David Sullivan

I started with stocks a very long time ago and I made a lot of money and lost a lot too.
I buy stocks a lot and sell a lot without knowing and my fundamental concept about stocks was not that good. I don’t know what to cover so I started watching Jeremy.

His videos are very educational and easy to understand. I have been watching him for a year now. I like it when he analyzes each stock very well. I highly recommend Jeremy.

So Thanks again for hopping on here with me, and so go ahead and start telling me about how you first started investing. Well, as you can see, I’m all. So I’ve had 401(k for years and years of years, so and I made a lot of money.

And I lost a lot of money on that. And then I, I made some mistakes along the way, of course, took some money out what I should. So I back up to about. What do I got about 350,000 back in my accounts, no whatever is in an IRA account with the guy, I just retired just yesterday.

Hey, congrats. Yeah, Thanks for that. And so I’ve got IRA with TD ameritrade, and so I do by trading through them. And I basically been doing that for the last couple of years on my own. And I use it.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Bill’s potato with the machine. No, sir, I’m not familiar. OK, so I’ve been with him for a couple of years. And he’s good. I just sold out, so I just sold my. Viacom, CBS, so I buy that.

Yeah, I bought it. I know that was a hot stock recently. Great yeah, I screwed up there, right. So I bought it at $16 a share, and I bought 1,100 shares of that. And I started selling it off to buy.

Actually, I started to sell it off to byplay at 13. So, so I did. I’d sell 100 shares here. 100 shares there. Well the last bit. I sold was, what are the analysts that some cuffy said, Oh becomes over.

It’s, it’s way too high. He put a price on $40. Right and so I sold the last $300. I had 300 shares, I had it at 63 a share, and it got as high as 100 last week. So I left the money on the table there.

And so I been follow Jeremy. I will watch his videos for probably about a year, but it did follow in here. Yeah, there are a couple other guys that I follow. And so I’ve got basically four companies that GRV recommended that I did right now.

Now that’s jegede there. It’s I’ve got 50, 100 shares of that with I call played 13 by retirement fund. So I’ve got 9,400 shares of planet 13. Awesome I love my wife just rocsi. And I’ve got. So I started by at 30 at $2.00 a share, and they cost basis is like 495.

Yeah so I played on that with other 600 shares and, and then TCF I’ve got 275 shares. And I doubt all that, that. A couple a day to keep add to that. I’ve got the very good food, cut the driveway and I’m down about 2,500 that I’ve got 2,500 shares of that.

And so go ahead and tell me, how is your investing strategy? But when you first started to compare it to now that you found Jeremy. Well, I, I’ve. I get more growth than I plan to do it, so I started following that bill Bernardino and doing more dividend investing.

So I bought it. I cut my dividend investing go, but I plan on picking that back up. So I got a couple of questions for you about where we get what we get going here. So my idea was I’m 65 this year.

I don’t have to draw a bit of distribution till I’m 72. So I, I was thinking of trying to get my dividends up to around $200,000 in dividend paying stocks and $100,000 in growth stocks and trying to play the growth stocks in such a way that I get every year, take profits off of stocks and roll with dividend paying stocks.

So I don’t know that I’ll stick with that, but that’s kind of my outline of my body, how I supposed do that right now, I got about well, I actually, I cut my dividends. My dividends were up to about 600 a month, pretty close.

And I just reinvested dividends. Now they’re down to a little over 300 because I sold some of those stocks about drug stocks. But what I’d like to do is see that dividends up in the six to $800 a month range.

And then roll it, then roll them into my IRA and start where I basically roll them over to buy. The stocks that I own is roll them over his cash and they use that cash to decide what stocks, I want to buy everybody.

So that’s kind of still way out. I’ve got $100,000 in my retirement account that I can’t I can’t move it for too much before I retire. But settled that I was going to I was going to roll that money into my IRA with TD ameritrade, their.

Focus most of that on dividend stocks at that kind of depends on how by growth investing, you kind of follow a jarobi by growth investing stuff. And so I guess we’ll see how that goes. But I played it by play it at 13.

Well, the four floods that I have right now, I look at those as more long term floods, I guess, especially planet 13, I don’t plan on selling flood at 13 for the next. Well, if it does what I think it’s going to do.

I live in Washington state, so the marijuana is legal here. And my brother-in-law just moved out to Colorado. And I kind of have an idea that that’s really going to take off execute like Jeroboam hopes.

And like, I hope I expect that to be well, if played at 13 was to drop down to the two or three thousand, $2 or $3 wage right now, I’d buy another 10,000 shares. I’m here, and so that’s you know, I actually hope it drops down like I did add to it, if it dropped down to three or four wrage.

I’d probably load up real, real heavy on that, that the TTC, if I build it, that would slowly and very good food company. I have a huge area. We talk about. It’s pretty much since he recommended it.

So I’m not sure that’s where that stock’s going to get that. They say it’s pretty overvalued right now. And so we’ll see. We’ll see how that would go. But so, yeah, that’s kind of where I sit right now.

