David Wong

l joined the private group four months ago, and it’s been amazing. I don’t regret my decision for a minute.

I already paid my fee many times over. It’s one of the best decisions made. I thank Jeremy for allowing me to access the private group. I benefited from the group. I’m in the financial field as a financial advisor many years.

 I discovered Jeremy and I was looking at what he is picking and sometimes I was complementing with the stock. I noticed that his performance is way better than mine. Even before joining Jeremy’s private group, I already consider him as my coach. 

All right, David ngawang, how are you doing, my man? And this is another member of the financial fortress, a group. Hi, this is David, I’ll join the private group around, I would say, three or four months ago, and it’s been amazing. I don’t regret my decision for a minute. 

And how about what you tell us a little bit about yourself, about your about your journey, about how you started to get into investing and how you found out about Jeremy. So I’m in the financial field. I a trade on the side before even discovering Jeremy. 

So you can only actively trade on my own stock or stock picking. I saw I work in the financial advisors, but I’m seeing a lot of people to have quite a good working title to stockpicking. I was doing a bit like, yeah, sorry, it’s back on again. 

So you can tell us a little bit about your message on the. So I was saying that I joined the private group for, let’s say, four months, and I don’t regret it. I already paid my fee many times over. It’s one of the best decisions made in that. Sirleaf thanked me, for allowing them to access that private group. I benefited from the law. 

So a bit about myself. I’m in the financial field as a financial adviser, business advisor for many years been stockpicking, speaking for myself because I have a lot of clients that I met, clients that was able to have good performance on just by stockpicking. 

And I was interested in myself and was doing that for a while. And of course, you two were speaking. It was becoming bigger and bigger. And pusha did my own research to see what kind of resource I can find. And I discovered Jeremy and I yeah, I was looking at what is speaking and sometimes I was complementing with the stock. I had. 

And what I noticed is this is performance is way better than mine. So with time, with time, I started to be, as you said, a figure. I was being a stock not on purpose just because it was way better than me. I still try to buy myself here and there, but I must admit, I’m a girl city. 

He knows better than me. So then after I just discovered there was an opportunity to basically get in at times, I started doing when I started to talk about very, very good company. I know the philosophy is to invest in the long term. 

And not just taking advantage of getting into the stock early, but to be honest, it’s I’m not going to lie. So it’s a big plus. And I’m on my way to becoming a seven figure. Remember, it helped me tremendously by getting it in advance. 

It’s a huge advantage, especially for markets that are on one $5 billion to be able to discover hereabout is going to say this is bullish thesis and to be able to get it in there. But it’s a huge advantage. It’s not like I said, I paid my course, many times over. I don’t regret it for a second. And I’m more than thankful for being part of the. 

That’s amazing. And in terms of being able to what was your account size prior to entering the private group, if you tell viewers about that? !invisible!, my portfolio was in the. Close to six, six figures are ready to dance. And like I said, very honestly, I by having Jeremy as was even before joining the private group, I consider him as my coach. 

And I look at what he does. This is philosophy. And it helped me to go to a six figure. And after I joined the private group. And my property was growing. So fast in 2020 to twenty, twenty, 21 it was. But it was a special market environment. So I’ve been doing very well. And it helped me tremendously. Like I said, if this kind of environment. 

So I thought that I was hitting the six figure. Yes, so so you’re saying you were at the sixth, you’re around six figures you got in, but even then you were still consider him a coach of yours on YouTube and from there. So I think that I was because of those kind of market environment with his help. And his the stock picks, I am not going to lie because he couldn’t. 

And we would by joining the private group, like I said, if this kind of market conditions continues. And Jeremy staying long enough on YouTube and not just leading YouTube for long enough, I’m pretty confident that I can go into the seven figure clubs in the near future. 

Hopefully everything will stay this way. Yeah nice and well, how about you give the viewers maybe an understanding of what they’re becoming the master of the stock market, klauss, about? Well, there’s a lot of resources. If you have time to spend. 

You can learn a lot other than from these public videos. You can learn a lot about investing history, philosophy. And it’s a library of knowledge. If we have time to have to look at it. It’s an excellent resource and it helps you to become to have the right mindset, to become a good stock picker. 

