Erick Carrillo

In the year 2020 I saw an opportunity when the market crashed and I used to follow stocks, I’ve always followed stocks, but I never really had a lot of money to invest, so I would never really put in any money. 

And in my account, I just followed whatever companies I liked. Towards the beginning of 2020, once everything started locking down and I saw the market crashed. And that’s where I saw an opportunity. 

I saw Jeremy Lefevbre’s YouTube channel. And that’s when I did the shift from real estate to stock. Jeremy was right when he said a lot of companies are undervalued right now. This was at the beginning of March 2020. So I kind of looked into the companies that I liked the most.

All right. How’s it going, everyone? This is another member of the financial fortress private group. We’re here with Eric idle moment, the good. Thank you. Fantastic what did you tell the viewers a little bit about yourself, man, and how you came across Jeremy to reinvest in Germany? 

Hello, I’m mark, I’m 24 years old in California, so before I started investing, I joined the military when I was 18 and I lived in El Paso for about four years. And Once I was in El Paso. I want I knew a couple of people who kind of traded into stocks. 

And I never really knew what it was, and I remember going to the bank and asking to start an investment account, but even the bank didn’t even know what to do. They’re trying to give me, like a CD, and give me, like, $100 for putting in $3,000 in. And the return wasn’t really intriguing for me, so I never really did it. So once I started making more money. 

I met a couple of friends. And he says trade stocks. And I messed around a little bit with it. And I lost some money and kind of turned me down into investing with stocks. I’ve always been interested in real estate investing because I know a lot of people in the military who move around different bases. And towards the end of their careers, they had houses all over the US. And I knew that I never really wanted to stay in the military forever. But I knew that was a possibility. 

And that was an Avenue I could take if I wanted to. Once I got out of the military, I didn’t have a lot of money, and that’s when I started. I kind of had an interest into to into stocks again, because you don’t really need a couple of thousand to put down into whatever investment you want to make. 

And for a house, you might need it. Since I was in the military, I don’t need a downpayment, which is good, but I still need to pay the closing costs, which is probably close to 10 grand if you can get a good deal. And I didn’t have that money. And the year 2020 I saw an opportunity when the market crashed and I used to follow stocks, I’ve always followed stocks, but I never really had a lot of money to invest, so I would never really put in any money. And in my account, I just followed whatever companies I liked and.

 Towards the beginning of 2020 once everything started locking down and I saw the market crashed. And that’s where I saw an opportunity. I was like, well, I need to take this opportunity because I know this is not going to happen again. That’s when I went into I used to watch a lot of background stuff in real estate, and that’s where I saw Jeremy do a video with them. 

So I watch more grand stuff. And then once I saw the micrographs, I was like, I made a shift and to watch it more, Jeremy said. And that’s when I did the shift from real estate to stock and. And Jeremy was right when he said, honestly, like a lot of companies are undervalued right now. This was in the beginning of March 10, 20. 

So I kind of looked into the companies that I liked the most. I used to work for one resort when I worked at Wynn resorts, when you used to be at 120 dollars, you know, when is it going to like that? When I the viewers are going to like that. worked at wenman. You one of our Gaynor’s. I got. Yeah going back when I got to the army one of my friends used to work at Wynn Resorts. He was from Vegas. 

And he worked at Winona resorts have security. And he told me when you get out, if you want to come live in Vegas, I’ll help you out. I’ll help you get a job here. He goes to school for architecture. He couldn’t it was too much working and going and working out the window at the same time or going to school and working at the same time. So he left.

 So that’s when I came in to Vegas. And he helped me out with management. So I got the job. Then I worked with the one closely to almost all 2019. And I, I kind of know the company. And I know how it runs. I kind of like what other people don’t see how they, they take it very serious to be a five star hotel, super serious. They don’t mess around when it comes to downgrading like the other hotels. 

And whenever someone goes to Vegas, I always tell them, go visit every other Casino and then go to the one. You will tell the difference. And it happens every time, whenever people go to different any Casino on the strip and then they go to the one and you can’t compare and how clean it is. And the service that you get it. It’s nice. 

But then I now work for Homeland security, so that’s why I left the one, but it was a good place to work, and I just. It wasn’t something I want to do for my whole life. I like that because you just mentioned how wind but like, you know, Jeremy found that stuck for a reason. 

I guess he wasn’t he wasn’t just talking out of thin air and he actually knew what he was talking about. We talked about the wind being one of the best. And one other thing you mentioned is that real estate, you know, a lot of people like real estate, like real estate as well. But the one thing about the stock market is you don’t need much to start.

