Bud Thien

I started doing the stock market around July 2017. I didn’t know anything about the stock market but I was doing great in it for almost a year. I thought I knew everything since I was doing great but at some point, something went wrong.
I did my research and went to YouTube for tips. It is where I found Jeremy’s Channel. I thought it was very interesting so I kept watching his videos. After listening to Jeremy, things started to change. I started making a lot of money while learning through Jeremy’s help.

All right, thank you, but and so go ahead and walk through your journey from the beginning, ok? I started the stock market July this July the 20th of 2017. I knew less than nothing about the stock market. And I got in the stock market out of necessity, not so much that I wanted to, but I really needed to because my business was failing.

Automation was taking its share on my business, automation and of course, China. We were losing a lot of business to China. Digital dentistry. I own a dental laboratory. Digital dentistry was taking over in a big way. Lesson skill machines were doing the work.

Computer technology was doing a lot. I’m in an age where I wasn’t going to try to keep up for me to try to relearn new equipment, new facility. We’d have to remodel, we’d have to do digital dentistry, plus regular dentistry, which I’m trained to do.

So business was bad. And I was just going to write it out for as long as I could, then covered it. Of course, we COVID hit everything, hit the fan. That was on March the 31st was the last day that I was employed.

Businesses shut down, dentistry shut down. We weren’t able to do reconstructive work. I do reconstructive work implants, full mouth reconstructions, Bridgewater crowns, pawson caps, things like that, sir.

And I seen it all coming. I didn’t know the virus was going to hit, but. I know my years in dentistry was ending. That’s why I started back in 2017. If you look at my chart here, you can see where I started his 2018.

Do you my cursor. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. As you see it, as I got started. I did pretty well. And I thought I was King of the world. I made over $50,000. And now this is profits alone here. This isn’t when I put in.

These are my profits. I became quite unrealized and realized profits. Right and realized and unrealized. Yes I haven’t cashed in anything to make profits. I’ve been living on other incomes. And I other things that I’ve been invested in besides this.

Awesome but you can see on the screen here, I was King of the hill. I thought the stock market things easy were what these people are talking about. I don’t know what the heck’s going on. I’m making the bank right now. Yeah, of course.

I went along. And I was up $50,000 or so. And I went down, and I went down and I can you to go down. And at this point, I stopped and I thought, I’m doing really something wrong. I need to learn. I didn’t know about internet.

And I didn’t know about YouTube. I’m just reading investopedia, Google. I’m just doing that real quick. That was the summer, the run, that correction time. 2018 Great just that’s around in summer time I assume.

Yeah, this is right here, right around this number. You get to a very big low number that you starting to come back. I did pretty well. I’m, I’m at this time, I’m trying to be patient. During this time, I had to start putting things up for sale.

So I was busy liquidating my home. I lived in Boulder City for 26 years trying to downsize. I had a big home, almost paid for big, beautiful home overlooking lake. Need time to time to sell the big.

My kids said, dad, you got so much equity in that house and you’re all alone. Time to sell the house. I started selling furniture, downsizing. I’m going to get out this big house. And during this time I’m trying to run the stock market somewhere here in the middle, I found Jeremy.

I found the stock YouTube. There was another guy named Ali. He was a big influence in the beginning. Not so much now, but I do watch his YouTube feeds on occasion. And there’s several other YouTube as I started watching.

And a quick question then in the beginning, when you were investing, what was your strategy like? Were you doing more day trading stuff or did you always start off with long term investing? Back here?

I was thinking back here, I was basically unemployed because as soon as COVID hit, we got, you know, or COVID hadn’t hit quite then. But my business wasn’t doing well at all. And I needed to make a regular income.

So I started day trading, swing trading mostly. I didn’t even know what that was. And I was doing it. And then I read and heard, oh, that’s what I’m doing. I’m staying trading. So I didn’t even know what swing trading was.

I was just trying to make a monthly income or a weekly income because that’s what I was used to. And then as time went on, business was OK, I did OK, but down here, I was just losing money and we lost my ex-wife, my children lost their mom.

