’m a supporter of you guys, actually. I love that. 

And and what would you kind of tell the younger generation that are. You know, the thing is, like you said, you mentioned that 1920 1929 crash and you know everybody with stockpicking at the time. You know, it’s funny because it reminds me of what’s happening right now. 

It’s kind of it’s like a fourth. The only difference. Well, it’s on the internet. Now You know, people are telling you this, this, this. And it’s just like it’s hard. It’s harsh to say. And I don’t like to I don’t like that. Just because I feel like a rude awakening is about to come some way or another where people are going to start realizing this is not a game. 

This is more of a like there’s work in this. It’s a side job. It’s a side hobby. And you kind of have to take it seriously. You have to do the work before you put your money somewhere. You wouldn’t just hand your money to someone and tell me, look, go, go, go One Work it for me. Or, you know, logically, you wouldn’t do that physically. You wouldn’t do that in front of a person. You say, here, take $1,000. 

Hopefully next week, we’ll bring it back to me with $1,300. You wouldn’t do that physically, but it seems like people are doing that now in a more technologically advanced time. And it’s kind of it’s harsh to see. And I hope that, like, people wake up before things turned. 

Yeah, I mean, take a look at the drop in test this week, I mean, this dropped almost over $100 or whatever, $1,769 almost $200. So, you know, if everybody was buying that stuff on margin, you have a $200 hit, you get 1,000 years. 

That’s a $2,000 hit. So, you know, that’s a big that’s a big lot. Yeah so, you know, I mean, I mean, I think that know, the stuff that we’re picking, I mean, there’s some. There’s some risk, yes, no question, but some of the companies like I’ve got a nice position in dropbox, you know, I think it’s undervalued and every is the Wall Street doesn’t seem to like Dropbox at all.

 I mean, just give it up a little bit. I don’t they don’t like it yet. They don’t like it yet. But I’m still confident I’m in it for the long run. I’m not going to sell off my. So I’ve learned I’ve learned from my mistakes. And, you know, I don’t want to take up too much of your time, but because this was a very fun conversation to have with someone obviously, that’s older than me.

 And can provide me a lot of value in terms of my fear for my future experiences. But what would you say to younger people that are. Like, so picking you back off of what we were just talking about, like everybody stop picking and it’s just all the hype now, everybody wants that little field of dopamine and buying something, making a little quick buck or two. 

And then, you know, what would you say to people that are more concerned about putting money into their brokerage account and trying to grow their account through putting money into it before investing in themselves into something like this, where they can go through a course, that’s like actually going to teach them how to do it forever, not just for the time being. 

And what would you say to those people? Well, of course, there has to be some interest on their part. I mean, this is not for everybody. Yeah, I mean, I’ve got my daughters. I’ve got two daughters, a 30-year-old and a 25-year-old. They’re both engineers. 

You just want to put their money in the for in case, let somebody else handle it. They’re so busy at work, you know, they. It’s not you know, I mean, I could, you know, I could tell stuff. And of course, they wouldn’t, but they’re more into fashion and stuff, the girls, the importance, that stuff. But for someone that is actually interested in. Investor interest in. 

Making a difference in their own wealth if they have that kind of motivation. I think this is a tremendous opportunity. That’s what I would tell them. I mean, don’t discount this opportunity. This is not a get rich quick scheme. 

This is something where you put in the work, you will get the benefit. Yeah, no, I mean, I love that and, you know, it’s cool to see someone closer to retirement and taking the initiative upon themselves to stock back, you don’t see that very often value. You see people closer to retirement. 

They’re very, very on edge. Oh, let me put my money in the S&P. Let me put 100 in etfs, media dividend stock or two max. And that’s too much. But you seem to just have taken this just learning and actually applied it, not looking at the side fearing or fear mongering that you could fall trap defaulting to. 

But you you just taking it like you’re treating the stock market, how we treat the stock market, you know, like as if you have time on your hand and hey, because it’s at the end of the day, it’s the same vehicle. Right it’s the same. It’s the same platform. 

Whether you’re young or old. It’s just that. I feel like I have been in many businesses. And I know that without risk. You know, if you want to put your money in a savings account, you know, you’re going to get under 1% Good luck. Now Yeah, good luck. 

Yeah so, you know, there’s no guarantees in life. I mean, I’m probably more of a risk taker. Average 60 days. But, you know, it’s because I’ve had businesses and that had a bill. I’ve worked for various companies. 

And I know that having a job isn’t a guarantee of anything either. You know, there’s a lot of people are now and with this virus, I mean, a lot of people are laid off. They are hard workers. You know, they get everything right. 

But you don’t have a job situation. So there’s no such thing as low risk and life. Now, your tolerance for it is another matter, but once again, we’re back with that. How do we mitigate that risk by making wise decisions. 

And that’s where I think, of course, comes in. I think you make better decisions with the. I love this. I could probably go on like for hours until you go. No, no, you go by your side. I love you, too. I know. I to be honest with you, I say this a lot to a lot of people. 

I know a lot of people are going to watch this and kind of get a lot from it. But I feel this one has an extra added value to it where I think people are. It’s going to resonate with a lot more people than I thought it would have if it was another person. 

Just because of your situation, the way you spoke and communicated that. And I feel like a lot of people will benefit from it, and I hope they do, to be honest, because it’s just the time right now where I know this seems like a fun game, but you have to take it seriously. 

And, you know, you heard it first if you’re willing and if you have a tolerance to it. I mean, if the course is great, it really puts you on track. And I thank you so much for being here. My pleasure. My pleasure. Call me anytime. Absolutely.

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