Which is cool, you know, in the United states, you probably need an FHA loan here in Canada, you you need something need a down payment, something that kind of set you off. And it’s for some people that are starting off with a little capital, it can really dry you out very quickly. But that’s the good part about the market. And, you know, so. 

So what was the let’s say what were you before joining the private group? What was your portfolio size? And and also what got you to joint? What what did you like about jeremey? That was what made you drawn to his investing style. I know a lot of people would trade. And I know they. As far as long term, I don’t see I never really saw them having big gains long term because I have a couple of friends who have been trading for a couple of years now. 

Trading day trading. Right sort of just sort of yours. Yeah, they traded. And I saw that it wasn’t consistent, so that’s why I kind of got out of it, because when I left the win. I came back to California. And I wasn’t working, but I was just living off my savings. And I was like, you know, I’ll just trade for a couple of months. And to. So I want to use my savings. And I just they traded and whatever I got to be to live comfortable for a couple of months. 

Then I stopped. I quit. I was like, you know, I’m just going to keep this money. And then that was what I got. And I’ll get into the market later. And like I said, once I saw the market crash. And I saw and I was looking at once. I made my shift from watching the real estate into stocks, I know the win because I worked there. 

And then I saw Jeremy talking about the win. And he never worked there. And and that’s when he kind of got my attention. I was like, he knows what he’s talking about. And he’s never worked there. So I know he’s doing his research because most people don’t know what’s behind the scenes at the one. And that’s why I took him seriously once I heard him talk about the win and talking about stuff about the one when only really employees know.

What’s going on and. What the one. And whenever one you gave out, you started giving out videos of the stocks that were undervalued and I think it was in March. Yeah since well, since he already since I kind of agreed with what he had to say about the when I started looking into the other companies I talked about, I remember he used to talk about Foot Locker. 

You talk about Foot Locker back when it was I think it was $11. That was I think that was one of my other positions. Tussler, I, I, I’ve always loved tussler, I, I’m always by myself, because I, I heard Elon Musk in 2018 with Durgan and I was like, this man is something else. I know he’s you’re going to go big. And I remember when I lived in Vegas, when I worked at the when I saw Tesla for $178 to $170 before the split. And which the one. 

Oh, there were so many doctor, there were so many bacteria. She was like, I remember I had a list on my phone. I made a full list of the stocks that I needed. And I was like, OK, I like these. Before I even put money in them. I made a list, and I was like, which ones do I like the most? Yeah that I would look into them. And every paycheck that I got, I would save it. 

I would save about 70% of it because I didn’t have I didn’t have to spend any money on anything. And whenever I saw the market drop, I would pick my top ones. And I would funnel money into the stocks that I liked and that’s what I did from March. All the way up to. I say probably September, yeah, and then I slowed down after September, after September, I wasn’t really buying a lot of things, but I was saving cash, waiting for an opportunity. 

And going back to Jeremy, what was the question again, I’m sorry, sort of like you because you kind of answered it at the beginning. I’m like, what was the thing that made you kind of steer towards jeremy? What was the one thing? A couple of things. And it seemed like you were telling me about the convictions, that he knew some things that you saw that he shouldn’t know, but he still knew it. Right and I’d like to say yes beforehand when you work there. 

And he knew a lot of things that only you thought you would know and somebody on the outside wouldn’t know, but he still did it. And knew it. So he had research done in the company. So that that’s what you would say is like the research that you knew he was doing was correct. Yeah Yeah. And I found out about them through graphic stuff. 

And so I used to when I used to live in Texas, my father lives in California, so I used to drive from Texas to California, probably like once a month whenever I had a child come see my family. Most of the videos. I used to listen to a podcast and then I listen to finance videos, so since I was interested in real estate, I would listen to Greenspan. 

And then in one of his videos, he introduced me. And I was like, OK, cool, I’ll look into it whenever I have time. So when I would stocks are so complicated. Like if you don’t know nothing about stocks, it’s kind of it sounds very complicated. So I was like, OK, I’ll get my feet wet and start listening to what he has to say. So I started listening to Jeremy back in early. 2019 I think.

 And I just started listening to him of what he had to say and the reasons why he was more of a long term and he wasn’t a traitor, which traitor means more short term. And it made sense. It made sense to me because I used to trade before. And it was always 50-50. You really need to do a lot of research to be successful at it. And I don’t know personally, I don’t know anybody who’s been really successful long term with day trading. 