So we had that to contend with. Well, that had to have been done here in the early, early part of 2020. But as I found Jeremy, you can see what happened. I was still down. And I found Jeremy here towards the end.

And as I started getting it at 20, 20, things started changing for me. I got a whole different mindset. I knew that I learned how to invest in stocks. I just followed Jeremy, I followed Ali. And there’s a couple others. I followed.

I got some good advice from other people on YouTube has just been an incredible tool for me for learning incredible tool. I couldn’t have done it without it. Be honest with you. Of course, the beginning of 2020 I started coming back up again.

And this is after I had found Jeremy 2019 or 2019 here. Then things started to change. I started making money. And of course, then the March hit, the 20 hit. And I went down 100 and I lost. I was up by about another 40,000. But finally, I’m learning.

And finally, I’ve got it because I made all my money back. And this was through Jeremy’s help all through this area and things started turning around. And then, of course, hit and my gosh, I was down $130,000 at that point.

You can probably see by the dollar amounts here the scale. I was down 130 thousand, but I held. I didn’t sell early back here. I was selling stocks went down. I started selling the classic mistakes, you know, and then from here, you can see what’s happened after we got through the March. And I started breaking even.

And you can see with what I’ve done, it’s going to just parabolic. I had a little stumble here, but I didn’t settle. When things started falling. I stayed the course back here. I was selling. And buying and freaking and flight or fight.

The whole emotional the emotional strain was absolutely incredible with me losing my business, selling my home. I had motor homes. I had a boat, I had cars, I had quads. We used to go off roading. I had a lot of stuff. I lost.

I didn’t necessarily lose it. I knew I had to get some skin in the game. I needed money to invest. I learned that all of this. I need money. Yeah, I need money. So I sold. I’m right now sitting in a garage and you can see the background much, but I’m sitting in a garage and I’m building a new home now on my property.

I purchased three cameras actually off. Off where, off up the cameras, not on our radar right now, actually. Oh, my cameras not on. No, I’m sorry. I thought it was noise, but you can see my screen. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Anyway, I started right here after the March dip, and of course, it went up very quickly.

It did take about a month. So by 2020 I’m starting to feel pretty good. Now I’m starting to relax. I mean, a sleepless night. I didn’t worry. Concern no income, no job over 2020. You know, right here is when I just stopped working the very March of March 31st of 20.

2020 was my last day of work. And luckily the things I learned and the things the purchases. I made. And what I put into place with Jeremy’s advice and his YouTube videos. And so it was what was that one key advice you’ve learned so far from your or not very important for the whole long term investing?

I stopped all the nonsense of day trading, the nonsense of selling trading. I’m still tempted a little, but I’m much wiser now. I think I would not go back to doing what I was doing because I was dumb. I was just plain didn’t understand what I was doing.

But you got to get in and you got to do. And you got to take these bumps. I started mentally thinking that this is tuition, I’m back to school. And I’ve got a whole new trade. This is just tuition. And I got to.

And when I found Jeremy, that was the like, OK, I’m going to follow this guy. He’s interesting. There’s some YouTube is I don’t like Jeremy. He’s got a way of developing trust. You know what he’s doing.

A lot of people, they hold tablets or they read off their computer. Jeremy puts it on a whiteboard. So you can see what he’s thinking. He’s got his whiteboard out. And I can see what the man’s thinking.

He looks up a lot. He thinks a lot. He works out of his heart from his heart. He doesn’t read off a teleprompter. He doesn’t read off a computer screen. He’s got his whiteboard. It’s his process. I like that.

And I followed it. And I trusted it. And I stopped selling solarte and Warren Buffett. He’s a very big fan of Warren Buffett. I started reading a lot about Warren Buffett. Hold long term, beautiful, you know, sell you buy when others are fearful and you sell when others are. What’s the saying? Greedy so category.

And I stuck to that. And, boy, was it is it difficult because right here at the time you want to sell. That’s what I was doing down here. But here. I started. Jeremy was here and I kept on. I kept on. And I kept on. And here. I didn’t sell.

