Brian De Tommaso

My name is Brian. I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I came across Jeremy definitely from YouTube. And I basically consumed every amount of his content that I can get my hands on just because he seemed pretty credible and he seemed knowledgeable.

The way he was able to communicate the information was impressive. So, yeah, over time, I eventually joined the Financial Education. The stock market grew and I really enjoyed the curriculum. I felt like it was formatted in a very step-by-step way. 

And had really good fundamentals to it. So I was really fascinated with that. Four years later, I was able to grow my account in a very substantial fashion. It really has changed my life, to be completely honest with you.

Three to one. All right. All right, folks, this is another member of the financial fortress private group. I’m here with my man, Brian. How are you doing? Spectacular thank you for asking me here. I was just telling you how I’m barely I’m barely a week right now. I barely slept. 

But, hey, you know, you’ll keep the energy up on the go. I just want to maybe give you a chance to introduce yourself to the viewers of whatever was going to be watching this later on. Maybe tell us a little bit about yourself, a little bit about your investing journey and how you came about to find Jeremy and enter the group. Well, first of all, thank you very much, Adi. 

You really appreciate your time today. And I’m my name is Brian. Also, as you said, I’m 35. I just turned 35. This last week. I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I got involved in the stock market about four years ago. I was part of a travel club who in a roundabout way did business with a publicly traded company. 

I always wondered what the heck they were talking about when they said that. So one day a good friend of mine convinced me that I was smart enough to open my own online brokerage account to kind of get things started from that moment. I just kind of dive down the rabbit hole. 

I came across Jeremy definitely from YouTube, diving down that rabbit hole. And I basically consumed every amount of his content that I can get my hands on just because he seemed pretty credible and he seemed not so much not just knowledgeable, but the way he was able to communicate the information I was pretty impressed with. 

So, yeah, over time, I eventually joined the becoming the. The stock market grew and I really enjoyed the curriculum. I felt like it was formatted in a very step by step way. And had really good fundamentals to it. So I was really fascinated with that. Four years later, I was able to grow my account in a very substantial fashion. 

I really has changed my life, to be completely honest with. So, I mean, that’s pretty much where I’m at in the moment. So that’s the thing is a lot of people come in, they don’t even know what the heck the stock market is, and then there are some people that come in that know very well, what the stock market was. 

They were investing for a while before, but they just found that they needed that extra kind of knowledge to come in. And it’s cool to see that you kind of sort of came in and got like little knowledge. I would say, like from what you’ve told me right now, it’s so it’s good to see that like this the spectrum of people that can come in, it can actually help a lot of people from different types of places that they’re coming from. 

And I like that. I wanted to you know, when you first got in, like did you started at a big amount in your portfolio. I think I had about $1,000. So that’s honestly like as little as they come. So, I mean, like lokman, anybody can start with anything. 

I think I started with, like. 600 I think I believe, 600 obviously was a choppy until I got it to an amount where I felt like I could start making real gains about like when I got the five figures. But here, like I did start with absolutely nothing. 

You can say. It’s doable. It’s doable. That’s what the market allows you to do. The problem is you just have to know how to maneuver it. And I’m glad that you’re here because, you know, everybody has struggles before they go in. 

Right and if you could name like maybe like one, obviously, since you started as a beginner, you kind of want to just to learn everything. You were like a sponge. I assume you were trying to grab anything in your way to kind of learn it. But what was the one thing that you felt like it was?

 It would have been very difficult for you to grasp or understand on your own, something that was struggling you and you hindered your gains over time, if you didn’t enter or before entering. So I feel like it’s always like some level of self limiting belief that’s always like holding us back. And for me, it was my own inner confidence of understanding. 

Like the first company. I did get invested in. It was from what’s a good way to put it? Like I had a bias in the company in a roundabout way. So when I first got involved, I didn’t really know what metric you should truly use as your confidence factor, I guess is the way to put it. And I felt like I lacked confidence because I lacked understanding. 

And what I come to find out through, you know, just a lot of Jeremy’s material. And and then, you know, the course, is the more you know, the more confidence. You’re going to have at the end of the day. So if you go out there and you do your homework and you’re doing your research and you know, you’re just breathing. This this company. 

You’re not going to really shake when things get ugly, you know what I mean? And I feel like that’s what was like, I feel like a missing, missing piece of the puzzle for me was just that confidence factor. But you’ll never get there unless you do do the work. Know and I felt like, you know, definitely just for one, just understanding the stock market. 