I’ve heard of people, but I’ve never I don’t know anyone personally Yeah It’s not something that you can like, I know he mentions it a lot like yourself, I’ve been around people as well, that they trade, you know, one or two might pop, but over time, it just doesn’t seem to work out that way for forever and long term investing, obviously, like it’s something that’s it’s not a quick, quick scheme to get rich. It’s not a get rich quick type of thing. 

So, you know, it’s a little bit more boring. It’s a little more patience. It’s a little bit more analytical. And you have to kind of think and learn the basics. So, you know, there’s a process behind it. And when something is harder than when something is harder at first, you know, there is benefits to it later on. But it’s just a matter that the way you put it in front. So I definitely see what you mean. 

The research, too, is really something that kind of struck me as well. You know, for people that are not in the group that are not in the private group. And not with fault, maybe they follow. Jeremy, what can you tell us a little bit about the first of all, the becoming of the stock market course? You know, how does that help you with your struggles before?

 You know, because you told me you were a day trader, but you’ve obviously probably struggled with a couple of things here and there. We all have. Of investing. How did the course help you with that? The beginning is really good. It kind of gives you it’s kind of like a motivational speech on where you want to be. Quick money can leave even faster than you can get it. 

If you get something quick and probably quicker. So it is a little motivational. I think the course starts with a little motivational video. But if you put in the work. It’s up to you how successful. You can be. So I think that was a good start of the course. And then after that kind of helps you out with explaining what you got to do to get some gains. I don’t. I still got a long way to go, but. What’s helped me out. So far? It’s learning that you got to be disciplined. 

And well, going back like that first, I never all I did was if I like a company. I just put money into without even knowing what was going on, what’s going to happen like my mom. Yeah, I got a different perspective that when I did, I didn’t know when was it when the company was a good valuation.

 I the price of the company was going to buy it or even worse, when is a good time to sell. And yeah, so it kind of the course kind of helped me to understand how to value a company when it’s a company overvalued or when it is undervalued. 

So it was pretty good because I knew nothing other than I think this company is good. And I think this company has pretty good assets or. It’s low on debt, that’s pretty much the basics on the balance sheet was yeah, but I never really read a 10 K or thank you or listen or looked at the investing investor presentation of a company. So it kind of helped me see. 

What it is to be a serious investor and see how people actually the people that know how to make money. The way they do it instead of the normal, rather the people that just see what’s trending. And then buy the stock that it’s like you mentioned, are pretty good, like it really starts you off with a mental shift and a mental. 

It’s like a mindset. It’s like you said, you use motivational, but it’s kind of like a you know, he uses it changes your mentality on the market, know, it really puts you into a long term focus into something more of, you know, steady over time type of thing. And it’s not. And it definitely is just. And then it really goes into the fundamentals of the stock picking and finding the value you want to sell one to buy, and it’s great that you mention that because that’s what people, mostly need at first.

 And, you know, it’s transition maybe to the private group, the private chat. How does that help you? Because I know that’s probably one of my favorite parts. And the fact that you can speak to millions of people, you know, people that are millionaires, not millions of people, but thousands of people out of money in the market, you know, they’ve been through a lot in the market. 

And they can give you a lot of expertise. How is that helped you? And maybe explain it to the viewers a little bit about what it is first. I don’t know how many successful people were in this group until I went into group. It’s crazy how many people are like in the seven figure, six figure, I was like. It’s a lot of people. I was like, OK, it kind of makes sense. 

But then the seven figure is kind of new. I know that’s kind of a new thing. And I was like, it’s probably only going to be like 20 people now. It’s filled with people, seven figure with seven figure awards and also. I don’t I don’t have every stock that Jeremy owns, but I think it’s pretty cool, like going back to the wind and Tesla, I remember, he has different. 

What do you call, like, different, different little groups, like if you have a two set to talk about the stock, you can put information in that different section. There’s one for the one for Tesla Facebook. It’s not for every fredrikstad. There’s a chat for it. So you don’t have to waste your time going through a message that you don’t want to go to the specifics. 

OK, and you talk about people like people that are just bullish about the stock and, you know, they’re always pulling in news and stuff. So, yeah, that that means your point. Keep going. Yeah yeah, yeah, like I don’t know if you have seen the plant 13. 

The latest video he posted on planet 13, a lot of the information he got was from the group and the people that worked at the place. And none of the they are part of the group. So they share the information in the group. Yeah so that’s really that’s something that is really interesting. Like it’s cool how if you’re interested in a stock, I mean. 

