Carlos Domingos

Carlos Domingos

I found out about stocks two years ago. Just last year, I discover Jeremy’s YouTube Channel and learned a lot of stuff. I learned when to buy and sell stocks. I enjoy watching Jeremy’s video it helps me decide which stock to pick.

Yeah, so Thanks for hopping on here with me, Carlos. First off, before anything, go ahead and tell me about your journey and how you began investing. I live in the Netherlands, so I have said that before this conversation, I live in London, and officially I’m from Angola, make immigrated in this country.

I think, two years ago, I phoned up above about a bank, a bank that was using and they later became a stock broker. So you could invest in the same bank. The name of the bank is so too that because they sent me an email from this, they own you as a member of the bank, you are able to invest.

So I started doing some of this time about two years ago, I think. And last year. I can make contact with you guys. And the YouTube video and others of us watching a bit about that person is also falling asleep.

And many of the things that we’re seeing on YouTube channel, it came in its complete the things I’m about investing. So I’ll be watching more and more videos. And that’s how I about investible videos.

And I just want you guys, also other people like gallileo from hypercharged change. Yeah, I also like a little bit of. So how was your investing strategy? I know I’ll be watching the news. Awesome, awesome.

So were you always in the beginning of your journey, were you doing some day trading at first or were you always long term? No, no. From the beginning, I was thinking about the long term because I thought I was doing some comparison that people who do date face and people invest for a long time, long time, and they said that people were invested in day trading.

They cannot win for the people for long time. So that’s part of a long term investment. Awesome, glad to see that you always had that in your head. And so what’s the key lesson. So far? You learn from jeremy?

Would you say again, that even if it’s a little bit, you know, that noise, man, I was asking what’s the lesson, you learned so far from germany? An important lesson. Just for most of the things that I know about the investment markets, the nasdaq, the New York case, and I learned from the long term investment.

I learned from the eternal what that index was of akef, I went to buy and sell it a lot from his time before that investment. I thought when it’s going down, you have to sell it. And you have to say no one is going to me more money. So I can qualify qualified and. Make my position big in the company.

So that I learned from him. I think most of the things I can attribute to him that I don’t know about the investing my. Yes, I’m glad you’re glad you got a lot of value out of Jeremy’s videos. So what are some stocks are holding right now? Let me see them to see.

One second, Nori’s. If you’ll be following him, of course, you must have the number one Tesla, Tesla that I have. Expen I have virgin galactic, Neal, and I have a carnival is our first cruise ship. Yes yeah, those are the ones I’m holding right now.

So what are your top three largest right now positions? Would number one, be teszler human, which I have to be disposition? Yeah, Yeah. Which which was retaught largest right now. I got carnival, I got 444 ships, followed by Bill Francis wanted to share othniel, Virgin Galactic and I have been in Spain. I have something.

So carnival is the biggest position because I. I investigate how much of the evidence they are paying. I’m sure, for sure. That’s why I make that my biggest position, because I give them. Awesome, and what do you think you’re missing right now to take your investment to the next level?

I think it’s just a couple of. I work at IT guy, and I think I may be missing if it’s generational gap. So so I can have a bigger position in. And some companies. Yeah, it’s a common problem. We all have, right, what for someone who’s never seen jeremy?

Well, how would you describe an. That is going. Sometimes slowly. And I cannot stand, and that is what I said to someone who’s never seen Jeremy before. How would you describe him? How would I describe that? I think it’s very smart and the fact that I kind of relate to him is because he used to work at it.

So he told it story many times before. So I think just because he’s a Black guy, a regular guy will step investing and be successful. But that’s one of the things that makes me follow him. And the fact that they also have on public accounts.

No SOS. And you don’t just have to take his watch, what I’m doing is I’m going back on that shows you. So that’s a lot of trust. So I think it’s honestly. It’s honest about what it’s doing and very often optimistic, like, hey, guys, that’s how you generate wealth.

So we’re very optimistic. And he’s also very realist. We always tell the people do not have great expectations, you have to invest according to your wallet, and your expectations would be to a lot of energy to put in.

If this is how you say is going to produce the how your English is not my first language or how much energy you put in the mind if it is OK to when I get it from Russia. And so what’s the message you have from germany?

He’s watching this right now. There have been calls that caught my eye, and I said, yeah, I said, what message would you have for Jeremy if he’s watching this right now? What message I would have from. Now, I would say to keep going, I enjoy watching them and watching them, and I learn a lot from them. The show is doing so, there’s no reason for me to discuss what you think.

And what I would like to do is to tell more stories about the beginning for people starting now. So I can share more about his journey, how he stopped himself from the beginning, beginning when he was still working in a supermarket that I would like to see more about. His it for people who are southern, no. Yeah, that’s a great point.

Thanks again for taking time out of your day and happy new year with me. A you have to go in, right?

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