The rest of my buddy, I have a dividend paying stocks and. That’s kind of where I sit right now, pretty much 100,000 that I’ll move at a couple of words, the rest of it. I have in the blink of an little cash poor, right.

I got my cash down to about $10,000. And I’d rather have it closer to 30 right now. So I’ve got to sell some stuff off. I just haven’t figured out what I want to sell. Yeah, I like the balance at your age for sure.

The dividends are much safer. Play on that end. Henry Kissinger. I think that you’ll have to deal with his old tax and try their tax at regular income. Yeah, but by that, the nice thing about that right now is unless I take that it’s in my IRA.

So I can trade as much as I want paying taxes to take out an IRA. Yeah, and it’s an IRA. So that’s not it. My idea. Yeah so my could be here. The next two years is, is a little bit low. But I don’t have any debt. In two years.

I’ll start drawing by Social Security so I don’t need to touch you to give this stock portfolios. And I don’t play at all till, you know, four or five years down the road. If we decide to move that, I might take somebody out, buy a house or something like that.

But I’m so everything I’m looking at that. I do. It’s got a fight year, at least a 5 year timeline on it. And so that’s. And it actually right now that buddy is such that I don’t play it or touch it till I have to.

So it’s actually seven years before I would actually be touching any of that unless, you know, there’s always emergencies, I guess. But right now, I’m not looking to have to touch any of it. And so what’s a key lesson.

So far? I’ve learned from jeremy? Well, basically, you know, we started to panic. But your trades, while I’ve been through 18 to 20, the date. I had, I screwed up, but but not by panic. And I guess I had $400,000 to buy and read in 1,829 and had 250,000.

So I lost 50% That would year. But I didn’t sell anything. I sold later what I should have. But I so I took somebody out, paid our house off. I did some stuff that I didn’t take it out, blow it. But, but I would have been way better off if I would have just left alone.

So anyway that the market goes down doesn’t bother me. I get through three, three pretty good crashes. So it doesn’t scare me into a little housing crash just like this. Last two weeks, I’ve seen my accounts drop by.

You know what day? 10,000 a couple other days by 6 or seven. It I just went in there bought. So I’m still down. I’m still down $20,000 from two weeks ago. Yeah that doesn’t bother me. Yeah but that’s, that’s awesome.

I’m glad to see that you’ve gotten that mentality right on your end there and. Well what do you think you’re missing now to take that to the next level. Well that’s where I want to talk to you about.

So Jeremy’s got his course that he’s offered here. He got another day or two on it. Right and so so in that course, is it is it just where he points back to videos that he did? It’s like we’ll go watch these videos and follow them.

Or is it actually an outline of kind of a process that he’s giving this course? Yeah, yeah, Yeah. So it’s his it’s kind of like that checklist from a z on what he does and hears about a stalking and first mentality stuff.

And then we get into the fundamental stuff of analyzing something. So let’s talk about PE ratios and such. And so along those lines. But on the outside of, let’s say, outside of that stuff right now, outside of the private group.

And the coaching and the course, what do you think? It’s you know, it’s you’re missing from that aspect. Probably the probably a good fundamental analysis type stuff. Right so there’s like say there’s a few guys.

I follow. So if you want to follow somebody for stock analysis, you can’t beat anybody or the internet that I’ve seen from the p, p, p, c, c, I, I think is what he is his site and he is strictly a different investor.

That’s all he does. He analyzes a stock very, very well, but he buys, he buys stocks. He doesn’t care what the price is. And I don’t believe that I know, I’m too old to be buying stocks at 52 week highs.

They need to be buying stocks on sale, right, kypros? Yeah, so for jarobi, it’s what he evaluates the stock. He goes really depth to what he does, right. So that’s probably my weak point is the money.

This is having the fundamentals down is as well as I need to add then. How much how much risk or how much of my funds should I put it in funds in a stock excuse me? So if I’ve got $20,000 to invest and he’s recommended it highly recommended a stock, should I put no more than 10% of what you have to cover that.

That’s so much of what your percentage should be. Some of these stocks that he recommended, you know, what are the big ones I laugh about is I live close to Spokane, Washington, and the Nordstrom’s is that they got their start. They got their start in Seattle.

And Spokane. Right and I should have read it to smoke to check their store out. It’s about 100 miles away, but I didn’t do it. But so that stock doubled in, what, two weeks or something like that. So, yeah, I was crazy.

So so, yeah, I’m kind of looking for a good out. I like that. I could follow. And that is going to be my best interest, I guess. So that’s why I say I look at it that cause I think that may be a good thing for you to take.

Yeah, I give you some more in-depth on. That’s the fabulous call for sure. And talk to someone who has never seen Jeremy. How would you describe them? We bought this ticket on about oh, buddy, I really like it. Weird, weird.

You know, we got into the argument with Kevin the other day. Yeah yeah, dad. So I like I like to watch meet Kevin, but I don’t I do the. Yeah, I don’t take his advice. So much of the stocks. I think he’s.

I know, I know a great word for it. And if I would watch his video. But I go back to what you’re doing. Right there’s four or five guys that I kind of follow that with. They’re all kind to cover of the same stocks and stuff.

