Christopher Lozaro

I started investing because of my brother. He told me to invested money into stocks because cash is not in cash. This is melting ice, basically. Then I started watching, Warren Buffett videos because Warren Buffett is my mentor. Even Jeremy is my mentor. I have been watching a lot of Jeremy’s investing videos.

When I saw Jeremy popped up in my timeline, I started watching him and he gave so much knowledge and I just kept on watching his videos to the end. I watched all of these videos to the newest. I followed his goals because he is right and his growth companies are amazing.

So another outsider looking in at the financial education channel, how are you doing, chris? So how are you? How are you doing? I said I’m doing great. I’m doing a fantastic man.

I wanted to kind of give you the chance to give us a little bit of background on you in terms of your investing in your investing career, how you got into investing and how you kind of found the financial education channel that Jeremy kind of put together over the years as I started investing, like around probably a year ago.

March, March 20th, around the debris and I’ve been of first time I started investing was my brother, he told me to, like you said, invested money into stocks because cash is not in cash. This is a melting ice, basically.

Right and then I started I started watching, like Warren Buffett videos, a lot of his, because Warren Buffett is my mentor. Even Jeremy is my mentor. I have been watching a lot of investing videos.
And then I just see gemmy popped up in my timeline and then I started watching him and he gave so much knowledge and I just kept I kept on watching his videos to the end, like all these videos to like the newest.

Yeah, Yeah. No, that’s amazing, man. How often and how kind of did that how did that translate to kind of being confident in the market, being able to kind of follow someone like Warren Buffett through videos and then also follow jeremy?

Because Warren Buffett is a little bit older generation for you and I. It’s kind of hard to see things that are recent with them. Right but then Jeremy is kind of a newer kind of guy who brings in a little bit more modernity to the whole investing process.

How did how you found that as a way to boost your confidence? Well, I always I’m like, I’m not a speculator investor. Like I’m a long term investor. So I’m willing to keep my stocks for like five, 10 years.

Right but like I said, I just follow like I follow Warren Buffett was by, like, investing long term and knowing his understanding that his understanding the business, like the having a competitive moment and good management team and all that and buying a margin of safety.

I follow his goals by that. But for Jeremy, I follow that because that growth stocks, because he follows a lot of the growth companies. Right and his growth companies are amazing. So, Yeah. Now, that’s definitely something that so, yeah, like you were mentioning, kind of like the growth stocks and that’s I guess that’s part of the modern kind of investing a little bit.

Yeah for they’re, you know, finding the future before because now technology is allowing us to do that a little bit more, right? Of course. Yeah before it was kind of a little bit more difficult to kind of gauge where a company could be before it was profitable.

And now it’s kind of know, Jeremy is taking that Warren Buffett wrote and then kind of building it into the modern day investing one, the companies I wanted to see. What was the biggest things that you struggled with when you first started? Because obviously you recently knew, but you have the right mindset, which is something that most people don’t that have.

Yeah so that’s I wanted to know, what was your biggest struggles in terms of investing and finding, researching and things of that sort before? Well, my biggest struggle was basically my emotions, you know, because I see I see a stock and people get into it.

And I always my emotion, I say, can actually go into that segment. And then that really fucked me over because I got to like a couple from a common stock site and then fuck me over. But then I realized this whole family enough.

Yeah yeah, I know. And that’s funny because fumo usually comes from other things, right. Usually maybe not being confident enough to value a company knowing that, hey, it’s going to come and see its growth and you don’t have to chase the price.

You could catch it at a good price and a good and you know, I want to know, like, has Jeremy kind of helped you with that in terms of being able to watch his videos consistently, let’s say? I’m assuming you do just because the way.

Yeah so how has that helped you in the form. Has that helped you in the emotions? Calm down. Yeah, a lot because I watch his videos from like four years ago. Five years ago. Yeah, I think it was like a couple of the it’s I think again for investors.

Yeah and I think it’s one of those. And his videos helped me a lot for the man that runs along the three. I watch, I watch all his videos because I put in like double speed because he talks to the side.

It’s like I stop, I watch all these videos that, to be honest with you, a lot of people are like you and I not a lot of people have that patience. Yeah it takes patience. That’s patience is key. Yeah even in video, like, if that video is pretty long, but even a video will really have to read in that video.

All you have to do is just listen and just exactly get some popcorn and watch it. But they fade away after half an hour. They just like and well, and it’s definitely cool seeing someone, you know, around this generation kind of like thinking long term thinking the proper ways to actually using a market.

