Dmitry Kurkin

I started last year around end of December. And I started by saving up 10,000 because I need to reach 10,000 to open an account and get started. 

I live in Canada, so I had to run a few options. I went with Interactive Brokers and the way I got into it is my friend actually told me about stocks. That’s how I actually started day trading. 

In the June to April time, I saw Jeremy Lefebvre in YouTube. I like what he was saying. He was buying his stocks as well. So that was very convincing for me. I thought, this guy knows what he’s doing because he’s very convincing. 

He talks very vocally about what he buys. In June I became a private member for a year. And I’m still a part of the group. I started with just around 10K, now I have around 200K.

All right, another member of the financial fortress, Dimitri, how are you? Good, how are you? And man, how would you tell us a little bit about yourself, your investigation and how you came across Jeremy? 

And so I started last year around this time, probably earlier in December and of December. And I started by saving up 10,000 because I soon you reached 10,000 to open an account and get started. I live in Canada, so I had to run a few options. 

I went with Interactive Brokers and the way I got into is my friend actually told me about stocks. He was into it a long time ago, but he was more of a day traders and that’s how I actually started a little bit like tree. And then I slowly in the June to April time, may meet during April time I saw Jeremy. 

I got introduced by work through some guy I worked. I was also involved in stocks on a very vocal person. I work. So I was like, hey, I’m in stocks. Now Give me a one we know or what’s your advice? And this guy sent me a bunch of YouTube.

 And I remember, the only person I actually trusted was like, I saw him meet me. Kevin turned me off from the beginning. And so I kind of like start liking him because from the stimulus checks and all that stuff, a little more aggressive. 

So I went towards Jeremy. I liked him. I like how he was what he was saying. He was buying his stocks as well. So that was very convincing for me. Like that. Like, OK, so this guy knows what he’s doing because he’s very convincing. talks about very locally what he buys. And he also shows, you know, and he shows like, oh, I bought this company shares. 

That’s how much I believe, into it, then. And like, I going to plant 30. And he is convinced, like, he was very enthusiastic about plan thirteen, the way he talked about it, the way he like channel checks and all that stuff with. 

So actually those channel checks, he goes to the place, he shows what he sees. So if you and your joints occur, xome, you can see all the videos that he does and how he monitors every investment. And when I started with Jeremy, that was in, let’s say, June and I became a private member for a year. And I’m still a part of the no. 

And I’m going to a team. And I understood after the year ends. And I started with him when I had 10 k now I always have. This is your money. So now I have around 200. K also is mostly for Jeremy and I guess how convinced I was I got with different stocks. 

So I got very convinced with early on with plan 13 and plan 13 was a successful run for me. I’m not saying what I did was the right thing to do, I think was more of a lucky thing that I plan. 13 managed to grow as I did. And didn’t crash the floor. 

But I also, we had a strong mission because plan 30 had the worst time in his life. In March. And it was either death or you grow and you in the management team basically proved himself. They said, OK, we can’t just stick around and with our hands empty. 

So we they actually start curbside. They started delivering people to their addresses and stuff. They actually went to different states to buy cars because there’s no available place to buy in the county and Las Vegas. So they had to do all that stuff. 

And they’re raising money consistently by raising money the next year. So they’re hurting on their shoulders by a little bit. But it’s nothing. That’s even if they do a million, 100 million, they won’t even like you will be like this much, especially if they continue growing. Their shares keep cutting increasing. 

They’ll be just they’ll be just great for us because they can grow faster. So right now, their balance sheets at 150 million. And I brought a different shares with them, of course, with Jeremy’s advice and how he Marder’s different reports, how he controls them. So like I always larter like the Google Trend see. 

Like OK, so this is busy this month. I see the reviews are positive. This month. So I always worry that I also read the Q1 and Q2, Q3, the annual reports make sure they’re on a consistent basis. And their formula and their fundamentals has not changed.

And they’re keeping their whole female line. I’m making sure they’re keeping innovating. So they keep changing, getting there as they go on. And yeah, was that’s my Jeremy journey and how I got here and how I met Jeremy as well. 

And what was it you said? You said one thing. And it’s out was the fact that. You know, you trusted him and what was it about him that you trusted, maybe other than the fact that he was putting his money where his mouth is, which is a pretty big. 

Yeah, that’s a pretty big aspect. But what was it something that was there something else that said, hey, I can learn from this mentor, I can learn from this youtube? You can say you look back on his track record by anyone can say and get lucky by Tesla how anyone can do that. 

But I think it’s just more of his enthusiasm and how he talks about how he delivers a ball thesis and a thesis at the same time. So you get convinced you get a different part of two stories. So you’re like, OK, so this is a stock that he likes. 