Like, I remember going back to some of his first videos of just like. You know, what are they talking about when they’re asking what a scene like what a P/E ratio is or what, just like fundamental words, like what it does sometimes you listen to CNBC or yahoo! Finance and you feel. So in the clouds when you’re a beginner, you know, but. 

When you understand what they’re talking about, you come to realize, like that’s the empowerment of a retail investor is the fact that like. Hedge fund managers and the bigwigs in Wall Street try making it seem like it’s so not understandable for the common person, it tries to kind of scare you away, you know, and I felt like just the little fundamental understandings of. 

Of the stock market is kind of what gave me that confidence, like I once heard, somewhere like you can’t explain a company to like a seven-year-old in 10 minutes. You probably shouldn’t you probably shouldn’t own it, you know what I mean? And like I think about that a lot, it’s like the reasons why you should own a stock is. Very simple. 

They should be very simple reason and all the other numbers behind that. That just strengthens the confidence. And I absolutely love what you said. Like, I honestly cannot I cannot agree more with what you said, would be the lingo and the way the hedge fund managers kind of because if you think about it, it’s understandable to anybody. 

The only difference is the lingo is they’re speaking a language that’s different from the one that you speak on a regular basis. And if any logical person can actually use the market to their advantage, the only barrier is that language. And like you said, I from speaking to you from. And from getting everything that you just said, it’s that you started basically at the fundamental base and like from the bottom of fundamentals, you don’t even know the wordings. 

And that makes total sense because. For you to have confidence now, it’s all about what you have gathered in terms of information and knowledge, and that’s where the confidence comes from. And most people, when they’re not confident, they feel like it’s because they’re just not meant for it or it’s not meant for them. 

Whereas all it is just a language barrier that if you are able to work and learn that the language barrier, the confidence automatically starts coming in and making you feel better about your investments. And, hey, I’m not just gambling my money. I’m actually putting it somewhere that it can work for you. And you nailed it on the head when you said hedge funds, you like to kind of scare you away a little bit. And with that crazy lingo, all it is, is lingo. 

Man, if you can put a translator and translate it into regular words, I mean, you’ll understand it. It’s just that you need that system to translate it to regular words for you. Yeah and communication’s important. Like, it’s so much. It’s even beyond the lingo to the point where it turned into jargon. And just to give a little bit of more background like about me, like I do heating, venting and air conditioning for a living. I’ve done it for the past 20 years of my life.

 I have multiple journeyman licenses. I take my career very seriously. And when it comes to my age, that career, it’s like when somebody got a broken air conditioner. I try not to. Give them, Jorgen, where I’m like, your split capacitor is out and it’s going to make your compressor fail and they’re like, what the hell are you talking about? You know, I try to make it in real fundamental understandings of what the person needs to understand. 

And I feel like that communication is what empowers kind of Wall Street. The fact that they kind of have this, like you said, a lingo or a jargon that is not really understood by the common public. I that’s totally like you’re nailing it right on the head with it. 

Then it’s just. It’s funny, man, because. If if the jargon wasn’t there, the retail investor actually has an advantage over wall street, serious Wall Street and the hedge fund managers, they have an added pressure that we don’t have, and that is they have multimillionaires that have their money with them. They’re knocking on their door every day. 

You what have you done with money? What have you done with my money? And if it’s not gaining by the second or by the day, they’re getting anxious. So they have to put their money in like an Amazon all the time or in an Apple all the time. Whereas the growth is not really there. The growth is actually doing your own research, being patient. 

The problem is we have that. We have the time to be patient. We have the ability to use our environment to look at stocks and find them. They don’t have that ability. They all they have is a bunch of an excuse. 

My waiting for this, but a bunch of clueless, you know, I can add another one in there, like a bunch of Clueless people that just sit here, take my money invested, but you better do good with it. And it’s just pressure. And we don’t have that pressure. It’s our own money. And we know how to do it. It’s just that we need the lingo. 

And if we get the same lingo as them, it’s us. It’s we have the advantage. And you saw it very well with that Robin Hood scandal that happened with the Wall Street banks and stuff. And I was just going to say, I wonder how many hedge fund managers got a phone call from Bowles, you know, their client saying, hey, I’m in AMC and I’m in game. 

Right and, you know, it makes you wonder because the person on the other side of the phone is following the Herd mentality anyway. They’re depending on somebody else to take care of their money for them. 

But when they hear something in the Wall Street Journal or they hear something on Facebook, they’re like, oh, hey, by the way, we’re on Amazon, right? Yeah, I know. Where’s my money at, by the way? Literally that’s literally that it’s that pressure from another source that’s completely off grid that comes in and just plays with them. 

