Daya Dusham

I’m from India. My parents are the type of people who are not into the stock market because they know that it just goes up and down.

I basically started investing in just Apple stocks regularly. It was 2014 at that time. I met Jeremy through a friend.

By December of 2020, I crashed. I joined Jeremy in April. I started buying a bunch of stocks, especially the stocks that the group is buying. A lot of the stocks that I started buying made a really decent amount of money. My portfolio just continued to grow. That’s a 10x gain in a span of a year.

People who are just starting with the stock market can definitely join in without having any knowledge and interact with the group. They can start with smaller stocks and just grow from there.

They will have access to different kinds of strategies and options. Interact with like-minded people. Jeremy’s explanation was much easier and became a lot clearer after going through the course.

I think that if a beginner will join, they will easily pick it up and understand.

All right, all right, I’m here with Daya, another member of the financial fortress private group here at Jimmy’s financial education. How are you doing, and how are you? I’m doing great. I’m doing great. You know, let’s just start it off.

And let’s just start it off. How you tell us a little bit about yourself, how you started investing, how you found out about Jeremy and how you ended up in the group. Chuck so I so I, I am I’m 34 years old. So I, I actually started late in life.

People say that or any other way that they say that you have to start by 21-22 as soon as you got a job or something. So I did not get a chance, not a chance. But I did not care what the stock market at the time I was into real estate and stuff.

And just save the money, buy real estate and then I did not do it. So I’m basically from India. So back in India, the my parents are the people who I know they’re not into the stock market at all.
So for them or for large part of India, I mean, it’s right now, especially in the militant age, but gen-x or previous generation, like baby boomers, they’re not so much in the stock market because they know that, you know, it just goes up and down, which they don’t understand is the real estate also goes up. And down.

It’s just that they won’t be able to see that. Right so I, I grew up like that. And completely out of stock market. So I was into the same thing. Khedive deposits. And then you don’t get any interest out of it.

And then once it accumulates to buy, I used to buy it in the street and then later. I just started to do something about it. And then I started a company back in 2012 when I was like 20 two, 23 or something like that.

Twenty, 22. 23 So I started the company, it’s a staffing agency that was really doing, was doing really good. And so I wanted to instead of just dumping of money into things in India. So I thought OK, why not. That’s to invest.

Right so I started very basically just investing in Apple stock, you know, just regular. This blue-chip companies right at the time hood came in. So I was one of the earlier user for IBM. So I started off. I started from 2014 at that time.

I don’t know that you have to go. I don’t know in the sense. I don’t put much effort to go with the tinku you of the business model and all I did is, OK, I know this company jacobite. Right so I got lucky in some. I don’t get lucky in others, especially like, you know, airlines, but I know airlines like OK, I’m going to just go buy it because I know that company.

I used to, I used to check the issues and that at the time Amazon was like $400. The fee for. And it’s not so high. I didn’t know that, you know, they is something a little stronger than the stock. I thought I’d buy all the time.

But luckily, I bought some of this slots on some of that stuff. So I was that naive at the time. But later on, as I was investing, I think Germany started to speedo’s 17 or 15 or 16, something like that. So I got introduced to him, to his videos through my friend.

He he actually sent me some videos. And I started going to the channel. And I liked his perspectives on how to value the company, how to look at it. And that’s that my company. What is the value of what is a good stock and all that.

Right so so then I used to follow rigorously. So every reader used to say I used to analyze it later. So 17, 18. Right so 17, 18, 19, all the three I used to I didn’t join the group by then, so I used to only look at his videos, understand his perspective, how to read it.

So with his ideas, I’ve been mistreated. Facebook, alibaba, a very early Tesla, one of the biggest pollution. If Tesla is, you know, most of the Japanese folks are idiots, right? Yeah Yeah. So luckily, he inspired me a lot, especially buying tesfai.

And there are some other Facebook for him to buy me a lot on that. So and I don’t think you can give a little bit. Not a lot. And that’s how I stutter. So my journey. And I was able to decently make up by the time by the end of last year because it was a $99,000.

So at the time that time, my portfolio crossed 100 something like that. Right so and then much other than 20 hit the portfolio down. At that time, I had a little bit of cash investing. And I joined Germany because that wasn’t all right.

So nobody knows what’s happening. And I thought, OK, I might need a really good help, especially with Germany’s beautifuls or, you know, the group. And that’s what I thought. I mean, I joined in different. So right from April, you know, I went through the videos from the channel and private videos, as well as I went through the course, the option course, because I want it to get into options, too.

And then I kind of started taking that seriously. Started reading through. Thank thank you so much. More in depth. Right, because the group and the course, we should be able to give me the complete insight. Right and the options.

Right so with that, I’ve invested quite a little bit more money. And then by I think end of the 10 or 20 from 150 to a million, almost 800 k between the bad ones. And and also let me know if I want it. I just want to bring that up because that’s something that’s a big that’s a big.

