In 2019, I started buying houses to flip but we have to close the store so I started watching youtube. That is how I started following Jeremy. He has a lot of knowledge to share and I realized that there are a lot of ways to invest and one of them is the stock market.

I went back to “When did he start doing this?”, and as I watch his videos I noticed that he took time to help people understand something that other people can’t.
I watched him every day and I think that he is cool and I appreciate his frugality, He made me feel more confident and now I understand a lot about stocks.

It’s basically, you know, I just want to get to know a little bit about your investing journey, how do you even start investing? did you even get to know jeremy? OK, so this is my job. I work in foreign interest. OK, full time.

A lot of hours. But I also do flips on the side. OK, so in 2019, I started buying houses to slip. Right, yet within cabinet, that was last year, around March or April. So we had to close the store and I started watching you to.

And that’s when I started following Jeremy. Just because he’s a likable guy, he’s a little silly, but he’s like, right. Well, he also have a lot of knowledge. And I think he proves that he knows what he’s talking about, right?

So I created sometime last year in e-trade, I created an account. And I, I, I created a watch list of stocks that I would buy if I were to have the money. Well, it wasn’t real money, right? And I see returns, you know.

So I just been following him and he has a private group. That at the beginning, when I learned about it, he was trying to reach out to people to come with five figures, right? So I said to myself.
I can put $10,000 into this and see where we’re going with this. Right but next thing you know, he has started six people and, you know, and I think they have the six figures, I say, you know, I’m never going to join this group, but I continue following him, you know?

And I’d invest ammonium nitrate and I make the money and not a lot, but I do. 4,000 I maintain does. So, you know, so so I made a little money. I like it. I want to do it more. But like, I don’t have the time. I don’t have the guidance.

So I say, you know what, to me? Well, by the way, I set up a meeting with the person from the group. That was last year, sometime in the summer. But he was a misunderstanding on the time frame because I thought it was 10 a.m., I was 10:00 PM.

And we didn’t talk and, you know, I try to email the person I forgot his name, but I never got here. You’re here now and then you’re here. You’re here with me, man. So we’ll see. Yeah, go. So so you you flip houses, right? You flip out.

So you have that entrepreneurial. Oh yeah, I know. Yes so and usually you’re obviously you just told me you’re not from America. I’m an immigrant too. So usually what I’ve realized is the more that you’re not from the United States or you’re not because I’m from Canada and you’re not from Canada, you seem to have a tendency to do those type you like to flip.

I don’t know what it is. It’s something about the immigrant vibe that comes into the building. It’s business as business. But I mean, it’s funny story because you’re talking about that. And my family’s big real estate family, like just everything they think, well, it’s only real estate, you know, there’s nothing else but the real estate.

And that’s if you want to flip you and flip a home, you want to flip and you can flip products in the business. Sure but the home, the bigger things, it’s the home. And now coming from that and just following Jeremy, like, you know, like you kind of I started to realize that you can do so many other ways.

And one of them is the stock market. Right but the problem that happens in the stock market is that. Because you can see the price every second and the internet is on it and a bunch of people are on Reddit or a bunch of people are on YouTube playing, fooling around and telling people everything, it becomes hard to see it as a flip.

It’s more it becomes more of like a kemble, like you’re going to the Casino. And I didn’t. I thank God I did fall into that truck early. I can’t lie, I did. But being able to come back and looking at it as a flip, as if you’re buying the property, as if you’re buying a home, you’re not going to try to sell it the next day.

It doesn’t work that way. Right you just wasted time and you wasted money on lawyers and on commissions and stuff. So then when I started realizing that it was more of a. Buying a business and looking at it in the future, then things started to slow down.

I didn’t care about the fluctuations anymore. I didn’t check the account every second. It was more you do the work up front, you search it up, you look at it, and then you see if it’s a good flip for the next five, six, seven years or whatever it is.

And that’s fine. That’s kind of relating to your flip story. And, you know, if you tell me, like, how would you how would you feel? Like you said, he has a lot of knowledge. And where you did you feel like he was able to relate that knowledge to people that didn’t know anything about the stock market?

Absolutely I think any person can buy the stock that Jeremy put out there and you to make money off. If you learn from him, right? The problem comes with funds that are available. Because to be an investor, like he call it, you need to invest one year to year three or four years, five years, whatever, right.

But if you’re going to need that money, you won’t be able to you’re going to sell and you’re going to cash out because you need the money for something else. Like I did. I came into a jam a couple of months ago and the flipping business and I Stole my portfolio are e-trade.

Yeah, and then I did what I had to do, got the money back, and then I put it again in yewtree, right. But for me to do this the right way, I will have to take some funds out of the Philippine business and dedicated to this and forget about it for two or three years, you know what I mean?

Yeah, I’m willing to do that. I’m willing to do that. But I have to be the right guidance, I would be scared to do it myself because you can lose money, you know that. Absolutely, no doubt. Yeah, that’s what I like about the fleabite.