And we don’t have that if we stay up to par. And speaking of language and barriers, I wanted to give very briefly your take on the becoming master of the stock market, because if you come from you came from a background of, like, little base knowledge of the market, I’m sure it has probably given you some sort of boost. 

And what is it about maybe give somebody give a little overview of what it’s about. And what it does for you and how it’s helped you. OK, well, I’m a firm believer in, like, taking knowledge and steps and like you can it’s all about preparation for the next step. And the next step and the next step. And maybe I have a little bit of an edge because I did watch I believe Jeremy has just a YouTube video out there. That’s just like it talks about lingo. 

But when it comes to the becoming the master stock market horse, I felt like it’s very brief little Nuggets of videos where you can focus on one section at a time before you jump ahead, because I feel like in today’s day and age, you know, I do breakdancing, right? And whenever I meet somebody, I find that I do break dancing. 

The first thing they want to know is, can I do head spins? And like, it’s funny because, like, you know, everybody wants to do head spins, you know, but nobody wants to do the fundamental step by step by step basis. And I feel like the course, put it together in a very manageable way where you can eat the elephant one bite at a time. Kind of. 

Yeah, no, I like that analogy. No one that everybody wants to jump to bad spin. But you forget about the whole dancing before like you came that it’s just a head spin if that was the case. But no, like I love it. I agree. I agree. I totally agree. 

Like my experience from it is literally just the base knowledge. It gives you that. It gives you that knowledge. So then you can eventually go and use it to my next topic, which is the discord, the private chat. OK, for me, that’s probably been for me personally, that’s probably been one of the most helpful things for me. I just love speaking with other people and getting other people’s perspectives. 

How how would you describe it? And what’s your what’s your take on that? It’s weird because, like, I feel like I’m still. So I got this. I’m starting my fourth year investing, long term investing and the stock market. And just I, I personally feel like that’s a very compared to some of the people like I speak to that invest. 

You know, that’s a very small period of time, you know, and when you really think about it fundamentally, like. Graham and Dodd and Charlie Munger and buffett, those guys like study not only people who have hundreds of years of like a history, but they just study hundreds of years of history to, you know, and. I feel like the discord. 

I get scared almost to, like, put in my two cents. I kind of play a role in the discourse, but I enjoy it because even from like a very, like, shy perspective, I’m just listening to people go off and then they drop a link to some, you know, reporter or a piece of information that I don’t have yet about a particular company. And I also like how it’s source that way in that you got, you know, your Tesla shareholders here, your dividend, shareholders here. 

So you’re not trying to convince a guy that’s a value investor to go, you know, yolo, one Tesla call options or something like that. Like you’re kind of find your nesher, your group, you hop in and you kind of listen to what people have to say. And I like that about it a lot because, you know, you crowdsource a lot of information, like on a real quick level. 

You don’t have to you don’t have to do. So much homework, like it’s kind of all in one box or everything you need. If you’re a Walgreens investor at the Walgreens group, see what people got to say about the new CEO or whatever have you. You know, if you’re a wind investor, you know, they got videos about what’s going on in Macau. Like where else do you have that, you know, you have to do? Like hours of work that nobody has, like physically, theoretically. 

Nobody has that kind of time to go out and find some guy that’s got some video walking around, Michael. The cow palace, you know what I mean, like. Where do you see that? I mean, you got to do lots of work or just be part of a group that’s already like about that on the track, you know what I mean? And I think that’s what I like best about the discord. 

Like, I don’t really communicate too much, but I definitely. Do a lot of homework from the discord. Yeah, I mean, you you one thing is that you first of all, like you said, it’s separated in ways where it’s like not chaotic. You’re not just listening to everybody. And talking to anybody that’s not even with the same view as you or seem. 

But also you did mention that. You did mention that it seems like, first of all, you spoke your busy guy. I mean, like it seems like, first of all, you already spoke about your have a hobby, you break Brinkman’s. So you definitely want some time to do your hobby. You’re an HVAC worker, which from my experience and from my friends that work in that sector, it’s not like it’s not an easy 9:00 to 5:00. 

It’s like sometimes it can go more, sometimes it can go less, depending on your appointments, depending on this, depending on. So many things. And time is of the essence. And researching stocks from A to Z every single time, it’s probably not going to be some people have the time for it. Hey man, God bless. Good, I wish. 

But some people don’t have the time and anything you mentioned, it’s like the Discord has a bunch of people that are just filtering out a lot of unnecessary stuff and weeding you and bringing you into to a point where it’s like you want something about the stock here, not all of this. It’s like get AAA and for me, it’s been a timesaver. 