Here I thought, you know what, it’s working here. I made it this far. And it just took off. And so what are some of your largest positions right now in your portfolio? Tesla I bought Tesla pre split.

I bought a lot of Tesla pre split after doing gin’s due diligence. Yeah, I wasn’t in any of that back here. I was just in there throwing money. And I got to make money. I got to make my own business that I got to make money.

That’s all I was thinking. And then you come down and you come to the realization that you need to study, you need the basics. You need to do the research. I didn’t I thought, I’ll just go in there and start banging around.

You know, I like this stock. I just bought it because I liked it. And I did. But now that was one of them. Right and that’s what I was I invested early on. Square square was one I think I bought pre Jeremy because of my daughter.

My daughter does hair. She’s a cosmetologist. Yeah and a lot of her customers would pay and she would have the square. And I say, what’s that? So she told me. I thought, oh, I’m going to take a look at that.

And I decided to invest in it early, so I bought it fairly cheap. That’s one of my biggest acquisitions. Nordstrom’s, I bought Nordstrom’s, Jeremy, that’s been down here. I mean, I bought Nordstrom’s fairly recent, less maybe a year ago.

Nordstrom is going to be my third biggest. Facebook is up there for maybe 2x more than that since when I talk about I got Nordstrom’s at $12 12. 25 is what I paid. And I bought $40,000 worth because I’m making you can see my profits right up here and the date of the beginning at twenty, 21. I mean back here in the middle of know late 20 late 2020. I’m still up $400,000.

I mean, I’m feeling pretty, pretty good right now, although this downturn really kind of freaked me, but I stayed the course, I did not sell it thing. And it’s rewarding me. Look at the rewards. I got. It’s been incredible to someone who has never seen a German video. How would you describe Jeremy to them?

I’ve promoted Jeremy in my town here and the people that I’ve talked with, family and friends I’ve talked about, when you watch Jeremy, somehow he comes across a little bit on if you pull up his YouTube, he looks very zany clown, like almost like he’s going to do a picture show. But he is entertaining. I said, yes, ignore that.

He’s a very, very bright guy. I told my friend, just get past the zaniness because he needs to have entertainment. He’s not boring. He doesn’t sit stone-cold staring at the screen. A lot of older people on YouTube, they just sit and they stare at the screen.

And they talk in a very monotone voice. Journey’s entertaining, but the information you need to get from is invaluable. He’s been at it 13 years. And I’ve been able to do in one year or two years. What Jeremy’s done in 13 or they took him maybe 10 years to I think his first million was he’d been in the market 10 years or so grinding and grinding and making mistakes and making errors.

And he had no guidance, really. I’ve seen some of the people in Discord who kind of talk negatively sometimes with Jeremy if he doesn’t do everything for them. I think for yourselves, folks, if you’re losing money, you’re probably losing paper money, paper money that you earned through Jeremy to Jeremy.

Exactly but he’d be upset if you’re not getting the last 4,000 or 5,000 or you got to think on your own. He’s not going to do it all for you, but he’ll get you here. He’s gotten me this far. And now I’m thinking a lot of my own. I’ve made some trades and I’ve done some things that are completely out of Jeremy’s wheelhouse. And I’ve done well with it because I’ve lost. I still lose a little.

What’s your message to Jeremy right now is watching this. Jeremy, you’ve kind of saved me, guy. I mean, I was I’m 60 years old. I came in with about $400,000 is all I had to my name. That was my savings.

And I had an annuity. And I owned some real estate, but I was in nobody, no, nowhere near ready or comfortable to retire or to go without an income. I’ve done the same thing my whole life. I made dentistry and now they’ve taken that away from me.

In a sense, what am I going to do? I’m not trained to do anything else. I’ve got no college education. I’m 60 years old. I’m pretty good health. I could make a living, but I want a little more than just making a living.

I’ve gotten my children to invest. We had our money in a large brokerage house and we were getting robbed. I think they’re doing their job. Know they don’t have to tell us that we get better on our own.

