Brendan Hyde

I actually inherited a little money as soon as the market crashed. And I remember hearing 1,000 times from people “the stock market crashes get in the market”. So I literally I went back to the hotel, put some money in, and everything just hitting the bottom.

As soon as I got in, there was putting money in sales and buying everything left and right. No clue what I was doing, really. I would buy something here as soon as it went up right away, I just go buy some more. I didn’t know what I was doing. And I was like, man, I need to find somebody to help. So I ended up going on YouTube. 

I came across Jeremy and I watched a couple of videos. This guy is good, like his conscience is fun to watch, I can tell just from the beginning, this dude was real. So I wanted to see what he does behind the scene. What goes on in this private group that he always talks about. So I messaged him in Instagram couple times and came into the room and I’ve never looked back. It was by far the best investment.

All right, folks, this is another member of the financial fortress private group. Brendan, how are you doing? Good how you doing now that I’m doing good, I’m doing good. Tell the tale of yours a little bit to who you are about yourself, kind of your investing journey and how you came across Jeremy. 

So I originally opened my first brokerage account with 2070 with Robin Hood and I always for a while and always been intrigued by the stock market, just like seeing the numbers go up and down, you just being able to make money that way. And stuff like that. 

And so you count the money are like five, six. So I bought a couple shares of Facebook a couple of years ago. And I like it was like a month went by, and I was like, just take it forever. You And so I started dabbling in smaller stocks, only two or three, all stocks only like double my money real quick and stuff like that. And I ended up losing money, actually using pretty much all my money. 

And so it’s actually a break for a year and a half, maybe two years or something like that. And last year, I actually came into some money, like it was just like the perfect timing. Like I actually inherited a little money as soon as the market crashed. 

And so and I remember hearing 1,000 times from people like some stock market crashes get in the market. And so I literally I went back to the hotel, put some money in there, and I really like everything just hitting the bottom. 

As soon as I got in, there was putting money in sales and buying everything left and right. No clue what I was doing, really. And so, like, I would buy something here as soon as it went up right away, I just go buy some more. And then as it went down, like stocks. So I didn’t know what I was doing. And I was like, man, I need to find somebody to help. 

So and I’m always going to be on YouTube. So I ended up going on YouTube. And I was like, I saw some YouTube where about a couple of guys. And I was like, this guy that I came across, Jeremy and I watched a couple of videos. I’m like. 

This guy is good, like his conscience is fun to watch, and he’s just like I can tell just from the beginning, this dude was real. I mean, and it was just it was shortly after that where I was like, I would love to see you. Like, behind the scenes. 

What goes on in this private group always talks about. So I messaged my Instagram couple times and came into the room and I’ve never looked back. And I was by far the best investment. I never made to anything of a stock market. I love that. I love I said, the best investment. I ever made. It’s kind of a lot of people don’t see it that way. 

It’s probably the best way to see. It’s an investment. And it’s actually it’s a stock itself. It’s probably the biggest stock you’ll buy is yourself instead of buying it yourself. And it’s like the best thing you’ll ever do. And I’ve heard that not just from you. I’ve heard from many people and including myself. I see that to myself a lot. Like the best thing you can do is invest in your self because that stuff is going to stay with you forever. 

You know, whatever you invest in yourself now, it’s going to stay loyal to you for a long, long time. And that’s the best part about it. And so you did you have like did you have you know, you said you know, you were doing right. So you didn’t even you were struggling with everything at the time, right? Yeah, I knew very, very little. 

Like I gather a little information over the years, just kind of play some of the terms. But for the most part, I just really didn’t understand. And like I know what, you know, like PE ratio was and all that kind of stuff. And so I’m like I’m looking at all these terms. Like, those are like, what does this mean? But, you know, I I’m starting to understand. 

For the most part now, because just from his being in his private group, taking this course and stuff like, yeah, speaking of the course man, like if you were to kind of. You know, so before we go into the course of actually, let’s talk about maybe like your attorneys before you joined, you know, obviously you hit the bottom of march, you kind of at the bottom. 

So it’s kind of, you know, that’s like an anomaly, obviously. Like if anybody knew the market over time, that’s not going to happen every year. You know, if anything, it’ll bring us a false sense of security to people, or every year that the market is going to blow up like crazy and go crazy and make some many games and people start just throwing money in the market. 

Then that’s how they start being like then they lose money, then they lose faith in the market. Then they lose faith in this whole thing. And then they just kind of like go into a spiral of like, oh, this won’t work. And then they’ll get away from the market. 