He gave his thesis to it, why he likes it, why it will grow in the future. And slowly, like why paying again to stock is are you convinced it’s going to grow economy. It’s going to go like to x or it’s going to grow in the near future. So it would that he provided that conviction.

 Basically he basically supported that support line like, like I’m, I’m delivering you this conviction. So you can make up your mind if you want to buy or not. So I think that was the most important thing, because I was every video that I saw, I was getting convinced even some videos, I was doubting him. And then and then like GW and I was not or Stitch Fix. 

I was not thinking that’s going to go up like I was questioning him. So like everything thing I did because I always learn from those mistakes. Oh, I was wrong because I assumed this, but I was actually wrong in those areas. 

So as time goes on, I learn from them as well. I learned the final. That’s amazing. I like that, yeah, he likes you, like you said, he provides both sides of the story. He doesn’t just provide me the good, he’ll give you the bearish thesis. So it gives you two perspectives that are opposite and makes you it gives you the best information. 

So you can make the decision on your own, of what’s best for you. That’s a very important thing that you said and what was before you started. Investing seriously and maybe entering the group, what was a couple of things you struggled with in terms of investing? Was it just understanding companies or was it financials? You know, it could be any patience for me. 

I understand this is a business. And I treat this as my business instead of something that like a gambling mindset. Yeah so, like, I start thinking, OK, this is my business. And I want to succeed. Do I want to gamble most of my money away, something that might fail or I’m not convinced about? 

Or will I want to put my money somewhere that my company and the revenue and the cash balance will grow over time. So my I’m more trustworthy when my company and my company succeeds in the future. 

So I start, I start change my viewpoint and how I see stocks. And I became more patient and with myself and my portfolio and just let the compound effect do its job. That’s nice to know. You treat it as if he really switched your mindset from what I’m hearing, it’s the mindset that kind of sets people back. 

Usually, yes, they see investing as a different type of money creation, like short term money creation mechanism, where the mindset perspective, like how you see how you see stocks, how you see that, because it’s a quick buck for yours. 

It’s like something that you want to work on improving, something that you get excited about every time you search for a company or a two or three comes out, you get excited about it. And that’s something like like, oh, this is going to go up. 

Or like you get excited for the company that like, oh, this is going to be this future, like, oh, this is some sort of come out. Like you get excited for the long term vision of the company, not just like, Oh Oh short term gains and job. 

And that’s it. And you think the patience, a lot of it came from the private group as well, just being around people that are so that are in the same goals, you in it for the same goal as you and you is in the market. Yes because everyone. 

There’s you have different influences around some like Romney, the first guy, as I mentioned, my who influenced me was my mentor, who showed me my profession. Right now, it’s quality assurance. And he was more of a day trader. And that kind of had my mindset towards day trading. So it’s kind of aiming towards there. 

And I started with some other dude. Four guys names, some guy posts cool cars and stuff. I was a part of his he was also a day trader. Then I switched to German ice and I was like, OK. And the people in a Discord was more of a long term focus mindset, not like make a trade and sell, don’t hold, don’t hold after trades and stuff like that. 

It was like a whole different mindset and did transform into and consistent feedback and reminder of the disparate group is also helpful because you kind of like you stay and that kind becomes a habit because habits usually form longer than a year, and you have to build that habit in your mind to make sure he sticks to it. 

And so you don’t go back to it. And you also mentioned like the 2014, that was a hard time for him because that’s when he left Walgreens and started the training because he had to regain his balance card. And he wanted to. 

So, you know, in his mind, you lost. So you start growing margin. He started losing money and all that stuff. So it’s really good that he uses is this is the only positive stuff he just uses, ambassador. He talks about deal that you can’t time the market, anything that can happen like. So this is very genuine gentleman person. I like that. 

And like you said, it’s the fact, they hold you accountable and say the group is so sure that you’re a long term and you’re not treating. Obviously, you can do what you want. No one’s holding you hostage or anything. 

But just being around people that are in the same mindset and they have succeeded that way over time, maybe not succeeded once, maybe once you can fail once or twice. It’s not like, you know, it’s nothing’s bulletproof. 

But over time, consistently withstanding the test of time, long term investing is usually what stays and works. And because 100% If I was not in during this group, I would probably get to GM or AMC. I’ll probably get into those. But I did not because I was like, you know, this is probably just a pump and up kind of thing, but I’m not like 100% 

There was no this group are probably get in the stocks. Like, I have friends that are going to the stocks that they lost like they had been. They told me the last one. Yeah, I love it. Yeah that accountability is just something else. 

And so how about the have you speak to us about becoming smart and becoming master of the stock market course. How is that kind of. Is that something that’s kind of for everyone to learn from? Do you think? In the course thing, yeah, yeah, it’s everyone. 

