Cedric Aberle

I ran into Jeremy’s YouTube video to his channel and then I followed him because, he had a lot of passion, is very honest and good professional. And I think that’s the reason why I just continue to follow his YouTube channel throughout the years.

And there was only part of it, like the fact that he explained certain things in a much easier manner for anyone. He’s able to take something that’s very complicated and make it easy to understand.

You will learn more about the stock market as you listen to Jeremy.

Here we go again from the financial fortress Cedric, I’m here with my man. How are you doing, man? A pretty good has to meet you. Nice to meet you too, man. Face to face, finally.

We’ve talked a couple times inside the group, but no, like, just tell the viewers a little bit about yourself, man, and kind of your investing journey, how it started. How are you go to investing in and how you kind of sound, Jeremy.

Yeah, I mean, I started being wanted to try active investing in 2017 before then, it was just through retirement for one very passive, not active, and I wasn’t really paying attention at all to my account. I know that I have a retirement account, but somewhere along the way into 2017, I kind of wanted to make a change. I kind of wanted to.

To learn to see what I could do with that, to build wealth. And I ran into Jeremy’s YouTube video to his channel and then, yeah, and then I followed them because, you know, he had a lot of passion, is very honest and good professional. And I think that’s the reason why I just continue to follow his YouTube channel throughout the years.

And there was only part of it, like the fact that he explained certain things in a much easier manner for anyone. That’s just. Oh, Yeah. Oh, yeah, definitely. He’s able to take something that’s. Very complicated and make it easy to understand no, and and, you know, which is great, because once you, you know, start to invest, that’s what you find out.

You find out, you know, the way to do it. Like what the stock market is about. In this case is the stock market, because that’s what Germany does. Right obviously, there’s different assets you can invest in. But in this case, in the stock market, you know, Jeremy, you you quickly find out as you learn more and you listen to Jeremy.

Oh Yeah. This is actually like the way to do it. And this is what the stock market is about. And then from there, just kind of. You know, you just learn more. But the biggest thing is getting your feet wet. Yeah, yeah, getting your feet wet is probably tough, too, especially when you’re starting off on your own. So, like, what was it that kind of what was it.

That was the most overwhelming part during when you were first wanted to start active investing, like maybe picking stocks on your own? What was probably the most challenging thing that you saw in front of you at the time that you thought it was kind of difficult to overcome it on your own? I mean, really, this having knowledge to begin with, to understand that it’s out there to go ahead and invest in the stock market, is anybody not anybody, but know, it’s available to people more.

It’s accessible. If you have a phone, you can sign up through any brokerage and have an account and start buying stocks. But, you know, as to having that awareness, it takes time.

But probably the biggest the hardest thing is probably just trying to figure out who you are as a person because you get your feet wet at the same time, you don’t know how you’re going to handle it emotionally.

Even if it’s no small amount of money, it’s all perspective, because when you start out, you know, whatever you have, that’s, you know, but that’s a large sum of money. So, like at the very beginning, you’re just you’re trying to figure out whether or not you can handle the ups and Downs. Can you stomach it? So I think that’s maybe the hardest thing.

But I mean, if it wasn’t for having, like, jaris channel. You know, like. But where are you going get your information from? How like how are you going to build this tragedy? Who are you going to listen to you to figure out this tragedy? So that’s probably the hardest thing is to figure out this tragedy and what. You know.

And what’s the long term. What’s the long term strategy that will give you success and for somebody who doesn’t have, like, you know, just beginning, like you don’t know where to go back to, like to learn. Nobody is telling you. This is the way to do it. Yeah so, like, what was, if you don’t mind me asking, what was the portfolio size when you first started to kind of take your investing seriously and read before you joined the private group?

What was what were you working with? So when I first started investing in tech, when I first found Germany’s channel, which is before the membership as his Discord private channel or as a discord, it was zero zero dollars, right?

Like active wise, like I had nothing except my 401(k. I had some sum of money there at the time. I was like, wow, this is a lot. But when I started. When I signed up for the private. Discord group. I want to say probably close close to six figures, but but we’re not quite we’re not quite. And then, yeah, so I mean, so there is some time where I was already investing before he launched this, you know, private discord, but I mean, I believe that it.


