Eric Mathews

I viewed this tape on YouTube. Stock market investing, the first person I found was Jeremy Lefevbre and I just got absolutely hooked on his channel. I started watching everything.

And then I just slowly started it didn’t really invest much for the first six months just doing the blue-chip stuff really safe. I just kind of learned along the way. And then I guess about maybe a year ago, I started putting the whole net worth in the stock market.

And then I thought that the group would just be like a whole other level.

All right. Another member of the financial fortress private group here from Jeremy’s financial education. Eric, how are you doing?

 I’m doing pretty good today. Of course, that’s good, you know. Well, Yeah. I mean, the reason why you left is because we were just talking about your account, of course, is no. We’ll get to that in a second. 

But I wanted to give you a chance to introduce yourself to the viewers and kind of tell them a little bit about your story and how you found out about Jeremy. 

Oh, Yeah. Yeah so I figure. I think I like 20 or 30 grand save, like pretty much about two years ago. And then I knew that obviously, the next step was just to start investing. And then I viewed this tape on YouTube. Stock market investing, like first person I found was Jeremy and I just got, like, absolutely hooked on its channel, just like I started watching everything. 

And then I just slowly started it didn’t really invest much for the first six months just doing the blue chip stuff really safe. I just kind of learned along the way. And then I guess about maybe a year ago, I started putting the whole net worth in the stock market. 

Know, funny enough, right before the crash. But I felt like an idiot. But yeah, I know what’s going on now. Multiplied my net worth. And I learn for Jeremy, it’s definitely the best that you do that. No, I’m OK with it. Or you can even think of the number you multiply like almost 10x. 

And then yeah, join the group. I think like one or two months ago. And that’s been great. Just more stock content know I’m always down for that. I bought some Walgreen calls just Thanks to the group. What serviceperson kind of just brought to my attention. 

That’s going really well. So fantastic, man. I was a couple of things or maybe one a couple of things that you struggled with before kind of getting to know them again was that last part. So before you found out about Jeremy and joined the project, was there something that you struggled with in the market kind of that got you that you struggled with for you to actually get the games that you wanted? 

Well, I have been with Jeremy the whole time, and I thought that would just be the I’ve been watching Jeremy all the time. And then I thought that the group would just be like a whole other level. So just help me. Anything I’ll struggle with. I’m not really. 

I mean, I guess maybe like probably like going into stocks. I think maybe I think I’ve just had that feeling in that that’s like a bad feeling that I have, like. Yeah you know, I just flomo into something. I’ve been like destroyed. And stocks, though, like the worst I’ve sold, it’s like maybe 5% or 10% loss. So too much struggling right now. 

But one of the reasons why I enjoy the private games, just to learn how to, like, not get destroyed in the future too, is like, I really want to preserve my money. Yeah you know, like you think like the formal part is probably just like the emotional regulation. 

And I think in a second, like it’s all about like kind of being stoic, knowing what you’re doing, because if you don’t, I know you’ll have that emotional regulation where even if you miss out on one stock, you know, you can find another one with a long as you have mentality, the strategy and the skills to do so that you learn inside the game. You’ll get, of course. 

Yeah, and so, you know, you mentioned that there’s something that resonated with your know, you said you love them right away when you start watching you get hooked, right? Well, it was a couple of things that maybe resonated with you about his time. 

Oh, I just like that. Jerry just seems like just such a normal guy. You know, if you ask me, like a couple of years ago. What I thought about stocks, like, I just think that’s like some shit that like bankers do or whatever it is, just like hedge funds, like doing complicated, like trading, manipulating the market and all that crap. 

I mean, you look at Jerry just like he’s just tearing it up as the normal dude just so also like that. I really trust him to just really makes it. Awesome So yeah, it’s cool. It’s cool to see that because like you for what you do. And you’re like, look, if you can relate with the person, it’s like you don’t need to be a certain way to invest and invest. It’s just a skill. 

It’s kind of like, you know, like anything else that you’d learn in school or you’d learn in a sport that you’d learn. It’s a skill. It’s like something that you can just develop. And you have to write the right people around you, right mentors and the right system. 

And I feel like anybody can probably get into it. If they really want to work. Would you agree that or said, I’m still learning to this day like just how to read balance sheets and really know what a company should be worth.

And like. Yeah, so I love it. And that’s pretty cool. A a lot of people want to know a little bit about the private group. And if, you know, maybe if we can start with becoming massive stock market course. My hope is that, first of all, maybe like tell everybody what it is kind of and then how it’s helped change your mentality, your investing style. Yeah, I think I have to be honest. 

I think I’ve gone through, like, maybe 2/3 of it when I was like the first week. And then I really gotta get through the next bit. But I definitely think the course is awesome. Is really a nice touch on top of the actual group just for us to hear that it would be part of it. Yeah, but yeah, 

 think it’s just really nice to have everything summed up, like, you know, you got everything like the balance sheets, like management teams, like everything what to look for, just stuff like that, to really help grow and preserve the moneymaker. Yeah, Yeah. 

