Bryce Kyle Dalkiewicz

Bryce Kyle Dalkiewicz

I always wanted to invest in stocks, but I really don’t know the appropriate approach to it. I started watching YouTube videos and doing some research. At that time, I was working a full-time job. I was thinking of a long term investment that would benefit me a lot better than just day trading.

I came across Jeremy’s channel and I started watching his videos and learned about which stock to invest in.
The most valuable lesson I learned from Jeremy is to not panic when everything starts falling. It is a fundamental aspect of investing. It is also important to be emotionally ready.

Awesome I saw you doing that to. Great, great. So I’m great. So tell me a bit more about your story, your investing journey from the beginning, and then how you ended up finding jeremy? I was I was actually flipping through YouTube.

First video I saw was with it was with a real estate investor. I can’t think of his name right now. But, yeah, I always actually wanted to start investing in stocks, but I didn’t really exactly know my appropriate approach right away.

And I’m working full time. I thought more of a long term investor would benefit me a lot better than just a short day trader or anything like that. So I just started going ahead and watching those videos and learning more and more and more and a few the stocks that he invested in.

I just want to invested investment throughout the pandemic when everything drops. So far, I just went ahead and I just started going ahead and purchasing quite a few shares. And I just want to go ahead and pump it up a little bit.

So when did you start exactly where your was at and around May of last year? Great, great. And so around what time would you say you found jeremy? It was. Maybe four or five months before that. Yeah, and so when you first started, was there a strategy of beginning long term or were you doing some other strategies, like swing trading, concentrating on.

It decided to be a long term trader. That’s great. So you started about a year now. What are your returns like finally? And probably about pretty much I pretty much have almost doubled my count here within the past few weeks. It was a little rocky, but right when I was probably around. I’d say about $15,000 that’s to it.

The money was doubling, started going up a little bit more. And so that’s when I just went ahead and decided to go ahead and talk with your. Awesome and what’s a key lesson, you learn from Jeremy so far? I would have to say not to panic when everything starts falling. For sure, it’s a very important fundamental aspect right there to be emotionally ready as to expect.

Right? right, right. So what do you think you’re missing right now to take it to the next level? I don’t exactly want to just be buying stocks just to buy them, and I definitely from just watching The Last video that I watched, I basically want to learn when to actually sell them instead of just losing money.

So go ahead and walk me through your research process down from A to Z. Do you look at articles online? You look at financial statements, what do you do? What do you do now? Mainly, all it really been doing is watching the YouTube videos and investing in those stocks.

And mainly it’s been about three stocks that he’s had to mention and the planet stock that gave me a whole lot of money. Yeah, Yeah. That that person here, that was definitely a big help. So what are some of your largest positions right now?

I probably have to say the planet stock, because I have almost about 3,000 shares in that. And I ended up buying that stock. Right around $2 between two and $3 so the. That that it’s probably around $20,000 pretty much of my whole value in there somewhere around there.

I’m glad you were able to get such good taste from Jeremy’s resources right there. It’s an amazing, phenomenal company. A lot of growth ahead. And is there anything you’re looking into right now? Mainly I would definitely like to. Get involved in a medical market, possibly.

And the probably more aerostats. For sure. So you want to get into that medical sector, your largest you’re exposed to right now is. Would it be the tech sector, would it be the kind of sector, what planet?

Well, the most that I have is planet star. Back when the pandemic had happened, I mean, we had a lot around airline stocks and. About in the USA. And that’s going quite well for me. Awesome, awesome.

And the someone who’s never seen Jeremy, what would you describe him as? A few words. Really, really good, ethically. Let’s say for sure he really will do some things with viewers and want them to learn as much as they can.

And real quick, if Germany were to make a new video right now, what would you want to make it on? Would it be a certain star or more fundamental aspects or more the market psychology? I would like to see a little bit more market psychology. Awesome, awesome.

And any closing remarks or anyone watching right now? No, not that I can think of. No worries. They will just say, stay long term, I’m sorry. We’ll just tell them to stay long term. Yes, definitely. We think it will happen on this collarenebri. Good luck to you in the market. All right. Thank you.


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