That’s the last thing you want to do. It’s the market works. You say you don’t. You have to know how to work it. So what was your returns like before that? You lost some money. You were telling me off camera you lost some money. 

Traded Yeah. Like before you started a couple of years ago when I was first dabbling. Yeah, yeah, Yeah. So like before I was a you. I would consider trading and stuff like that. I mean, it was very short term free stuff like that. Like I buy something and we went up the next day or the next week. If it didn’t go up, I don’t know, just selling out as I remember. 

I think the company that I lost the most money on was I think it was called aquabounty and random company, but it was like it was really cheap. And I was like, maybe this is doubles or whatever goes up $1 to me. My money ended up losing weight on the frigging share me. So I sold out. And I was like, dude, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

 And I don’t know what to consider. I don’t know if I thought it was a scare or abroad. The stock market is down, but it definitely twists in kind of my way of thinking, like maybe this isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And whatnot. So I always want to see the losses. So, Yeah. 

So you’re taking a lot. Yeah, I mean, it definitely takes a hit on your psyche, especially when you want to go back in. And it’s like, man, I’ve experienced. So much bad stuff in there, like, I don’t want to go back, you know, like, you know, somebody goes somewhere and gets beat up. You’re not going to go back there and get away from it. 

Right, so that’s the thing about it. It’s very if you know how to work it and you’ll gain confidence by the beginning and you start progressively winning, the confidence just automatically starts going up and like the exact opposite. 

Like you said, it can happen to you know, we spoke about the coming mass of the stock market and how you tell the viewers maybe like what it’s about. What what kind of stuff you you’ve benefited from it, so the course that he has. I remember actually vividly when I first signed up to join the group. 

I messengering and you and I know something about it because I couldn’t figure out how it worked. First, a little slow with computers and you was like, oh, this is over here, blah, blah, blah. And it’ll probably take you a month or two, probably two months to finish it. And I was like, so I was all in like I wanted to learn this. I was I was like, I’m ready to go. 

And I told the lights out to the island only a month, a couple of weeks. And so me literally three months to a day. Exactly three months to finish that course. I was like, holy crap. But there was so much information from top to bottom, anything that any question to how well the stock market will be answered in that course. 

And the one thing I love about Jeremy, and this is something that drives me crazy with other people, people will explain to you. They’ll try to teach you some things and they’ll give you like the general like, oh, is this this? You do that. 

But they leave out all the little things in between. And that was the one thing that Jeremy does not do. He covers every single little thing that you will need to know, of course, and reason like I walked away after that. Of course, he’s done. I was like, I mean, it was so much to take. I mean, it’s also going back to watching it here. 

Now But there wasn’t like a single thing that I once I was done with that, I was like, wow. Like he literally answered almost any question I could ever possibly have imagined. I mean, yeah, you covers every topic in that. And that’s what’s great about, in my opinion. Yeah knowing that you hit it right on the head. I personally myself like I have. 

And I spoke to you earlier. And before we started recording stuff, you know, I told you. I’m an accountant. So like I already know the financials, I know the ins and outs of balance sheets, financial statements, et cetera. But then I watch that they’re becoming massive stock market. And like it was weird because there’s a whole new game to it. 

There’s the financial fundamental parts, which I still learned from it, like surprisingly so. I should have known everything, but I still learned from it tremendously, which was which was mind boggling to me because I thought, like, I’m like putting my head high, walking in like as if I knew everything. And then I go in and I get humble. 

All right, then but then the psychological part of it, there’s a psychological game to the stock market that he has mastered over a decade plus in the market. And you can only master that if you’ve been in the market for a long time. You know, and that’s the thing about it, is that that’s the cool thing. It’s like the whole psychology part is one of the most important parts, staying stoic during bad times, buying more on certain dips rather than panic selling. 

And you don’t ever want to be in that position. So that that’s the thing. Yeah and like you said, he covers every little bit that you can possibly think of, and that’s coming from a person reading. And I was humbled when I got into that course. I learned so much, and I honestly feel like a lot of people can benefit from it. 

Like you just told your story about the amount of time, the amount of things that you’ve benefited from, the amount of things you’ve gone. That’s pretty cool. How about this transition to kind of the private discourse, how maybe if you give it a little explanation first about what it is. And how it’s benefiting you personally? 