It has, it has the whole package. And it kind of slices the information in one place like rather than to go on the internet and kind of fishing to a million different ways to do something and figuring out by trial and error. And in this case, trial and error is kind of losing in the market, right? Yeah, they’re going to get destroyed. 

And rather than going and seeing if their strategy works, trying it out, lose money. Oh, it doesn’t work that. Another one. You can run yourself dry that way. But it’s good to have something altogether because then the brain can actually process it. 

And then it’s just about working. It’s just about like actually sitting down, watching the videos, learning them. If you don’t understand something. Watch it again, ask questions, etc., etc., as you mentioned. So obviously, they’re coupled together. 

They’re great together. They’re huge. We feed off each other because you learn something here, you go and implement it inside the group. You ask the thesis and then people give their feedback. How, how do you feel about the private group. And the private chats? Private discourse? Oh, yeah, that’s awesome. 

I think it is a really high level people and they’re really committed to just growing their wealth and picking right stocks. You know, having Jeremy there to have the videos every Monday or whatever. And is it’s the breadcrumbs was pretty cool to hear what he thinks about, you know, not just his stocks, but then also like news stocks through the awesomes. 

Yeah, it’s like a private YouTube, but it’s pretty cool, you know, like he has like you mentioned, he has the Mondays. The Q&A on Monday is the live streams, which you can ask him anything but stocks, your stocks. And so everybody that he has like a private video that he makes other than the YouTube videos that everybody else’s, he has a private video.

 But let’s talk his recent history to certain stocks, you know, likes to distorted that and his analysis, his stock price on different things. And high and highly analytical. So it’s pretty cool. And then that just I don’t know about you, but I feel like just having people in the private group with so much money, so much experience that, you know, that they have like they have skin in the game. 

They have their money, they’re putting their money where their mouth is. They’re talking, but their money is there, like so they’ve been through this like a pandemic was nothing new to them. It was just another crisis that happened.

 Or in their case, it’s an opportunity to buy, obviously, because if you’re around them, they know that, you know, opportunities don’t present themselves very often. But I just find it. Very cool to see a lot of. With so much money and experience that you can feed off of, will you what are your thoughts on that? Yeah, I know it’s definitely a wealth of people and knowledge. 

And, you know, people like you like that, whether they have like a seven figure club that’s like the medal and people just post their photos, they’re like, all the time. And even like a couple of guys in a. Club, which is pretty nice to be in. 

But just they’re just lurking in the know, it’s like we can actually speak to these people, like, you know, they’re not above us. You know that right there. And just to chat away, you know, you can just hide behind screen, speak to them. You don’t have to be all anxious about it. But, yeah, that’s definitely cool. And then what kind of motivated you to, let’s say, invest in your. 

Because I called it investing in yourself because like getting into something like this is definitely not it’s not something for someone that doesn’t want to put in the work and actually, like can say, I want to learn. Because if you want to learn and you’re in my experience, you get more than what you expect. Like it’s you learn.

There’s enough for you to learn and there’s enough for you to progress and continue to progress for those people that are like, you know. Just just thinking about coming in, what were your thoughts, what were your motivations? Oh, I do believe that investing in yourself is just like the best investment to make more. 

Buffett says that. So like, you know, $2,000 for the private group. I mean, it’s like that’s like that’s like a bad up day in the market, you know, so bad after all nowadays. But Yeah. 

So it’s like a no brainer. It’s like two years like to say, yeah, I just get in there, you know, like it’s the only discord I’m into. So maybe I’ll branch off into other ones. But I think, I think it’s worth it. 

Education is always worth it. Yeah Yeah. And then you mentioned like, you know, it’s, you know, the investment itself is just really tailor made. It depends on the person to like. You might have done that. And you felt that that was probably a good thing for you.

 But, you know, everybody has a different way. You know, they might be able to know, they might some other people might not benefit from certain things that we offer. 

And and it really depends on your situation and how you want to. How you want to join, you know, the investment really just tailored towards you. So that’s pretty that’s pretty cool. About I’m going to I’m actually going to like this is going to be my favorite part, to be honest.

 Before I ask you, maybe towards the end, a couple of last. But I just want to see the account because honestly, you surprised me with the amount, even higher than actually expected it to be. But let’s look at it. And tell everybody where you were at certain spots and things like that. 

I’ll give you some kind of gets that situated. OK, I’ll just have to share a screen here says host disabled stranger than you. And we go. All right. This is a puppy here, so I caught a million today, man. That’s all I know. I have about 20,000 in sold gains. So this is like three, almost 200.

 And I want heavy like a year and two months ago. So that’s like almost 200. Was there a moment for you around when you joined the group? Well, I think it would have been about 147 or whatever. Like the moment, it hit me, it was like November. I had like I gained like 40 grand, actually. I could just show you this spreadsheet and all that stuff. Yeah Yeah. 