But that during that phase, when I signed up into where I am at right now, it has helped me out tremendously. And you’re working with almost seven figures. Now Yeah, so so, yeah, so you combine what I have for one kid and but I’ve been my personal portfolio that I’m active in.

Yeah so that’s a nice. That’s it’s pretty cool seeing that, because a lot of people have started from the lower amounts and they’re in the six figures. So that’s a jump on its own.

That’s incredible. Jump still. I mean, but it’s cool to see someone already close to the six figure mark actually make that jump to seven figures. Yeah you know, like you said, to stomaching is one thing, but stomaches figures stacking up in portfolios, you really into your research in the community that you have around you.

So you put some money into a stock or a market. Oh Yeah. And hold it, you know, terrible. Exactly yeah, Yeah. I mean, it’s just what German teachers, you know, since the first 30 saw on 2017, though, when you what he preaches today, it’s just consistently, you know, just consistently building this tragedy and then over time trying to get better at investing, you know, just trying to learn as much as you can.

And that’s the key is being really consistent. And I had no idea it was going to grow that much. Like I it wasn’t here in my five year plan. I wasn’t there. So, yeah, so it was it was a big surprise, and this is over a span of like two to 2 and 1/2 years from now, it took me about 3 and 1/2 years. Yeah, I mean, that’s still that’s still incredible.


So yeah, Yeah. And I don’t Yeah. It wasn’t even in my thinking like. But you know, but but that’s the journey. Right like once you start seeing it, you’re one coming in. Year two, you start seeing some of the gains and then, you know, you just get excited and you see the action at work. And you just want to get better.

And improve on this tragedy. And then the games become, you know. It’s very important to just like once you have the fundamentals down, as you have that, is that going to build on that, right? Yeah, they’re not, Yeah. And going back to what we asked before, it’s the fundamentals. Right so when you began to decide, oh, I want to invest.

There’s nobody telling. Nobody is telling you. This is how you do it. You know, you can either go to where do you go day trading or you could go what Germany preaches. And that’s long term investing. You’re buying businesses.

It’s not like you’re buying this. You know, something that goes up and down. You’re actually buying the business and you’re actually becoming part owner of a business that you’re sharing the ownership.

And once you build from that, you know, that’s not just your mindset. It’s just completely different. And and I think that’s. You know, thankfully, that, you know, I decided to follow Jeremy’s channel, right, because I to like he does preach the bosses like he really does. Yeah Oh Yeah. Like, I guess our generation kind of watch Buffett’s videos back on you.

It just seems so far from us. It’s like you’re buying a farm. Yeah, but it buys farms. Now But Yeah. Yeah, I think about it that way. And Jeremy kind of denies that. But in a way. Yes right. If you’re buying a business. And it’s like exactly.

Modern age where it’s taxed, it’s et cetera, et cetera. Yeah yeah, Yeah. Exactly and that was. And he always you always brought that up in these videos like Warren Buffett.

That’s, you know, that’s who he looks up to in terms of investing. So I mean. And then from there, you know, but that kind of help me, OK, you know, outside of Germany, I’m like, how do I get better? Well, got go watch Warren Buffett from his old past writings and know what he was looking into when he started investing.

And he just kind of built a knowledge around that. Right and there’s other great investors out there, too. But But, yeah, you just kind of expand your horizons and you can go out and just learn more, you know, as much as you can, but, you know. But yeah, I mean, Germany definitely preaches it.

And and how I know for me personally, like we’ve talked about this already, it’s like a community around you getting your ideas from it, getting your research from it. How how about the private discourse, you know, the private chat rooms, how to explain it to an outsider, you know, what is it about?

What’s the main benefit from and how is it helped you personally? Yeah, I mean, it’s definitely it’s like minded people, people that, you know, have the same goal. They want to build wealth, personal wealth and.

So it’s an outlet, so you could go and you could talk about investing, you could write about your opinion, and it gives you a way to kind of formulate and summarize your ideas, whereas outside of it, you may not have an opportunity because you may not have a family member or other friends that participate in it. So for me personally, I feel like I learn something better if I could write about it. And share it.


And so that’s one of the values that I see enjoying the chat. And then and also listening to others, their ideas, you know, the opportunities that they bring and. And that’s pretty cool. Yeah, I mean, just the fact that there’s a 6 and seven figure inside that group.