Yeah, and it kind of goes through his philosophy, too, like, you know, he’s been in the market for over a decade now. And it goes over his philosophy of how to pick a stock from a to z, you know, and it kind of gives you. 

And I find that it weeds out a lot of unnecessary information because being from a like you like you like let’s say you being from a financial background, you can imagine how much someone coming in from the outside, not knowing much about too much more finance, not knowing too much about financial statements. 

There’s so much information out there in the internet right now. You can easily put in the work, but be directed in the wrong direction. And be going in the wrong direction. And that’s very easy to do because there’s so much information on the internet. 

And what I found the course kind of weeded out a lot of unnecessary stuff and stuff that you could fall trapped into if you were doing it on your own. And it kind of directs you. Look, this is exactly the way I have done it.

 And this is what I look for and balance sheets and financials and ratios and in all types of financial statements and, you know, assessing the health of a company long term. And obviously, there’s a visionary side to it, too. Right so it’s not just all fundamentals. 

There’s a the whole 10. Part of his analysis is the part of his bullish thesis that he kind of, I feel like separates himself from everybody else, and that’s I guess that is the visionary side of it, which is great. And how about how about the private group? 

The private group chat’s has that. How is that for everybody? How is, how would you explain that to somebody from the outside? Before we go to the private sector, I just want to say I totally agree like the word, because I have a degree in finance and you’ll learn a lot of things, but nothing directly to basically make money go through the point of stock picking. 

And that is definitely gold in the sense that you don’t waste your time around information that you’re not necessarily looking for. You have what you want, which is to specialize in stuff. So I totally agree that it filters unnecessary information and go straight to the point that’s to become a good stock picker concerning the private group. 

Like Jeremy said in his videos, there’s a lot of conversations stock that that is part of that is very interesting. Some stock, some stuff that Jeremy talks about. It’s available on the chat. It’s on the chat. People talk about even before Jeremy picks it and talk about it. 

And he gets his most of his stock from private groups. So if you spend a lot of time reading those conversations and doing your own research on the stocks and believe in it, if you did your own research and believing in buying in advance and then and then you have the opinion of other sophisticated investors.

 Jeremy will sometimes pick that stock and talk about it and give even more information on the specifics. And like I said, I’m not going to hide. There’s a value to being able to get in advance in that particular specific stock, especially on smaller one, to find them to be able to get it, and get it in advance. 

That is priceless. And then, like I said, with that, with time, I’m very confident and I can go to one of the seven figure club. It’s very, very precious. Yeah, no, I love it, it’s true, I mean, you mentioned a couple of times it is it’s a plus 2 kind of have that being able to get into thoughts, because he does let us know in advance what he’s looking into, what he plans and what he sees in a stock. 

And then when he does buy it, obviously, he lets us know first and the private group before making a public on YouTube. And like you said, like the whole point of the teaching of agenda provides and the mentorship that we provide here at the financial education is that. It’s to not piggyback off anyone else, like you said, you joked about it earlier, but it’s to make stock picks on your own. 

So you can actually become good at it on your own later on. And take that skill with you forever. But it is definitely it’s like a cream on top of the cake. It’s literally it’s a plus at the end to have that insight prior to going in YouTube, because like I said, those smaller stocks really benefit a lot from the exposure that they get from the financial world, from people that watch YouTube. 

And use YouTube as their learning basis for stockpicking so that you hit that right on the head. And in terms of the private group. I was going to talk about in terms of. People that are. In the market for so long, they have been in the market for a very long time. 

And they’re 6 and seven figure, unless you want to be, you know, being around people that have been there for decades plus and that I’ve seen so many different financial crises, so much was in the market. I’ve seen all the ins and outs. It’s just so valuable being a. 

That makes you more confident in your abilities to pick stocks, because not only. And if you’re well. And have them critique it before you go, don’t put your money. As at the end of the day, right before you put your money in the market. 

And you do trial and error and you lose money that way. Absolutely, and whenever you have questions that I think I found, I find that the members of the private market are very knowledgeable people. They have good things to share. 