From what you’ve told me, it appears that it was for you. It is for you. And I think that’s probably one. And just the fact that, man, there’s so many people in there that are just like six, seven, like they’d been in the market for like 20 years, man, 10 years. And it’s been like that. You’ve seen the financial crisis. They’ve been through, like the COVID. 

They’ve been able to that level, like, I hate to interrupt you, but like I will say that part of the discord I kind of it slipped my mind thinking, but that really was a huge inspiration, like just seeing all these people with their trophies of the stuff, the six figures. And the seven figures. And then like during certain people’s stories and like, you know, people, I guess you can technically lie on the discord. But when you see, you know, people making moves that they’re making, you think to yourself, wow, you know, like. 

That’s where I’m headed. You know what I mean? And I feel like there was like a source of inspiration, not just not so much just information, but it was also a source of inspiration. You know what I mean? I love I love hearing what you just said. And it’s honestly, it just shows that anybody can benefit from it. 

Everybody has a different way that they should be benefiting because of their situation, their time, their etc., their work ethic. And everybody has. And from what I’ve heard, everybody has a different way. And your way is very logical, very reasonable. And another person could be a complete opposite. And it’s just like. But they find value because it’s value.

 I really want because I only have like a minute and a half. I really wanted to get to things I wanted to give me, like this is your portfolio. I can tell like here. It’s not even I can probably I can engage. It’s like 10 year. I’m sorry. I can’t I can’t make the picture bigger for everybody, but I think it’ll do, but. Right here, it’s about 10:00, this was in 2019 probably July, where you part of the group at the time. 

No you joined approximately where if I were to move my mouse, you can give me, I was looking at my money where I got my email, I think it was for March of 2020 February, January, February, March of 20 point right before the crash. If I believe you, that makes sense. So it’s about probably here, if I’m putting my most I hope everybody can see that you’re able to see that I’m looking at. Yeah So you probably got in here right before the crash. 

Obviously, the crash came in. But all of this that happened after the crash, I feel like, you know, a lot of knowledge came into that for you to be able to catch something here. Right to get into this. And I mean, like you can just tell, like I mean, this is not a coincidence. Know a lot of people’s portfolios have been showing this. 

It’s like after they joined to get some sort of. Insight on how to actually do it, and then you just see progress. And I mean, this is one of probably one of the nicest ones. It’s like literally from 0 to 100 almost like it’s pretty is pretty. It’s a good 10x. It’s marvelous. And as your town gets bigger, the games get bigger. And that’s the thing about it.

 Just so compelling. And I just love seeing this. And, you know, I, I hope everybody can see that. I want to give you maybe the last 30 seconds. Maybe you can give me if somebody is thinking of joining and they’re not sure right there, they’re just not sure about it. They want to put more money in their brokerage rather than investing in themselves. 

If you were to just sum it up in 30 seconds. And I know I’m putting you on the pressure here, but I feel like you’re you’ll articulate it pretty well. What would you say to somebody that’s more concerned with putting money into their brokerage rather than investing in themselves and learning how to pick a stock on their own? Like I got you. I got you. 

So Warren Buffett once said that the greatest investment you’ll ever make is in yourself. Fact of the matter is, is you could have bought 100 grand of Tesla two years ago. And at the end of the day, when you cash that out, somebody can put a pistol to your head and take it away. Nobody can ever take away your knowledge. In fact, if you share it with somebody else, you both walk away greater people. 

So, you know, investing in yourself a little over about a year ago, I asked myself the same question. I said, you know, should I take this money and put it into stocks, which I take this money and put it into? The poorest fact of the matter is, I decided to put it in the course, and it’s probably been the best decision I’ve ever made. 

Truth be told, it gave me the empowerment so that I can. Make the right decisions to stay the course on the road. I was definitely wanting to go. So I can just leave it right at that. I love it, man. You’re probably one of the most well-spoken and articulate people that kind of everything that I would like to have explained and just not for me, but for just for people to understand. And I feel like so many people are going to benefit from years. 

Obviously, we’ve had some technical difficulties over the last maybe, I think 30 seconds. The whole camera was frozen while you were speaking. But, hey, I heard everything. And we heard everything. So I think that’s probably the most important part. That’s the like know, the greatest investment you can make is actually yourself. 

You said it best. I thank you, Brian. Thank you so much, man, I was that was so insightful. I know a lot of people are going to benefit from that. I appreciate the time that you spent with me here. It seems like we’re having a little bit of technical difficulties, I’m just going to. Lock it off here, but, you know, obviously here. You heard it best, I mean, from someone that’s been in there and has benefited so much.

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