By the way, you buy a house. You lose momentum, the economy is not good, and then you’re going to lose money because while you can keep the house and rent it and you save your money, but you can’t do that on the stock market, and you’d have to really hold it and just hold it. Yeah, right.

That’s why you want to be able you got to make sure that you don’t need the money, you know, and I think that’s probably the biggest difference between you and somebody else that doesn’t understand.

Like, if you need the money, you shouldn’t be doing it because then you’re just going to put yourself in trouble. Right and the other thing is you’ve got to do money every month. So you have to make sure that the money that you’re getting, you’re going to take a little bit and you know, I’m 46 years old, I don’t know how old you are, but you look very young. So you have time on your side.

¬†You know, I don’t. If I going to do something, I need to expedite, you know, so I’m willing to put $100,000 into this, but. You know, I got to make sure that I do try and. That’s why I keep watching videos, because he’s never had no knowledge and always learn something when I watch it.

And by the way, I follow Jeremy, I follow two other guys. I follow a fellow countryman of yours. !invisible!, what’s his name, and I think I know who you’re talking about. I don’t know his name either, but I do know what you’re talking about.

He has AI like him. He has a nice YouTube channel from bronk. I think he has a little bit of green eyes, kind of this guy, danio bronk. In your front. I’m not familiar with the name, but I have seen his yes, yes, here we go again. Yeah, yeah, he’s kind of a. Yeah, he is canadia street is Canadian. And then I follow my cash, which you’ve probably seen it before to.

But I all of it overriding Jeremy’s is in the. The best person to follow for a person like me, you know, why was that? Why was that for you? What was it that made you confident in that? That’s that’s a big question.

I went back to when he started doing this. And I noticed that he took the time to help people understand something that I knew other people don’t. What is a checking account? Worry how the stock market works, what is dividends and what is this know, what is long term investment? What is a cash flow business?

No short term investments or different things that you hear. Would you don’t understand them, right? And that’s number one and number two, it’s easy to understand for a person, the English as a second language to me is important because some that people talk like, what’s his name, the Canadian or. No, no, no. This guy is American. Kramer Kramer.

I look, I can watch Kramer every day. I understand what the heck he’s talking about. I have a lot to do with, you know. Yeah, that makes sense. I barely understand Kramer when he was alive. I don’t think that’s true.

That’s true. I think that’s probably the biggest thing that people that keep away keep people away from the stock market, the language barrier, even for somebody that’s english, their first language, there’s a language barrier between Wall Street language and role.

Absolutely absolutely. But, you know, you don’t have that. Yeah, I do get that a lot from people is that he doesn’t he doesn’t. He keeps it very normal. He he translates everything to normal terms.
And that’s actually that’s probably one of the reasons I feel like he has gained enough trust from everybody, because, you know, if you’re going to explain something to somebody that doesn’t know it, you better you’re not going to explain to a five-year-old the way you explain to your friend.

You have to go down to the 5 year old’s is level and explain it and what they understand. And then I think that’s what he has been able to do with people that don’t understand anything about the market.

And it’s really cool. And I also appreciate his frugality, you know. That’s true. You see what I’m saying, because I don’t look at that, he’s the main person. I look how humble he is processes being, you know, and he still is.

I think I don’t know him personally, but but that’s the impression I get, you know, and that’s important. Yeah, it’s yeah, it’s usually usually like I don’t know if everybody in the same people that really have the money is the ones you’ll never expect.

Right, it it’s the ones that are because they’re more concerned about knowing how to make it rather than flaunting it, and and that’s mean you’re making really, really nice like things that are actually not a lot of people say it, but it’s in the back of the line, right.

It’s definitely there. And I give an example. You probably watch this guy and you do before he’s in Vegas, too. He made it on an episode with Jeremy one time. He’s a Russian. Andrew jike. OK, have you seen him, I personally know. No, I personally have not.

No, he’s good, but he started doing videos about dividend stocks and dividend stocks is not for everybody. Yeah, you know. There is another guy called Henry imbeds, Henry. He even have a degree of financing from the University.

This guy here. OK, but I watched this video and I was Jeremy’s video and I learned more from Jeremy than I do from. So, you know, that’s one thing about Jeremy, though, I don’t know if so, one thing I actually learned about Jeremy actually watching is that he wasn’t a he went to college, he took accounting classes, but he wasn’t really like a scholar or anything like that.

It’s not like, you know. Yeah, no, it’s very normal. He learned this thing based off like him trying and doing so. I feel like that’s the difference between him and somebody else, because him he actually did it the way that anybody else would start.

He started from nothing in terms of knowledge fully, and he had to learn it himself. And I feel like that makes it easier for him to translate that knowledge to everybody else. And I totally agree with you 100% It doesn’t make a difference because when you’re in a school for a long time, like I’m in school, I have a financial background myself when I’m in school.