It’s around, I think, twice, and it’s just you learn the fundamentals of the stocks. So the other group sells in those more like they were talking about a short term swing trading, all that stuff. How to do it, how to find the resistance to all the stuff for Germany is more like how to read reports of what to look into reports.

 I’m not going to go into deep because I won’t say anything that’s in it. But it was good knowledge to know how to find a P/E ratio. Why would you buy us some areas and some areas? You think it’s overpriced and it makes you more comfortable in your choices. 

So what you’re doing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s like people are scared of the unknown. You just clear the unknown, makes it more easier and doesn’t make stocks seem like it’s a difficult equation or something, as long as it’s very easy. 

And some people say, like, don’t go in stocks because you lose money. But but he changed my whole mindset. And some people just say, like you not you don’t realize your gains until you sell them. But Jeremy is completely. 

He has a million unrealized cash like he doesn’t sell them. That’s like he can lose all that million. But he still didn’t sell it. You know, that’s a perfect example for me. Like, I have hundreds and unrealized and I think I am still holding it. And people like you can lose that day and stuff like that. If the market goes to 0 or something. I’m still holding. 

I don’t I don’t care. Yeah, and yeah, go ahead, sorry, and some people say, like if you make some cash day or two. And it’s a lot of profit, I’ll probably sold some stocks like plan. I probably was sold off at times to I probably will still not be holding or buying or selling my shares.

 He puts you in a long term mindset and some short term mindset and makes you realize what’s the potential like. He always talks about like, oh, if I hold his Facebook when I was like $20 and/or like. And I could have had so many more games. 

So he talks about all those examples of them like, Oh shit, I like wow, why would I sell plan if this is such a big potential in the future. Yeah, it’s really cool seeing like someone obviously like, you know. Like, I probably was as well, would have been probably playing around the game if I wasn’t in the group as well, so I see your point of view. 

And it’s definitely like because that’s the humbles you. If you lose money, the market humbles you very, very well speaking of the course, do you think now you kind of have the a weapon or a tool, if not a skill that you can carry with you for almost, you know, for the rest of your life? You feel like you feel like that confident in it, where you feel like 20, 30 years down the line, you have a skill. 

Now that you can use to create wealth for yourself because obviously, you’re younger. Right? so you have that right. So it’s something that I always ask myself. This is a skill that’s later on. I know there’s benefits to it now, you know, in the next 10 years.

 But even in the next 30, 40 years, obviously, if you live that long, it’s like it be that I always see it, like you have skills. And it’s not an end story. You can you never finish learning. You always learn. You always find new stuff. Maybe some stuff that work this year won’t work in two or three years later in the future. So you always want to be adaptive and you want to learn as much as you can. And that’s why I think Jeremy strives for also. 

And he always changes method if he needs to. And whatever works, he continues wherever doesn’t he stops doing it. But like, I feel like it’s never and it’s like always you learn, always you continue learning, you continue improving, you getting better every day. You continue reading your reports and your workforce faster. 

As you mentioned, you use a recorder for like three or four times. Like I took in like two days to reinforce that takes in like two hours, read or listen to conference call more than once. Like, you have to catch those little Easter eggs or those diamonds, little things that might come up that people didn’t hear. So they’re like very special stuff. 

So like, I feel like I need to learn of working improves, reading the reports, better understanding reports, working on my diligent reports and making sure I’m capturing everything. I understand the stock and where it’s going and what’s his vision and the long term. And yeah, I feel like there’s a lot there’s a lot more for me to learn. 

That’s a real part of the crystal material, but it’s going to take years to get better and better. Yeah, part of it is implementing it. Right and that’s but if you don’t have the base knowledge, it’s hard to implement stuff. That is, if you’re implementing bad stuff, like you said, it turns into habits. And if it turns into habits, then it’s very, very difficult later on to reverse that thought process and reverse those habits. That’s why people sometimes say, like, oh, stocks didn’t work for me. 

Like, it’s bullshit. You know, it’s a rip off because you have wrong habits inherited you. You need to change your habits. You change how you’re seeing stocks and how you performing stocks. You can get better and better. 

Better but if you keep repeating the same mistake, like, what are you going. What are you doing right now? You know, like this. It’s nothing. It’s not change. Absolutely absolutely. And what would you you know, what would you kind of. 

So for someone that’s not that’s not in the group right now, and they’re looking at the group and they’re saying, I might want to join. And I might not want to. They’re kind of in the middle there. They’re like on the fence. 

Obviously, everybody can do whatever they want to. Right everybody should do whatever is best for them. Make your decisions, obviously. But what would you recommend to someone that’s who they really want to get into. 