They’re just going to do the best they can for us. And it’s like if a customer comes to me and like, well, I don’t see dental lab down here can do it cheaper, so why don’t you go use them? I’m not going to do that.

I’m going to take the work and do it the best I can, as cheap as I can. And so I can’t the brokerage houses. So I gave them. I took my kids out. My kids are now investing. They’re doing very well in the markets. They’re making their own.

Yeah and that’s it’s warms my heart. You have no idea the stress that takes off of me because my kids were going the same route that I was going. Big investment houses, you know, making three and 4% And then bragi, look at me, three and 4% when the your savings accounts are only going to make you a quarter of a.

Right, exactly. You know, I understand you can make 30% and 40% without these brokerage houses. You know, your own retail investor basically, you know. So, Jeremy, thank you. I, I can’t tell you how happy and how thrilled.

I am to find you and to follow you and your teachings. And any time anybody disses you, I think you’re doing your job because people are going to get a little upset and they need to learn what that’s all about.

Buck up, guys. You’ve got to do it on your own. Sometimes That’s beautiful. That’s beautiful. But any closing remarks, any advice for anyone watching out there right now? We it off. I tell friends and family, get into the markets, just invest your money.

If you have to go in some of these big companies, very value oriented, apple, Amazon, you know, you’re going to do better than what you get on trusting somebody else. Arc investment. I follow Kathy woods a lot. There’s a great just start grinding, start learning.

And I knew nothing. I knew less than nothing. And you will learn and you and it will take a while. And look at me. What I’ve been through. Look at my charts. And I went through a lot of garbage back here in this read, and it was a mind mess in my life was a mess.

It was difficult. But you come out and you come out, maybe you won’t get like this because 2020 was an incredibly rare year. Yes, sir. But I’m ready for the future. And I’m educated now. And I’ve actually signed up for Jeremy’s course. I just paid a whole bunch of money. And my first class is that of this month.

That’s my first, I’m coaching. That’s my first one on one coaching. Yeah beautiful. I’m glad to see you’re taking it really seriously. Absolutely this is and I do it for my kids. They do it for me, I’m still young, I’m only 60 and I’m in good health, so I need to have something to occupy my time. I’m building a brand new home out here in Pahrump.

Jeremy, you’ll know what that is, because he’s in Vegas. I mean, here, Trump. I got over an acre of land and I’ve got a custom built apartment building and I’m paying all cash for everything. I’ve got investments. I’ve got other properties.

Now, I’m quite thrilled with my life. These days. They said, Jeremy and a lot of folks on YouTube, I always tend to I tend to follow Jeremy a little bit more. My kids we all talk about did you see Jeremy’s last video? What about the millennial?

The bling bling? Money, money. Yes me. My kids talk about that. What did you do? What you invested, where do you money go? And so on. Has been an absolutely got a ray of sunshine for sure. Not going to retire. Come here with me, man.

Thanks for helping out here with me. Yeah Yeah. Well I’m only telling the truth. I’m telling my journey and my journey speaks for itself. And you look at this where I was at this was awful. I had no job and no income.

Now I don’t need it. A confident, self-sufficient. My new career is doing well. Yeah, for sure. I’m glad to see you change your life around. And Jeremy really was a big part of that. And others, just like you said, jump in the market, get started.

That’s a big thing. Yeah just again, Thanks for your help. And I am taking your time out of your day, and I hope others follow soon your tracks. Yes, I’m like children. I can tell you they’re not quite as financially well off as I am, but they’re making incredible gains, incredible percentages, you know, and I lose money.

I start. I was told one thing about when you lose money, don’t look at the dollar amount because I’m getting to some pretty big dollar amounts. Look at the percentage of losing. You’ll feel that you’re losing 5% of 500,000 a lot, but 5% doesn’t sound like much. That’s about. Yeah great, great.

And that’s all I have for you, but I’m OK. You’re doing great. Yeah, I’m glad. And I’m giving me all the way, you know, I’m with Jeremy. I watch others. And I like to get a perspectives. I like the millennial guys. They’re interesting. They’re very interesting. Thank you.

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