That he owns or he present it to you, he’s going to have a different group for people to put their two cents about it. Yeah, Yeah. I think you hit that right on its. It’s like you get people that are close to the area that’s being built. And it’s like, for example, at 13, you got people close to it. And this goes for every stock to you know, there’s people around the when there’s people around. 

So there’s people that are posting pictures of the new builds of what’s going on. Because, you know, if I lived like, for example, I live in Canada, you know, I don’t I don’t I don’t live in California. I don’t live in Vegas. So I can’t really see the facility unless I go there right now.

People taking pictures and live updates. And you know this. They’re doing this. They’re doing that. And it’s really cool to keep up with because, you know, that’s an investment that you’re in. And you want to make sure that it’s going up to par. What you expected or what you read.

So it’s really cool. And then there’s people. There’s just the experience that’s in the group. I feel like the experience is probably one of the most undervalued thing in it, just like when you can speak to someone that has seven figures in the market, like to get the seven figures, you you definitely don’t have an easy road all the way.

You have to go through some challenges and some crashes and you learn from how to deal with them. And I’ve spoken to a lot of people that tell me, it’s kind of like they keep you calm, they keep you. So it keeps you relaxed, you know, so when something goes down, they know what to buy. They know want to sell. You can ask them, you can get people.

That’s probably really, really cool. And I’m glad you’ve benefited from. It’s pretty cool to hear that, to be honest. You know, like you come from a deep trading kind of thing. And then you turn into an investor and you even before being an investor, you were more of a real estate type of person.

And, you know, and it’s still got you into investing, which is pretty cool. And, you know, if I were to transition to something, you know, obviously, it’s helped you a lot. You’re saying, you know, you’ve definitely benefited. We’ll show the accounts soon. It’s pretty cool if someone that’s on the fence, you know, somebody that’s thinking about joining and maybe haven’t they’re too worried about putting money into their account rather than investing in themselves.

You know, I think maybe a lot of people are in that position, myself included. I was in there. You know, I wanted I was so curious, so eager to put money in my account and didn’t want to invest in my education about how to pick a stocks. And what would you say to those people? What would you what would you recommend for someone that’s, you know, that’s a dear friend to you and you wanted to recommend something to them? 

I would ask him, how serious are they about it? Do they just. Do you just want a normal life, like a 9 to five and never really progress? Or do you really want to do something extra, because it’s not really I’ve understood with. As I’ve been growing up, that Gingrich is not something quick, is not something easy unless you win the lottery or something.

But then again, people don’t know how to manage money. You tend to lose it quickly. Most people win the lottery, go go broke within a couple of years, and that’s if you learn how to earn it. You’re most likely you’re going to make it last. So going back to that to me. I would ask them how serious about it? Are you like? Do you really want to make money because you can’t get emotional over it either because there’s going to be UPS and downs?

But it depends how serious you want to take it, because if you really want to learn, then you’re going to go through with it. But you also got to make sacrifices and with this sacrifice is going to be whatever you’re comfortable putting in. Me, I think, before I got the six figures.

For me to have a good position in a stock, I think I would save up to like maybe $700 and then go start a position in a stock, I think, nowadays. To me, it barely started position. I think that’s a. If it’s less than three grand and it’s probably I don’t I don’t keep it too long in my account. If I’m interested in a stock, but if I find a good opportunity somewhere else, I’ll probably sell a stock and then go and to put it into one that I really like. And I have a friend that he has like over 30 stocks, one share of every company.

 Yeah, and I told them, I told them going back, I’ve been trying to tell them to join the group, and I don’t think he’s ready. He’s not ready yet. But I’ve told them honestly. With all the money that you have and all those like 30 stock that you have, pick about five of them.

Sell 25 of them and pick five, pick the father you like the most and put them in their. Once he saw me get to the six figure, I didn’t tell him until I got it. I told him I’ll get there in a couple of months. You’ll see. I didn’t tell him once he saw me because I started when I first started, I told him what to do, but he didn’t really listen. And once he saw it, he was mad at himself.

He told me he called me. And he told me, I’m happy for you, but I’m mad at myself for not listening to you. But now he’s taking it more serious, but that’s the question. That’s the question I told you. How serious. Are you about it?

Because if you’re not, then you’re always going to be stagnant. If you don’t go out, then you’re always going to be stagnant. You’re going to be in and out. And also going back to the course, when he first starts, he kind of tells you how to be. You can’t be emotional if you’re going to be emotional and there’s no point. You’re going to put yourself in that position when you’re in motion.