You’re using the market for the right reasons, not flashcard. It’s not intended for like, you know, there’s professional day traders out there, but only one of those usually actually succeed over the long term.

That’s if we researched it. So that’s pretty cool in terms of that. And, you know, what’s your goal in the next five years? What do you want that account to kind of hit? Well, what’s your what’s your revisioning? What do you revisioning in that to my goal for next year to hit six figures, to be honest, for the next year, for the next five years to is almost like 500 k in my account.

Yeah and you think that, you think you have a couple of things that you want to improve on as an investor and hopefully you can use to either Jeremy or other resources to kind of help you do that. What is what is a couple of things that you feel like you really need to improve on to become a well-rounded investor? After the attack.

I don’t know, to be honest, there’s a lot of things have improved, like I’m still doing my research every day and still learning to investigate because I still do. So I just I just keep learning. So I don’t know. Yeah, well, Bobby. Go ahead.

Go ahead, as I said, I was going to say like usually like that’s a problem I had to like I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. Yeah I was kind of like I knew there was a lot to learn and there’s a lot.

And I was humble enough to know that I needed to learn a lot, which you seem be humble enough to know that, which is amazing because you don’t want to be too cocky in the market, the market. Yeah, but I was kind of in a sense, where I didn’t even know where to start.

And and just obviously just YouTube alone is such an amazing thing that we have no free education, you know, exactly. Like before like if we usborne Warren Buffett days, like it was more like you had to go and read physical papers for you to learn. Right and that that’s pretty cool in terms of like, you know, is there for you. I know.

Other than the fact that the market has been at a place where to put your money. And obviously a savings account, you set it like melting ice. Yeah Yeah. So like other than that, was there for you a big reason, like emotionally or personally that you felt like you wanted to take that next step in finance and actually put time and effort because this takes time.

This takes effort. And you have to first of all, have a habit as a hobby in a sense, to be able to kind of consistently pursue it. Right was there a reason other than maybe just the value of money, did you want to have personal freedom?

Maybe talk to me a little bit about that, how hard you kind of come to that conclusion? Yeah, so I just wanted to get my 9:00 to 5:00 job and have enough capital to have enough to get another source of income. So I really would like real estate marketing and all that.

Yeah and you felt like the stock market is probably one of the best ways to kind of do that right now. Yeah, because I don’t have when I started, I started like with only $200 on Saturday. I had no capital when I started investing in the stock market.

That no. Hello now, it’s OK, I can repeat the question, please. Yeah, so in my I think we were talking about we have a lot of capital. I started off with $200 when I started in the stock market. First of all, it’s amazing because we started off so little and you’re still able to roll that over time.

You’ve obviously stayed disciplined, right. How much is discipline important for you, like being able to continuously take from your paycheck and be disciplined, invest like 95% of my paycheck and the stock market ever since I started.

That’s amazing that I honestly feel that’s pretty cool. Just to hear, first of all, because for you to invest most of your money that are coming from your paychecks into the market, it shows that you really see the value of it, number one.

And you’ll be you’re also gaining confidence and being able to do it on a consistent basis. And of course, I hope that the channel that was part of that, the reason why that confidence grew. But I also said that. Yeah, and then you’re doing your own research as well. So let’s be honest.

And I wanted to kind of give you the last words before I’ve asked you most of the things that I think I feel like I could get in terms of value from you and kind of see where you were, if you had some couple of words that we didn’t cover.

What would you say in terms of, you know, about investing in general, about following your mentor, about just being in the market in general as well? I don’t know.

Well I’m not going to say no, that’s not that’s not what no reason at school, like, if I can give advice on anyone, it would be just kind of, you know, keeping your head to say and I say this, you just got to stay disciplined, patient and be consistent.

That’s the main principle I follow. And I think that’s where I was going to go with mine, too, it’s literally it’s keeping your head down. I was going to say don’t be discouraged by some losses here and there. The market does that.

Yeah, you know, I will do that. It’ll find dips, but have a strategy for those that have a strategy and go back a little bit. And then that goes for anyone, anyone that that is our age that is new to the market. That kind of goes for that.

And then once you have a strategy, once you have mentorship, once you have something that you’re following, someone that you’re following and it’s done there, been there and done that, I think that just makes it so much easier on whoever it is.

Right yeah, I. Of course, I wanted to first of all, thank you for sharing your story with us. It was pretty cool. It kind of helped you. And, you know, that’s my thing. I thank you for being here in terms of that sense. No risk. No

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