And they all have the same mentality, it’s pretty cool because, you know, we seem like in the last couple of months or last month or so, you know, like the craziness that happens with, you know, just a little bit of a being stock. Yeah it’s like it’s very easy for someone. And I don’t blame a lot of people.

I don’t blame them. If you don’t know anything about investing, I don’t blame you for someone. And that’s the way everybody is. Like, you can’t blame someone that doesn’t know.

But but what I can blame them for is if you show them the way, and they don’t consider it, I’m not saying, take it 100 percent, but at least consider that there’s know, because we saw it, I think, in the 2008, 2009, that wasn’t old enough to understand it fully.

But I did see if you’re looking back at history, it was it was a nasty couple of years where people were just greedy. And it’s like you kind of get the gist of that now. It’s like people are hyping up on a lot of.


Yeah, when you get hit, get rich quick schemes, and it’s like, right? In normal times, that’s not does not fly with the market, like the market will just. Right Yeah. All right. But getting your sources from people that are like minded, like you said, to have a buffet mindset, to have a genuine mindset where it’s you’re buying a company, you’d like to be able to sell a franchise, McDonald’s the next day or almost stuck with it for five years minimum.

Yeah speaking. So it’s cool to have, like you said, get the information from a right place rather than just anywhere. Yeah, it’s very easy to get swayed. Yeah, the leadership, that’s the culture that they want. And the discord. Right German you must have the culture of your buying businesses.

You’re buying businesses that you love for the long run. And you’re buying. And as you’re buying it, you become a partnership like when you like you become a partner with like Elon Musk. When you buy a Tesla, when you see a Tesla car on a freeway, that’s your product. Right and that’s how you view it.

And that’s how you approach it. So Germany and the leadership on the discord, that’s what they’re trying to drive.


But that doesn’t mean, like everybody that about or in the chat group are going to have the same feeling. You know, there’s going to know that there’s a lot of different people. But that’s what also makes the discord cool. Yeah, right. Because that’s a reality that you like.

There’s that’s what the stock market is about. You have a bunch of group of people that have different emotions that deal with emotions differently. You got a first time. You got people different from you. So it’s pretty cool, right? Yeah, yeah, Yeah.

You’re getting a collective real or sample of what the stock market really about. Yeah, that’s a trend in terms of the people that’s participating. And then you understand, oh, this is why it’s so volatile.

Sometimes I think that makes a lot of sense. I’ve never had that perspective. It’s definitely like you get a sample of the market as a whole and Yeah.

Allows you to kind of see some behavioral tendencies. But it’s like you said, it’s very, very important to kind of even if you have one mindset or one way of doing things, it’s very, very important to see at least listen to other perspectives, even if there is a completely opposite yours. But it’s really bad right there, though, because at least you hear them up front before putting your money and you’re not surprised when something happens like somebody else had explained it where you went.

At least you were aware of it, because when you put money in the market, the market at that point, it’s like there’s no feelings involves it’s money lost or money gained. It’s just it’s kind of like it’s an algorithm or it’s not a human. So it’s good to kind of get yourself in a mindset where this could happen.

And it’s good to have a plan or contingency for certain different events that could happen to only come from other perspectives, other people’s lives. And that’s what I that’s what kind of piggyback on what you just said.

It’s pretty it’s pretty important in terms of like to becoming of the stock market course. If if we were to just kind of, you know, as a beginner, is that something that as a beginner, you feel like is very useful for somebody that’s starting.

Oh, Yeah. Yeah, yeah, definitely, yeah, I think so, because when you start, like when you start like you don’t know who likes Benjamin Graham, you may not even have a finance book. Right like you don’t know, like where to go to find to actually learn and actually learn about something that’s modern. So I mean. Yeah so I mean, I think I believe I took the course.

When I first signed up. OK I was going to say, like you mentioned, Benjamin Graham. Look at the book like like, yeah, I’m looking at this for the first time. It’s like, what the heck? And like, I read somewhere a little bit like baby steps.

First But I mean, I’m not I have a financial background. And this is a tough read and I’m it 100% Yeah and a lot of at it go ahead. But like I didn’t know about that book, I don’t know who that was until like Germany and Germany talked about it.