Like I try to take a bigger look at it. So for jarobi stocks and stuff a long time. I like his analysis, of course, that type of stuff. I like how he does his videos and everything. Very good. Want to have AI think that he presents his data very well.

It’s some of the things I guess that I’m hoping that he shares is like. So when he recorded, you know, that ETF, right? Yeah, I go to look at it, it’s like, well, I’m from the research that I can do. I can’t see how he gets that value on that stock.

Right so I don’t know if he has certain places that he goes to get information that I don’t have access to or the other side of that. I don’t know if part of what surete does with this course, is he says, well, I’ll tell you where to get into a stock, what you get out of the stock.

I don’t know if it goes into that depth or if it just goes the here’s how I researched it. You decide whether or not. I think it is. But so, yeah, I’m a little bit interested, interested in how it’s going to present that force to us. Yeah, yeah, Yeah.

Like I said, I’ll go into that after a month. Yeah well I just said. So if I see somebody you’ll plug a stock or something. Yeah Jeroboam isn’t a board with it. But I probably stay away from it. So Yeah, I like to watch his videos.

This is his newer channel. I think his vote is number three. Yeah, I just got it. It’s just Yeah. I think financial three or something. I really enjoy that channel. I got to do a couple of I have enjoyed the Discovery Channel or whatever the few.

I’ve got on a couple of discords and it’s just seems like people just talk it back and forth that they’re good 5 and 6 and they’re not really giving you a lot of. Yeah, good information. I guess. Well, we got thousands of people out there right now.

They would. Right so I haven’t got a jarobi to see. Like if you guys are all those charts that you guys are giving your two cents worth or you guys are saying, hey, this is what we do for a living, that people are just an employee or you hear you’re buying hype or you’re doing that kind of stuff.

Right so I don’t know if you guys recommend to give us the discord for that. Like, say, I haven’t said that yet, but yeah, I yeah, I pretty this year have been pretty busy for the last couple of years. I’ve got a couple of little side businesses and stuff.

So now that I retired from my regular job, I have more time. You I guess I have a study I put a couple hours, I try to put a couple hours a day to read it, but I’m on seeking alpha. So Jeremy looks at I though he didn’t look at it a couple of times.

So there’s people on chiquito for that. I follow it. I have my watch list and stuff on seeking alpha. And what would your message be to Jeremy right now if you were to watch this interview? So what were you a message to? Well, what.

What are the things that I would like to see is that some of the stocks that he’s recommended that maybe aren’t doing so well in his analysis, like this very good food company, what does he think the prospect of that is for long term?

Is it is it? So I haven’t seen anything of some of those stocks that say, of course, the stocks that are doing good. That’s easy to show people. But some of the stocks that maybe aren’t doing so well, where does he think we should go with or should we hold them?

Should we keep adding to like I like the very good food company. But the analysis I’ve read of it recently is that it’s way overvalued. So I’d like to see gertie’s opinion of that. And Some of that kind of stuff, but but no, I don’t have anything negative to say about the way it’s stuff at all.

Like I say, I’m probably going to sign up for the course, you’re going to offer your dad. And I had a call at don’t know if I talked to you before last year, but I talked to you. What what are the other guys?

One of the coaches and stuff. Yeah so he was going to call me back. This spring after I retired all. But I saw it. I don’t know what he was recommended in the course that Jerry Rice got right, though.

Yeah, I doubt that. I really like what you’re doing on these sites. Yeah and David, any closing remarks, any advice for someone watching this interview right now? Oh, yeah, I would say that you want to do your old research with integrity, of course, says that, you know, do your own research.

Is that the extent of the issue. I have with my own research? Part of it is if you listen to somebody like Jeremy and I would take it that you guys every year coaches that it would take me years of study to get to you guys this level.

Right so I’m not foolish enough to think that I know enough to be out there picking my own stocks with any. How do I say it? With high hopes that I. Right I need to have the backing of people that do this for AAA and it at least be able to bounce that stuff off of somebody.

So that’s kind of where I am, though, is I think anybody trying to do this on the road is a little bit foolish. If they think they can do what you guys do by, you know, on the road without being able to bounce ideas off you guys or somebody else, somebody that is there before, I guess is the best way to say that.

So that’s kind of what I was looking for, though, is that you said a very good point there. You know, it’s don’t always you don’t know what you don’t know on a day. So let’s not pretend like we know everything from the help that we can get.

Right well, it will also go that no matter what any of us do is that you guys have Jerry subtype. You’re going to pick the road to stock. Yeah, some sometimes house is right. And so so you can’t beat somebody up for recommended a stock that shows that by the fundamentals or their growth projections or whatever it might be.

And all of a sudden that doesn’t work out. That’s what it is. Buddy’s fault. That’s in the market. Sometimes doesn’t do what you think it’s going to do. Yeah, there’s a lot of that going on right now.

So that’s why I said, how much of what you’re looking at your stocks and you’re looking at your cash value, how much of that being able to deploy to the stock? So that’s what I have to I think is going to happen on here and taking your time out of your day. Yeah, I really appreciate the talk. Thank you. Thank you.

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