That’s the thing. And that’s the course really like at the beginning of the course, like you said, it’s a lot of pep talk. It’s a lot of motion. But it’s calculated. It’s calculated. You know, it’s trying to get you to a logical state because you really need that in the market. Doesn’t really care about your feelings, that it doesn’t care about you, just cares about whatever it wants to do.

And no one knows what it’s going to do. We saw that in March. No one knew who was going to go and just boom on to nowhere. So and at another point you mentioned was that, you know, now you you’ll never put in more money, less money than like three k and a stock. But that just shows how more conviction you have than you had before. 

Right it’s that if you’re willing to put more money in a specific stock and have a smaller portfolio, that shows that your confidence in researching has grown tremendously for you to be able to do that. And most people, you’ll find them spread too thin across 30 stocks or whatever it is, amount of stocks.

It’s because they’re not sure. And they’re scared to put in a bigger chunk or bigger portion of their portfolio in a certain stock because they haven’t really done the research. And you can’t blame someone not doing research if they don’t know how to do it.

And if they know how to do it. And they don’t do the research, then that becomes undone. But if they don’t know how to do it, that’s just you need a system around you. You need a network around you to help you. And that’s totally fine. And I like how you mention all that. Really it really kind of hit the nail on the head there. Noble, you mentioned you’re in the six figures, right?

How will you show us one of your accounts? There was pretty cool to see it earlier and I love for the viewers. Yeah, I’ll give you some time to pull it up. I you said, yeah, that’s only one of your accounts, too. It’s not even it’s not the whole thing because, you know. Yeah, this is that this is my biggest. This is a one year, one year chart. Right now, we’re February, we’re in February of 2020 states that started around February of 2020 I’m assuming.

Yeah, I have 134% return for the past year. On here, this is a really good one that I really like my biggest gainer on this account, it’s I got to say, I got to give it to the Tesla. Yeah Yeah. Tesla is the one who skyrocketed everything. My second biggest fear is between when? And nordström. Yeah, all great stories. You probably got to know during the gotting on the private stuff, it’s pretty cool.

Yeah, you said you joined around march, which is probably for the viewers, because that you don’t I don’t think you see a mouse on the screen there. But March would probably be when he joined probably on that one week, the one w there some correct me if I’m wrong. There, there. So it probably started there, right. 

Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, I mean, you could tell like just the strides you’ve made that obviously you know 2020 was, there was a crazy year for the market. But that’s, that’s pretty cool games. And that’s pretty, that’s pretty cool, you know. Yeah, I saw an opportunity in March. That’s that’s when I went all into investing because like I said, I used to work at the one year.

And I knew what the win was valued when I worked there. So when I worked there, the when you used to be about 120% And when I left the beginning of 2020 I saw the wind going down from all the way down from 80, 70, 50, 40, all the way down to the 30s. And that’s when I saw the opportunity. I was like, you know, this is if I don’t get in right now, I’m I knew I was going to be making a big mistake if I don’t jump in.

So that’s what kind of like propelled me into getting into investing and. So it started with the wind. And then I saw other opportunities with other companies, so that was. Yeah, that was the one that got me in. And this is my fidelity. I’m actually, that’s pretty cool, man, to be honest, just to see that it’s pretty, pretty cool. This one went from one 2k to 20.

Man, that’s a nice jump. This is in less than a year. This is in June. This is less than half year. Yes that’s pretty cool. Yeah, that’s a big milestone. Yep I’m really proud of the school, so on this one, as you can see, I don’t have a lot of stocks, Facebook. 13 tattooists. Pretty cool. 

This one. I’ve started buying when I was about $1.60 something. Yeah yeah, I mean, for you to get a class basis that you know, you had to have done your research pretty early about it and, you know, most people, you know, jump the wagon obviously, after the YouTube videos came out and, you know, good on them. It’s not a it wasn’t a bad company at all.

But like knowing how to do the research for the company prior and finding a company like planet 13 is definitely something that, you know, being in the group will help you do. And will expose you to more opportunities in doing so. Yes, for a small. Companies like that. So for companies that I know, I kind of close to me. One thing I really like, let’s say you have a product that you like, it can be a drink or something that you like, and it’s kind of closely. 

If you can see it yourself, it’s a good thing that you can go and try it out yourself, like the when I worked there, so I kind of already knew what was going on me. I don’t I work for the government, so I don’t do any marijuana, but. What? the thing that really sold me was when I visited the place of plant 13, when I went and saw the place, I saw that they weren’t Messing around because you can go to any other dispensary and it’s pretty boring. 