And play around in the stock market. And try to, you know, try their, I guess, their luck or they want to try investing in the market, but they’re more concerned about putting money into their account rather than investing themselves and getting into the program and going through the course and learning the fundamental basis. 

First, before you go and put money into the market, what would you say to those people? That puts are afraid to put money in the stock market. No, they’re actually more they’re willing to put money in the stock market. And they want to put money in the stock market. 

OK, but they did rather put money into their account rather than put an investment in themselves and go to the courts. So they rather spend money on themselves instead of investing the money in the future. The exact opposite. 

So they’d rather go and put their money in the stock market right now rather than investing in the spazzing in the future. OK, so it’s up to them if they want to fill. If they want to fail, if they want to learn from other people’s mistakes, they can do that. I believe you should learn from other people’s mistakes. 

And so you don’t fail as much like, why would you why would you like there’s so much history. There’s so many books. And then you can read the file. And there’s so many lessons on YouTube that you can learn and understand. Why will you. 

Go your own route like is I feel like everyone has a special feeling that they’re unique. And I think everyone’s the same. I feel like it’s something people put in their head. They’re special. And you can all that stuff just like you’re like and they’re like, oh, he didn’t succeed in the stock market. 

But I think I have to see myself really being the ethical like although he didn’t stick, but I feel like I’m pretty lucky, so I should probably work out for me. So I think it’s just being open minded, seeing that and being just like letting your ego down a little bit more. 

And just like I probably should consider learning something new or something that I’m not considered yet and see where it takes me. Or if not, you can try your path. And if the path does not give a deadline to your past. So you can like I like I, I journal all the time.

 And I just you just give a pass like 18 month. If this. If I make a certain amount of money or return by this time period, I will try something else if else condition. If you don’t have the if else condition like, will you just continue doing the same shit all the time, all the same stuff over and over again. 

So there’s I think you should question yourself and make sure your assumptions are correct, because if you don’t get influenced by the right people, you will get influenced by people around you. Yep, and it’s perfect. 

You said you said, you know, if you want to try your own path and trial and error in the market, the problem is that the market is that your trial and error will cost you money like a significant amount of money. It’s not like it’s not a sport where you just, you know, you’re bad for a couple of weeks and eventually you get better. 

And it’s like you don’t really lose much physically. You just lose you’re losing every day. So eventually you win. The problem with the stock market is that your losses are actually monetary losses. And that’s where the learning beforehand is very important. It’s very like the more emphasis is put on the fundamental knowledge before you get in just so you can have that.

 And then feel more confident, minimize the risk as much as possible, because obviously, risk is always going to be there. But if you have the knowledge of the fundamental basics, you can minimize your risk as much as possible. 

And then still make great investments like you have in great investments into the future. It’s a compound effect. It just it just like you need to focus to the future. And the younger that you start, the sooner you start, the better. 

And it’s going to pile on because time is important. Time is the most valuable thing that you have. And you think you can’t waste it. You should feel I feel like sometimes like this a personal feeling that you’re progressing in life, and you’re going further and further into who you want to be the future. And I think you need to have that certain level of verification that you’re growing and you’re getting better and better. 

So numbers is something that’s very easy to track or like it’s something you translocate. Like you should be progressing. Your numbers are getting better. So, you know, you’re getting it’s good Select. But I think that’s most important. If you’re seeing that you’re progressing, it’s good. I don’t think it should be like a gambling mindset, that it’s like a win. 

And then and that’s it. I think it should be a slow progress to where you want to be. And it’s not. I know slow is a turn there with a lot of people. I just I think it’s just like a Warren Buffet mindset. Just no one wants to get rich. So so, yes, it’s. Yeah, no one wants to get rich on that. But thank you, Demitri. I appreciate your time. 

And I’ve covered everything on my own. Do you have any last final words before I wrap it up. And that we think we haven’t covered that would be important, if not stuff. But thank you for your time. Those I appreciate that. Yeah so regarding the course and all that stuff, it just be open minded. Don’t disclose it right away. 

Just see what it can bring and what benefits they can have in stock for you. And I think you will be happy with your return and you will never look back at the original investment that you made. You will probably triple, quadruple your original investment. And In the buying, of course, obviously just and you never those few thousands of you will be nothing compared to your long term future. 

And what actually the real benefit, the real quality, the confidence that you gain from actually doing this. And actually knowing that you can continue this with even without doing so. It’s a beautiful thing. And acknowledge the beautiful thing overall. 

And I feel like everyone should consider it. And not disregard and leave it alone. There you go, Mike. Thank you so much, man. I appreciate it. And a lot of people are going to listen to this and know and kind of it will affect their decision making, hopefully in a positive way. Hopefully so hopefully Jeremy is a great guy.

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