And if ever you need opinions. And if you have a general question from stock or in general, very likely you get surprising, some surprisingly good answers. And it helps a lot. And it’s a fortress of knowledge and spend so much time on the discord that I could easily spend hours on this day. 

And it’s amazing. So if I have questions, I ask very often I get to get answers and like I said, a very good resource. I love I love the fact that you have a financial background and you were still able to find value in everything that’s provided, and a lot of people like think about it as a know, they already have a financial background, and they don’t need this type of stuff. 

Right they already have everything figured out. It’s cool to see someone like yourself that has a financial background that’s actually benefited from the group itself, from other people and from the course itself. It’s just another way of looking at it because it’s seen as for beginners, it’s seen as for people that don’t know anything in the market. 

But this just shows that even advanced individuals that have an understanding of the financial world find value in this, that others don’t think that they could. Am I correct about that? Yes, absolutely, it comes down to what we spoke about earlier. 

You can have financial background, a lot of different, different type of knowledge, like go to a university, take all kind of questions. Do you have a lot of general knowledge? But this is a very specific topic. And it’s been doing amazing. 

I love it. I had one last question for you, it’s for people that are on the fence that are thinking about joining the private group, but they want to kind of put more money into their account. 

You know what? I like to think of it as an investment in yourself coming in and joining and learning through the course and learning from other people. I find it as an investment in myself. That’s the way I look at it. But there’s some people out there that are kind of skeptical. 

They’re they’re more concerned of putting money into their account. Essentially, they want to put money into the account and saying, you know, if I take money out of my account or and do that, then my account. 

One girl. What is your take on that. And what’s your recommendation? So one of something that I think is very important in stockpicking is basically to be able to see opportunities, to be able to understand the potential.

 If you pick somebody to understand the potential of a certain company, and if you are able to see that by joining the private group, that you’ll be able to grow faster, to invest on yourself and to have that acquired that knowledge, to allow you to develop your portfolio, to grow into the long term. 

You have that knowledge. You have people like a group that supports you in a discussion of knowledge full of investors, six figure 7 figures, not investors. That has been doing that for a long time. And investing in yourself. 

Your portfolio will grow with time. As of if you don’t spend that amount of money, yes. You would have a bit more liquidity to invest in the short term. But in the long term, like in a stock, the long term, it will bring you much more than you can invest for the short term or the long term. 

But if you invest on yourself for the long term, and that’s the whole purpose, is to continue to see the long term. And same as picking stocks or investing on yourself always to go for the long term. And not just seeing the short term, short term gains. 

I love it. I love everything you just said. It’s, you know, what’s your account that right now, approximately. To close to half a million, man, you’re so close. We’re going to get you to that seven figure club and you’re going to get there. 

And I’m rooting for you, you know, from close to six figures, some from close to 100 to $500,000 just to spend a couple of months. That’s incredible. I will say that again, so, yeah, go ahead and very I’m willing to take risk, so that definitely helps a lot. So in a sense, everything I do, every move. I take, I would always think that the probability that it goes up by how much. 

And if it goes down, the probability, the probability that it goes down and how much. I always look at it this way. And and also I have my personal goal, but I’m willing to take a risk for what you might go once I reach seven figure club. I made the risk of it. 

Personally, I’m really willing to make the best decisions based on all my analysts that has been. Yeah, not you’re more of an aggressive, let’s say, investor, but you have to have the right people around you. No matter how much you want to be aggressive. And you have to have the right people around you for that aggressiveness to work out. 

Right and you clearly showcased you know, you clearly told us that, how valuable the group has been informative for you. And thank you so much, David, for being here. I appreciate your time. And I’m sure a lot of the viewers out there are going to appreciate what you just said and kind of taken into consideration when they decide to whether to come in or not. 

And I’ll leave it to you if you have any last words. And before we wrap it up. So, yeah, invest in yourself, look, the long, long term opportunities, like I said. The to be able to see opportunities, it’s extremely important to see where you can see the opportunities within stocks, whether on yourself. Look at the long term. And look at the possible. 

The open minded. All right, that’s today’s open wine. Thank you so much, David. I hope everything plans. Well and you get to that seven figure soon. We can have another talk when that happens, we’ll be looking forward to talking very soon.

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