I’ve been in school for a long time. This wording stuff comes easy to me. But sometimes I have to stop and be like, yes, it’s easy to you because you’ve been doing it for six years. You put anybody in your position that’s doing it for six years, the language will become. But the problem is not everybody has the same life that you had.

You have to understand, this guy is a carpenter. This guy is an engineer. This person is a flipper. This person is this. They don’t do what you do every day. Right that’s probably why he has had so much success in being able to relay that information to everybody else with ease.

And he hasn’t had to try too hard for. Have you borrow his private group? I am personally, I do. I’ve been part of it for a while. I’m working with him now. Like I told you, I was talking to you off camera.

We were kind of like having fun. I’m having fun with it more than anything. I’m just enjoying it. And kind of it’s pretty cool, like being able to help others and stuff, because it’s the one thing about the stock market is it’s not it’s a zero sum game.

It’s like everybody can win without you losing. Like if your neighbor wins as well and you don’t lose, you don’t you know, it’s not like a business where you’re fighting other businesses and you’re trying to correct the stock market’s like, I can win, you can win, too. And it’s I mean.

Yeah world perspective. Yeah Yeah. So so that’s why I feel like he also doesn’t care about you. He really wants everybody else to win because to be honest, like it doesn’t hurt him, he’s still going to keep doing what he’s doing and people on. It’s like fun. It’s cool. It’s always nice to help.

I also think. Is something that humans have once they make. The fact that I’m reading a book that talks about that right now, the need of helping others make you feel important and and he does it in a good way, some other people do it to show off.

He does it, you know, and and that’s good for him. And I’m proud of the fact that he’s like that, you know, but. I wish I can be more. I wish I could jump on a private group when I started watching it. I just need to know whether, you know, it happens.

You know, the thing is, when you said you’re 43 and what, you’re still young man. Oh, yeah, absolutely, but I have this friend that you have. Yeah, we are coming from Yeah but it’s all about like health and stuff.

And if you’re healthy, you’re young. And and so I wanted to kind of here’s one thing I wanted to ask. I actually really wanted to because somebody from starting from New you started around last year. Let’s say you really got into it more.

It’s scary at first, it’s scary, it’s not like I come from a financial background, I was still scared doing it because, like I said, there’s so much information and it’s like volatility. And you can see the price going up and down and you can like, oh, my god, I’m losing my money. It’s so much things come out.

How did you what was it kind of when you were watching the channel? Was it the channel evelynn or was it just you? Because you have an entrepreneurial background that you were able to handle, maybe a little bit of that? Well, before I started watching him in 2015 I made a membership on the Motley fool, remember?

Have you ever seen them before? Absolutely I didn’t learn a damn thing with them, but in 2015, I made at least the same thing I did. We eat right. I made a watch list and I basically that watched this three years after.

And I got to know my money with the. Which is funny. But I always wanted to do this like, you know, like I just told Jeremy I wanted to invest in the stock market. Now I just find someone in him that I can learn from.

Things that no one tells me, you know, and I don’t have the time to do. He talks on his video how he used to work. He was a cashier on Wall Street. And he used to read reports, write on paper. Yeah, I can’t do the work, you know.

So for me, he’s kind of a hoarder, so I prefer someone just teach me those things, you know, and stuff. But I always wanted to do it. He just made me feel more confident than when I was going by the monthly, you know. He’s running, but they just want him.

They don’t care whether you made money or not. You know, that’s nuts, to be honest. That’s probably it’s a really cool story. You tell it like it’s cool. Do you have kids yourself? Are you kind of. Are you so you have something that you want to teach to them?

Well, I don’t have kids. I have a stepson. I do. OK, and I always sending in videos and it was these last days and you know, he’s an entrepreneur too. He has a YouTube channel, OK, because he’s into photography and film. So that’s why he do.

My wife is in IT she worked for she’s a contractor for the government, but she also doing the flip with me. So we all want we want to retire in six years. We don’t want to retire when we 70 years old. And I.

I like that. I like that. And it’s to be honest, I appreciate you coming on. It is really like I, I like this story because it’s really it just shows like if you want to do what you can and oxblood and you know, like it doesn’t get any like no I don’t, I don’t want to say no offense because I’m an immigrant too.

I came in my parents’ No, no, no. Not like it was like for somebody that’s not even from the states that can come to the States and still be able to I mean, I don’t think there’s an excuse out there.

But the problem is you have to want to do it. That’s the difference. As you right. You can feel sorry for yourself. You can notice my English does have heavy accent, but I don’t I don’t like the French. I like that accent.

I like that. I like you a lot. Like, I don’t care, like, whether people like it or not. I just want to go about my own business and do what I need to do. And that’s at the end of the day, man, if you can make money, the accent is going to sound nicer and nice. Who cares about you? Read and write them, right? Yeah no.

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