Yeah, no, that’s true. But like. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I highly recommend someone who’s new, who want to, you know, become who wants to see a stock market and best thing is for them. I highly recommend that course.

Yeah and the way I like to explain it is kind of like, you know, Jeremy’s been in the market for a while. He’s been in the market for at least the 2008, 2009 recession minimum there. That’s when he started. And he’s spoken about that multiple times.

So he’s got at least. A decade plus like 12, 13 years now in the market, and it’s like it’s what he has learned over those three, over those 13 years, 12 years, all the mistakes, all the cycle he learned, all the techniques, all the fundamentals. And it’s like he filters all the unnecessary noise and puts it into a format where you can go and watch it any time.

And as long as you spend time on it, you can learn. And like you said, for someone that’s starting, that doesn’t know, Benjamin Graham is like, you know, like I didn’t know him either enough to know him through the community.

Right through research. And I know there’s a book coming out. So it’s like, yeah, if you don’t have that, at least as a starting point, where it’s like all the noise is filtered out, get the basics and then it’s actually feel like it’s missing. A couple of things.

Now, have a stand up, you have a starting point where you can go and write. Yeah, exactly. And then over time, after you take the course, over time, you learn, you know, who Benjamin Graham is.

And you learn who the other investors are. Right that Peter Lynch’s, you know, the marcescens and then you hear their opinion, what they’re thinking about. And then you’re like, oh, wait, this is what Jeremy was talking about.

I read something about this when, you know, when I watch this course. Yeah, you go this way, you always talks louder. There’s video of Ben. You get more confidence that you’re on the right track and that you’re doing it the right way.


And as you build that confidence, you can not only stomach the volatility more, but you’re confident to buy more when the assets down. And and that’s key to not only not only stomach, as you see, you know, the asset value going underneath your cost basis.

Right you got to stomach that. But then also you got to have the confidence to like, OK, I’m going to buy more because I believe in this business for the long run. And I know that their asset, the valuation is going to go up 3, 2 five years from now.

And that the way you said it was pretty good. Like, it’s definitely like. Like, you know, you may not when you watch the whole course, you might not get the whole grasp of it. Like you said, you can watch the course.

And then you go and you’re reading, you’re in the Discord or you’re. Yeah so you’re reading or you’re in the Discord or you’re on the internet, you’re researching a company. And then something comes up and it’s like, I’ve seen this before somewhere. That’s right.

And one of the videos. And then you go back. And it’s happened to me personally. It’s like and you go back to that video and you watch it again. It’s like it’s like an aha moment where everything starts to kind of like come together in, like a circle full circle comes around.

And that’s like you said, it gives you the confidence and you’re like, OK, I’m on the right track somewhere here. Like stuff is this stuff is matching and that happens. It gives you that confidence of like, I’m buying a business, no one, like you said. But it goes below my cost basis. I’m not trembling in my seat. And so on. And the guts to be like you.

That’s right. So Yeah. And and Yeah. And that’s what. That’s exactly what you know what? And in this indirect way, like, listen to the other coaches that talk and the discord, you know, and and, you know, it’s just all part of it.

And, you know, just being part of the community and the discord, it just helps build that confidence because you have other supporters and you have people like Germany and the other coaches, you kind of chime in the chat. You know, they kind of echo those same fundamentals. And then, you know, this helps you along the way, you know? Absolutely Yeah. And the confidence that comes, the leadership that’s there. And it’s like you get that guidance.

And it’s like it’s always good to learn from other people’s mistakes, man, that’s not in any way, shape, or form. But then when it comes to the market, it’s like I always talk about the market. It’s like the one place where you don’t want to go. And learn from your own mistakes.

And the reason why it’s that you’re losing like it’s literally like not like it’s a feeling feelings getting hurt or it’s like, oh, you’ve got to like, you know, it’s literally money being lost and you’re learning. And it’s like, do you want to lose money while you’re learning or you want to kind of someone else’s troubles or where they fell and kind of avoid them a little bit.

So that’s what I want to get. I want to maybe get to like one last question before I let you. I’ll let you go. And it was basically, I know a lot of people now, and it’s just it’s the danger that we’re in and the mean stocks and the way things are going. If your friend that, you know, was just starting off in the market, he wants to start off or she wants to start, right? Yeah and they’re very concerned about putting money into their account.