Yeah you do. So you’re saying from December of 2019 or 2021 2019. I crossed in March. It went down, I started deploying. I joined Germany in April, sars-cov-2 adoptions. I started buying a bunch of stocks, you know, especially with the community that did me. And I used to buy.

What they’re buying, especially after reading is there are some which I bought and then we bought it as well. But a lot of stocks, which have purchased at the time, I just utilized as much as possible. The dip, which really made really decent money in my portfolio, as I said.

800 and eight, so until the February, like again, the market tank. And I actually initially thought I did it. I went below market. And today crossing that gate. That’s incredible. That is absolutely incredible. That’s like that’s a 10x kind of almost gain in a span of a year.

Yeah I want to ask you something. If you weren’t in the private group or if you weren’t within the group you join around April, that wasn’t really it wasn’t like at the deepest part of the crash. Yeah, it was. But it was still in a place a very it was high uncertainty in the market.

That is the reason I joined Germany, because nobody was I’m not ever going to know what to do if you don’t have a bunch of cash, not a bunch, but you don’t have some cash to invest right now. Just wait. So that is why you don’t let go for it.

And did that. Did that. I believe you did. That gives you the confidence to be able to invest and feel like you’re doing the right thing because you were around others. Exactly exactly. So so what happens is when you accelerate that, you really you make your decisions.

And then go for it. Right but when you’re in a community, you can share that. OK, so this is my thesis, guys. What do you think? OK, so this is what I was thinking. Are there are some people who come to that. If I read the documents as well.

And if I like it, I buy it. And then I usually appreciate them with the pieces as well. But what they put. So, yeah, it really helps, especially like when you try to put in if our community is also interested in thinking in the same page as I am, then you are conviction of that stock will go much more higher.

Right it’s not like because they’re buying them and buying gold because I made it. This is really more of like minded and thinking alike, especially having the bulls, the face of that particular stock.

Right so running through that bull treaties with the group really helps because a bunch of other opinions that you can consider. And you feel you feel like you’re in a community that has experience, is feel safe community that has experience.

Because I know personally there there know there have been investors that have been in the market for over 10 years. Yeah, Yeah. Just from another perspective, do you feel the same way. And that sense of security because there’s these experienced individuals.

Exactly so initially, I think this particular change, I think was, I think, six months ago, we’re identifying like experience capital and made them as a coach. Right and they’re pretty much active as well. So previously used to be a little bit difficult for me to understand who is much more experienced or, you know, whose words, I can take as much more valuable than other folks.

Right so now that that changed and, you know, I think there was a very experienced group of can the change that quote right now that, you know, the experience can kind of be can take their advice or opinions kind of feel that way.

So if I have a positive that if they find something, they’re OK, we need to really see that. And then from there, you can try to see and research on that point as well. So that really helps. That is for sure. And as you know, Brian, Brian is released.

I used to follow Brian a lot because he sticks around short term goals as well as a long term goal. It’s pretty clear, right. So he is a solid 80% go for the long term, 20% goal for the short term player. If you can make some money in the short term, that you can use that profit for a long time. Yeah, that didn’t really have no.

Yeah, I think you there’s a lot of coach Brian, one of them, one of our greatest asset in the group. If you’re looking at it from, from the we spoke about the private group, the private chat room. What would you say about the becoming mass of the stock market collapse?

Is it is it for first of all, give us a little background briefly about what it is. And then maybe I’ll ask you, who would you consider it benefiting more or is it just for beginners?

Is it also for people that are intermediate in the market? OK, so muhlfeld, so then when I started the course, so I used to sew because I was quite a bit in the market and understanding the intricate details about it.

It has everything to do. People who are beginning, they can definitely come in without having any knowledge. They can come into the court and interact with the group. And then they can start with Photoshop and bedrocks and stuff like that.

In this case, as well, like options, strategies, different kinds of options, strategies, as well as the more, I would say advice I, I made use of the Options group option scores than any other because I went through the courts as well.

It’s not that I did not. I went through the courts, but I know that. But the perspective was a little bit different. The explanation was much more easier and it was clear much more for me after going through the courts again.

But I think any beginner can come join. I’m sure they can easily pick it up and understand. Yeah, but I am beginning intimidated and it has a fantastic. That’s fantastic because I know there’s a lot of beginners right now in the market.

So the market has been going they’re looking to kind of find a way to get into the market. How do they get in? Are they doing the right thing? You know, it’s a lot of anxiety, a first a lot of uncertainty. You want to kind of show that up.

One thing I do want to touch base with is that there’s a lot of people, they contemplate putting the investment in themselves and investing in themselves, as in joining a group like this, joining, you know, getting into a course where they can learn on their own before they actually go and put money in the market blindly.

That’s one without looking in. Because, you know, you mentioned you were buying stocks, but you were buying them based on just, hey, I know this knowing the brand, right? Yeah Yeah. It’s not going to be like that for sure, if you like that.