I’ve been tracking this since October. 2019 So 40 grand. Just pathetic. Just so I wasn’t going heavy, I started going heavy in the market and the crash. This is the crota crash. That’s incredible. And you were where were you in exactly. 

Because I can see the crash. I took a nice toll on your account there. Obviously what we see on the chart, and you can see it on the side there with the numbers, but that’s I mean, so you join approximately when maybe if you show everybody on your end, I think mid-december. Yeah mid-december and then I haven’t done so. 

This is the end of so end of December 1 ’41 80 end of January and right now it’s quarter million. So it’s getting about $77,000 in about a week or two. Not bad numbers. And just like, like. So you got it in a week or two like they do this year or so. 

Yeah and that’s, you know, from submissively from some from December of 2020 and you show on the chart with your mouse because I don’t think they see my mouse on the chart. On the screen, you see on December of 2020 that’s, that’s been like around 80 or 140 two, 120 k around in like literally a month and a half. Yeah Yeah. I mean that’s, that’s, that’s incredible. 

When I first of all, I’m glad, I’m happy for you. I want to get there. You got me anxious and but just and then you know, like I it’s cool to see that you actually benefited from everything from the people around you. I guess maybe that’s some good you know, obviously, you’ve got some pics that you going and you got some other things that are most likely going to do you some work there. 

But that’s pretty cool to see. I want to ask you one more thing. Maybe you can stop sharing or you can keep it there. It’s cool. Have a background on. Yeah, it’s pretty cool just to look around. You did this one quick one. I 2021 to load up 70% I guess that’s less than some flex there. That is a flex. That’s where I’m going to check my phone. What are we would be. 

We’re, we’re February 10 folks. And no GameStop at all. No no games like just fundamental. No, no Wall Street bets. Just long term bets. That’s going to be hard to believe. Many people are going to know it. That’s pretty. That’s pretty nice. I congrats, man, honestly. And I hope you know, I mean, look, you only have what, forex for you to hit a million.

 So, yeah, that’s the thing, man. Like, I can taste it. You know, you can put them in there as long as you keep your head down and in and find the good stocks and the people around you in the group to kind of help you out with that. Yeah, exactly. It’s very doable. And then, you know, I wanted to ask you, like, one last question there before maybe I give you the last couple of words.

 I just, you know, for people that are on the fence, you know, like they’re thinking of joining and then they don’t know they want to pump more money into their stock account. I was I was in that position myself. I was kind of like, do I want to invest in this or do I want to invest? I’m just putting and putting more money in my brokerage and investing in stocks right away, you know, what would you say to those people and recommendation or an opinion for sure? 

I mean, I think it’s just a really solid investment. You know, $2,000 like in the grand scheme, like. Yeah, maybe if you have like under 50k to push, but I think over two years, you’re going to be laughing at that price. Right just not knowing a factor. So just like me, like 2000 like I think I had like 150 k like going in. So I mean, I guess it wasn’t, it wasn’t that much. 

But it still felt like a lot to me if you. Are just about a month or so, I just I think about that and given all the people in there and access to Jeremy. Yes, also the cause, it just oh, it all just compounds in your favor. I just I think it’d be great to. Yeah said it best that it all compounds no pun intended. It really does. I think it knowledge and education.

 It really does compound. Yeah, that’s why I invest in it. So it’s a dummy. I mean. Well I guess so pretty well, because that’s what I like. I like it because number one, it does compound knowledge does come on. And like you said, there’s so many value inside the group that like, you know, there’s these live streams, there’s these private videos. 

There’s the course itself that you could start off, if you were just a pure beginner. And, you know, you get through one thing. And then you realize that the next thing is that much better. And it complements the one before it. 

And then, yeah, you gain, the more these private videos become more and more beneficial, more value coming out of them, and then the live streams that he does just kind of add on to it. And then it just it’s like a domino effect that keeps going on, but in a positive way, obviously, right? Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah. Yeah and no one. Congratulations I mean, that is something pretty cool to look at. 

And I have never seen. At 200 and fifty, like I have seen it on charts here, there, but to look at a brokerage account that is 250. It’s pretty free. There Like literally like what?

 The first time I hit like 200 k I always check my stocks right in the morning and like I just get my phone, I just can’t see what I’m looking at it, and I saw like 200 k absolutely like refreshing because that number was foreign to me. It is like to look like think on the day I was up like 12 grand.

That’s incredible. I love that man. That’s pretty great. Is there any last words, maybe that you have that you kind of that you would like to kind of say that we didn’t cover basically? !invisible!, I think we cover it all pretty well. I mean, I’m pretty fired up about the chat, really fired up about stocks in general. I’m just so, so passionate about it now. 

Yeah fantastic man. I appreciate you being with us, man. Thank you so much. And for sure, hopefully we can get you some soup soon. Oh, definitely. Maybe next month. I middle of the night. I appreciate it. And, you know, let’s root for you all for sure. Thanks, man. Appreciate it.

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