And that’s what their main focus is. I want to put more money into my brokerage account, which I was in that position. That’s why I’m asking this question, rather than saying I would rather like spend the money on an investing career, on a course of investing like Jeremy’s and investing in yourself.

So they’re kind of torn between, like, you know, investing myself right now that I won’t have money to put in my account. Like, how does that work out? How would you kind of advise that person or kind of. Clear up some fog for them, can you please repeat that question? So let’s say I’m a new investor and I’m here saying, you know, I want to invest in the private group.

I want to invest in to becoming coming of the stock market and pay that. So I can learn how to invest in the market later. But I’m too torn.

I’m like, I don’t want to do that because I want to put more money to my account. I want to grow that account. And it’s like, Oh. And so what’s your advice for those? Because it’s a very difficult position to be in.

And I get where you say, I was like, I can either add money into my account to grow my portfolio or buy a course and spend that. Yeah so part of it is, you know, it’s a kind of a cliche. You just have to. You really have to. I guess invest in yourself. And if you buy the course right, you’re investing into your knowledge, right. And it’s you know, as you learn more, you become a better.

You put your skill increases. And then your investing skills improves and. Yeah, I mean, there’s. I mean, your portfolio, like your stock market account, I mean. It over time, it is going to increase in value, but no. I really highly recommend you actually don’t just to justify the course, and because you have a wealth of knowledge, right? Because to your point, Germany has 10 years of almost a decade plus of experience and knowledge. He has learned the mistakes.

And, you know, there’s sometimes when you learn it is painful. But, you know, the great thing is he’s teaching you his mistakes. You know what works, what has helped him. You get all that knowledge. So so you’re so you expedite your knowledge and end law. And over time, that’s going to help accelerate your own portfolio.


And I mean, I mean, I see it like, you know, I do this with my own experience, you know, before and after I joined the discord and took the class like I you know, all the things that I’ve learned has helped me. And I truly believe that help expedite my you know, this my portfolio and my confidence. And, you know, that’s Yeah.

That’s that’s a great way to explaining. It’s like the portfolio will take care of itself as long as you likes it. But the problem is like it’ll always take care of itself, but a very minimal way. But but if you grab that knowledge now, it’ll allow your portfolio to not just take care of itself. But like exceed your expectations in the long run.

And it’s like you invest in yourself now and you’re kind of out first business that you’re investing in. Essentially, you’re on you’re kind of that first stop that you’re investing in investing yourself. Grab the knowledge. And then you become better at picking songs. Yeah, especially like know what we were talking about earlier.

That’s when you’re first beginning. You don’t know, like, what’s the right way? I mean, when you go through a high school, there’s nobody teaching you just how you are, just how you invest in stocks.

And if you’re going to college, it’s the same thing unless you’re taking finance and then you might be exposed to it like that background. And it’s like even then, it’s like it’s a completely different teaching game.


And that’s what surprised me the most I feel like is Gore and. And yeah, I mean, it’s like I like I think about myself and I, you know, personally, I could. I could. I could have followed somebody that day trading or, you know, but I didn’t take that route. I followed Jeremy.

And then what he preaches, I joined the know, during his private group. And I’m still really young, I mean, I think my best experience is not I mean, it’s almost like it’s just a few years, so I’m still learning like I haven’t, you know, I yeah, there’s a lot of life experience, a lot of things I have to learn. And so, like, I even consider myself as like a beginner.

And and so, like, we have this joining the know, the private discord, the private group, the course. I’m just getting a ton of knowledge, you know, from Germany. And this indirectly from just the chat that I read, you know, I’m learning every day in it.

And you can’t get that unless you invest in yourself and you take the class. Yeah, that’s I mean, like I couldn’t have said it better to be honest. I mean, like, that’s pretty much it. I mean, I thank you for being here. First of all. Thank you so much.

I was going to say, like, I’m done asking you what I thought would be pertinent, but if you have any last words before we wrap it up, you’re free to take it as not. I appreciate your time. We appreciate you. Yeah, yeah, Yeah. Thanks for the chat and it’s nice to meet you. Appreciate it. Likewise and likewise.

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