I like that you’re saying that. So what would you kind of mentioned to somebody that’s kind of afraid of putting money in themselves and investing themselves rather than putting it in the market right away because everybody’s going to be eager to put money in the market? I was like that as well.

Yeah, I see what you’re saying. So I was not under any calls until I sold. I started from to join in 2020. So I got the time. And I got I try to kind of reduce a little bit more, spending more time getting through what needs to be learned and then try to learn it.

But what the group hopes is it has everything right from the first. Right so basically can just come in, start learning. And then and then invest their money. Right so the question for the very first investor or early investor. Right so I would suggest them to start with the group because let’s say they have only $1,000.

I would definitely tell them to put half of it for the initial learning invest on themselves. OK, start with another 500 with the investing. Right and then take it from there to the advantage of that is with redwater, the investment, which you’re making that will be invested in the downturn.

Right so because now that you learn and you’re putting the money. And even if the market is going down, your stocks might go down. But if you do the stock just because of the brand or just because, you know, and the financials of the company is not that good in the relative or during the market crashes, you might lose 80, 90% of the money.

But with what you learn from the group or from the course, once you misuse this money on your self, learnt and then invest, you are essentially limiting your risk. Right because now that you are giving you are giving a calculated risk. It’s not just you’re just throwing the money away.

So I would highly recommend doing that. And I regret not joining early as well, because I guess I think I might have done it right. But I would really join earlier and maybe in a little bit more, because I had some contacts with I would have been more than I did. And it’s funny. I love that.

I love that you’re speaking like you’re really speaking of like. Yourself, before you actually jump in. Exactly, Yeah. Learn the knowledge. Now it allows you to even later on, like decades down the line.

You’re exactly the same knowledge and it’ll just make you such a better stock picker and it’s to up for success long term, rather than being in the market, getting one little crush, getting discouraged and selling at a loss.

And then never coming back to it again. And it happens to a lot of people. Exactly and that is where you need a group to. Right so if you really think last two weeks. Right our group. Really so I get so sorry. Before you go, I just want to I just want to clarify last two weeks, because I know a lot of people are going to watch this video later on the last two weeks, the market has been correcting a lot.

It’s been like coming down a lot of red days. I think today was the only small Green Day that month, the last two weeks continue on. So just. Yeah, Yeah. So let’s say you are told, you’re going solo, right? If you see that kind of crash.

Right if you are an individual investor, because I’ve been through multiple crashes, so I was fine with that. And for the beginner, the people who see those freight and see the balance going negative, they might sell panic, sell right through.

What the group does is let’s say you join maybe a bunch of people talking about a bunch of folks telling me, OK, you know, it could be just a correction, their perspective and everything. So with that level of information, you would get a confidence that, OK, yeah, maybe it’s going to crash. Right so because it’s just a correction, it’s for the crash.

And you know why that is happening. Right and that information, you can easily get it from the group that people read a bunch of different articles they’ll share. You can also read about it, and then this will pass.

This is the time to invest, not to start right now. Yeah so those are the things you will get confidence when you are in a group and not a blind confidence. I just wanted to point that out. It’s not it’s not like Ford.

I’m not talking about, like, you know, product buying up. I’m not talking about that. What I’m saying is when people comes in and gives a proper reason about the crash, their opinion about the crash, you take that, analyze it. And then take your decision.

So that that information is needed in this kind of situation. Absolutely it gives you perspectives from different. Exactly exactly. And you don’t want to be taking perspectives of somebody that’s never really been in a situation like this.

You want to be taking advice and perspectives from people that have been in situations like this over time. And that’s I guess that’s what you’re trying to say, is that the group provides that. And you’re able to have that. That’s where the confidence builds, right? Because it’s really built through trial and error.

Number one, you can do it through trial and error, which I highly recommend. You do not do it in the market because trial and error will mean you’re losing your money and losing money. But the other one is you’re putting yourself around a group of people that you can learn from that are much better than you.

And when you learn from them, you advance and it’s just it accelerates your growth because you can skip out on mistakes that they’ve made, and basically, you know, give yourself the best opportunity to succeed. And I thank you for being here.

I want to just before I wrap it up, I want to give you the last words. If you have anything to say that we didn’t cover that you feel like is very important, you can go ahead.

If not, I’ll thank you again for being with us. So, Yeah. Yeah, I’m thankful for being the coach for sure. We know with the perspective and meeting people of like minded people.

And I’m not that active posting, but I could be a leader. I take information, a lot and process it. And I’m really thankful that I think I’ll continue to stay in the group. So that, you know, like many people out there and it cost a lot of things.

And then we make ourselves financially independent. Great but I think the primary goal is so. Yeah so financial freedom and independence. That’s where I. Yeah and thank you again. Thank you so much. And I appreciate your time and.

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