You just go in there, you get up. Yeah, when I went there, there was I think the wait time to go in was like 40 minutes. So I went in there. And then waited the 40 minutes and looked around to see what they got, and it was pretty cool. It’s pretty cool. 

You don’t you can’t really compare to any other place. And if you talk to the people that work there, every single person, I would say they know their stuff. Like they school them up before they even go out in the counter. Yeah and that’s what’s pretty cool is nothing basic. I can compare plant 13 to the when like the travertine is one of the sensors. And that’s what I like about it. 

I don’t think we’ll ever see in the $1 per share, that’s for sure. But I just love the fact that, you know, like you could tell when you’re speaking, like the fact that you’re looking at those things rather than just a marijuana stock. You’re looking at going in there. 

You’re looking at checking the place out. You’re looking at why the place is different from others. It’s kind of like, you know, it’s not just the product. There’s a facility around it. There’s know, there’s a whole experience, there’s a brand. And all of that is something that you probably I’m assuming you have learned within inside the group, I’m assuming. 

And like I know I have learned that I’ve learned that there’s much more than just fundamentals, which are fundamentals are very important. Like, you know, you can’t skip that overstock because you’ll get burned. But you also there’s so much more beyond that. You know, there’s rende, there’s tamme, there’s know, you can list the name of different things that you have to look at the jeremey you know, clearly ghostman, the course clearly goes through a lot.

 And in his, his weekly, his weekly Q&A is his portfolio reviews, all that stuff he talks about, he drills it in our heads and it’s for us, it’s become second nature. But for somebody that’s probably watching this, you know, it might be. A little bit new, but that’s what we’re trying to showcase, is that, you know, if you get to learn that skill, that can be held forever because, you know, it’ll be ingrained in your brain. 

And then and then that’s when you’re able to actually pick stocks on your own. And so that’s my take on that. And that’s my goal. I want to get to a point where I can. I can do. I can get really fast in doing the research, because right now, honestly, I’m still pretty new. And it takes me a while. My goal is to be able to like. Be a professional stock picker and be able to right now.

 I really wish these companies are like going into the place and checking it out and seeing it for myself, but there’s other people like me that can look at it on paper and be able to tell within. Yeah, if it’s good or not. You want to be honest, I’m more into the physical. Yeah, no, that’s I mean, that’s obviously part of the research rates never should never be neglected. If you can do it it’d be great. You know, if you can’t obviously, there’s other means of doing it.

 You want to be a professional stock picker, right. I just want to ask you one question before we wrap up, and I’ll let you have the final words. Do you think you’re in the right place to one day become that become a stock picker that can be efficient with his people? Yeah, yeah, Yeah. That’s wonderful. I’d love hearing them. And it’s pretty cool, to be honest.

 Yeah, that’s desperate, and I love, like you mentioned, the like he does a live Q&A every Monday. I’m not going to do it every single day, but whenever I get stressed out today, I watched it. He does about 30, 40 minutes of Q&A. So he sends out a link whenever he’s going to go. And if you go in there, you just ask a question that you have.

 If you have a question about a stock or any basic thing, if you get in there early, just ask it. And he’ll go through the question and answer whatever questions you’ve got. And I think that’s pretty cool that he takes time out of these busy do.

 Like, honestly, I don’t know how much of a business man. He was until I got into the group. Yeah, but it’s a lot more than just YouTube. He’s running a lot of things at the same time. Yeah, and it’s definitely cool, man, because, you know, in my opinion, you’re in the right place. In my opinion, 

I’m in the right place to kind of hopefully become a stock picker that’s more efficient, more, you know, more precise and hits more home runs than he does. You know, we’re trying to avoid losses at all times. But, you know, you’ll always get some. 

But we obviously have a strategy for that as well. But thanks, Eric Mann. I appreciate you being with us. Is there any maybe last words that you want to touch upon before I wrap it up? Give you the last words? Nontas do you have any last questions for me? I mean, men and we’ve covered everything, I think your story is pretty cool, man. I think a lot of people are going to look at it and listen to you talk and they’re really going to kind of get it. 

Get an idea of how, you know, somebody can change from a certain way of investing and, you know, and see the benefits of long term investing, number one. And number two, the benefits that may be, you know, the financial fortress and the private group can help them achieve those goals much faster. Again, Ben, thank you so much for being here. 

We appreciate it. And we took a lot of your time, too. But have yourself a good name and thank you to.

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