Sow discord, I mean, so there’s just a ton of like investors in this industry for years, way more advanced investors or people to chat with, and they have these different channels for stocks like he owns and stuff like that. 

And the way it works is people like to stay within that stock and the top of that particular stock. And when you do that, you can ask anybody in the group. Any questions you have. And 99% of the time, everybody will always answer that question for you is not don’t answer that question stupid. Everybody is very welcoming. 

I have to deliver in terms of all the stuff like that. I still go through them to this day just for most of the stocks that I have. I like it. I’d just like to hear other people’s opinions and stuff like that, see what they have to say about the earnings, stuff like that. Anything in between. And also, of course, jeremijenko stuff and the discord which is always finds. 

And he goes, I’m like, I’m like, you there immediately. I want to see this motivational, whatever it may be. I always I’m always quick to see what he’s posting, which makes it more exciting because he’s like the CEO. So, yeah, Yeah. No, I agree with you. Everybody is very welcome there. And the reason why there is no stupid question is because they’re all very passionate about the market. That’s all they this is why they’re there. 

They’re there because they love the market. So much. And I think you would know, like, you can have a conversation with someone about the stock market, about stocks for the whole day, and you won’t even realize time passing by.

 And that’s the kind of mentality that they have that they love doing it. And help that people get from it is tremendous. Their six figure, seven figure investors that have been in the market for like what decades, the Jeremy had been through the worst, they’ve been through the best, and they know what to do in certain situations. 

And they can just relay that information to you. And you want to always surround yourself with people that are way ahead of you. That’s the only way you’re going to get better, you know what I mean? So that’s good that you kind of mentioned. 

And I just wanted to ask you briefly, if somebody is on the fence of joining and they’re more concerned, let’s say, like kind of growing their account through, they want to put money into their account rather than going in, investing in themselves and kind of, let’s say, entering the private group to learn about the stock market before they go and invest in some stocks, which a lot of people are doing nowadays. 

What what would be your suggestion and your recommendation to that? To somebody who is on the fence about it. Yeah, I would strongly, strongly recommend, at least considering it, I would strongly recommend doing it in joining the private group because it’s think of it as a way of investing in yourself. 

Like I said earlier, it is by far the best investment I’ve ever made outside, including all the stocks. I’ve had gains over the past year because what I learned from his courses and just from chatting with people in the private group would have taken me five years to learn on my own. 

And I learned, and I’m still learning to this day, but I’ve learned so much in the past year since I’ve been in a stuff like that that would have taken me. So much longer to do if I just did it on my own. I mean, like, well, it is it’ll be one of the best investments if you choose to do it, it’ll be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in yourself.

 And that’s the number one thing you’ve got to invest in yourself, you know, if you’re going to make this work. Yeah, I agree, I agree, if you don’t invest in yourselves, then future investments that you make. Will, some of them will come back to bite you. 

And that’s the kind of thing that we want to avoid. We don’t want you to kind of come back and saying, hey, look, I wish I did this or I wish I did that. You have the opportunity to do it now. And before you kind of go out there and Gamel your money, why don’t you just bet on yourself? 

It’s the best bet you can make. And because the work is there, you have the work in front of you. And it’s just a matter of you doing it now. And it’s just a matter of disciplining yourself to do it. And if you can do that, I mean, it’s very hard to see people working hard. 

At something when they have the right vehicle in a system like this. And feeling, you know, it’s just over time, that’s something that doesn’t usually happen. There’s obviously anomalies out there, but that’s the main thing. And, you know, I want to before I let you go, is there any last words, maybe or is that did recover mostly? 

Do you think it would have been. How do you cover everything? I mean, for me personally, I’ve always I know how any of my friends or family really invest in the stock market. So I was trying all I mean, and that’s what I was searching for ellsinore and who’s out there who can just help them when that’s when I on Jeremy. 

And it’s nice when you have just people to talk to that are like interested in stocks and want to talk with you too, because like I said, I’m the little one that I know that you invest in stocks like stock market and stuff like that. 

So, you know, that’s also why just because so many people were really passionate about investing and just makes it more fun, you have people that job was just and it’s like, no place of time goes by when you talk to these guys. 

And it’s like, holy crap, it’s 8 o’clock in the morning. So, well, then that’s it. I mean, it was nice speaking to you, man. We appreciate it. I appreciate the time you spent here. 

Obviously, we took a little bit of your time there, but it was worth it, at least. I thank you for being here, man. It’s nice to have a friend and, you know, so next time, little.

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